Stats in Blox Fruits | Wiki, Builds & Reset [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2024)

Explore the incredible user statistics in Blox Fruits and discover how they can influence your gaming experience! Immerse yourself in a world of powerful attributes such as strength, speed, endurance, and much more.

What are the Blox Fruits Stats? Wiki & Guide

MeleeIncreases damage in Combat Styles (+0.5) and Energy (+5).
DefenseIncreases health (+5).
SwordIncreases damage with Swords (+0.5).
GunsIncreases damage with Guns (+0.5).
Blox FruitIncreases damage with Blox Fruits (+0.5).

Some important information to keep in mind about statistics in Blox Fruits includes:

  • The small box in the corner allows you to spend multiple statistic points at once, which is useful if you obtain many levels at once. The default value is set to 1.
  • Currently, when you reach 2450 levels of statistics in the Gun, Sword, and Blox Fruit abilities, you will receive a 83x multiplier.
  • Each level of statistics adds a bonus of approximately 3.46759259% or an increase of x1.0346759259.
  • As you progress, unlock new abilities, and increase your statistics to become a true master of the battle. Customize your playstyle and challenge other players with your impressive statistics. Discover the power that lies within you in the fascinating world of user statistics in Blox Fruits!

Blox Fruits Stats Build

To optimize your combat performance, it is recommended to focus on Melee and Defense statistics and choose an additional third statistic to maximize. This will allow you to have sufficient health and energy to face challenges. Below is a list of the statistics that should be maximized for players specialized in Sword/Gun/Blox Fruit. These statistics will give you a significant advantage during battles.

Best Stats for Blox Fruits: Fruit Main

Players specialized in using fruits are capable of dealing maximum damage with their fruit attacks. They have an advantage in all areas if they choose a powerful fruit and know how to make the most of it.

MeleeLv. 2450
DefenseLv. 2450
SwordLv. 0
GunLv. 0
Blox FruitLv. 2450

In raids, it is highly recommended to specialize in fruits, as they have a wide variety of moves to inflict damage and many of them have an area of effect, making it easier to face large groups of enemies.

Unlike other distribution of statistics, fruit specialists do not necessarily depend on good backup from other weapons, making them more accessible for those who do not prefer to perform complex combos.

Best Stats for Blox Fruits: Sword Main

Players who specialize in using swords are highly effective at dealing maximum damage in their attacks. They have a great advantage in player versus player (PvP) combat if they are experienced players capable of making quick decisions and possess outstanding agility.

MeleeLv. 2450
DefenseLv. 2450
SwordLv. 2450
GunLv. 0
Blox FruitLv. 0

It is more common to find players specialized in swords in the advanced stages of the game since they have a certain disadvantage in player versus environment (PvE) and raids, which slows down their progress.

In many cases, sword specialists choose to use elemental-type fruits, as these provide considerable mobility, which is crucial for a sword user. Thanks to their increased agility, they can often outmaneuver players using fruits, raising the skill level required to become a sword handling expert.

Best Stats for Blox Fruits: Gun Main

Players specialized in firearms are known for dealing maximum damage with these weapons. They are extremely effective in PvE mode and, if used with precision and skill, they can also excel in PvP mode. With good timing, abilities, and aim, firearms can be formidable in battles against other players. However, it is quite unusual to find players who choose to use firearms in PvP encounters.

MeleeLv. 2450
DefenseLv. 2450
SwordLv. 0
GunLv. 2450
Blox FruitLv. 0

Most users of firearms complement their combat style with other forms of fighting to compensate for the difficulty of dodging enemies. In raids and cooperative missions, firearms are not as useful since, although they can cause considerable damage, their movements are limited, and their area of effect is not very wide.

Like swordsmen, players specialized in firearms need good support, either by using a Devil Fruit or a Sword, to compensate for the difficulty of hitting movements. Devil Fruits that stun enemies, such as the Ice Fruit, are especially useful for firearm users as they allow them to perform effective combos.

In summary, main firearms players require skill, strategy, and proper support to fully maximize their potential and make their mark in the world of Blox Fruits.

Hybrid Stats in Blox Fruits

The term “Hybrid” is used to describe a more balanced and versatile distribution of statistics, where the goal is not to maximize three specific statistics. Players who opt for this strategy seek a more balanced approach, sacrificing a bit of damage, health, or energy to be able to adapt to different gameplay situations.

MeleeLv. 1470
DefenseLv. 1470
SwordLv. 1470
GunLv. 1470
Blox FruitLv. 1470

You can give more priority to one attribute over the others according to your preferences. For example, if you prefer to use swords instead of firearms, you can allocate more points to sword statistics and fewer points to gun statistics. This will allow you to maximize your performance in the type of combat you enjoy the most.

Stats in Blox Fruits | Wiki, Builds & Reset [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (1)

What is Stat Reset in Blox Fruits?

Resets are a possibility to reset all statistics and recover the statistic points, allowing the player to readjust their choices.

How to Refund Stats in Blox Fruits for Free?

There are different ways to obtain resets:

Promotional CodesThrough specific codes (FREE)
PloksterPurchase for 2500 fragments
RobuxPurchase for 75 Robux each

What is the Max Stats in Blox Fruits?

The Max Stats is 2550. Approximately 344,200,000 Mastery experience points in total are required to reach the maximum Mastery level for a weapon/fruit.

What should I put my stats in Blox Fruits?

Stat distribution in Blox Fruits is crucial and varies based on your playstyle. If you’re a sword user, focusing on Strength would be beneficial, while Fruit users should invest in the Fruit stat for more powerful abilities. Defense is essential for all players to increase survivability. Remember, balancing your stats to complement your chosen race and fruit can lead to the most effective builds.

What is a stat reset code in Blox fruits?

A stat reset code in Blox Fruits is a redeemable code provided by the developers that allows you to reset your character’s stat points. This is useful when you want to reassign your stats to try a different build or adapt to a new update. Keep an eye on official Blox Fruits social media channels or the game’s Roblox page for the latest codes.

How Stats and Mastery Works in Blox Fruits?

Mastery is an experience system for weapons and blox fruits that increases when defeating enemies with a specific weapon/fruit. Each weapon/fruit has its own Mastery level, which can reach a maximum of 600. Mastery remains active at all times for any weapon or fruit, even if it is removed and reacquired.

As the player increases their Mastery, the damage of the weapon/fruit increases, and new moves are unlocked. As the player levels up in Mastery, they will also receive additional statistic points, which will be automatically assigned to Sword/Gun/Blox Fruit. The number of additional stats points is determined by the player’s level and calculated using the following formula:


(Mastery Level ÷ 4) + [Player Level × (Mastery Level ÷ 600) × 0.1] = Number of additional statistic points

In the formula:

  • Mastery Level represents the Mastery level achieved.
  • Player Level refers to the player’s level.
  • Number of additional statistic points is the amount of statistic points obtained.
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Stats in Blox Fruits | Wiki, Builds & Reset [UPDATE 20.1] ⭐ (2024)
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