The ultimate Blox Fruits guide (2024)

Should you pick pirates or marines in Blox Fruits?If you want to get stuck into one of the biggest Roblox games around, even if you’re not necessarily a One Piece fan, our ultimateBlox Fruits guide can help. Centered around power-imbuing snacks known as devil fruits, the core gameplay loop revolves around grinding levels via various quests, earning cash for your efforts, and using your spoils and expertise to venture further across the sea, fighting more challenging targets to power up even further.

Before we get into the weeds of Blox Fruits 101, there’s no better time to draw attention to other top-tier Roblox games worthy of your attention. If you’re getting a kick out of Blox Fruits, we can only assume you’ll like other anime-inspired Roblox adventures, too. And to get you firing on all cylinders with those, we have the latest lists of Anime Champions Simulator codes,Anime Adventures codes,and Project Slayers codes for you to use. We also have an in-depth Blox Fruits tier list for the current meta.

Here’s our definitive guide to Blox Fruits, taking you through the initial faction choice, tips for beginners, how to progress missions, how to make money fast, and everything you’d need to know to beat the competition.

Is it better to be a pirate or marine in Blox Fruits?

The first choice you’ll need to make when hopping into Blox Fruits is which faction you’ll join: pirates or marines. Don’t sweat the details here – you’ll be asked every time you log in, and the differences are minor: marines get cheaper access to various ships and gain more from hunting bounties, whereas pirates typically outnumber marines and can form crews with others of their kin.

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Getting started in Blox Fruits

Once you’ve selected your faction, it’s time to work on building those muscles. Blox Fruits is all about beating up as many enemies as you can. No matter where you go, you’ll find NPCs willing to pay you to wipe out each island of its ever-spawning scourges.

Pirates, monkeys, more pirates, and more monkeys are par for the course. You can go steady by accepting quests that sit at (or beneath) your level, or you can expedite your growth by using perfect attack rotations to tackle quests that would otherwise just be out of reach, gaining multiple levels with each completion. As quests are infinitely repeatable, the secret is to find that balance and stick with it, only moving onto another area once the gains taper off.

If you choose Marines over Pirates, the exact steps here will differ slightly. You’ll be on the opposite island, but the same core idea remains. Head to the Bandit Quest Given NPC standing before the big “!” sign. Click them and tap the “Bandits” quest to the right of their text box. Read the requirements and hit Confirm to begin a quest to defeat five Bandit NPCs around the island. You’ll spot them gathered around a wooded area to the left. The only way to lose against these guys is to fumble the controls. It’s time to learn how to fight.

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How to fight in Blox Fruits

Combat in Blox Fruits is simple but needs a little explaining. To initiate a fight, press the “1” key on your keyboard to enter the combat stance indicated at the bottom of the screen. Your character raises their arms like a boxer when it’s active. On mobile, tap the combat stance button instead.

With that active, any click or tap will throw a punch, hitting the target directly in front. You’ll also notice a couple of skills you can use on the right side of the screen: Quick Tackle and, after you level up your Mastery to 20 through a few fights, Ground Smash. Just tap their indicated keys to perform the powerful knockback and stunning slam, respectively. On mobile, you’ll need to toggle either one and tap as you do for a punch.

You won’t be able to use the skill again until its bar turns transparent again, so using these at every opportunity will help you maximize your damage output, limit incoming damage, and, if you learn to reach a strong opponent’s animations, let you stop powerful moves in their tracks.

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How to spend stat points in Blox Fruits

Quests automatically complete as you meet their conditions, so keep heading back to pick up the same mission after every five bandits you put down. With each level you gain, tap the Stats button and click the + and – icons to distribute your points in a way that matches your future ambitions as a melee, sword, gun, or fruit user.

You can use the cash you earn through quests and pick-ups to purchase each weapon type from this island’s vendors. Doing so gives you access to another stance you can hop into by pressing 2. Refunding your stats isn’t free, so decide on your primary means of attack early to avoid losing a load of stat points to a combat style you don’t use. Just make sure never to neglect your defense.

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How to find the next quest in Blox Fruits

Once you’ve completed this behest around five times, you should reach level 10, unlocking a similar quest on the next island. Head over to the dock and take note of the board just before it – a map of the neighboring islands, complete with their suggested level ranges –and speak to the Boat Dealer. Select the free Dingy, jump into the seat, and use your usual movement keys to sail away to the island with the jungle silhouette. Those tall trees will be your home for a while.

Sailing to your next destination is as easy as tapping the compass icon on the left of the screen. No matter where you are, tracking the quest it brings up will put up a handy marker on your screen, complete with distance. Head in that direction to find a level-appropriate quest to grind until you’re notified of another.

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How to make money in Blox Fruits

Beyond grinding quests and spending Robux on whatever the Blox Fruits tier list has decreed as today’s prime investment, one of the best ways to farm Beli in Blox Fruits is simply by exploring the world around you.

On the exploration side, it’s worth knowing that every island is home to randomly spawning treasure chests. It is a pirate-themed game, after all. You can claim some solid cash by beating your fellow players to the punch and walking into these before they do. And because servers are quite small, there’s usually enough to go around.

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If you have access to private servers, loads of Dash energy, or another way to travel quickly, you can even visit some high-level areas before you’re ready to fight its monsters, skulking around to gather chests filled with thousands upon thousands of Beli. Simply put, it pays to be curious. Just be on the lookout for cash-packed containers, and you’ll rarely go broke.

As you progress through Blox Fruits, you’ll grow strong enough to team up with other high-level players to take on periodically-spawning bosses like The Saw. Keep an eye on the chat box to learn when they spawn.

The grind doesn’t begin and end with endless kill quests. Upgrading your race, weapons, and fruits is part of the deal as well, often requiring you to hit up specific locations to solve riddles, battle bosses, and forage for rare items to reach new heights of power. Once you’ve put in the time, learning to squeeze the most out of your character will make sense.

Until then, check out the best Roblox gamesof all time if you’re looking for something else to play. Remember to use our Roblox promo codes list to find some UGC freebies while you’re at it or our Roblox music codes list to discover some top tunes. Plus, check our latest list of new Roblox Blox Fruits codes and how to redeem them for in-game rewards, including free Beli, XP boosts, and stat refunds.

The ultimate Blox Fruits guide (2024)
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