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Walkthrough for Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition: SoA & ToB Including Jaheira Romance Walkthrough With Good/Neutral Companions: Jaheira, Minsc, Keldorn, Aerie & Imoen; playing Cleric/Ranger

With Neera, Rasaad, Hexxat and Jan as part-time party members

BALDUR'S GATE II ENHANCED EDITION: © 2014 Beamdog Corp and Overhaul Games. All Rights Reserved BALDUR'S GATE II: SHADOWS OF AMN: Developed and © 2000 BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved

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A Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition walkthrough and strategy guide pdf for Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal Send feedback to (-bg2mez-) ( at ) (-gmail-) ( dot ) (-com-) EE version 1.3 used for this play through ('15-'16); author has since reverted back to BG2 (original) and BGT (Baldur's Gate Trilogy) Revised since version 1.04 to include updates from playing BGT and re-playing BG2

Contents page Why Cleric/Ranger and party remarks …………………………………………………………………………….4 Set-up and tweaking …………………………………………………………………………………………………4 Importing a character from Baldur's Gate …………………………………………………………………………4 Style of play remarks (anti-cheese) ……………………………………………………………………………… 5 6 Baldur's Gate 2 beginner tips ………………………………………………………………………………………… 7, 9 Enhanced Edition New NPC Quests overview and walkthrough ……………………………………………

Walkthrough for Shadows of Amn (SoA) Chapter 1 ………………………………………………………………………………………….17 Chapter 2 ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 23 Plan for phase 1 ……………………………………………………………………………….23 Jaheira romance guide / walkthrough / Harper Quests Overview ………………… 23-60 Ertof Dand and Bandits appearance / spawn ……………………………………………….. 37 Xzar/Montaron and Meronia …………………………..………………………………… 45 Reviane and Harpers appearance / spawn ………………………………………………49 Dermin appearance / spawn 1, 2 and 3 ………………………………………………… 50, 56 Terminsel appearance / spawn 1 and 2 ………………………………………………… 52, 59-60 Melee Buffing Spell Tips (buffs) for melee fighting in Ch. 2 ……………………………25 Melee Buffing Spell Tips (buffs) for Minsc in Ch. 2 ……………………………………..26 Recruit Keldorn, Aerie and Jan ………………………………………………………………27-30 Pick pockets (PP) round 1 ……………………………………………………………………30 De'Arnise Hold and the Flail of Ages +3…………………………………………………. 33 Nalia's Quest beginning…………………………………………………………………….. 36 Chapter 3 ………………………………………………………………………………………… 41 Plan for phase 2 ……………………………………………………………………………….41 Pick pockets (PP) round 2 ………………………………………………………………… 42 44, 65, 68 Buying nice, useful items/gear ("big buy") …………………………………………………… 45-49 Main plot quests (for the Shadow Thieves) …………………………………………………… How to defeat Kangaxx the Lich ……………………………………………………………52-53 54 Melee Buffing Spell Tips (buffs) for melee fighting in Ch. 3 ……………………………… Useful Potions List ………………………………………………………………………….55 Plan for phase 3 ……………………………………………………………………………….56 Nalia's Quest part 1 and 2 …………………………………………………………………. 60, 66 61 First "big sell" of loot for a lot of gold ………………………………………………………… Fighter Stronghold Quest part 1 and 2 ……………………………………………………61, 67 Trademeet ………………………………………………………………………………………62 Chapter 4 ………………………………………………………………………………………….71 Plan for phase 4 ……………………………………………………………………………….71 72 Spellhold …………………………………………………………………………………. Sahuagin City / City of Caverns ……………………………………………………………. 78

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Chapter 5 ………………………………………………………………………………………….83 Plan for phase 5 ……………………………………………………………………………….83 How to defeat Mind Flayers (Fighting tips vs Mind Flayers) ……………………………..83 Western Tunnels / Kuo-Toa Dungeon …………………………………………………….. 84 Melee Buffing Spell Tips (buffs) for melee fighting in Ch. 5 ……………………………86 Illithid Lair / Eastern Caverns …………………………………………………………………89 92 How to defeat Adamantite Golems (Fighting tips vs Adamantite Golems) …………….. 93 Buying nice, useful items/gear in Ust Natha ("big buy") …………………………………… Chapter 6 ….………………………………………………………………………………………101 Plan for phase 6 ……………………………………………………………………………….102 Fighter Stronghold Quest part 2 and 3 ……………………………………………………104 105 Anomen's Quest part 1 ………………………………………………………………………. Anomen's Quest part 2 (knighthood) ………………………………………………………113 Skinner Murders Quest ……………………………………………………………………. 115 116 Thieves Guild Quest / Mae'Var's Quest ……………………………………………………… Main plot quest (Rhynn Lanthorn Quest / Bodhi's Lair) …………………………………117 120, 122, 125 Ranger Stronghold Quest part 1, including possible Ranger Stronghold bugs……….. Plan for phase 7 ……………………………………………………………………………….124 Mazzy's Quest part 1 and 2 ………..……………………………………………………… 124, 162 126 Umar Hills and Trademeet quests finishing ……………………………………………………… Windspear Hills ……………………………………………………………………………….128, 130 Ranger Stronghold Quest part 2 and 3 ……………………………………………………129, 133-134 Paladin Stronghold Quests and Carsomyr +5 ……………………………………………133-136 137 Planar Sphere Quest …………………………………………………………………………… 139, 144, 156-160 Mage Stronghold Quests ………………………………………………………………….…. 139 Make the Crom Faeyr +5 ……………………………………………………………………… Strength Plan ………………………………………………………………………………….141 Plan for phase 8 ……………………………………………………………………………….144 144 Cult of the Unseeing Eye Quest ………………………………………………………………… 146, 147, 155, 157-158 Cleric Stronghold Quests ………………………………………………………………….….. Astral Prison Quest ……………………………………………………………………………147-149 Plan for phase 9 ……………………………………………………………………………….154 156, 162 Druid Stronghold Quests ………………………………………………………………….….. 156 Gong Quest / Limited Wish Quest …………………………………………………………… 161 Plan for phase 10 ………………………………………………………………………………. Chapter 7 ……………………………………………………………………………………….….. 163 Note: the rest of this walkthrough is from BG2 (not EE) but should be good to go anyway

Baldur's Gate 2 walkthrough pdf for BG2 original available for download at (for free)

Walkthrough for Throne of Bhaal (ToB) Chapter 8 ……………………………………………………………………………………….….. 172 Plan for phase 11 (ToB) ………………………………………………………………………172 High Level Abilities plan (HLA's) ……………………………………………………………… 172 Melee Buffing Spell Tips for Aerie! …………………………………………………………178 Watcher's Keep walkthrough ………………………………………………………………. 179-188 Chapter 9 ……………………………………………………………………………………….….. 191 Chapter 10 ……………………………………………………………………………………….….. 196

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A few reasons to try Cleric/Ranger *Begins with two proficiency points in the Two-Weapon Style (**) skill *Can use Stealth: strike first, THAC0 reduced by 4 for first hit, and explore without being detected! *Can cast Righteous Magic (Level 5 spell): all hits are at maximum damage! Increases hit points and strength! *Optional/if enabled: can cast Iron Skins (Level 5 spell): immune to melee weapons! (We no longer use this spell) *Optional/if enabled: can cast Creeping Doom (Level 7 spell): interrupts spell casters and affects several opponents *THAC0 and number of attacks per round as per Fighter: base THAC0 gets to 0; base attacks/round gets to 3½! *Can cast other good buffing and damage-dealing spells, while wearing armor! *Role-playing purposes (i.e. who are you and what type of character do you want to play?)

Party remarks Good/Neutral-alignments only: *Jaheira: the most rewarding romance; can cast Iron Skins and Creeping Doom; excellent fighter; companion from BG1 *Minsc: has Stealth to do sneak attacks; excellent fighter; funny; companion from BG1 *Keldorn: can use the Two-Handed sword Carsomyr +5; can cast Dispel Magic and True Sight; excellent fighter Alternate: Mazzy, Fighter, is perhaps a worthy alternative to Minsc or Keldorn (in keeping with Good/Neutral-alignments only) *Imoen: a very good mage; has enough thieving skills to get you through the game; BG2 storyline; companion from BG1 *Aerie: great for Cleric and Mage buffing spells, breaching and dropping Fireballs and Horrid Wilting Alternate: Anomen, Fighter/Cleric, is a worthy alternative to Aerie (in keeping with Good/Neutral-alignments only) *Part-time party member: Jan Jansen, Illusionist mage/Thief, used occasionally for thieving skills in Chapters 2 and 3

Set-up and tweaking (For a BG2 original basic installation set-up to modern standards see page 4 of my BG2 walkthrough at *Install the game; the latest patch this walkthrough is based on is EE 1.3 for the first 160 pages (through to Chapter 8) *Then install BG2_Tweaks-v14 (higher than v14 not needed) from to …\Data\00783; only these components were installed: *Hit Points (hp's) maximum for all creatures; max hp's on level-up *Remove max cap for number of spells learned; 100% success rate for spell learning *Unlimited Strongholds but do "only" Ranger, Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Druid and Mage *Do not add containers and do not increase the stack size of items (BG2EE allows some stacking) *Set Difficulty: Hard *Jaheira Romance patch is still good to install with EE: *Install JaheiraRomanceAndHarpersPlotPatchV21 (from

EE 1.3, 2.0, etc.: in order for the Cleric Ranger to receive Druid class spells beyond level 4: change the baldur.ini file thus: 'Cleric Ranger Spells', '0', (just change the default '1' to a '0') The file is found in your documents folder: C:\Users\...\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition However, as a test, this play through I will not use Iron Skins but rather Righteous Magic instead.

Importing a character from Baldur's Gate 1) At the end of BGEE, a Final Save file is created in the "save" folder; copy/paste that file into BG2EE "save" folder: E.g.: C:\Users\...\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save\000000002-Final-Save 1, alt.) From BGEE, anytime you are ready, click the Export button on the Record page; this saves a file "Char" Then copy the exported "Char" file from the "Character" folder in BG1; paste it into the "Character" folder for BG2EE 2) Start a new game in BG2EE and click on New Game, Create, Import, Saved Game (alt.: Character File) & then select Final-Save *Imported my Lawful Good Half-Elf Cleric/Ranger from BGEE (see BGEE walkthrough at with 161,000 xp: *STR 19, DEX 19, CON 19, INT 19, WIS 21, CHA 6; Two-Weapon Style*** Flail** War Hammer** Mace* *(If not importing: roll until getting STR 18/91-00; CHA 3 is enough and INT 6-11 is enough; have DEX CON WIS all at 18) *Chose Racial Enemy: e.g. Mind Flayer (+4 THAC0 bonus when fighting them) *Starts with THAC0 14/10, 2 attacks/round, +3/+7 to hit, 98 hp, 161k xp, Stealth 82, AC6, saves 7/11/10/12/12, Lore 39 *Imported with Fallorain's Plate Mail +1 in inventory or on person (doesn't matter which)

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*If weapons do carry from BGEE, do not use them - too overpowered for beginning of BG2EE; changes to game too much *Imported with the Golden Pantaloons in inventory *Helped Drizzt in BGEE and finalized the quest properly *Do not pick pocket Drizzt's Scimitar +3 in BG1 - he won't assist you in Chapter 6 of BG2

Style of play remarks *Maximize experience points (xp's)! Do as many quests, side quests and miscellaneous fights as possible! *Anti-cheese:

*Good or Neutral aligned companions only (no Happy Patch) *Do not steal items from merchants *Do not sell new enhanced edition items, or pick-up the gold found during the new NPC's quests *Do not sell or obtain/pick-up extra gold from Strongholds added from the Unlimited Strongholds mod *Do not insert a Bag of Holding, Ammo Belt, Potion Case or use bottomless Containers *Do not remove or un-learn spells from spell book to re-learn (re-scribe) for more xp's *Do not use Improved Haste in SoA (too over-powered) from a mage spell or the Ring of Gaxx *Do not use HLA's (high level abilities) in SoA *Do remember to do: *Remember to use special abilities like Stealth, Draw Upon Holy Might, etc. *Buff especially with Haste/drink an Oil of Speed or Potion of Strength, and summon creatures, for tough fights *[…] = could do this but don't; small font = evil, do not do with this good party! [Can pause and press "H" at start of game during black screen before the first "sigh" to see inventory of imported char] [If power gaming with Good and Evil companions, party could be Jaheira, Minsc, Viconia, Jan/Imoen and Edwin. To use them: Not verified with EE: Temporarily park (dismiss) Viconia and Edwin to finalize REP-reward quests if you have REP 18 or higher (cannot finalize with Edwin/Viconia if REP 18-20 - must kick them out temporarily). Edwin/Viconia will join with REP 20 and can be removed/parked safely with REP 20; or use the Happy Patch.] Set-up and tweaking

Thank-you / credits To: Dan Simpson! I have referred to your fantastic FAQ for years! (see To: SlashR4! Thank-you for the great romance FAQ! (see To: Beamdog! Thank-you for increasing the popularity of and interest in BG by developing the Enhanced Editions! To: Fans, Spellhold Studios and Gibberlings 3! Thank-you for all your contributions to mods and forums, especially the "Did you know" thread located at from which I have gleaned-off a lot of good tips and tricks.

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A few Baldur's Gate 2 beginner tips Pause:

Use the pause key (space bar) often to plan each battle; plan each party member's action and select their target Set Auto-pause for "enemy sighted" "trap found" "character injured" and "spell cast" Hit pause as soon as a party member isn't doing what you want or is in trouble

Party Formation: Keep the party "tight packed" for narrow roads, walkways and passages -->


To set waypoints (in BG2 and BG): left-click the first waypoint, then SHIFT + left-click subsequent waypoints, using the map if necessary to cover large distances


Buff with the special ability "Draw Upon Holy Might" before going into battle Cast spells that summon creatures for tough battles (try Animate Dead), they will distract the enemy Buff the party with Bless, Chant (Cleric spells) and Haste (Mage spell) or drink an Oil of Speed before going into battle Target enemy spell casters, especially their mages, first; arrows of fire or acid can disrupt their spell casting Use Stealth or cast Invisibility or drink a Potion of Invisibility to see what may lie ahead, and then pause to plan the battle See page 25 for some Baldur's Gate 2 buffing tips (Baldur's Gate 2 buffs)

Serious trouble: Gulp a Potion of Invisibility, or use a Ring of Invisibility on yourself, and the enemies will ignore you! Cast Sanctuary (Cleric spell) which buys you time to heal and buff yourself

Weapon details:Get the +3 weapon called "Flail of Ages" very early in the game, from Nalia's quest "De'Arnise Keep" Vampires: use +2 weapons or better; be protected with Negative Plane Protection to avoid being level drained Get the Mace of Disruption and upgrade it with illithium as soon as possible, to effectively fight Vampires

Buff vs mind effects:

Chaotic Commands is vital in a lot of battles to avoid being confused, dominated or charmed Resist Fear/Remove Fear is vital in a lot of battles to avoid being panicked in fear Free Action (Cleric spell) and the Ring of Free Action prevents you from being held/unable to attack Minsc's special ability "Berserk" is very effective against mind effects as well (also when fighting Liches)

Basic spell casting:

Set Auto-pause for "spell cast" True Seeing/True Sight: enables you to target invisible enemies Magic Missiles: very good spell; interrupts enemy spell casters Fireball + Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold on melee fighters: simple and effective; try with Web or Entangle Breach: removes spells of protection, such as Stoneskin and Mirror Image, from enemies Other low-level but good spells: Web, Melf's Minute Meteors, Holy Smite, Slow, Confusion and Insect Plague

Rest & save:

Rest as often as you like to regain health and spells; there is no penalty at all Save the game (and keep the save) before travelling to a new area or starting a new dungeon Save the game before a battle and after a successful battle; same with talking to a new person/NPC


If your resistance to Fire (or Electricity) is higher than 100, you will heal when taking elemental damage E.g. become buffed with Protection from Fire and Resist Fire/Cold, or wear a Ring of Fire Resistance = healing when fire strikes! Can do the same with Electricity using a Potion of Absorption and the Boots of Insulation The Rod of Resurrection can fully heal a wounded character, with infinite range! Just use it on the injured characters portrait One can be purchased from Ribald for 5920 gp with 10 charges (assuming you have REP 20 and CHA 20)

Curing conditions:

Remove Paralysis (Priest Level 3) cures Stun and Held conditions Remove Disease (Priest Level 3) cures Blindness and Deafness as well as Disease

Buying items:

Reputation 20 and Charisma 20 maximizes the discount for buying items Use the Mage spell Friends to raise Charisma early in the game to get reduced prices Buy from merchants with the party member with the highest Charisma as the leader of the party

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Enhanced Edition New NPC Quests Overview Neera:

Alignment: Where to find:

Chaotic Neutral Bridge District; will appear as you walk through the north area. Then she will encounter you a second time when you change maps. Then she will wait for you in the new Wild Forest area which is near Watcher's Keep.

Remarkable treasure:

Nothing, especially if you follow this walkthrough.

When to do her quests:

Possibly do only a couple of the side quests very early in the game to get an Amulet of Protection +2 and a Tankard that can provide healing 3x per day; but even these items are only nice-to-have. Save the rest, if not all, until Imoen re-joins.


One part after the other with no waiting time. Quests do not require Neera to be in your party for a set amount of time. Can park Neera and do her quests without her if desired.

Quest overview:

Meet in the Bridge District and then again after the next map change. Part 1: Wild Forest, Hidden Refuge/Mage Camp; Bridge (outside); Trademeet (Tavern); Rasaad's Heretic Temple area (outside) -All easy except getting to the Hidden Temple for one minor side quest (Wilson the Bear). Part 2: Bridge (Delosar's downstairs) and then Hidden Refuge -Easy but wait until Imoen re-joins so she gets more xp's. Part 3: Promenade: Red Wizard Enclave -Not too hard, lots of xp's and gold but no remarkable treasure; therefore wait until Imoen re-joins. -Worth about 330k xp in total, or 55k xp each in a party of 6. -That's all until ToB (I haven't played ToB with EE yet).


Alignment: Where to find:

Lawful Good Trademeet near the fountain and then near the Temple

Remarkable treasure:

Two items: -Cloak of Unerring Strikes: gives off-hand +2 THAC0: get after fighting Sixcar and gang when confronted at map change after doing the Amphitheatre map. Cannot pick pocket Treya (changed in EE 1.3) on first encounter in Trademeet. -Ring of Duplication: casts Mirror Image 3x per day

When to do his quests:

If following the below walkthrough (which goes for Chapter 4 very early) then do the first half of his quest just before instigating Chapter 4 because the fights are challenging in the early game. Save the rest until Imoen re-joins so she gets more xp's. One part after the other with no waiting time. Can park Rasaad and do his quests/fights on each new map without him if desired. Meet in Trademeet. In EE 1.3 cannot use Jan to pick pocket Treya 3x to get the Cloak of Unerring Strikes

Sequence: Quest overview:

Part 1: Gates District -Cloaked Figure tells of meeting time and place Part 2a: Abandoned Amphitheater -Challenging fight but can talk your way out of it -Side quest fight gives Ring of Duplication Part 2b: map change -Medium difficulty fight when you change maps after completing the final battle in Part 2a, but can chose peaceful path. -Can get the Cloak of Unerring Strikes if you chose to fight.

© bg2mez


Part 3: Heretic Temple -No remarkable items are to be had and the final fight is difficult, therefore wait until Imoen rejoins later in the game. -Early in the game do at most only the small side quest that is related to Neera's side quest (Wilson the bear) so there is no need to enter the Temple. -Worth about 196k xp in total, or 33k xp each in a party of 6. -That's all until ToB (I haven't played ToB with EE yet).



Where to find:

Neutral Evil (must have Reputation 18 or lower for her to join; can use Viconia to lower REP by 2 points but must keep Viconia in the party) Copper Coronet

Remarkable treasure:

One item: -Bag of Holding (Dragomir's Respite)

When to do her quests:

Do part 1 only after making the Mace of Disruption +2 in Chapter 3. Save the rest of Hexxat's quest until Imoen re-joins.


Part 2: 7 days after completing part 1, it must be night and you must be in Athkatla. She does not have to be in your party continuously. Part 3: 7 days after completing part 2, it must be night and you must be in Athkatla. She does not have to be in your party continuously.

Quest overview:

Join in the Copper Coronet with Reputation 18 or lower. Part 1: Graveyard District small tomb in SE -Easy with the Mace of Disruption +2 -Bag of Holding given at the end of part 1 -Worth about 45k xp in total, or 7500 xp each in a party of 6. 24 hours after joining she speaks of business with Mr. L Part 2: -Bring a Potion of Master Thievery in case of bug. -Medium difficulty, but must fight three Mind Flayers: summon creatures as fodder, use Shield of Harmony (from Trademeet) and Chaotic Commands. -7 days after part 1, at night and with Hexxat in your party, Cabrina will appear. Go to the Graveyard District and you are brought to a new dungeon area (Crypts of Durkon). -Worth about 162k xp in total, or 27k xp each in a party of 6. -Possible Hexxat quest bug fighting the six guardians forcing Hexxat to pick-pocket Ki Chin Sang for the key (might need to use a Potion of Master Thievery) Part 3: -Medium difficulty; bring some extra potions of healing; final fight summon creatures as fodder and cast 3x Fireball. -7 days after part 2, at night Cabrina will appear again; go to the Graveyard District and you are brought the new dungeon. -Worth about 288k xp in total, or 48k xp each in a party of 6. -That's all until ToB (I haven't played ToB with EE yet)




Where to find:

Temple District, south area

Remarkable treasure:

I have no idea. Can't do his quest with Keldorn in your party; his quest sounds way too evil anyway.

When to do his quests:

Do not do with this party!

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Enhanced Edition New NPC Quests Walkthrough Neera quests: Bridge:

Neera 1st quest (part 1):

North area: ENCOUNTER Neera and Red Wizards

Map change:

ENCOUNTER Neera: map is updated to include Wild Forest; can pick-pocket her Adoy's Belt (worth only 1 gp) and she is wearing another when you meet her next.

Wild Forest:

Neera joins! Wild Mage Level 10, with 250k xp. Could use her instead of Aerie, or Keldorn or Minsc. Should be detecting traps continuously. It is not necessary to de-trap the entire map, can just move in a north/north-east diagonal direction to locate the bridge. Broken Cart/wagon: trapped! Diamond and 232 gp Trap locations (eight): -North of starting point beside the rocky outcrop -To the north of starting point along west edge between trees -NE of starting point between trees -The cart and east of the wagon/cart near the rocky outcrop -North of the cart between trees -Further east in the "magic" color zone -Mid-east edge of map between trees -Mid-map, slightly NE, near Kobolds

SE: Ogre Mage dropped a scroll of Khelben's Warding Whip! NE corner: use stones to cross bridge 2k xp all!

Hidden Refuge:

ENCOUNTER Hayes and Telana: can pick-pocket Hayes Talk to Telana in the camp for Neera's main quest (mage Daxus Taralom in Delosar's Inn downstairs in the evening). 1. Mereth's quest: get hair band from crate in the Bridge District, north; award is Amulet of Protection +2 (Wooden Horse Necklace), 0 xp.

*Amulet of Protection +2

2. Amanis Khal's quest: talk to Kirik first, tell him you have a chest of dragon gold; speak with him a 2nd time and play a game with him, after which he walks off. Important! Leave the map for a moment and return to Amanis. Talk to Kirik's mother Amanis Khal to now get her quest (find Kirik); find the boy in the NW area of Wild Forest map -> Hidden Refuge, Amanis says that perhaps she should forbid Kirik from learning Wild Magic. Talk 2 to get the Shield of Fyrus Khal +2 (AC +3, gives all +5% magic resistance in a 10' radius, and 10% resistance vs elemental damage), 3500 xp.

*Shield of Fyrus Khal +2

3. Mironda's quest: get Cask from Vyatri's Pub in Trademeet; award is 3500 xp and a Tankard that gives healing 3x per day. 4. Knocktor the Fizzled's quest: give 3k gp, silver necklace and 2x Diamond; award is 3500 xp and Talisman of Hearthfire (must have to successfully complete the below quest with Daxus). 5. Zaviak's quest: Wilson the Bear; talk to the caged bear in the Heretic Temple map of Rasaad's quest and buy him to free him. Talk to the bear a second time in the NW area of the map, join to become a party member (!) and bring to Zaviak. Return Wilson for 0 xp and five Green Dragon Potions.

© bg2mez


6. Barad Ding's quest: find and return his eight cats from the Wild Forest (save lots!) for 0 xp and an amulet (Collar Bell). Can get more cat food from him if necessary.

*Collar Bell

7. Reginald (north of Amanis Khal): talk to get him to fight you but do not fight back! Then wait approximately 15 seconds for him run back to his starting spot. Talk to him twice; he says he will remember this lesson. He landed 0 hits but it's ok. King Gramm: probably has no side quest; just speak nicely to him.


Get the cask of beer from Vyatri's Pub for Mironda.


Get the Hairband from the crate in the north for Mereth.

Heretic Temple:

Get Wilson from the NE, or pay for him to free him from his cage if not yet done, for Zaviak.

Neera 2nd quest (part 2):

Note: must finalize the above side quests before proceeding if you want to successfully complete them. Note: Neera must be in the party when speaking to Daxus, time of day does not matter.


South of Delosar's: ENCOUNTER Hayes (can PP if not yet done) Delosar's downstairs, with Neera in the party : buff then talk to Daxus Taralom -> ENCOUNTER Red Wizard and gang: must give the Talisman of the Hearthfire to Daxus now if he is to survive until "the end" of Neera's quests, for 4k xp all! Fight 18k xp.

Note: Daxus must use the Talisman now in order to survive to the end.

If you did not give the Talisman: [After the fight tell Daxus to wait here inside (talk 2) while we check the outside that the "coast is clear." Outside: carefully fight one enemy at a time if possible 18k xp Inside: talk 1 to Daxus -> outside ENCOUNTER Hayes: talk 1 for 3k xp all!]

Leave for the Hidden Refuge with Neera, or send her to the mage camp now and meet her there later.

Neera 3rd quest (part 3):

Hidden Refuge:

Neera join if she's not in the party. ENCOUNTER Telana, with Neera in the party : talk about the situation and then leave for the Promenade. Note that Wilson is still at the Hidden Refuge if you dropped him off here.


Note: memorize 2x Death Spell, Invisibility 10' Radius and 2-4x Purge Invisibility for the battle with Lanneth. Bring 10k gp or so to buy spell scrolls.

Talk to the Bouncer to gain access (can do without Neera in party), talk 4 to fight 3500 xp Park Neera to enter peacefully and see what the Merchants are selling (no worth while items but one of the Merchants sells useful spells scrolls such as Protection From Magic Energy, Ruby Ray of Reversal and Protection from Acid). OK to complete the following without Neera in the party.

© bg2mez


Red Wizard Enclave:

Bonus item!

ENCOUNTER Gul Dukeen: talk 1, 1. Buff and then talk to him once more, say you are here to kill the red Wizards and he will open the door to the next room. Full buff, fight, use Fireball and Creeping Doom, 37k xp and s Slave Pen key is dropped.

Second room (bar): ENCOUNTER Fadell Ironeye: can pick-pocket 6x including a Bastard Sword +2 and Large Shield +2 (do now)

*Bastard Sword +2

South room: ENCOUNTER Red Wizards and Ghallus: tell him you are here to release them but do not release now. Buy 3 rounds of drinks from the bartender (Mironda if you returned her cask). Buff with Fire Resistance before buying the 3rd round -> fight 5x Red Wizards and a Thayan Knight (drops a Full Plate armor) for 15k xp or so After the fight talk to Mironda 10k xp and 150 gp; talk to Ghallus to free him and the slaves 7500 xp. Save game.

*Full Plate

Third room (Lanneth): Full buff especially vs fire, sneak open the door; can pick-pocket 6x with Improved Invisibility if quick! ENCOUNTER Lanneth: Fadell Ironeye makes an appearance and so does Ghallus! Fight for approximately 18k xp and Lanneth will escape to the final room but that is OK. De-trap one chest and cabinet for minor loot. Save game (in case King Gramm dies).

Fourth room (final battle): ENCOUNTER Lanneth and King Gramm: talk 3 for Gramm to survive! Breach her, fight her for 14k xp + 10k xp for the others. Laboratory key is dropped. De-trap the north door and one chest for a Rogue Stone and 850 gp. Read the documents in the desk for clues. Talk to King Gramm to release him 5k xp. South room (jail cells): Release the imprisoned folks from the Hidden Refuge, 5k xp for each person released. Save game and then click: -East cage 4 (#55, Amanis) -West cage 2 (#13, Wild Mage) -West cage 4 (#11, Barad) and then -West cage 3 (#42, Zaviak) Total reward: 7x 5k xp Note: Daxus might not survive, because Hayes was a traitor, if you did not let Daxus use the Talisman.

Get Neera and she will say to go to the Refuge.

Hidden Refuge:


With Neera in the party, enter the Hidden Refuge for Telana to spawn: receive the Robe of Goodman Hayes, a Mechanical Bird and 10k xp all! Reginald gives The Brick +2 (war hammer that returns to the user).

*The Brick +2

Hayes is in the Tavern; can fight for 7k xp. No xp given if you then report to Telana in the Hidden Refuge. Neera done for SoA.

© bg2mez


Rasaad quests:


By fountain: ENCOUNTER Rasaad, Sun Soul Monk and Treya (cannot PP the Cloak of Unerring Strikes in EE 1.3)

Note: can pick-pocket Rasaad's bracers (worth 2700 gp), and he will still be wearing a pair when meeting him outside the Temple.

Outside the Temple: Rasaad joins! Monk Level 8, 161k xp only, 64 hp. Could use him instead of Minsc or Keldorn.

Rasaad quest part 1:


ENCOUNTER Cloaked Figure: map is updated to include Abandoned Amphitheatre; no need to wait until evening or night so go now.

Rasaad quest part 2:

Abandoned Amphitheatre:

ENCOUNTER Geld Quickblade (can pick-pocket 4x): seems to offer advice but do not pay; fight 3k xp + 2k xp NW: four traps are "spawned" on the northwest curve of the road but only after speaking with Geld ENCOUNTER Amphitheatre Guard: be peaceful Proceed to SE: ENCOUNTER Dalton and the Vagrant Blades: Can give belt to someone which earns 21k xp or fight all for 16k xp and loot. Full buff including Fire resistance, summon a Fire Elemental or Efreeti; loot includes Ox-Tail Belt (+4 vs missile), Lupine Sling +2 and Ring of Duplication (Mirror Image 3x per day!)

***Ring of Duplication

Rest in preparation for a big fight; memorize e.g. Fireball, Insect Plague, especially Protection from Fire Full buff, Protagonist only melee, all other ranged, Aerie cast 2-3x Fireball: walk with Rasaad the to centre of the amphitheatre. Can temporarily park Rasaad during fight so the party gets more xp's. ENCOUNTER Hammerhelm: to fight talk 7x1, 2, 3x1, 3, 1, 1 Fight 17 enemies 43k xp, pick-up note/map 3k xp all! Rasaad rejoin, save game and then leave the map.

Map change:

ENCOUNTER Sixcar, Treya, Ghello and Sahana: talk 4x1, 2 to fight, cast Insect Plague, melee fighters use Protection from Fire, 26k xp. Can temporarily park Rasaad during fight so that party gets more xp's. Rasaad rejoin, talk 1, 1, 1, 2k xp all! Drop includes Cloak of Unerring Strikes! No other good items.

***Cloak of Unerring Strikes -> Minsc later

Note: save the rest of Rasaad's quest until Imoen , with the exception of perhaps going to the Heretic Temple map to talk to the bear and return him (Wilson) to the Hidden Refuge

Rasaad quest part 3:

Heretic Temple:

Note: this map has Wilson the Bear for Neera's side quest. You must talk to the caged bear, buy him to release and then meet him in the NW corner of the map to join your party.

ENCOUNTER Heretic: talk [can then fight for 3k xp] SW: ENCOUNTER Heretic Guard: talk 1, 1, 1, 2, 1 to cross the bridge for free. [can then fight for 4k xp and 20 gp] ENCOUNTER Heretic Guard: with Rasaad talk 2, 1 to be able to enter the Temple; without Rasaad talk 2, 1, 1 to enter, or get the

© bg2mez


ropes from the monks in the south and enter from the roof Inside the Temple can loot trapped and locked containers and the north room for about 2400 gp total, but no significant treasure. Outside, south: ENCOUNTER Heretic Blynnyk, Sun Soul Horvat, Jolstead: Imoen unlock Bear's cage 950 xp. Protagonist talk to Bear and buy from Jolstead for 750 gp, 5k xp awarded. Later: meet Wilson the Bear in the NW, join and return him to Zaviak at the Hidden Refuge to finalize Zaviak's quest. Talk to Bound Sun Soul Monk to get ropes, 0 xp. Can use the ropes to enter the temple through the roof (temple skylight) for 2k xp all, can do so after the final battle! Outside, SE: talk to Lemzenn 5x 1 and expose him as spying; can provoke to fight 4k xp (talk 1, 1, 1, 1, 2)

Inside Temple, center area: ENCOUNTER Collus Darathon, with Rasaad in the party : talk 2, 5x 1. If Rasaad is not in the party you will have to fight now and will miss out on the four trials portion of the quest. Imoen de-trap: north door, one chest in north room and one chest in NE room. Unlock one chest in each of the side rooms. (Will need two Diamonds for Neera's quests if not yet done.)

*Star Sapphire *Diamond *Potion of Magic Shielding

Four trials/challenges: SE: Trial of the Blinding Sun (light): Talk to Blinding Sun Monk: fight three Invisible Stalkers 9k xp; 10k xp and Gem of Seeing (casts True Seeing 1x/day) awarded. SW: Bright Moon Trail (dark): Fight many Shadows using the Mace of Disruption +2, stand in the south portion of the central shadow for crowd control. Or fight none by standing in the light. Walk to the center of the room: ENCOUNTER The Truth: tell a secret; 10k xp and Gauntlets of Aln Zekk (for a Monk). NW: Trial of Penance: Talk 2, 2, and then talk about someone from outside of the Temple; 10k xp and a Cloak. NE: Trial of Pain: 90 hp of damage can be done to Protagonist! Can buff with Iron Skins and use Ring of Mirror Image beforehand to get 0 damage! Awarded a Helm (Eyes of the Beholder, AC +1, ugly but consider to wear anyway). Nice voice acting!

*Eyes of the Beholder (AC +1)

Rest in preparation for a big battle Walk Rasaad and Protagonist to center of Temple -> ENCOUNTER Master of Combat: offer to fight the Sharrans with them. Full buff, save game and then go outside. Outside: ENCOUNTER Collus Darathon/Alorgoth and Master of Combat: Big fight! Full buff and be careful, cast Insect Plague, Fireballs and Horrid Wilting. Master of Combat declares "We are triumphant!" 10k xp all!

*Full Plate

Use ropes on roof for 2k xp all! [Can also fight Jolstead for 2k xp and 750 gp]

Rasaad done for SoA Bring Wilson the Bear to Zaviak in the Hidden Refuge

© bg2mez


Graveyard: Hexxat 1st quest (part 1): Tomb 1:

After joining in the Copper Coronet, go to Graveyard and walk towards the small east tomb -> easy fight 4k xp Enter the new hole in the wall! Fight Thief's 4k xp Two floor traps at intersection just after the entrance area Fight Shadow Fiend's and Shade Wolf's Floor trap to the north to the sarcophagus, another one after the middle tomb. Note: de-trap now; cannot return to the tomb later with Imoen; cannot re-enter the tomb once you leave!

*Dagger +2 *Protection from Undead scroll

ENCOUNTER Burich: fight 2k xp; return through the tomb to fight 3x Shadow Fiend's 6k xp Pick-up the Rod and insert it near the exit/entrance door One trap in the middle of the next long hallway ENCOUNTER Dragomir: use Mace of Disruption +2, 11k xp Pick-up the Cloak of Dragomir South: Hexxat walk through the force field to find the real Hexxat If you talk 5x 1, and quickly follow her back to where you picked-up the Cloak, talk 5x 1 and Hexxat will join, 10k xp. A minute or so later she gives a Bag of Holding! She is an evil Thief (Level 13, 800k xp) so use her only to complete her personal quests

*Bag of Holding (Dragomir's respite)

Click on the Rod device to open the exit and return to the Slums

Hexxat 2nd quest (part 2):


Approximately 24 hours after Hexxat joins she will speak of business with Mr. L. You can send her back to the Copper Coronet at any time and the quest timer continues.


Note: might need a Potion of Master Thievery due to a possible bug. Note: if you are in Chapter 6 and haven't met Bodhi yet, the clock will be moved forward to midnight, but you will likely be able to tomb walk without having the dialog with Bodhi.

After 7 days from the real Hexxat joining and when it is night (after 20:30 or so) get Hexxat from the Copper Coronet with your Reputation at 18 or lower (might need to have Viconia join to lower your REP by two points; must keep her in the party otherwise Hexxat will leave if your REP rises above 18. Keldorn must not be in the party with Hexxat. Outside: ENCOUNTER Cabrina: gives quest (Claw of the Black Leopard in the Crypts of Durkon)


Party "tomb walks" to Shou Lung tomb

Tomb 2 (Crypts of Durkon):

Save game. immediate floor trap near the locked sarcophagus ENCOUNTER Keno: opens door to the east; will give a key after performing his request. [Option to fight Keno and Ghosts.] Fight 4x Umber Hulks! Luckily, Keno leads the charge Use Stealth to scout the next area (Mind Flayers!) Fight vs 3x Mind Flayers! Can do without Chaotic Commands if use many summons as fodder, everyone ranged and far away except for the summons, 27k xp. Keno thanks you and awards the key.

© bg2mez

*Key of Scholars


South: Floor trap after the two trapped sarcophagus ENCOUNTER Ghostly Monk: use key to open door Optionally open the tombs -> fight 5x Greater Mummy 40k xp The Jade Fang +3 (dagger; over-powered, do not use) is in the smallest tomb.

Talk to Ki Chin Sang: gives quest (six guardians) Can fight them or pick pocket the key! Full buff including Death Ward, and then click on the first floor tomb, carefully fight one-byone 28k xp. Possible bug (EE 1.2): Borok-Tosst might not be registered as dead (0 xp), forcing you to pick-pocket Ki Chin Sang. Drops include several enchanted weapons and armors (I do not sell the added EE items) Ki Chin Sang gives the key after defeating the guardians.

*Jade Fang +3

*Key of the Master's Crypt

Final room: immediately two floor traps ENCOUNTER Nan Kung Chi: fight, Breach him, 16k xp. Save game Get the Claw of the Black Leopard from the unlocked container 15k xp and then Hexxat return's the party to the Graveyard. If you are in Chapter 6 and haven't met Bodhi yet, you still have a second or two to change areas (Slums).

Hexxat 3rd quest (part 3):


Note: bring 5-10 Potions of Healing for this dungeon.

Hexxat join 7 days later and it must be night in Athkatla. ENCOUNTER Cabrina: she takes the Claw of the Black Leopard and gives Hexxat's final quest (Shroud of the Unproved, a cloak) for SoA. Save game.


Party "tomb walks" to Tomb of the Unproved.

Tomb 3 (Tomb of ENCOUNTER Rabi'ah and Aminah: talk. Do not take the items in the Unproved): the chest to avoid fighting several Statues in the south area at this time, return to get them a bit later. Option to fight these four ghosts by pressing F2/force fight, but wait until the end of the quest. : buff with Chaotic Commands and Shield of the Archons, no good drops but a Short bow +3, 4x 10k xp

West corridor: open the door to the south, two immediate floor traps; carefully fight three Bloated Spiders 5k xp. One more floor trap by rock piles. Bonus item!

South room with Statues (before fighting): cast Stone to Flesh on one of the mage statues -> easy fight vs eight mages! Can find a Stone to Flesh scroll in the east room (with three mages) After killing the eight mages that attacked you, the "untouchable" chest now is activated (press TAB), use Imoen to unlock it for Boots of Elvenkind (move silently +30%)

*Boots of Elvenkind

South "statue" container: back-track to get the four items from the chest (the Gold Statue is not actually needed). Keep them all in inventory, except the Gold Statue, if you want to fight. However, if you: a) Place the Piece of Silk in the statue container the fights with the Statues and Djinni and weight gain from the Gold Statue (boy) will

© bg2mez


not happen. b) Place the Scimitar: the fights with the Statues will not happen. c) Place the Lamp of Oil: fight with the Djinni will not happen. d) Place the Gold Statue: you will not become encumbered when crossing the floor traps (could just leave this item in the original chest or drop it on the floor). Note: the Lamp of Oil shows 1 charge. Some drained items in SoA when drained still show 1 charge (a false indication), so I believe that this Lamp cannot be made functional. Another summoned creature is not needed in this game, anyway.

South room with Statues, wait up to 30 seconds: easy fight vs six Statues, 6x 1k xp.

*Full Plate armors *Scimitar +2

Spiked floor traps can barely be avoided so run across, unless you cross along the very bottom edge (the Gold Statue will not gain weight either). Drop the Statue if you become encumbered. East side of floor trap, after 20-30 seconds: fight Furious Djinni 5k xp if you carry the Lamp of Oil.

SE room with three mages: full buff; dialog choices to make depend on whether Hexxat is in the room or not. Either way get them bickering amongst themselves which causes them to fight; kill the first two mages only. With Hexxat : she speaks, talk 1, then talk with Diya al-Hafiz (2nd mage) 2, 1, they argue a bit, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2 and then they fight among themselves. Without Hexxat in the room : talk to Diya al-Hafiz (2nd mage) 2, 2, 1, they argue a bit, 2, 2, 1, 2, 2 and then they fight among themselves.

*Stone to Flesh *Summon Efreeti, Djinni and Hakeashar

If you kill the first two mages, Diya al-Hafiz and Iqbal al-Din, 12k xp each, then Qais Ra'id will speak with you (even if he became hostile) and let you explore the tomb, but you could fight him now, or return later to force-fight/F2. Bridge: Hexxat warns to avoid the cracked stones and webbed openings; or step on a web to fight a spider or two. Room after "bridge": one floor trap by rock piles; fight Bloated Spider 1700 xp Statue "hand in mouth" answers: 1 (Rabi'ah, A., B., S.), 2 (Raffiyah), 1 (Muharr), 1 (Badiat), 2 (no name) -> next door opens.

Final room: ENCOUNTER Raffiyah: can sneak the Shroud using Stealth/Invisibility, or speak nicely to her, or fight first: full buff, cast 3x Fireball and summon creatures, 22k xp. Dialog options include: a) Talk to get the Shroud handed to you but fight: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, the Shroud is fetched for you, 1, fight! b) Talk to get the Shroud handed to you but avoid the fight: 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, the Shroud is fetched for you, 2, 1 (Perhaps you could weave a new Shroud), 1. After the fight get the Shroud from the large container, 22k xp all!

Option to fight the four ghosts back at the entrance area by pressing F2/force fight: buff with Chaotic Commands and Shield of the Archons, no good drops but a Short bow +3, 4x 10k xp Talk to Hexxat, or she will talk to you, to you to return to the Graveyard (change maps quickly to avoid Bodhi if not yet done) and then the Copper Coronet to speak with Cabrina. Hexxat done for SoA.

© bg2mez


Walkthrough for Shadows of Amn (SoA) Day:Hour Gold

Chapter 1 Irenicus Dungeon:

Level 1:


Imoen joins! Get the key from the table to open Jaheira's cell, 3k xp Day 0:00 Reputation (REP) = 12 at 0 gp start and Jaheira joins! Talk to Minsc until he gets mad and breaks the Imoen: Mage 8 Thief 7 cell open, 3k xp and Minsc and Boo join! Plan for Jaheira: Sling until attaining Fighter level 12, then dual wield Clubs (Blackblood +3, Gnasher +2) or Belm +2 in off-hand

Jaheira: Fighter 6/Druid 7, 77 hp with bg2_tweaks

Plan for Minsc: Two-handed sword until attaining Ranger level 12, then dual wield axes (Frostreaver +3 and Stonefire +3); Longbow and Mace as alternate weapons

Minsc: Ranger 7, 84 hp with bg2_tweaks

Select everyone's spells; select mostly healing spells, 1x Sanctuary, Raise Undead, Monster Summoning I Imoen cast Armor and Stoneskin; Jaheira cast Barkskin

De-trap and unlock picture: contains Golden Pantaloons if imported from BG1 Lightning machine:

Kill seven Mephits 2940 xp, then turn off the lightning machine for 2k xp (i.e. 2000 experience points)

Crystal room:

ENCOUNTER Aataqah: answer 1: "I will press the button" 3500 xp Buff with Draw Upon Holy Might to fight Ogre Mage, 650 xp Aataqah heals all! 3500 xp

*Golden Pantaloons

Note: for some melee buffing spell tips, see a couple of pages below (page 25)

Golem room: Glass tubes:

Loot Golem room (locked chest) Room to the west: second crate is trapped and locked


Talk to Rielev with entire party in room to get 4k xp (if Jaheira comments before Imoen the award is 1k xp only); loot the key Activate Golem with Activation Stone (key), 3k xp, and follow ->

Central area:

Fight Otyugh 650 xp, pick-up the Wand key, collect 6 of them in total; de-trap one chest

*Oil of Speed *Wand key

East bedroom:

One floor trap and two trapped bookcases! Helm of Balduran is in the chest (THAC0 +1, saves +1, +5 hp -> 99 hp in BG2 or 103 hp in BG2EE); get the Air Elemental Statue (a key) from the drawer

***Helm of Balduran -> protagonist: THAC0 13/9 (2 attacks per round), 103 hp [or TH 13/9/11 (3) if dual wielding]

Recommended to deposit all loot in a container; return here later to sort and screen the loot before returning leaving the Dungeon

*Long Sword +1 *Quarterstaff +1 -> Jaheira

Note: this play-through will generally use a flail and shield until buying the Defender of Easthaven +3 for use in the off-hand (purchased just before instigating Chapter 4) Note: remember to use STEALTH (Minsc and Protagonist) for sneak attacks and THAC0 reduced by 4 for the first hit! Buff with Draw Upon Holy Might and Bless Note: in general " north " = top of the screen , "south = bottom of screen, "west" = left of screen and "east" = right of screen


Back track and go north through the "Library" and loot Oil of Speed from mid-east bookshelf

© bg2mez

*Oil of Speed



Continue north, use Stealth to scope out Ilyich and Dwarves Buff with Bless, Draw Upon Holy Might Chant and Protection vs Fire; then Protagonist and Minsc use Stealth for a sneak attack Imoen cast Monster Summoning or Fireball, 2820 xp Jaheira can cast Call Woodland Beings (Druid level 4 spell; casts Confusion and Mass Heal!) Ilyich drops Mail of the Dead +2 or Plate Mail +1 (AC2) if imported from BG1, and Acorns (needed for Ulene)

Equip one [or two] Flail -> THAC0 13/9/11 (3 attacks/round) Back track to the east bedroom and then go south

*Plate Mail +1 -> protagonist: AC-3 (-6*) *=buffed *Club -> Jaheira *Flail -> protagonist: THAC0 13/9 (2 attacks/round)

Locked portal Use the Air Statue key to enter the locked door door to the Carefully fight Mephits, Imoen cast Monster Summoning as fodder. Elemental Plane Talk to Malaaq the Genie: gives Quest ("Q": get flask) of Air: Back track to the east bedroom and then go south Dryads:

ENCOUNTER Ulene, Cania and Elyme: 9500 xp if you have the Acorns, gives Quest ("Q": deliver acorns for the Dryads); ask for the Genie's flask and then return to the Genie

Portal door:

Finalize with Malaaq the Genie for 15k xp and Sword of Chaos +2 (1d10+2 = 3-12 damage) even if you imported from BG1 to BG2; for BG2EE 1.3 you receive a weapon from your final save

*Sword of Chaos +2 -> Minsc: THAC0 14/9 (2 attacks/round)

Note: BG2EE 1.3 will import a weapon from your BGEE Final Save but do not use it - too overpowered. I got the War Hammer +2 Ashideena but did not use or sell! You can buy such a weapon from Ribald or Jayes, anyway, but we've never needed to buy a weapon from them either

In preparation for the next level of Irenicus Dungeon: Jaheira and Protagonist select Protection from Fire for all Level 3 spell slots; Jaheira select Resist Fire and Cold; other levels select Bless; Imoen select 3x Haste and Strength

North east room: Continue south from the portal door, de-trap one floor trap in hallway; Imoen cast Haste to easily fight Cambion 6k xp, 146 gp, Bastard Sword +1 (Sword of Chaos +2 with EE 1.3) Prison cells:

Return to near the cages; Jaheira kill Jail Golem with the Quarterstaff +1 (blunt +1 weapon required) 5k xp

South bedroom:

In bedroom near Ulene: four floor traps and three trapped containers, Potion of Master Thievery, Portal Key. The alarm sound means that two Lesser Clay Golems are on their way, carefully fight for 4k xp [Do not do: Ulene and Druids: can easily pick pocket Ulene and Cania; may need to drink a Potion of Master Thievery to PP all 2x]

*Sword of Chaos +2 (BG2EE) [Bastard Sword +1 (BG2)]

*Potion of Master Thievery *Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer (component)

[do not kill or will miss a quest later]

Portal to next level: Bonus xp's!

Imoen learn spells from scrolls for xp's -> +5-6k xp all! These spells will be wiped clear of Imoen's spellbook when meeting her again later, so learn (scribe) all the spell scrolls!

*Fireball scroll (#1)

Jaheira Druid8 Fighter6 +6hp->83hp THAC0 15/13 (1 attack/round with a Sling)

-> Jaheira level-up! ---->

© bg2mez


Irenicus Dungeon:

Level 2:

ENCOUNTER Yoshimo (Bounty Hunter/thief Level 10, 160k xp, 80 hp): Yoshimo joins! 45 gp (gold) given; skills levels are Open Locks 65, Find Traps 100, Pick Pockets 25

*Can get a high level spell scroll (Level 7-8 if you are lucky) in the Mephit portal room in the Bookcase or first Chest: use Sanctuary to safely explore the room *Such chests will be indicated (*) throughout this walkthrough *Spell scrolls we've seen here are: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Control Undead, Improved Mantle, Khelben's Warding Whip, Mass Invisibility, Mordenkainen's Sword, Power Word Stun, Spell Trigger, Spell Turning, Sphere of Chaos, Summon Hakeashar, or Flesh to Stone; or, can rarely get a Laeral's Tear necklace Values in Athkatla: Level 6 scroll: 600 gp; level 7: 900 gp; level 8: 1500 gp; Laeral's Tear necklace: 1800 gp

Keep Yoshimo for the extra help; or dismiss so that your core party gets more xp's, and give him a load of loot to sell later because he goes to the Copper Coronet and his inventory is maintained!

Mephit portal room:

Buff with Draw Upon Holy Might, Bless, Haste and Protection vs Fire for the Magma Mephit portal option: destroy portals 1, [2] and 4, 5k xp each, and then continuously fight Magma Mephits at portal 3 for xp's! Kill e.g. 200-300 Mephits for 84-126k xp! (totally unnecessary, but why not! Can kill about 12 per minute)

Jaheira Fighter7 Druid8 +6hp->89hp TH 14/12 (1½ attacks/round with Club)

NEW NOTE (2018): Ice Mephit portal ( portal 2 ) option: Ice Mephits seem to do much less damage! Also, can cast Animate Dead to summon a Skeleton or two; they have 100% resistance to cold damage and last for up to 8 hours if kept healed!

Bonus xp's!

Position Protagonist (the Mephit's target) directly below the Mephit, Minsc directly to the left of the Mephit, and Jaheira between us using Quarterstaff. To re-buff with Protection from Fire, walk to the doorway immediately after a Mephit is killed. Haste and Bless spells help a lot here; Imoen cast Strength on Jaheira

Imoen L9 +6hp->63hp

Note: Fire Mephit damage will heal you if buffed with Resist Fire and Cold and Protection from Fire! Note: if the game is running slow or sluggish it is likely due to the number of Mephit bodies on the floor; if you fight them without moving, the bodies drop onto the same place each time and the game should not slow down. A solution can be to Rest when the game slows, which should clear the bodies from the floor

-> Level-up! ----> Note: using Draw Upon Holy Might at level-ups does not have a permanent benefit

Cleric8 Ranger7 +6hp ->109hp TH 13/9/11 (3 attacks/round) AC-3 (-6*/-7**) *=buffed **=with shield Minsc Level8 +12hp ->96hp TH 13/8 (2) and a Level 1 spell slot!

Clone room:

Fight the Clone 1250 xp and pick-up Wand of Missiles Key (key #5 of 6); loot two barrels

*Fireball scroll (#2) *Pearl necklace

Loot the table near Khalid's body: Wand of Fire Key (key #6 of 6) Next hallway: kill the Assassin 750 xp

© bg2mez


Trap on the bridge to the Wand columns room; save game Columns room (wands):

Can kill Shadow Thief 750 xp and Duergars 2x420 xp with ranged weapons or Fireball; use Stealth to find the target Click on all six columns for a variety of wands that can be sold and bought back recharged in Athkatla (e.g. Bernard in the Copper Coronet); loot the statue for a Ring of Protection +1

*Wand of Fire *Wand of Cloudkill *Ring of Protection +1 -> Minsc

Note: Imoen can detect but cannot de-trap these floor traps Note: when you soon leave this dungeon, if the time is pushed forward to "07:00"; therefore leaving on e.g. Day 2 08:00 would mean starting in the Promenade at Day 3 07:00 ("D3:7")

North room: Bonus xp's!

ENCOUNTER Ulvaryl and Shadow Thieves: Assassin says that Irenicus has betrayed the Shadow Thieves! Fight with Fireball, ranged weapons and then melee 8300 xp

Southern rooms: South-east (forge room): Fight Duergars, attack the mage first, 1900 xp; loot the two locked chests and other containers for 100 gp, Heavy X-bow

*Girdle of Bluntness -> protagonist

Mid south room: ENCOUNTER Frennedan: loot the 1st room with a trapped bookcase and chest; free Frennedan (use the key) [and then kill 3k xp]; 2nd room has one trapped chest (Blur scroll and a Cursed Scroll of Foolishness); loot 101 gp

*Knock scroll *Invisibility *Elixer of Health (x4) *Blur scroll *Oil of Speed

South-south-west hallway: ENCOUNTER Assassin The Assassin speaks of a Guild War! Fight three of them for 2500 xp, Composite Longbows

South to exit:

Before exiting the Dungeon: Imoen learn (scribe) spells for xp's -> +3k xp all! Do not scribe the *Invisibility, Knock or Fireball scroll, bring them for Aerie to learn (or bring all scrolls to sell in Athkatla)

Leaving the dungeon: what to bring Keep the most valuable items only in inventory: scrolls including cursed ones, all wands, all potions, armors (not leather), ranged weapons, gems, necklaces, and magical (enchanted) ammo; drop the rest Un-equip Imoen's armor, necklace, bracers (and helm, if modded game); all other inventory slots will carry over to the Promenade; drop the portal key on the ground. This is a good place to make a major save game When ready, leave the dungeon! Waukeen's Promenade:

Cowled Wizards seize Imoen!

1200 gp


All are awarded with 34500 xp!

Jaheira Druid9 Fighter7 +6hp ->95hp Level 5 spell Chaotic Commands Insect Plague and Iron Skins!

This walkthrough focuses on finding Imoen as soon as possible so that she doesn't lose-out on too many xp's, therefore not much equipment or experience will actually be gathered before getting to Chapter 4 (but the party will still kick evil's butt!)

Collect Imoen's gear from ground; use the containers near Galoomp, for example, to store-up items and sell to Galoomp only when you have 16 pieces of the item (e.g. 16x Composite

© bg2mez


Longbows) to maximize payout, exception being junk worth less than 5 gp (short swords, long swords, leather armor, etc.) Selectively sell stuff at Galoomp, although you don't need to sell any items at this time or for quite a while! Consider to buy a large shield from Mira; but that's all we buy for a long time!

1700 gp *Large shield

Do not sell: - Spells scrolls: learn (scribe) later with Imoen and other NPC's for experience points - Wands: can sell to Bernard in the Copper Coronet and then buy them back fully recharged! (Do later, though, after freeing Hendak for better prices.) The Wand of Fire and Wand of Cloudkill are very nice! - Pommel Jewel of the Equalizer (a component) - Pantaloons (to be used in Throne of Bhaal)

Loot: Mithrest Inn, Temple, Enge's, Fennecia's, Cernd's, and next to Cernd's Bonus dialog!

Talk to Ler (4x 1), near Mira's shop, about where we are in order to get a bonus Jaheira dialog! "I know this place…this is Athkatla. We are in the state of Amn."

Note: loot the Den of the Seven Vales and the Adventure Mart during pick-pocketing round (see five pages below) to allow reloading if pick pocketed spell scrolls are no good Note: could get Aerie from the Circus Tent now (see seven pages below) without any difficulty

Leave the Promenade to instigate Chapter 2! Bring the Potion of Master Thievery

© bg2mez



ENCOUNTER Gaelan Bayle: gives Quest (Collect 20k gold) Can talk 1, 2, 1, 4 for some variety in the dialog

Meeting Gaelan Bayle (BG2EE v 1.3, zoomed into about the "800x600" level)

Meeting Gaelan Bayle (BG2 with widescreen mod at 1280 x 720 and 3D Acceleration enabled)

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Chapter 2 Plan for phase 1:


Get a War Hammer +1 from Borinall's house First priority is to advance Jaheira's romance (in my opinion) Get companions (Good or Neutral only): Keldorn , Aerie and Jan (part-timer) Pick Ribald's pockets for the Ring of Regeneration (use Jan) Visit the Gates District to activate the world map Go to De'Arnise Hold to get the Flail of Ages +3 and a lot of gold Collect loot and gold to attain 15,000 gold Instigate Chapter 3 to get some good magical items for free


Loot first floor only (consider to save upstairs de-trapping and unlocking for Imoen's return so she gets more xp's, although upstairs has a chest of drawers that contains 110 gp, a Pearl necklace and a Wand of Magic Missiles)


ENCOUNTER Brus: talk 1 -> outside of the south entrance to the Copper Coronet

Day 2:9

Select spells: Protagonist (and eventually Aerie) memorize at all times 1x Lesser Restore and 1x Dispel Magic

Jaheira romance: Romance (with Jaheira) begins automatically at approximately this time! "So, where to now, fearless leader?"…talk 3, 2 The next love dialog is in 30 minutes of real-time

Tips for Romance: Jaheira romance: If the patch is installed as noted above, there is typically 30 minutes of real-time between each dialog unless noted; otherwise it'll be 60 minutes. You can pause the game (Space Bar) to pass the time to progress the romance. Sometimes you need to walk a few steps to get the dialog to initiate

Aerie romance:

You can romance Aerie, at least for the first dozen or so of her love dialogs, until you are forced by the ladies to choose one over the other. It is very interesting to hear the two ladies talk amongst themselves. You also get to learn about Aerie's background; therefore it is highly recommended to talk nicely to Aerie so you get her love dialogs as well!

If not Romancing Jaheira, Sequence of Events for Harper Hold Quests with Jaheira in the Party: Harper's Hold Quests Overview (without the Jaheira Romance) By not actually doing the Jaheira romance, you still get all of the events with the Harpers (the Harper quest). The only encounter missed is the one fight with Ertof Dand and Bandits, which is worth 11500 xp, 268 gp, and 3 sets of plate Mail armor only are dropped. The Harper events with Jaheira in the party but without romancing her are timed as below. If you are doing the romance, the events are not timed; rather, see the walkthrough. See pages 54/57, 61-63, 68 and 70/71 for the full details of these events. 1. Give Renfeld's body to Rylock (his body is picked-up during the 2nd "waylaid" encounter with thugs in the beginning of the game/Chapter 2) in the Docks District (near the Harper's Hold/Galvarey Estate); do his small quest (Prebek) 2. Encounter Xzar: gives Quest (get the thief/bird/Montaron from the Harper's Hold)

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Give the bird/Montaron to Xzar; Lucette appears; Encounter Meronia: she takes Jaheira! (Romance OK if doing) 3. Rest in e.g. Copper Coronet, Crooked Crane (Gates) or the Graveyard -> Jaheira is back! Note: keep Reputation low! REP 16 or higher could mean you miss out on fighting Reviane and Dermin (for Full Plate armors) 4. With Jaheira in the party enter the Harper's Hold -> confrontation with Galvarey and four Harpers (Kail, Bessen, Nadinal, and Iko)

5. In 4 days: Encounter Reviane and four Harpers: big fight if REP is under 16 6. In 3 days: Dermin I (LD24): Jaheira says "Der...Dermin? Is that you? It has been some time..." 7. In 7 days: Dermin II (LD29): "Jaheira! I would have words with you!..." 8. Rest (in the wild, e.g. Graveyard or De'Arnise): Terminsel I (LD30): "Good morning my lad..." He gives a letter and Jaheira is gone! (Romance OK if doing) 9. Harper's Hold: get Jaheira; defeat all enemies (mandatory) 10. In 14 days and rest in wild: Dermin III (LD33): Jaheira says "Stop! Do you see him? Ready yourself." Big fight if REP is under 16 vs Dermin and four others attack (Thenry, Jeremon, Chrost and Lennah). Note: after this battle you may increase REP if desired 11. In 5 days (rest not required): Terminsel II Must have REP higher than 16 for the next encounter to get the greatest reward if not doing the Jaheira romance Terminsel appears for second time "Hello young lady. Might I have a word or two?...This is my question Jaheira: Did you do the right thing?"" She answers "Undoubtedly!" and gets a Harper Pin!

Armor plan:

*Protagonist use the best armor found and eventually Full Plate (AC1) from Jaheira romance confrontations *Minsc use the next best armor found until getting Full Plate from Jaheira romance confrontations *Keldorn use own Full Plate +1 (AC0, with Free Action and +1 bonus to all saving throws) and then consider to use the third set of Full Plate (from Nalia's personal quest) *Jaheira use Plate +1 (AC2), or Plate Mail armor and a Ring of Protection, until getting Full Plate in Chapter 5 when she will be levelled-up enough to be a potent front-line fighter *Aerie: Robe of Vecna or Robe of the Good Archmagi; can buy the Bracers of AC3 from Ribald Other options include: *Full Plate armor could be bought, of course, but it is not necessary (e.g. can buy a Full Plate for 6960 gp from the Temple of Helm with CHA 20 and REP 12; or from Bel for a better price *Cromwell can make an Ankheg armor (AC1, magical, low weight) using the shell found in an unmarked house in the Bridge District for 5k gp and it takes no time to create; however, the cost is too high for only 1 better AC compared with Plate +1 *Spirit Armor (mage level 5 spell) grants AC1 for 10 turns, and +3 bonus to saving throws vs magic! Useful for protecting mages. Can buy a scroll from Galoomp

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General tips:

*Minimize the use of Jan (thief) by temporarily dismissing him ("park" him e.g. in the Slums) when a thief is not absolutely needed, so your party doesn't waste xp's on him *Try to save unlocking and de-trapping chests, and quests in general, until Imoen re-joins the party, wherever possible, so she gets more xp's! De-trap/unlock is 1750/400 xp in Chapter 2 vs 2750/950 xp in Ch. 5 (+1550 xp or 70% more per container) *Summon creatures to help fight or to be used as fodder *If all else fails, drink a Potion of Invisibility to flee *Sell spell scrolls only if in desperate need of gold, otherwise keep them to learn with companions and other NPC's

Note about Vampire encounters at night: Vampires usually spawn once per night between 23:30 and 05:00 and can do so only in certain areas: Docks: north between the exits, or south areas Slums: near northern exit Government: center area Gates: center area Promenade: center south area Bridge: center area near Five Flagons, or south near exit Temple and Graveyard: they do not spawn here Vampire encounter #1: can be done without fighting (let her flee) Vampire encounter #2: an easy fight vs two Thieves However, consider to not travel at night to avoid fighting the Vampires, or at least be very careful, until acquiring the magical the magical items from the Thieves at the start of Chapter 3! Or at least have +2 weapons and know the spell Restoration or have a Restoration spell scroll (can buy cheapest from Bernard in the Copper Coronet)


Outside: Loot the roof-top of the Copper Coronet; loot the Temple, force (F2; Borinall's house: requires STR 19) the door open and then get the War Hammer +1 and 70 gp from the table!

*War Hammer +1 -> Protagonist: THAC0 12/7/10 (3 attacks/round) at Ranger level 8

Melee Buffing Spell Tips: Buffing tips when melee fighting

Cleric Lev. 8 / Ranger Lev. 7: War Hammer +1 and a normal Flail

THAC0 (APR) 13/8/11 (3)

Alternative: Flame Blade (Level 2 spell; 4 rounds + 1 round/2 levels)

13/10/11 (2½)

AC / Hit Points (hp) / Strength (STR) -3 / 109 / 19

Remove Fear (1 hour) Raises moral to maximum; prevents and removes fear Jaheira/[Viconia] cast: Chaotic Commands (1 turn/level) Protection From Evil 10’ Radius (1 turn/level) +2 bonus for saves from attacks from evil-aligned creatures; their attacks suffer a -2 penalty

Or: Protection From Evil (Level 1 spell; 3 rounds/level) Free Action (10 rounds + 1 round/level) Immune to Web, Entangle, Hold Person, Paralyze, Slow, Haste and Grease

Jaheira cast: Barkskin (4 rounds + 1 round/level) +1 bonus to all saves except vs. magic; base AC is improved, e.g. the recipient gets base AC3 when cast by a level 12 priest Armor of Faith (3 rounds + 1 round/level) 5% of all magical/non-magical damage is absorbed, plus another 5% for every 5 levels

Draw Upon Holy Might (1 turn) Raises STR, CON & DEX 13/7/10 (3) Aid (1 round + 1 round/level) +1 bonus to attack and all saves; +1d8 hp 12/6/9 (3) Chant (10 rounds) +1 bonus to attack, damage and all saves; enemies get a -1

-4 / 117 / 21 -4 / 121 / 21

penalty to all of their rolls

Bless (6 rounds) + 1 bonus to attack, +1 bonus for saves vs. fear effects Defensive Harmony (6 rounds) +2 bonus to AC With a shield (recommended at this stage in the game; we will soon find a +1

11/5/8 (3) 11/5 (2)

-6 / 121 / 21 -7 / 121 / 21

shield, or buy a +2 shield as an option):

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STEALTH (3 rounds; checked every 3rd round) +4 bonus to your first melee attack; temporarily invisible, but must remove plate/chain mail armors first

11/1 (2) or 11/1/4 (3)

There is no need to buy equipment or potions at this time! Aerie and Jan will join soon to buff additionally with: Haste (3 rounds + 1 round/level): +1 attack per round Improved Invisibility (3 rounds + 1 round/level): THAC0 reduced by 4 for melee fighting! AC perhaps helped as well

11/5 (3) 11/1 (3)

Keldorn will join soon and can cast: Protection from Evil: evil enemies' attack rolls get -2 penalty and your saves get a +2 bonus

Minsc Melee Buffing Spell Tips for melee fighting

Minsc, Ranger Level 8: Sword of Chaos +2 Alternative: Enchanted Weapon (Level 4 mage spell, can create +3 maces! Spell scroll can be purchased from Galoomp, Ribald or Cutpurse)

Protagonist/Aerie cast: Remove Fear (1 hour) Protagonist/Aerie cast: Prot. From Evil 10’ Radius (1 turn/level) Or: Protection From Evil (Level 1 spell; 3 rounds/level) Protagonist/Aerie/[Viconia] cast: Free Action (10 rounds + 1 r./lev.) Armor of Faith (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Protagonist/Aerie cast: Aid (1 round + 1 round/level) Protagonist/Aerie cast: Chant (10 rounds) Protagonist/Aerie/Jaheira cast: Bless (6 rounds) Protagonist/Aerie/Jaheira cast: Defensive Harmony (6 rounds) STEALTH (3 rounds; checked every 3rd round) +4 bonus to your first

THAC0 (APR) 13/8 (2)

AC / Hit Points (hp) / Strength (STR) 1 / 96 / 18/93

13/7/11 (3)

12/7 (2)

1 / 99 / 18/93

11/6 (2) 11/6 (2) 11/2 (2)

-1 / 99 / 18/93

11/3 (2)

-3 / 114 / 20

melee attack; temporarily invisible, but must remove plate/chain mail armors first

Or: BERSERK (2 turns; Minsc's special ability) +2 bonus to Strength and Dexterity, 15 extra hit points; immune to charm, fear, confusion, hold (not stun), maze and level drain!

There is no need to buy equipment or potions at this time! Other options for Minsc include: Potion of Agility would lower AC by 2 Minsc could wear the Cloak of the Sewers and Helm of Balduran to reduce AC, THAC0 and add 5 more hit points, but the protagonist wears these items Aerie and Jan will join soon to buff additionally with: Haste (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Improved Invisibility (3 rounds + 1 round/level)

11/6 (3) 11/2 (3)

Keldorn will join soon and can cast: Protection from Evil: evil enemies' attack rolls get -2 penalty and your saves get a +2 bonus

Copper Coronet: Enter from the south door to avoid Amalas and Surly until later ENCOUNTER Hexxat: just send her away for now and do here quest later after getting some better equipment. She is evil and will only be doing her first quest if you follow this walkthrough

Hexxat Thief 10, 200k xp

ENCOUNTER Nalia: gives Quest ("Q") (De'Arnise), join, 45 gp given if you have an available slot in your party Dismiss (we prefer Imoen for the story line, and she has better thieving skills)

Map: De'Arnise Hold Nalia: Mage level 9 / Thief level 4, 166k xp, INT 17

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Talk to Anomen, join to heal your party if needed and to get his quest in approximately 5½ days; dismiss (we prefer Aerie for her spellcasting abilities; party is melee heavy already)


Anomen Fighter level 7 / Cleric level 8, 174k xp, 94 hp, AC2, STR 18/52, TH 14/11 (2)

Anomen: dualled Fighter/Cleric with STR 18/52, DEX 10; WIS 12 can be upgraded to 16 (in part II of his quest). He did well when he replaced Aerie on a different play through. If playing with Anomen, see other walkthrough on or follow this walkthrough as written and use a Sling and later try Mace. Do Anomen's personal Quest I and II earlier than Chapter 6 if you wish Anomen's personal quest begins in approximately 5½ days (if not playing with Anomen: can dismiss him and ask him to join later and the quest will still be given)

Use Anomen to heal your party if needed, and then dismiss Talk to Yoshimo: join/dismiss to take loot; sell junk (i.e. items that are worth less than 5 gp), gems, necklaces and rings Buy Bernard's scroll case (300 gp or 254 with CHA 18) now for convenience Note: talk to Amalas later when better equipped; must fight him before Chapter 4 otherwise he leaves!

Travelling between areas:

Could get "waylaid" by Slavers or Bandits at any time travelling between maps but try to avoid getting waylaid until you have made the Flail of Ages +3 (save before crossing maps)

Jaheira romance: At some time will get Love Dialog (LD) number 2: "It has been some time since I have been this far south.…Hmm…seems I cannot help but speak of the dead lately...." talk 1, 2, 1


Plan for Temple Some looting and quest collection only at this time Get Keldorn and acquire the Cloak of the Sewers

Outside, east:

ENCOUNTER Gaal and Dawnmaster Kreel ENCOUNTER High Mornmaster Arval

Temple of Lathander:

Talk to High Mornmaster Arval (required for Keldorn to be present in the Sewers): gives Quest (Investigate and Destroy the Cult of the Eyeless) and informs that Keldorn is waiting in the Sewers Get a quest also from Dawnbringer Sain Q (Sir Sarles/illithium quest) Note: these quests might be given by Guardian Telwyn or High Watcher Oisig from the Temple of Helm depending on your alignment or class and if you have not installed the Unlimited Strongholds mod Loot only the south-east bookcases and cabinets (do not get caught!) for 99 gp

Sewers (use mid- Avoid the centre-north area for now (save for when Imoen re-joins) east entrance): Minsc and Protagonist use Stealth (or cast Sanctuary) and walk through the centre of the sewers to north-west area to get Keldorn

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Keldorn joins! Plan: use Two-Handed Sword**, X-bow** and Long Sword** as alternatives. Also can cast True Sight, Dispel Magic and Protection from Evil! Use his sword for a long time: damage is 1d10+2 and +5 if he is hit; Full Plate +1 (AC0)

Keldorn Inquisitor 8 161k xp, TH 13/9 (2) 104hp, AC0, STR 17 (or TH 13/12 (2) with X-bow)

Plan for Keldorn: Two-handed sword all the way! X-bow is a good alternate weapon, followed by Long Sword; perhaps Halberd later (at Level 12) Note: Keldorn will want to visit his home within 8 days, otherwise he may leave the party and go to the Order of the Radiant Heart, which could force you to do this minor quest

Center area:

Use Stealth, kill Shaman first then Witch Doctor; Keldorn use Dispel and True Sight on Rakshasa; drop includes Cloak of the Sewers! (AC +1 bonus; can transform into Troll to heal), 3200 xp

*Cloak of the Sewers -> Protagonist: AC improved by 1

Alternate method: Rest and memorize 2x Entangle and Resist Fire/Cold (Jaheira), Web (Aerie might know if you found a scroll), Fireball (Aerie), Protection from Fire (Cleric) Keldorn has armor with Free Action so he is unaffected by Entangle; protect him from fire and Aerie cast Fireball; Minsc use Longbow Loot the container in middle area for +2 bullets and arrows

Old Tunnels:

*Bullets +2 *Arrows +2

Down hallway from entrance: an Otyugh could spawn for 5k xp, and can re-spawn approximately each day! Otyugh is randomly generated; could otherwise get a Carrion Crawler (974 xp) or Mephit (400 xp). Return later to explore the area

Note: can Rest in the Sewers and Old Tunnels if needed

Temple of Talos: Save game, then enter. Loot the desk in the backroom and chest in the north-east room for Antidotes and Potions of Extra Healing *Back room desk: can get a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Caco Fiend, Incendiary Cloud, Mantle, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Spell Sequencer, Summon Nishruu, or Symbol Fear (can re-load a save prior to entering the area to experiment)

Note: the east room has trapped/locked chest of drawers that could be knocked (Lightning Bolt trap) for a Wand of the Heavens, 210 gp and 5x Potions of Healing (worth 675 gp) Could use Jan to de-trap/unlock after he has joined

High Hall of the Radiant Heart:

Loot, including 2x Potion of Heroism (if lucky can get a high level scroll from the desk such as Mantle, Tensors Transformation, Control Undead, Summon Djinni or Globe of Invulnerability) No need to talk to Sir Ryan Trawl until much later

*Potion of Heroism (x2)

Potion of Heroism helps fighting by reducing THAC0 by 2 and increases hit points

Jaheira romance: At some time will get LD3 (or use "Pause"): "Ehh, I think I still have a stitch in my leg…" talk 1, 2 Note: the next dialog requires you to rest first

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Waukeen's Promenade:

Sell junk, store loot in a container

2200 gp

Note: if playing with Anomen rather than Aerie can do the Circus Tent quest after De'Arnise Hold, although the Circus quest is easy


Circus Tent / Aerie Quest Talk to the Soldier Q (Circus), talk to Giran Q (Looking for his mother) Enter the tent: ENCOUNTER Genie: answer 3, 19500 xp Clear the 3 Shadows around tent (or get Aerie first) 1260 xp; Keldorn's True Seeing can dispel illusions such as the Werewolves! Enter the doorway -> ENCOUNTER Aerie -> kill the Peasants 1950 xp, pick-up (loot) the key (The Ogre's Sword) and Friends scroll -> talk to the Spider (Giran's Mother) -> talk to Aerie

*Friends scroll

Aerie finalize 18500 xp, Aerie joins! Cast Stoneskin, select spells including 1x Negative Plane Protection and Identify. Use Sling with +1/+2 bullets whenever possible, and a mace and shield

Aerie Cleric level 7 / Mage level 7, 161k xp, 42hp, INT 16, WIS 16 TH 16/14 (1)

Aerie plan: Sling, but much later Aerie could use Quarterstaff, so improve her Two-Handed Weapon Style proficiency at Level 8

Buff, enter doorway: only need to kill the two Shadows; loot ENCOUNTER Genie: take the stairs to final battle

*Web scroll *Dispel Magic

Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Kalah and Quayle: fight Kalah (only) 2k xp + 25k xp, 724 gp, Ring of Human Influence (Charisma set to 18)!

***Girdle of Piercing *Ring of Human Influence *Stoneskin scroll

Finalize with Hannah 500 xp in the Tent Outside: finalize Giran 2500 xp [Not in EE: talk to Hannah again in the Tent for 500 xp (re-enter tent quickly)]

Note: do not finalize this quest with the Soldier yet, we will finalize it a bit later! Must keep Reputation under 16 to maximize Jaheira's romance so that we get the option to fight Dermin and gang when he encounters the party for the 3rd time (this will be for "LD33", at about the 75% completion point of her romance) which yields some loot including a Full Plate armor!

Aerie learn spells: Fireball, Friends, Web; also Strength (can find a scroll in Mae'Var's Guildhall) and Invisibility (not critical) if have Aerie get the Bracers of AC8 from stored items -> Aerie AC4

Note: consider to Rest to memorize 2x Friends and purchase Web (for effective Fireball/Web combinations) and a Knock scroll from Galoomp to scribe to enable knocking of the chest of drawers in the Temple of Talos for a Wand of the Heavens or, at Gaelan Bayle's in the Slums, the trapped/locked chest of drawers upstairs which contains 110 gp, Pearl Necklace, and a Wand of Magic Missiles (10 charges)

Rest if needed to avoid night/Vampires; learn Magic Missiles and 12x Friends

Aerie romance:

If you have rescued Aerie, her romance may start now or soon: LD1: "My wings have been clipped…oh, I wish you could understand how it feels to be bound to the ground..." Talk 1. Her dialogs are 60 minutes apart or so

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Plan for Government Get Jan and collect a couple of quests at this time Begin the first (minor) pick pocketing round with Jan

Note: avoid Viconia (west side of map; evil NPC) for now; no need to rescue her for quite some time


Center area:

ENCOUNTER Madeen: Q (Tolgerias). Talk to Tolgerias after pick pocketing so you can re-load if spells are no good (see below)


ENCOUNTER Delon: he talks to Minsc, Q (Umar Hills deaths)

Map: Umar Hills

Talk to Jan, he talks to Trax 8500 xp, Jan joins! 11500 xp; select spells including 2x Invisibility 10' Radius, Improved Invisibility His alignment is chaotic neutral, which is ok as a temporary member of a "good" party

Jan Illusionist level 7 / Thief level 8, 161k xp, 45 hp, INT 16, TH 17/12 (1)

Plan for Jan: use X-bow/Boomerang +2; use part-time only, i.e. park him unless really needed so that the core party gets more xp's NPC skill levels: Pick pockets /Open Locks/Find Traps: Jan: 80 /95/105; Yoshimo: 25 /65/100; Imoen: 35 /100/95; Nalia 35 /60/80; therefore use Jan for pick pocketing Note: Jan can create his Flashers daily! Can sell them Note: only de-trap and unlock containers with Jan if really worth while, otherwise save for Imoen in Chapter 6 for more xp's

Keldorn's Estate: Locked chest has Pearl necklace and 55 gp If his personal quest initiates it is ok to speak with Sir William of Thorpe at this time (found in the Mithrest Inn) and leave the quest hanging until Imoen in Chapter 6!

Pick pockets ( PP ) round 1 with Jan: PP only a few targets for now (will do more PP later)


PP round 1:

Jan drink 1x Potion of Master Thievery -> PP 120 (can actually PP Amnish Soldiers with PP 105) PP: Amnish Soldiers (can have high level spell scrolls)

Council of the Six:

PP: Tolgerias (Ring of the Ram), Amnish Soldiers, Brega 2x (can have spell scroll), Corneal 2x Talk to Tolgerias Q (Valygar Corthala) Talk to Brega and Bylanna for dialog/story

Sarles Estate:

Talk to Sarles (illithium quest); he is present after getting the illithium quest from the Temple of Lathander *Can get a high level spell scroll in first chest/chest of drawers (unlocked)!

Adventure Mart:

PP: Ribald (need PP skill at 105): Ring of Regeneration; Amnish Soldier and Brelm


PP: Amnish Soldiers


Store loot in containers to make room in inventory!


Consider to sell just enough loot to buy from Arnolinus: Medium Shield +2 for 2800 gp with CHA 20, REP 12 (he is cheaper than Ribald). Could also buy a Sling +2 now from Ribald for 922 gp for Jaheira

© bg2mez

*Ring of the Ram

*Ring of Regeneration

**Medium Shield +2 -> protagonist **Sling +2 -> Jaheira (optional purchases)




PP: Amnish Soldiers End of first PP round !

Talk to Flydian Q (Trademeet)

Map: Trademeet

Important note: in the Gates District move your party to the north of the map (into the gate) and then click to leave the map (e.g. go to another area within Athkatla) so that De'Arnise and other outlying areas become highlighted as reachable destinations

Between areas (to Gates):

Try to avoid getting waylaid for now by crossing to very few city districts. You will likely get waylaid when travelling to the Gates Note: you may cast Cleric spells including Summons without repercussion in the streets of Athkatla! Therefore use Draw Upon Holy Might and Bless for the Waylaid encounters Note: you may use Wands without repercussion in the streets of Athkatla!

WAYLAID 1: Suna Seni, Eldarin and 4 Slavers: attack the Wizard first (casts Lightning Bolt); 5900 xp, Arbanes sword +2 (casts Haste; can sell for 3k gp now or 5k gp in Chapter 4), Plate +1, Mace +1 and 816 gp Mace +1 -> Aerie/Anomen alternate weapon

*Plate +1 -> Minsc AC0 *Mace +1 *Arbanes sword +2 *Frost Giant Strength *Stone Giant Strength

Note: Arbanes sword can cast Haste once per day even if just sitting idle in a weapon quickslot!


Plan for Docks This map is optional at this time; can wait until after De'Arnise Only do some looting and quest collection at this time Do not PP this map yet (the Thieves will catch you) [*can loot/sell the items in this district now for 8k gp but it is not necessary at this time De'Arnise Keep is richer and our top priority]

North-west outside:

ENCOUNTER Mad Cleric: fight, 750 xp

Shadow Thief Guildhall (Thieves):

Loot tables by Black Market Thief for Potion of Master Thievery Loot unlocked containers, and perhaps the locked west chest only which contains 234 gp (save the other locked containers for Imoen)

*Potion of Master Thievery *Potion of Invisibility

Note: Black Market Thief sells Invisibility and Knock scrolls for 202 gp Upstairs: talk to Renal Q (Mae'Var's Guild; find proof of Mae'Var's treachery) Unlock the south chest (only) for 350 gp and 3 pearls (worth 180 gp); loot the tables (diamond, worth 300 gp) and unlocked containers


Note: if you unlock all the chests in the Shadow Thief Guildhall and loot/sell all items you will net 2500 gp (and gain 7500 xp in total)

Near Valygar's:

Daytime, merchant Jahaboam: buy the Locket for Jaheira for 20 gp

Temple of Oghma:Loot for a Potion of Invisibility South house:

*Potion of Invisibility

De-trap and unlock door (do not enter yet! Kangaxx is in the basem*nt) Loot a Battle Axe +1 from the crate near the Harpers Hold

© bg2mez


Mae'Var's Guildhall:

Talk to Gorch, buy Gem Bag (262 gp) for convenience, loot all unlocked containers, and perhaps the locked north chest only which contains 190 gp (save the other locked containers for Imoen); sell the murky Oil of Speed

*Strength scroll

Bottom floor: talk to Mae'Var Q (Amulet/Necklace at Temple of Talos; do much later with Imoen), loot 2nd floor: first chest has a Pearl Necklace and Antidote De-trap/unlock the last "door" (at the north-east corner) for a Short Sword +2 (worth 900 gp), Buckler +1 and Studded Leather Armor +1; the 3rd door from the end (Rogue Stone worth 1500 gp) and 6th door (3x Potion of Master Thievery and 300 gp) Save the other doors and top floor for Imoen (3rd floor west chest: can rarely have a Level 7 spell; Bastard Sword +1 is also on the 3rd floor, first chest)

Sell gems, necklaces and rings to Gorch Consider to buy a Sling +2 for the low price of 870 gp

*Buckler +1 -> protagonist: AC-6 (or Jaheira, then to Imoen) *Rogue stone *Potion of Master Thievery (x3) *Studded Leather Armor +1

7000 gp [*Sling +2 -> Jaheira]

Note: if you unlock all the containers in Mae'Var's Guildhall and loot/sell all items you will net 5k gp (and gain 11k xp in total)


Can carefully loot the south-west table (Short Bow +1) without being caught if you approach the table from the south-west corner; do not loot the other containers

*Short Bow +1

Next: to De'Arnise Hold; bring Jan (remember to create his Flashers daily)

Aerie romance:

Between areas (to De'Arnise):

Aerie's romance may start now or soon LD1: "My wings have been clipped…"

You will get waylaid when travelling to De'Arnise Hold WAYLAID 2: Thugs with Renfeld (poisoned man): talk 1, 1, 1, 3. You must carry him now; this is your only chance to collect him, so you must fight these Thugs. Attack the Mage first, 800 xp, 142 gp and scrolls worth 660 gp If you for some reason do not pick-up Renfeld, you can set the global variable "Randomencounters" to 1 to get another chance

Between areas:

Should be able to delay this encounter until after De'Arnise WAYLAID 3: six Orogs and two Slavers 4600 xp, 350 gp

Between areas:

You will eventually get waylaid a 4th time WAYLAID 4: Bandits, attack mage first (casts Lightning), use Draw Upon Holy Might! 5100 xp, 181 gp and scrolls worth 560 gp

© bg2mez

*Haste scroll *Strength scroll *Oil of Speed *Potion of Defense (AC0) *Potion of Insight *Potion of Genius


De'Arnise Hold / De'Arnise Keep Quest De'Arnise Hold: Jaheira romance: Use "Pause" to pass the time (if necessary) then REST in the WILD (i.e. at De'Arnise, or the Graveyard) or in an Inn/Tavern


Memorize spells: 4x Charm Person, 3x Sanctuary, 3x Slow Poison, 1-2x Chaotic Commands, 1x Doom, summoned creatures, 3x Invisibility and 2x Haste for use in De'Arnise Hold; Aerie should memorize 2x Friends for upcoming purchases

REST -> LD4: Jaheira's first dream: "Mmmph…no…no…NO!" Whwhat…what? Talk 1, 2

Note: cannot park companions inside or outside at De'Arnise Note: can clear the Hold, not finalize and then re-clear 24 hours to fight several re-spawned Trolls worth 10k xp in total

Outside southwest:

Talk to Nalia; leave her at palisades/small fort Talk to Captain Arat gives 20 arrows of fire (can PP Arat and two Guards) Enter the Keep through a hidden door in rocks just north of the two guards

Main floor:

Entrance rooms: locked door; loot Light X-bow +1, lots of ammo: Arrows of Fire (50), Arrows of Acid (12), Bullets +2 (40) *2nd and 3rd chests near entrance can have Level 6-7 spell! *Chest by Forge can rarely have Level 7 spell!

*Light X-bow +1 *Long Bow +1 *Bullets +2 *Arrows of Fire

ENCOUNTER Daleson North rooms: Cold Flail Head, Ring of Earth Control (AC +1 bonus, casts Stone to Flesh), 810 gp

*Ring of Earth Control -> protagonist: AC-7 w/ shield (AC-10 buffed)

Forge: can actually make the Flail of Ages +1! (1d6+2, +1 cold)

*Flail of Ages +1

South hallway: de-trap and unlock chest, 450 gp, Dagger +2 -> Jan alternate weapon

*Dagger +2


Ranger8 Cleric8 +8hp-> 117 TH 12/7/10 (3) North-east room: Breach scroll in unlocked chest; loot the Star sapphire


*Breach (Aerie learn) *Star sapphire

*First cabinet, locked: can have a high level spell scroll including: can get Globe of Invulnerability, Mass Invisibility, Mordenkainen's Sword "Mordy's", Protection from Magic Energy, Sphere of Chaos, or even Protection from Energy! Library (walk south): full buff then enter. ENCOUNTER Yuan-ti Mage: fight 8600 xp. Get Key from bookshelf (keep!) and loot Arrows of Fire (20)

*Keep Key

West hallway: fight Trolls; clear the small room West bedroom: ENCOUNTER De'Arnise Guard and Lady Delcia [can PP Lady Delcia Caan and Guard]

Central area with Golems: through the two hidden doors Protagonist (or Aerie) use Sanctuary to sneak the weapons from the three containers/statues! Can wait until later Note: can get the Fire Flail Head from the west statue without "waking" the Golems; can make the FoA +2 but it is not necessary Frostreaver +3 (damage: 1d8+3, +1 cold, +1 acid = 6-13 damage)

© bg2mez

(*Flail of Ages +2)

***Frostreaver +3


Minsc will use Frostreaver +3 after achieving two proficiency points in Axes (at Level 12) Elven Court Bow +3 Minsc use as alternate weapon until Heartseeker much later in game War Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids/giants: 1d4 +2 damage or 1d4 +5 vs giants; useful for fighting Iron Golems as it counts as a +4 weapon vs giants and thus can hit them successfully!

*Elven Court Bow +3 [-> Minsc TH 13/5 (3!) with bow with +2 arrows] *War Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids

Fight the Golems later (very tough fight; +2 and +3 weapons required, or use the War Hammer +1/+4 vs giants)


Go downstairs into the basem*nt but de-trap and loot the first room only at this time to get the Shield Amulet (for 5 turns sets base AC to 4 and reduces AC vs missile by 2) Note: Nalia is unable to de-trap the first chest; use Jan now Loot lots of ammo: Arrows of Fire (50), Arrows of Acid (40) Return upstairs

Upstairs to Glaicus:

*Shield Amulet

*Arrows of Fire *Arrows of Acid

Find the hidden doors that lead into the center area First room is a bedroom with a trapped fire place (Wand of Frost with 6 charges) Clear the Trolls to the trapped and locked door (to Glaicus/Glacius) Loot lots of ammo: Arrows of Acid (20), Bullets +2 (40) and then save game If not yet done: de-trap and unlock all of the upstairs area with Jan (we will soon send him home)

Glaicus room:

BG2: Jan pick-pocket Glaicus/Glacius: drink a Potion of Master Thievery and cast Invisibility (Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Oil of Speed and Potion of Extra Healing x2; Acid Flail Head) Then, give Jan a full load of loot (encumbered OK!) to take back to Athkatla and then dismiss (he returns to his home in the Slums)

*Potion of Fire Giant Strength *Oil of Speed

EE 1.3: Jan and Protagonist use Invisibility to charm Glaicus/Glacius with the Ring of Human Influence or Charm Person spell (see steps below) For BG2EE : how to maximize the Glaicus encounter: 1) Use Stealth or Invisibility; notice he is already hostile! 2) Sneak-up and cast Charm Person/Ring of Human Influence 3) Glaicus will talk, 22550 xp 4) Jan PP 3x as Glaicus leaves

Aerie Mage8 Cleric7 +2hp->44

5) Give Jan a full load of loot (encumbered OK!) to take back to Athkatla and then dismiss (he returns to his home in the Slums)

For BG2 : how to maximize the Glaicus encounter: 1) He will attack so send in a summoned creature to take the hits [hit him a few times down to "Badly damaged" if you also want to do step 5, evil]

2) Cast Doom and then Charm at him several times; can use Ring of Human Influence, but he can save vs spell 3) Glaicus turns green; stop everyone; he turns red again and will speak after approximately one second "Wh…what's going on?...", 22550 xp, gives Acid Flail Head! 4) Load-up Jan with loot (encumbered OK!) and dismiss him to his home in the Slums (he will be there on the lower floor)

© bg2mez


[ 5) Evil: can fight Glaicus 9500xp (he must be surrounded otherwise he leaves), drop includes Full Plate!]

Main floor:

Make the Flail of Ages +3 at the forge 22350 xp (1d6+4, +1 acid, +1 fire, +1 cold = 8-13 damage; 33% chance of Slow victim: movement halved, AC and attack penalty of 4!) The elemental damage can interrupt spellcasters!

***Flail of Ages +3 -> TH 12/5/9 (3)

Use this fantastic weapon for the rest of SoA and into ToB!


Courtyard: kill four dogs and get the Dog meat x4 Can also clear around the Hold (east, north-east Trolls)

Main floor:

Make the Dog stew (by clicking five times on the stove) 11500 xp


Clear both outside roof areas, 2nd floor and outside of the keep Rest outside if necessary for major fighting vs Golems

Jaheira romance: At some time will get LD5 (or use "Pause"): "A copper for your thoughts…" talk 1, 1, 1, 1 (No pause): Rest in the wild (e.g. outside at De'Arnise or the Graveyard district) -> LD6: Jaheira's 2nd dream "Mmmmph…mmph…oh…Khal…oh…Khal-NOO! I..." talk 3, 1

Aerie romance:

LD2: "Have you…have you ever heard of my people? The Avariel?" Eventually you will get LD3, LD4, etc. See a couple of pages below for the next dialogs for Aerie's romance


Turn handle to lower the gate 29750 xp: Captain Cernick joins you in an immediate fight vs Greater Yuan-ti 5k xp and 2x Trolls [can kill Guards]


Fight one Troll inside 1400 xp

Golems room:

Fight the Golems extremely carefully using Haste or Oil of Speed Equip the Girdle vs Blunt damage, a shield and summon creatures as fodder, 47k xp: - Iron Golem: use +3 weapons or the War Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids - Stone/Flesh Golem: use at least +2 weapons - Clay Golem: use at least +1 Blunt weapons

Jaheira Fighter8 Druid10 +9hp->104 TH 13/11 (1½)

Tactic options vs the Iron Golem A. Do not fight; avoid the Golems seeing you B. Summon creatures as fodder and attack the golem from behind the summons using the War Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids/giants or the Flail of Ages +3; have casters nearby ready with healing and neutralize poison spells C. Hit-and-run using the Stealth ability, Protagonist only fighting, or Minsc with Frostreaver +3, going into Stealth mode from the bedroom just to the west of the Golem room


Protagonist and Minsc sneak past Umber Hulks to place stew 18750 xp; buff with Chaotic Commands or summon a creature and carefully fight five as they go to eat, 20k xp Consider to cast Chaos, Web/Entangle + Free Action, Fireball Loot Bullets +2 (40), Orc Leather +3 (AC4, good for a Ranger or Thief, or the protagonist with a shield)

© bg2mez

**Orc Leather +3 *Bullets +2


Nalia's quest:

Note: do not open the final door (to TorGal) yet if you want Nalia's quest; must have her in the party to get her personal quest


Leave for now, go outside to get Nalia and then save game Outside: to get Nalia's quest (can get a Full Plate armor for free during her quest!) drop Jan if not done and ask Nalia to join just before opening the door to TorGal Nalia also talk to Daleson for some dialog

Bonus dialog!

Nalia should confront TorGal for a nice piece of dialog! (Put her temporarily as the party leader and approach TorGal first; she might have to click on TorGal while he is "cyan"/neutral)


Save game (prior the tough fight); Nalia lead the way to TorGal to get the nice dialog: TorGal: "Weak grrthunks! Me smell you. You stupid to come here! TorGal kill you all, make you food for Rocksmash pack!" Nalia: "We've come to get you out of my home! You will leave this place or die here!" TorGal: "TorGal not die here!…" Nalia: "I am here because this is my home! You will pay for this affront to the dignity of this place! [Or: I will clear this place of any taint you left behind…]" TorGal: "You live this place?…" Prepare for a tough fight ENCOUNTER TorGal: full buff, use an Oil of Speed and fight very carefully, consider to use the doorway as a choke point. Consider to cast Chaos, Web/Entangle + Free Action, Fireball, Insect Plague and use Chaotic Commands if a Yuan-ti mage is present 15k xp and 2x Giant Trolls 2800 xp

Aerie Cleric8 Mage8 +4hp->48 Two-Handed Weapon Style* TH 16/13 (1) with +1 bullets

After the battle Nalia will exclaim "Dead! Die you beast!" The De'Arnise quest is essentially completed now Loot 2126 gp and 380 gp in gems in locked column/container TorGal can rarely drop a high level spell scroll or a Laeral's tear necklace; have seen Spell Sequencer dropped! Optional: click on the column


Return outside with Nalia and she richly rewards you, 44500 xp all! 10650 gold! (The same reward is given with or without the unlimited Strongholds mod installed)

Minsc Level9 +12hp ->108 Axe* TH 12/7 (2)

-> Ceremony with Majordomo, Fighter Stronghold given (Anomen D4:10 Next Quest/Visit in 7 days and Jaheira are part fighter)! Return in 7 days for the first Stronghold 21000 gp for FIGHTER I quest

Note: do not raise taxes for quick gold; this is not really your Stronghold (you could raise up to 8k gp now but don't!) If asked, Major domo will inform you about how things fare: "As for the people of your land…they do well enough."


The Keep is reset, adding one locked container in the first room upstairs (Nalia cannot unlock it) and the fireplace is trapped (save for Imoen), but both are empty


Leave De'Arnise Hold with Nalia; give her a load of loot and then send her to the Coronet This is a good time to Rest outside (in the "wild") for LD14 (fight Ertof Dand)

© bg2mez


Note: to eventually get Nalia's quest send her to the Copper Coronet or park her in the Slums or somewhere convenient for seven days, and then re-join to get part one of her quest Note: should leave De'Arnise later than 21:00 so as to not get an encounter with Vampires upon return to Athkatla

Jaheira romance: At some time will get Love Dialogues number 6B to 13 (or use "Pause") if outside: LD6B: Jaheira says "It is good to be back in Amn, even under these conditions…" talk 3 LD8: "Blast! Our progress is not as it could be, I am sure…" talk 1, 1 LD9: "I…This may be a bad time or not but you asked a question of me and I brushed it aside…" talk 1, 2 LD10: "We continue on our path, and I cannot help but wonder if we walk in balance…" talk 1, 2 (or 2, 2)

LD11: "I…I worry sometimes…" talk 1, 1 Note: if travelling with Aerie, she shares her thoughts with Jaheira!: Aerie: "You worry away at things…sometimes so much I expect them to fall apart. Why he should be interested in your nagging I don't know…" Jaheira retorts: "What has gotten into you, Aerie? I would not expect you to leap upon me so, for a simple statement." Aerie snaps: "But we all know what is coming, Jaheira. Nagging, picking, bossing. That's... that's what you're best at, isn't it? Oh, never mind."

LD12: "I do wish these scars would heal. I've a life to continue and I do not need to be picking at old wounds" talk 1, 1 LD13: "This is a dangerous life we seem to lead…" talk 1, 3, 2


Can do LD14 now, or wait until getting better equipment as the fight can be tough. Must Rest in the WILD e.g. at De'Arnise, (not the Graveyard this time) to get the next dialog

De'Arnise Hold: Jaheira romance: Save game. (No pause): REST in the WILD (not the Graveyard this time) Memorize spells for upcoming battle, e.g. Insect Plague, Call Lightning, Defensive Harmony, summon creatures; Aerie/Protagonist memorize at all times 1x Lesser Restore and 1x Dispel -> Rest

Encounter With Ertof Dand and Bandits LD14: Ertof Dand and Bandits Wurn, Jarden, Turg and Tamile: "Pssst…psssst. Hey. Hey there. Rise and shine! Oh, I hope I didn't disturb ye…" talk 3, 1, 1 Buff for a tough fight, kill Wurn quickly (summon a skeleton, Jaheira cast Insect Plague), 11500 xp, 268 gp


Aerie Mage9 Cleric8 +2hp->50 Level 5 spell

*Plate armor (x3) -> Jaheira AC-1

LD14B: Jaheira must talk after the battle: "Are…are you alright?" talk 1, 1, 1

© bg2mez


Next step in the Jaheira romance: Xzar quest/Meronia (do in quite some time); keep Reputation under 16 still to be able to fight Dermin and gang when they attack

Aerie romance:

At some time will get Aerie's Love Dialogues number 3 to 12 (or use "Pause", but her romance doesn't activate while outside at De'Arnise), 9 being the dialog in which you must nicely let Aerie down, and 12 being the last one due to romancing Jaheira LD3: "I…everyone seems so unhappy and severe…I - I am so unused to living this way…"


LD4: "I...I have been looking at the scars...on my back. The stumps that were...that were once my wings…am I ugly to you?" Jaheira interjects: "Have some backbone, girl. Do not wilt like a flower and expect him to pick you up. Have some respect for yourself." LD5: "Have I told you of how I was captured and enslaved, initially?..." LD6: "I miss my Uncle Quayle..." Talk 1, 1, 1

LD7: "Have you traveled much?..." Jaheira interjects: "None of our travels have been overly pleasant, child. If your view is that we are on some carefree outing, you are desperately in need of correction…" Aerie quips: "I never said that was what I though! And even if I did, I…I don't think I would need correction from such a bitter, nagging woman as you!" Jaheira: "Bitter and nagging, am I? Better that than a wide-eyed doe with no sense to realize the universe does not revolve around her. Experience will bring perspective, I imagine." Aerie quips: "Yes, well I don't need the benefit of *your* experience, Jaheira..." Talk 1, 2

LD8: Rest (in an Inn or outdoors e.g. the Graveyard). While resting Aerie has a nightmare: "Ahhh! Help me!...Help me pleeeaaase!" Save game before LD9 as Aerie might leave the party for good

LD9: Aerie might leave the party depending on your replies: "I have been thinking...I shall never fly again, never taste the freedom of my wings, I am sure of it. I...I don't know if I can face this wretched existence on the ground...!" Jaheira interjects: "Oh, come now, child. I have been listening to your simpering for quite some time and it begins to grate on my nerves…pull yourself together! " Aerie quips: "I am not your child!..." Talk 1, 1 or 2, 1 I talked 1, 1 and then 1, 2 and Aerie gets upset but stays in the party: "…just stay away from me!" or "…I…I hate this existence…"

LD10: "I - I am sorry for the way I yelled at you..." Talk 1, 1 LD11: "Why must we always be fighting?..." Talk 1 (or 2, 1)


LD12 (last dialog from Aerie): "I…I need you to tell me what the worth of a life on the ground is..." Talk 1, 2

The next dialog happens when resting: "…we're stopping? (sob!)…I just feel like collapsing here and dying..." Talk 3 (talk 4 = Aerie leaves); see approximately 11-12 pages below for this Aerie romance dialog

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ENCOUNTER Valen and Brus when you get to 15k gp Note: consider to speak to Bodhi to decline her offer at the Graveyard. If you do speak with her, you get more of the story but might not get the 4th Vampire encounter (worth 10200 xp), but you still get the other four encounters


Store/drop-off loot in the containers; no need to sell more than gems, necklaces and rings



Old Tunnels: fight Otyugh daily (re-spawn #1, 5k xp)


Outside, SE:

ENCOUNTER Corhvale & Bregg: fight, 10k xp


Get Jan (keep making Flashers 1x/day) Loot unlocked containers in Jansen's, get loot from hole in wall near Jan's house, loot Derelict house

24000 gp


If not yet done: with Jan: consider to return to the Temple of Talos; the east room has trapped/locked chest of drawers containing a Wand of the Heavens (6 charges), 210 gp, and 5 Potions of Healing (worth 675 gp)

Copper Coronet: Talk to the Bouncer at the top of the stairs -> talk to Lehtinan (need good Charisma, e.g. Jaheira or Keldorn talk 1, 2, 2, 3) Q (Backrooms) -> talk to Bouncer (allows entry to backrooms)


Get the Gloves of Pick Pocketing upstairs in first room (trapped chest) but are not needed now if using Jan; get to take to Imoen later Unlock the drawer in second room (with Lynis) for an Emerald, Resist Fear scroll and Luck scroll

*Gloves of Pick Pocketing

Pay 15k gp to instigate Chapter 3! 45k xp all! Gaelan gives the Shadow Thief Cellar Key [If needed: upstairs trapped/locked chest of drawers has 110 gp, Pearl Necklace, and a Wand of Magic Missiles (10 charges)]

Jan Mage8 Thief8 +3hp->48

Keldorn at level 9: Two-Handed Weapon Style* = +1 damage and weapon speed reduced by 2 points, and critical hit on 19-20 which is the same as BG2! Therefore using a 2nd pip isn't worth it at Level 12 if another weapon type is desired (e.g. Halberd) Note: the base speed factor of Carsomyr +5 is only 5, resulting in a speed of 3 for 1 pip in Two-Handed Weapon Style

Keldorn L9 +13hp->117 *Two-Handed Weapon Style (+1 damage, -2 speed) TH 12/8 (2)

*Resist Fear -> Aerie scribe

[*Wand of Magic Missiles]

Jan Thief9 Mage8 +3hp ->51 PP60->85 (105)

© bg2mez


Paying Gaelan Bayle (BG2EE zoomed-in to approximately 800 x 600)

© bg2mez


Chapter 3 Plan for phase 2:


Focus on completing the main plot quests (first one requires it to be night) Focus also on advancing Jaheira's romance to fight Reviane for Full Plate armor (keep REP AC-8 with Buckler +1 (AC-11 buffed)

*Ring of Lock Picks

If night (after 21:30 and before 4-5am): do Main Quest (Mook quest; see three pages below); otherwise continue with looting and other minor quests and Jan will soon do a major round of pick pocketing

Loot buildings:

Note: do not loot the first floor of Valygar's house! If his servant Hervo catches you then Valygar will not join your party later! If necessary, change the variable HERVOANGRY back to 0 from 1 Loot the Temple, House by Temple first floor only, next building (Barracks), and the north "Warehouse" near the Shadow Thief Guildhall; can get high level scrolls at: *Barracks 2nd area: very rarely can get spell scroll *Valygar's: upstairs in unlocked bookcase *Mae'Var's: top floor west chest, locked: can get Level 7 spell! First locked chest has a Bastard sword +1 (worth 750 gp!)

*Bastard sword +1

NW Warehouse: Fight Thugs (can fight nightly) at Docks in Warehouse 2400 xp, 4 gp, and at NW entrance/exit 2400 xp (or near Temple/House)

Between areas:



WAYLAID: Bandits; attack the mage first, 5100 xp, 181 gp It should be possible to get Waylaid every day for bonus xp's and scrolls that could be sold later (we were Waylaid three times in a row this play through!)

Night ENCOUNTER, 18:00 or later: Wellyn Q (bear)

Ore Merchant: Daytime


Illithium Quest Jerlia (illithium quest): talk 5x1, 2 (pay 1000 gp for name), 2 (ask about a substitute alloy), 2 ("…sounds like a good idea…" pick-up the alloy tomorrow) and then 2 again


Aerie: set mage spell book level 1 to include 2x Friends (buy the spell scroll if needed) for possible upcoming purchases Empty nearly all inventory into a container; sell gems and rings Consider to buy and learn Resist Fear if do not have yet

© bg2mez



Near Galvarey Estate:

Poisoned Man / Xzar / Montaron Quest Give Renfeld's body to Rylock 14550 xp, 200 gp (do not ask for a reward) ENCOUNTER Xzar: gives Quest (Get thief/Montaron from Harpers)

In EE 1.3 save game before leveling up to Cleric level 9 At Cleric level 9: Iron Skins! Together with Flail of Ages +3 you are set for SoA! Righteous Magic (all hits do maximum damage) and Insect Plague are also good level 5 spells.

Cleric9 Ranger8 +6hp->123 Level 5 spell x2: Righteous Magic (Optional: Iron Skins)

EE 1.3: in order for Cleric Ranger to receive Druid class spells beyond level 4 , as per EE 1.2 and BG2, change the baldur.ini file thus: 'Cleric Ranger Spells', '0', (just change the '1' to a '0') Change this before leveling-up to receive Iron Skins and the few other Druid class spells beyond spell level 4 The file is found in your documents folder: C:\Users\...\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition However, as a test, this play through I will not use Iron Skins but rather Righteous Magic instead

Jaheira romance: Harper's Quest : this entire quest is part of Jaheira's romance (remember to keep REP under 16 for quite a while): Galvarey Estate (Harper's Hold):

Talk to Rylock Q (clear Prebek's): do this quest now in order to eventually pick pocket Meronia and her friends Note: must talk to Rylock before fighting Prebek and Sanasha to get Rylock's reward of 14500 xp


ENCOUNTER Sanasha and Prebek: kill Prebek first since he casts Hold Person; use Chaotic Commands or Keldorn's Dispel, 5100 xp; Wand of Magic Missiles (10 charges) is dropped Trapped containers: Imoen (later) can hardly detect the three trapped containers, therefore use Jan (or Jaheira to cast Find Traps) Note: the first trapped/locked container has a War Hammer +1, 70 gp, Conjure Fire Elemental and Resist Fear; there is Invisible Stalker in the 2nd trapped/locked container (take for Imoen to learn/scribe)

Harper's Hold:

*Knock scroll *Dispel *Fireball *Wand of Magic Missiles *Potion of Insight

*War Hammer +1 *Conjure Fire Elemental *Resist Fear *Invisible Stalker

Finalize Prebek quest with Rylock 14500 xp You can now enter Harper's Hold/Galvarey Estate! Since Meronia is present and can pick her pockets, get Jan for a major pick pocketing round…

Do a major round of pick pocketing ( PP round 2 ) when Meronia is present in Harper's: PP round 2:

Starting at Aran Linvail, Jan drink 3-4 Potions of Master Thievery (can buy cheapest from Arledrian or Gorsch) -> Jan 225 PP skill or higher; remove his armor; drink an Oil of Speed Focus on Amnish Soldiers and Bodyguards (can have up to Level 8 spell scrolls!) and good items; can PP all others (nobles, commoners, etc.) later


PP: Aran Linvail 8x Light X-bow +2, all Shadow Thieves in the Guild building 1x (3x in EE 1.2), coat check girl, Pelanna 2x, Tassa 2x, Booter (torturer); Black Market Thief 3x; Renal carefully 5x;

© bg2mez

*Light X-bow +2 -> Keldorn (alternate weapon) TH 12/8 (2) with +1 bolts


Shadow Thief to the west of Renal: PP 5-6x [for a Cloak of Protection +1 (EE only)]

*Cloak of Protection +1 (EE only) *Oil of Speed

Outside: 3 Shadow Thieves 2x each Sea Dog tavern: upstairs; downstairs without Jaheira! Foven 2x, Rylock Harper's Hold: Meronia 4x, Pace 3x, Berinvar 2x Mae'Var's: Mae'Var 6x, Gorvin 2x, Zyntris 4x, Anishai 3x

Between areas:

WAYLAID on way to Bridge: Bandits; attack the mage first, 5100 xp, 181 gp


ENCOUNTER Lieutenant Aegisfield Q (Murders) ENCOUNTER Peasants: Neera will be here upon return to this spot

Neera's Quest:

ENCOUNTER Mereth, Lanneth and Neera! Plan is to wait for Imoen before doing Neera's quests

Map: Wild Forest

Note: on the next map change Jan (hasted) can PP Adoy's Belt from Neera! When you meet her later she has one as well.

Night ENCOUNTER, 19:00 or later: carefully fight Muggers near the "Fish house" (north of the Five Flagons) 3k xp PP: Lieutenant Aegisfield Outside, south (daytime): Lord Feveran 3x, two Guards (can have a high level spell scroll) First house: Acton Balthis 2x: has Ruby ring worth 525 gp; use Invisibility Potion or cast Invisibility and then enter Use Sanctuary to loot the north container for 102 gp Five Flagons: Samuel Thunderburp 3x, Belle 2x, Lord Sterk 2x, Hrothgar Firehammer 2x; Thalia; leave up/downstairs until later Temple: Guardian Volthar 2x Delosar's: Captain Dennis 5x Boomerang Dagger +2 (2d4+2, speed 1 -> Jan now, to Imoen later) Delosar's downstairs: Amnish Soldiers


*Potion of Fire Giant Strength *Boomerang Dagger +2 -> Jan TH 17/13 (2) *Potion of Frost Giant Strength

PP: Copper Coronet: Unger Hilldark, Lehtinan 5x (3 emeralds and a diamond), Bernard, Salvanas 2x, Madam Nin 3x (Ruby ring and Pearl necklace, worth 825 gp total), Bouncers 3x each Near Jansen's: daytime: Kylie Jansen 3x; at night: Storekeep 2x Gaelan's: Gaelan Bayle 4x, Arledrian 3x (Potion of Invisibility x3, Potion of Extra Healing x3) North-east, outside: Waylane 2x



PP: Amnish Soldiers, Amnish Soldier by tent 3x, Ophal's 5x each Seven Vales upstairs, if you have the time: Brennan Risling 4x, Smaeluv Orcslicer, Sorcerous Amon 3x, Mencar Pebblecrusher 3x (can rarely be level 6-7 spell on Brennan, Sorcerous or Smaeluv) for an Oil of Speed, Invisibility and 5x Potions of Extra Healing

*Potion of Fire Giant Strength *Cloak of Non-detection

If not yet done in daytime: PP two Guards Talk to Flydian if not done yet

© bg2mez



PP: Sewers: Roger the Fence 4x (Oil of Speed) Order of the Heart only is worth the effort, if you have time, e.g. Sir Ryan Trawl and Prelate Wessalen Southwest walkway: Amnish Guard

PP result : 4500 gp + loot, potions and scrolls: 2-6x Lev 5 scrolls, 48x Lev 6, 1-6x Lev 7 and 0-3x Lev 8 scroll; 4-6x Oil of Speed, 1-2x Potion of Fire Giant Strength, 25-30x Potion of Extra Healing, and 914x Potion of Invisibility Later: do a general PP of everyone else (Commoners, Halflings, etc.) yields approximately 500 gp and several minor scrolls


Sell gems, necklaces and rings

15000 gp

End of major PP round !

NEW: as an option, sell a few magical weapons to Galoomp in order to buy a couple of useful items even though REP is still only 12 (costing you 66% more than with REP 20); use Aerie with Ring of Human Influence and cast Friends: Note: if you do sell all items saved up for a big sell, including potions and scrolls, you can earn approximately 27k gp, but don't!

Big Buy #1 : Jan (or Aerie) cast Friends (or use Nymph Cloak) to get CHA 20: Arnolinus: Galoomp:

Medium Shield +2: AC reduced by 3 Resist Fear if do not have already (240 gp)

2800 0

-> Protagonist AC-9 (-12 with a Potion of Defense)

Adventure Mart (Ribald): Ribald/Gorch:

Girdle of Hill Giant Strength: Keldorn (or Jaheira) gets more benefit than Minsc Sling +2: +2 THAC0 and damage


-> Keldorn TH 12/6 (2)





-> Jaheira TH 13/7 (1 ½) w/ +2 bullets


Night, east:

Got the minor Slaver quest on Day 10 at 23:30 on this play-through, but have gotten it on Day 5 at 23:30 previously: Note: the Slaver quest seems to be available at 23:30 to 00:30 or between 03:00-04:00 only when you are standing by the long set of stairs outside of Gaelan Bayle's! Do this quest asap! It might help to talk to the Soldier outside of Jan's/Gaelan's, then wait a bit

ENCOUNTER Slave, Slaver Guard and Amnish Soldier, 23:3000:30 or perhaps at 03:00 or 04:00 as well: Kill the Slave Guard by the Copper Coronet, and then fight Slavers (and Amnish Soldier if you have Keldorn) by Gaelan Bayle's house, 765 xp + 5500 xp


Docks [Slums/ Bridge/Gates/ Promenade]:


ENCOUNTER Habib, 23:30 or later: can kill, pick-up two scimitars. He attacks in the north Slums or north-east Docks

Night VAMPIRE ENCOUNTER A: Hareishan: no fighting required (can let flee), or use +2 weapons or better, optional 8500 xp and optional loot worth 900 gp, plus scrolls, if unable to save the three Shadow Thieves [Can kill the Shadow Thieves after they talk to you and if you are fast, 900


xp, 267 gp and a pearl necklace]

Note: must get the Vampire encounter's each night at approximately 23:30-05:00 in Chapter 3 - they are not available in future chapters

© bg2mez


NW Warehouse: Fight Thugs (can fight nightly) at Docks in Warehouse 2400 xp, 4 gp, and sometimes at the NW entrance/exit 2400 xp

Night, south:

Linvail Quest I (Help Mook / Shipment at the Docks) Buff with Chaotic Commands in a building and then talk to Mook -> fight Lassal (0 xp)


With Jan talk to Aran Linvail to finalize 28500 xp all!, Q (contacts)

Aerie romance:

LD9 at this time: "I have been thinking...I shall never fly again..." Talk 1 or 2 to keep her in the party

MAIN QUEST Jaheira Druid11 F8 +1hp->105 Level 6 spell (Conjure Fire Elemental)

Xzar / Montaron Quest Continued Jaheira romance: Continue the Harper's Quest … Galvarey Estate (Harper's):

Get amulet in last desk (not locked), no need to wear. Loot the desks for 110 gp and potions but leave the trapped painting for Imoen (contains a Helm of Charm Protection)

*Potion of Mind Focusing *Potion of Insight

Note: Jaheira will leave with Meronia later in this quest (Romance OK even though she leaves your party) Upstairs: Get bird from cage 20k xp [can kill Spectral's 27k xp] *Random locked chests can have a high level spell scroll: lower east chest and mid west chest; leave others for Imoen


Loot the bookshelves (Bolts of Biting are worth 900 gp for 40!); go up the stairs and loot the barrel on the roof-top!

*Phantom Blade scroll

Give the bird to Xzar 35500 xp all!, 907 gp + gems worth 255 gp, Bracers AC6, scrolls, Staff Spear +2

*Bracers AC6 -> Aerie AC2 *Staff Spear +2 *Friends *Slow

Lucette appears [can surround her and quickly kill 3950 xp] Slums:

Jan Mage9 Thief9 +3hp ->54 Level 5 spells x2

ENCOUNTER: Meronia takes Jaheira! Jaheira says: "My own Harpers have used us…" Talk 1 Note: romance ok even though Jaheira has left the party (this instance only, though)

Copper Coronet: REST in e.g. Copper Coronet or Crooked Crane (Gates) not in the Sea Bounty, or the Graveyard -> Jaheira is back! Talk 1: "There you are! I…I missed you while I was gone. I mean…well, I am glad to see you...we must go to the Harper Hold."

Note: keep REP low! REP 16 or higher could mean you miss out on fighting Reviane and Dermin (for Full Plate armors) later in Jaheira's romance



In a building near the Harper's (such as Mae'Var's) do a full buff for a tough fight (use at least Chaotic Commands, True Sight, Haste [and Iron Skins])

Harper's Hold:

With Jaheira enter the Harper's -> confrontation with Galvarey and four Harpers ENCOUNTER Galvarey: "Jaheira my dear, it is good to see you!..." Jaheira eventually says "I…I will stand by your side if you will have me. You are…you are better than this, I know. I…" Talk 2 (I had hoped...I had hoped you would, but I do not wish to harm your friends.)

© bg2mez

REP 12 (still)


Big fight: kill Bessen first, 12500 xp, 189 gp; Ring of Wizardry (extra Lev 5-7 spells) is on Mage; drops can be Level 7-8 spell scroll! (can get Protection from Energy or Protection from Magic!) Note: Nadinal is worth 0 xp even with EE and BGT!

***Ring of Wizardry *Cloak of Protection +1 *Bracers AC6 (x2) *Katana +1 *Potion of Fire Giant Strength *Plate mail +1

Jaheira romance: Eventually will get Love Dialogues number 17 to 19 followed by a very tough fight (LD20/21) with Reviane; therefore do not use pause but rather do a few quests and looting to be better prepared for the fight LD17: Jaheira says "So, what do you think about Amn so far…" talk 1, 2, 2 LD18: "We have had many people seek our deaths so far. Some would have been friends had things been different. This weighs on my mind…" talk 3, 1 LD19: "Again I must say how much I prefer the forest to artificial structures…" talk 3, 1, 1 -> major save game for very tough fight upon map change in 30 minutes


Note: this is also when the minor Slaver quest in the Slums (see previous page) was activated (worth about 6200 xp)

Copper Coronet: Talk to Amalas -> fight, buff (Draw Upon Holy Might) 11300 xp Fight him before Chapter 4 otherwise he leaves! Talk to Korgan (chaotic evil) join/dismiss to get his Battle Axe +1 Talk to Unger Hilldark (illithium quest) Map: Windspear Hills

Talk to Lord Jierdan Q (Firkraag)

Graveyard: East building:

Do some looting with Jan in the Graveyard and Bridge Districts Loot the first east building (locked door, locked chest) only, get Staff of Curing +1 (worth 750 gp, AC bonus +2; can give to Aerie), might be worth keeping as it can cure disease and poison

*Staff of Curing +1

Central building: Trapped container (can get a high level spell scroll if lucky); loot Battle Axe +2 (worth 900 gp); no fights


NW, daytime :

Click on grave -> ENCOUNTER Tirdir Q (kidnappers/man in red), 6500 xp -> talk to Sethle Continue the quest a bit later

"Fish" house:

Fish house is the house north of the Five Flagons De-trap the floor and the upstairs chest by bed only (has Silver Horn of Valhalla) [The main floor does have a trapped bookshelf with a Wand of Magic Missiles if needed now; we wait until Imoen]

Five Flagons:

Downstairs: ENCOUNTER Receptionist; watch the play starring Lunisia and Biff the Understudy! Talk to Raelis Shai Q (Free Haer'Dalis from Mekrath, in the sewers), can PP Raelis and the two Nobles; loot three containers in the southeast; loot the tables near Biff

*Battle Axe +2


**Silver Horn of Valhalla

*Confusion *Stoneskin

Note: starting the rescue Haer'Dalis quest will give access to a free Rod of Resurrection (can heal an injured character with infinite range!) upon finalization, but we do not need it

© bg2mez


Linvail Quest II (Jaylos and Caehan) *Upstairs first chest, locked: can get a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Cacofiend Incendiary Cloud Mantle Protection from the Elements Spell Sequencer Spell Trap Symbol Fear Best combinations of two: Spell Trap and Incendiary Cloud; or Symbol Fear and Cacofiend

Five Flagons, upstairs (main quest): talk to Jaylos 3, 3, 1, then Caehan says "Kill 'em before Gracen gets here…" -> fight 2800 xp Guild Contact appears, talk 4 ("Nothing, Gracen, just some spies...") Fight 1400 xp, drop includes Potion of Invulnerability (keep for fighting Kangaxx!); Ercias is here (not sure of his purpose)

Tanner Shop:

Loot the main floor only


Talk to Am-Si (Man in Red) near south house, follow him into house, ENCOUNTER Am-Si, Camitis and Reti. Follow them outside to fight, 4250xp, Reti drop includes the Boots of Avoidance

MAIN QUEST *Two-handed Sword +2 *Potion of Invulnerability x2

*Boots of Avoidance *Plate armor *Large Shield

Later with Imoen: Upstairs: finalize the quest with Lady Elgea for 8500 xp later, talk 1,3 (hold for ransom to get Silver Pantaloons)


South house:

De-trap the first door, loot containers (house has a Lich in basem*nt)

Derelict house:

Unlock the door (Jan), save game and then enter Kill Neb (drops illithium!), do not hit the four ghosts/children Use True Sight can buff with Negative Plane Protection but all will be restored afterwards; 3500 xp + 4x 2500 xp, 50 gp, 4x Pearl Keep Neb's head for later (Can wait for Imoen to get 450 gp behind trapped picture)


Finalize Aran Linvail 28500 xp all! Quest given (Graveyard/Bodhi's Lair)

***illithium *Neb's head


Note: before going to the Graveyard have 7500 gp and memorize Chaotic Commands to safely fight Vampires

Jaheira romance: Got Love Dialogue 19 approximately here: save game! Have Oils of Speed, Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potion of Defense, Potion of Agility (Keldorn), potions of healing ready for the upcoming tough fight in 30 minutes


Go to the Graveyard as the LD21 big fight does not activate there, giving you time to buff, although using potions only is a viable option as well

Linvail Quest III (Clear Out the Vampire Nest / Bodhi) Bring 1-3 stakes and illithium and have 7500 gp (sell some loot if needed) to upgrade the Mace of Disruption


Bodhi's Lair, north-east:

Enter from north-east with Jan; cast Improved Invisibility to de-trap one trap near entrance and several in the west passage area, and then park Jan outside

© bg2mez

MAIN QUEST Jaheira Fighter9 D11 +5hp->110 Two-Weapon Style* TH 12/6 (1½) w/ +2 sling & +2 bullets


Spider Lair:

ENCOUNTER Pai'Na: full buff, can use Fireball, Holy Smite 4200 xp Get Pale Green Ioun Stone in Spider Lair (+10% hit points, +1 THAC0)

***Pale Green Ioun Stone ->Minsc TH 11/6 (2) and +10hp -> 118 **Black Spider Figurine (Kitthix)

Loot the Black Spider Figurine (Kitthix): is immune to Web and Hold! Can cast Web Entangle, also in the streets of Athkatla!

Avoid the Southern Dungeons for now (big fight; wait for Imoen) unless desperate for a pearl necklace and 100 gp (first container)

Spider area west Two floor traps, two trapped chests (worth checking now; reload passage: Autosave if no good scrolls), Protection from Fire spell scroll! *Can get a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Khelben's Warding Whip Mantle Power Word Stun Protection from Energy Protection from Magic Energy Spell Shield Summon Fiend Tenser's Transformation

*Protection from Fire

Best combinations of two spell scrolls: Summon Fiend and Tenser's Transformation

Spiders, northwest:

Fight Spiders 3880 xp (they re-spawn approximately each day)

Bodhi's Lair:

ENCOUNTER Haz and Lassal: [can kill 1400 xp] can kill Golem 2k xp Haz drops a one-handed Staff Mace +2 (2d4+2 = 4-10 damage)

Aerie Cleric9 Mage9 +4hp ->54 TH 16/12 (1) with +2 sling Level 5 spell Chaotic Commands! MAIN QUEST

*Staff Mace +2 -> Aerie alternate weapon

Note: use Chaotic Commands and wear the Amulet of Power when fighting Vampires Note: can rest in Bodhi's Lair if needed

North-west room: Use Stealth to sneak the Mace of Disruption from the blood pool and do kill the single Clay Golem by the three tombs 8k gp

***Mace of Disruption

Leave to upgrade the Mace of Disruption at Cromwell's for 7500 gp




Old Tunnels:

Docks [Slums/ Night (23:30Bridge/Gates/ 05:00) Promenade]:

Upgrade Mace of Disruption to with illithium and 7500 gp to get the +2 version (1d6+3 = 4-9 damage, or 2d6+4 = 6-16 damage vs Undead; immune to Level Drain; can instantly kill Undead!) Takes 24 hours in EE 1.3 (was 16 hours in 1.2; 0 hrs in BG2) to make the weapon! Spells are memorized

***Mace of Disruption +2 D7:15

-> Minsc alternate weapon

Fight Otyugh each 24 hours for 5k xp!

VAMPIRE ENCOUNTER B: Salia: fight two thieves (only) 3600 xp, 8 gp, gems worth 197 gp, and scrolls worth 930 gp


Note: must get Vampire encounter's every night at approximately 23:30-05:00 in Chapter 3 - not available in future chapters

© bg2mez



Bodhi's Lair:

Clear the area, 58k xp Hall to blood room: full buff, Minsc use Stealth and fight Tanova (Aerie cast Breach, Keldorn cast Dispel), 10k xp + her Simulacrum image 975 xp

Ranger9 Cleric9 +8hp-> 131 Mace** TH 11/4/7 (3) w/ Mace of Disruption +2 in off-hand; can buff to STR 25!

Nothing to fight in the blood room at this time

Downstairs: use Chaotic Commands and the Shield Amulet to fight Greater Ghouls, Fledgling Vampires and Grimwarders 40k xp; drops can be high level spell scrolls including: Control Undead, Globe of Invulnerability, Invisible Stalker, Mass Invisibility, Mordy's, Simulacrum, Sphere of Chaos, Summon Efreeti, Summon Hakeashar, Spell Shield or Tenser's Transformation ENCOUNTER Lassal -> Blood room upstairs Upstairs: Fight Lassal 11500 xp West room with the tombs: buff for a tough fight and summon some creatures Stake the three tombs 3x 9k xp -> ENCOUNTER Bodhi: fight, full buff and must use Haste/Oil of Speed; can use Sunray, Chain Lightning, Summon Skeleton Bodhi has approximately 240 hp! 18750 xp

Note: you still get Vampire encounters even though tombs are staked; Vampires do not re-spawn in Bodhi's Lair if leave Lair or rest, unlike in Chapter 6

Get Jan to de-trap/unlock the downstairs chest, and unlock the chest in main floor "bedroom"

*Katana +2 *Ashen Scales (sell)

Leave to finalize with Aran Linvail

Jaheira romance: LD20 does not activate in Bodhi's Lair and the LD21 fight does not activate in the Graveyard. If not in the Graveyard, LD21 will follow LD 20 immediately which does not allow time to buff Upon leaving Bodhi's Lair: LD20: Jaheira says "I have been in a similar place as this before, though it was in the company of other Harpers. I will miss those times…" talk 2, 1 While still in Graveyard the LD21 fight does not activate, giving time to buff! Full buff in SE building/tome including Oil of Speed or Jan cast Haste. LD21 will activate on next map change; save game Alternatively can achieve success with potions: Oils of Speed, Potion of Fire Giant Strength, Potions of Defense, and a Potion of Agility (Keldorn)


Encounter With Reviane and Harpers LD21: (Note: actually got this fight on D7:23) ENCOUNTER (immediately) Reviane and four Harpers: "What is this?! Reviane! What are you doing here? It is I, Jaheira!" Talk 1, 2 ("Stand down your weapons Jaheira…") -> big fight if REP is under 16 Jaheira is surrounded so must be very tactical here (perhaps she should drink a potion of invisibility), fight nets 12,500 xp. Loot includes Full Plate, Cloak of Protection +1, Flail +1, Small Shield +1, 2x Ring of Protection +1, Bracers AC6, War Hammer +1, Short Bow +1 and a Halberd +2; can get a high level spell scroll as well! Loot is worth 7500 gp, plus the Full Plate and any scrolls The mage is worth 0 xp, again (even in EE and BGT)!

© bg2mez

***Full Plate! (#1) -> AC-8 *Ring of Protection +1 x2 *Cloak of Protection +1 *Small Shield +1 -> Aerie AC0 *Potion of Invulnerability *Potion of Heroism


Note: keep Rep under 16 until LD33 (to be able to fight Dermin in his third encounter)

*Halberd +2

At some time will get Love Dialogues number 22 to 23 (or use "Pause"): LD22: Jaheira says "Skies are a bit grey no matter where we go, aren't they?" talk 2, 2, 2 LD23: "This may be a bad time or not, but I think we should speak…" talk 2, 1, 1, 2 Get Jan for LD24

Docks [Slums/ Night (23:30Bridge/Gates/ 05:00) Promenade]:

VAMPIRE ENCOUNTER C: Sansuki: fight Del and two Vampires 25500 xp [can kill Sansuki 4k xp]. Tough fight! Full buff in a building including use Negative Plane Protection or Berserk; can use Wand of the Heavens, fight on a set of stairs or in a tight corner


Get Jan, talk to Aran Linvail to get 50k xp all! Sail later


North-west Warehouse:

Fight Thugs (can fight nightly) at Docks in Warehouse 2400 xp, 4 gp

D8:8 Minsc L10 +4hp->122 9000 gp TH 10/5 (2) or 10/2 (3) w/ +2 arrows; Level 2 spell

Between areas:


Jan Thief10 Mage9 +3hp->57 PP 85->110 TH 16/12 (2)

WAYLAID: Bandits; attack the mage first, 5100 xp, 181 gp

Jaheira at Druid 12: Barkskin now casts protection of AC3, which is useful for casting onto mages. Duration is 4 rounds + 1 round/level (=16 rounds) and provides a +1 bonus to all saving throws except vs. magic



Jaheira Druid12 F9 +1hp->111 TH 12/6 (2) with Sling +2 and Bullets +2

A new merchant (Hanj) has appeared (noticed on Day 8 02:00); wait until later to talk to him (to buy spells when Reputation at 20)

Note: in preparation for fighting Kangaxx the Lich select spells, especially a lot of summons: 2x Fire Elemental, 2x Summon Nymph, 2x Monster Summoning I & II, 2x Animate Dead; Jan/Aerie select Haste and Improved Invisibility Optional: buy Melf's Minute Meteors from Galoomp for Aerie to use against Kangaxx (they work!) 360 gp

Jaheira romance: With Jan: LD24 (use pause): Jaheira says "There is an ill wind in the air. Do you feel it? I feel a storm inside, in the distance…" talk 3, 2

Dermin I

Dermin Courtierdale appears immediately, for the first time: "Der…Dermin? Is that you? It has been some time…" He has been sent to kill Jaheira!!! Talk 1: Jaheira renounces her life as a Harper! Talk 2: Jaheira replies "Dermin...I... Dermin, I cannot do as you ask. You are in the wrong, as was Galvarey…" Can pick pocket Dermin if quick for 3x Potion of Extra Healing and a scroll if lucky ("PP fail" is OK but Dermin turning "hostile" is not)

Eventually get LD24B to 28, or use Pause:

© bg2mez


LD24B: Jaheira says "I…I am sorry but I need a moment to collect myself…" talk 2, 1, 1, 1 LD25: "Blast, my armor could do with a cleaning…" talk 2, 1, 1, 1 LD26: "Your old injuries feeling alright? I thought I saw you wince a moment ago..." talk 1, 1 LD27: "So-ah…Could I - Could I have a few moments of your time?…" talk 2, 1, 1 LD28: "I…I need to speak with you a moment…" talk 1, 2, 1, 1


Old Tunnels:

Take hallway to south, one trap at beginning of wooden bridge Talk to Gaal 6x1, 2 -> gives key, Q (Rod) Use key to open north door (one trap on floor) -> ENCOUNTER Sassar Q (get half rod & return) [top chest has Lower Resistance scroll, open later with Imoen] Return to Cultist's area: on current play through we loot the entire area for 1400 gp in gold, 2k gp in ammo and mundane items that can be sold, and spell scrolls (keep)! Or, can save unlocking some chest for when Imoen is back: unlock only Gaal's table and cabinet for 980 gp; unlock only the 2nd and 4th chests in bedrooms, the most valuable chests (save others for Imoen although the 3rd chest contains a scroll of Cloudkill) Loot the table in last room and PP all including Elite Guards 4x each PP Gaal in EE for the Girdle of Fortitude! Minsc or Aerie use for +1819 hp



Old Tunnels, north:

Restore Kangaxx's Body / Ring of Gaxx Quest Click on sarcophagus to talk to Shade Lich: use Mace of Disruption +2 and Haste/Oil of Speed to get a quick blow in! 22k xp

Spider area:

Re-clear (#1) spiders on west side of Bodhi's Lair, 3880 xp

*Slow scroll

*Girdle of Fortitude -> Minsc 122->141/142 hp

*Golden arm and leg!

Jaheira romance: Get Jan (equipped with 2x Oil of Speed) and use Pause: LD29: Jaheira says "How… did that battle make you feel? Did you enjoy it?..." talk 2, 1, 1 Dermin II

Dermin will appear for the 2nd time a few seconds later (or up to one minute): "Jaheira! I would have words with you!..." He asks Jaheira to come with him…talk 2 If quick can PP for 3 Potions of Healing and a scroll if lucky (once got Simulacrum) Keep REP under 16 for a while longer.

Aerie romance:

Next Rest on this play through was the last love talk with Aerie: Aerie says "We're - we're stopping? I just feel like collapsing here and dying; I just don't think I can go on..." Jaheira gets mad and says "If you continue to cry in such a fashion…for the last time: pull yourself together girl!" Aerie tells Jaheira to shut-up! Jaheira replies "I suggest you let the girl down easy before more harm is done." Talk 3 (talk 4 = Aerie leaves)

© bg2mez



Terminsel I

LD30: No pause: with Jan (to PP) REST in Graveyard (or wild) to get the first Terminsel encounter! "Good morning my lad…" He gives a letter and Jaheira is gone! Pick pocket him four times in EE (or 2x in BG2 if that wasn't enough!)

Galvarey Estate (Harper's):

LD31: No pause: fight three Mercenaries at the Harper's 8k xp Upstairs: get Jaheira! Talk 1, 1, 2, 1

***Ring of Protection +2 -> Jaheira AC-4 *Amulet of Protection +1 Also in EE: ***Cloak of Protection +2 -> Minsc AC-2 *Bracers of AC6

Downstairs: tough fight, full buff vs Fire, use Summons, Chaotic Commands, Resist Fear and True Seeing, 15k xp; loot includes a Dagger +2, Flail +1 and a Sling +1 Note: must kill these bandits for the romance to progress

*Sling +1 [-> Anomen TH 14/10 (2) with +1 bullets] *Dagger +2 *Oil of Speed

LD32 (tough fight) is in 30 minutes! Save game


South house:

Downstairs: click on the sarcophagus to talk to Elemental Lich, use Mace of Disruption +2, buff with Haste/Oil of Speed to get a quick blow in! 22k xp

Kangaxx prep:

Preparation to fight and defeat Kangaxx the Lich: It helps to use a Potion of Invulnerability (saves +5) [or buy 1x Potion of Magic Shielding from Roger the Fence in the Sewers ~960 gp] and a Potion of Fire Giant Strength to improve THAC0 and get Strength up to 25; Heroism is also good


*Golden torso!

[As a last resort: buy a Potion of Clarity from Roger; or a Scroll of Protection from Magic from Ribald]


South house:

De-trap door and unlock if not done; fight 9k xp, loot Downstairs: after buffing and setting up (see below) click on the sarcophagus to talk to Kangaxx Q (body parts)

Minsc with Kangaxx's Bones and Mace of Disruption +2, fully buffed and hasted, Potion of Invulnerability, Potion of Heroism and Potion of Fire Giant Strength to get THAC0 down A summoned Berserker and Nymph in position for Kangaxx appearing just north of the Nymph; Keldorn ready to cast True Seeing, far north of Kangaxx's sarcophagus

© bg2mez


South house (Kangaxx):

K 1



Downstairs: Using Haste/Oil of Speed/Arbane's Sword +2 with the Mace of Disruption +2 and summoned creatures is key


The set-up: Keldorn TH 11/4 (2) with +2 bolts

2nd fight (cannot skip): ENCOUNTER Kyland Lind and four Shadow Druids: tough fight, full buff, kill Kyland last, 13k xp

© bg2mez


Cross the bridge of rocks to the east Tower (northeast):

Sneak the Belm +2, gives an extra attack per round for main hand, even without being proficient in Scimitar!

***Belm +2 (extra attack per round!)

Jaheira could use the Belm in her off-hand when at Level 12 but wielding the Blackblood and Gnasher does more damage (testing result: ~13% more) Minsc could also use the Belm at Level 12, but he deals more damage using Frostreaver and Stonefire axes (~8% more)


North-west Temple:

Full buff, use Stealth and then enter the house (consider to enter solo firstly for this tough fight) Talk to Adratha/Ihtafeer: fight her, Saadat and Jalaal 21k xp Unlocked chest has ammo worth 1680 gp, including Arrows of Fire and Arrows of Acid +1

*Cleric's staff +3

*Arrows of Acid +1

Note: can finalize with Busya now to get the Shield of Harmony 3rd fight (cannot skip): ENCOUNTER Dalok and two Shadow Druids: use Stealth, Protection from Electricity/Lightning; fight 11k xp. Drop includes Club +2, Gnasher (1d6+2, +2 sliver damage = 5-10 damage) and the Long Sword Flame Tongue +1/+4 vs Undead: The Burning Earth (1d8 +4 vs Undead = 5-12 damage to Undead; 1d8 +2 vs regenerating creatures such as Trolls)

*Club +2, Gnasher -> Jaheira (can use now or keep using Sling +2) *Flame Tongue +1: The Burning Earth (+4 vs Undead)

Outside Temple: Park Jan (can park him in the Temple if needed) and get Cernd


Save game; if the Unlimited Strongholds mod is not installed, Jaheira can fight Faldorn (use e.g. the Gnasher and Belm) If the Unlimited Strongholds mod is installed: Cernd or Protagonist (Jaheira cannot!) challenge Faldorn: fight 14k xp (Cernd use e.g. Ring of the Ram and Animal Summoning II) The Staff of Thunder and Lightning is then awarded (with or without the strongholds mod installed)! Worth 1875 gp (we neve use it) Master Verthan offers the Druid Grove Stronghold! We accepted (to try something new, later with Imoen, and since Jaheira is a Druid)

Pick-up your equipment from the ground! Drop Cernd, get Jan.

Note: if you rest in the Grove now to begin the Druid Stronghold quest, the Root of the Problem +1/+3 club is given; we do the quests near the end of Chapter 6! If you bring Cernd to the Slums now, his personal quest will begin (Igarol will approach the party) but we do this much later with Imoen near the end of Chapter 6!


Blue Tent (Dao Djinn Tent):

Can sell items to Khan Zahraa before finalizing (drop Ihtafeer's Head): normal armor (he has Chain Mail), +1 leather armor, weapons (he has +1's), potions (he has extra healing, speed, agility, antidote, perception or fire strength), ammo (he has bolt of biting, lightning; acid arrow, piercing arrow; dart +1)


With the Rakshasa Head in inventory finalize with Khan 10k xp, Rashad's Talon +2 (Scimitar) -> can now buy items from the Merchants but wait until REP 20 [Fight Taquee outside Blue Tent for 5k xp, then quickly enter tent to finalize before they turn hostile]

Mayor's House:

High Merchant Logan Coprith finalize 18k xp all!, 2k gp Ceremony: REP+1; ENCOUNTER Lady Lilith Lurraxol and Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar Q, 25250 xp all! and 10750 gp!

© bg2mez

REP+1 -> 20!


Do their quest later with Imoen

Cleric10 Ranger9 +1hp-> 128

Busya finalize 7500 gp, Shield of Harmony +2, a Diamond and Rogue stone! The Shield of Harmony gives a penalty of 3 vs missiles, but grants immunity to charm, confusion, domination and hold person! (It does not protect vs Stun, however) Save the rest of Trademeet for Imoen!

99000 gp ***Shield of Harmony -> AC-9(-12/-15) -> or to Jaheira or Aerie

Note: the gold and gems from the above quests nets the party 25k gp, plus loot worth about 5500 gp!

Marketplace, daytime:

Big sell (#2) at Wallace: gems, ammo, magical items, armor, and potions (except those types he has). Could also sell Aerie's robe, bracers and shield. Can sell the Bolts of Biting in Umar Hills for a better price After the big sell we still have Arbanes +2, a Rogue Stone and a few other high value items to sell in Chapter 4; still have all spell scrolls, too, for scribing with NPC's in Chapter 6

NE, night:

After 6 pm can meet Kich, a merchant, with +2 ammo and two rare spells: Spell Deflection (1380 gp) and Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental (690 gp) [Can kill nearby Shadow Thief 950 xp]

Big Buy #2 : Jan (or Aerie) cast Friends (or use Nymph Cloak) to get CHA 20:



Buy if playing with Aerie: Robe of the Good Archmagi (Base AC 5)


-> Aerie

Merchants, daytime:

Cloak of Displacement Belt of Inertial Barrier Blackblood +3 (Club; 1d6+3, +3 acid = 7-12 damage) -> Jaheira later, probably continue to use sling for now

2415 8625 6900

-> Keldorn -> Protagonist -> Jaheira

[No need to buy Tansheron Bow +3 for 3450 gp; it's good but not needed; could try it if Mazzy is in your party] [Do not buy Ras +2: it functions as a summoned creature but is too expensive at 8625 gp] [Also sells Flail +2 for 2070 gp, same price as Jayes]


Scroll Case (#2)


Red Tent:

Optional: Necklace of Missiles (has only 2 charges now, but can sell to Bernard and he will recharge it for 2250 gp) Optional: Arrow +2 (cheapest price in the land at 240 gp per 40) [Optional for Imoen later: Protection from Magical Energy 1480 gp]



0 0 33484

Optional, but recommended with Jan to PP : Umar Hills: Outside: ENCOUNTER Minister Lloyd, Nelleck, Dale and villagers If daytime: PP merchants: Elence 2x, Beherant 4x (can get a high level spell scroll such as Protection from Magic, Summon Efreeti or Protection from Energy!) If night: PP them in the Tavern (a 2nd time!) Lloyd's home:

Talk to Minister Lloyd Q, loot, PP

2nd House:

ENCOUNTER Jermien Q (blood of a Mimic) PP Jermien (can get a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Improved Mantle, Khelben's Warding Whip, Project Image, Ruby Ray, Spell trap, or Summon Fiend!) PP daughter (can rarely get True Sight or Mislead)

© bg2mez



Loot the shelf for potions; use Improved Invisibility to loot the cabinet for some scrolls

North of 2nd House:

*Potion of Clarity *Potion of Genius

Avoid Dirbert! Wait until Ranger Stronghold quests are completed or you might become "Fallen." Also, must do Dirbert quest quickly after getting it, so wait until much later

Note: in BG2 the Dirbert quest will cause your Ranger status to become "Fallen"; this seems to have been fixed in EE, but save this minor quest until much later, to be safe

North of Tavern: Talk to Jeb: pay 30 gp -> talk to Erlin, pay 100 gp [or less] to buy a Beljuril gem (which can be used together with 5k gp to upgrade the Horn of Valhalla after upgrading it with 2k gp + a diamond) Umar Inn:

Loot: first (south) closet 410 gp and a small chance of a Level 6 spell scroll; leave the north room (trapped) for Imoen Loot the south shelf for 2x Potion of Extra Healing

Outside, north:

Talk to Madulf once (Quest: bring word to Mayor) but do no more of this quest until later with Imoen PP Madulf 2x, Minotaur 4x, Ogre 2x, Orc and Gnoll

*Beljuril gem

Note: Madulf and the Gnoll can have a high level spell such as Incendiary Cloud, Protection from the Elements, Globe of Invulnerability, Power Word Stun, Spell Shield, Spell Trap or Summon Djinni Best combination we have gotten: Pierce Magic and a Laeral's tear necklace!



Loot cabin but do not loot the dining table or pick-up the scroll on the *Acid Arrows (20) floor (wait for Imoen) Sell junk, necklaces, gems and rings to Elence 72000 gp

Send Jan to his home in the Slums District; get Rasaad from near the fountain or Temple and bring him to Athkatla

Rasaad's quest part 1: Gates:

ENCOUNTER Cloaked Figure: talk, map is updated to include Amphitheatre; park Rasaad temporarily (Slums)


Old Tunnels:

Fight Otyugh (re-spawn) 5k xp; do daily (did 8 times!)


Spider area:

Fight Spiders (re-spawn) 3880 xp; do daily (did 8 times!)



Fight Thugs in north warehouse 2400 xp, 4 gp; do daily (did 8 times!)

Nalia's quest part 2: Slums:


Map: Abandoned Amphitheatre

Get Nalia (24 hours after part I of her quest): ENCOUNTER Isaea Roenall and four Soldiers (seemingly cannot PP in EE); Nalia is placed under arrest! Q (Nalia Abducted) ENCOUNTER Khellor Ahmson: "...Look to the docks and a man named Barg… pry into his personal records…his personal records are in his home in the Government District…" "Bring anything you learn to Corgeig Axehand in the Council of the Six building…"

© bg2mez



Near Sea's Bounty:

Talk to Barg (5x 1), he reveals information on Isaea and Dirth [can

Sea's Bounty:

Without bringing Jaheira inside (we do the Ployer quest later): talk to Officer Dirth, fight 3200 xp, drop includes Slavery Documents (if not PP'ed already) and a Full Plate armor!

fight 9k xp however anyone who sees you fighting might become hostile]

***Full Plate! (#3) -> Keldorn AC-1 with Ring of Protection +2 or give to Jaheira

Note: save the rest of this quest for Imoen for xp's; can continue the quest in Chapter 6

Get Rasaad.

Rasaad's quest part 2: Abandoned Amphitheatre:

ENCOUNTER Geld Quickblade (can pick-pocket 4x): talk; seems to offer advice but will eventually fight 3k xp + 2k xp


NW: four traps on ground (save for Imoen) East:

ENCOUNTER Amphitheatre Guard: be peaceful


Proceed to the south-east: ENCOUNTER Dalton, Cless Ironeye and the Vagrant Blades: can give belt to someone which earns 21k xp or fight all for 16k xp and loot Full buff including Fire resistance, summon a Fire Elemental or Efreeti; loot includes Ox-Tail Belt (+4 vs missile), Lupine Sling+2 and Ring of Duplication (Mirror Image 3x per day!)

***Ring of Duplication

Rest in preparation for a big fight and memorize Fireball, Insect Plague, Protection from Fire, and a couple of summons Full buff, Protagonist only fight melee, all other ranged, Aerie cast 23x Fireball. Walk with Rasaad the to centre of the amphitheatre; can temporarily park him during the fight so that party gets more xp's!

ENCOUNTER Hammerhelm: to fight talk 7x1, 2 ("Now's your chance, Rasaad"), 3x1, 3 ("On my honor, I swear I'll hear Collus out"), 1, 1 Fight 17 enemies 43k xp, pick-up note/map 3k xp all! Rasaad rejoin, save game and then leave the map

Map change (to anywhere):

ENCOUNTER Sixcar, Sahana, Ghello and Treya: talk 5x1, 2, 1 to fight; cast Insect Plague, melee fighters use Protection from Fire, 26k xp. Can temporarily park Rasaad during the fight so that party gets more xp's Drop includes Cloak of Unerring Strikes! No other good items

***Cloak of Unerring Strikes -> Protagonist or Minsc later

Rasaad rejoin, talk to him 1, 1, 1; 2k xp all!

Note: save the rest of Rasaad's quest until Imoen , with the exception of perhaps going to the Heretic Temple map to talk to the bear and return him (Wilson) to the Hidden Refuge

De'Arnise Hold:

We are too quick this play through to get the next Fighter quest, so it'll have to wait until Chapter 6. If more time had elapsed, do: Fighter Stronghold quest 2 Lastin: buy medicines for 500 gp -> 15500 xp reward



Next Visit in 7 days for FIGHTER III

Park Rasaad.

© bg2mez


Buy nice items in Athkatla. Could sell if necessary: Arbanes (3k gp), Gloves of Missile Snaring (1500 gp), Elven Court Bow (750 gp), Sword of Chaos (900 gp), spell scrolls, etc., but try to keep them to sell in Chapter 4 for 66% more gold. To raise CHA 2 points: it is convenient to buy the Nymph Cloak (3105-3465 gp) from Gorsch, or the Sensate Amulet for 8820 gp from Deidre (preference), the Blade of Roses from Bernard (3150 gp) or cast Friends for same effect on prices Big Buy #3 : with Nymph Cloak, Sensate Amulet, Blade of Roses or cast Friends: Docks:


Near Harper's:

Daytime , Ikert: Scroll Case (#3) Note: in EE scroll cases hold at least 75 scrolls so there is no need to buy all six of them



Gem Bag (#1), if not already bought Sling +2, if not already bought

126 517


Scroll Case from Galoomp (#4)


Adventure Mart: Ribald: Deidre: Deidre:

Scroll Case from Yuth (#5) (optional for EE) Girdle of Hill Giant Strength (probably bought it already!) Robe of Vecna (party has 2 mages; could wait until Ch.6 ) Shield of Balduran +3 (for the Underdark)

144 7400 12600 10100

Jayes, night: Armorer:

Scroll Case from Jayes (#6) (optional for EE) [Not installed: buy an Ammo Belt from Perter (154-196 gp)]

144 0




-> Aerie TH 16/10 (1) with +2 bullets

-> Keldorn or Jaheira -> Imoen later

[Not installed: buy a Potion Case from Mrs. Cragmoon or Roger the Fence (144-176 gp)]

Copper Coronet: Bernard: Sling of Seeking +1 (was a +2 in EE 1.2 and BG2, so perhaps optional in EE 1.3) Bernard: Battle Axe +3, Stonefire Joluv: Defender of Easthaven +3 (1d6+4 = 5-10 damage, TH+3, AC reduced by 1, 20% protection vs slashing, etc.) Joluv: Optional, but good: Joril's Dagger +3 (2H-sword, 1d10+3, +1 cold = 5-14 damage, 25% chance of confusion) Gaelan Bayle's:

Arledrian: Optional: Gem bag (#2) for 126 gp


1350 2151 18900 14490

-> Jaheira TH 12/6 (1½) with +2 bullets -> Minsc later -> TH 11/4/4 (3) AC-9 (-12/-16) -> Minsc TH 10/4 (2) w/ STR 18/93; later to Keldorn

126 68326

Optional items: Temple:

Temple of Lathander:


Adventure Mart: Ribald: Ribald: Deidre: Ribald:

Dawnmaster Kreel: buy the Boots of Grounding

Fortress Shield +3 (AC lowered by 4, +7 vs missile!) Ring of Air Control (casts Improved Invisibility for 10 rounds) If playing with Anomen: Sensate Amulet (very optional) 8820 gp If playing with Aerie: very optional: Bracers AC3 (will get bracers AC4 in Ch. 5 for free), but AC3 can be attained from Barkskin at Cleric or Druid level 12, or use the Shield Amulet for AC4 and -2 vs missiles for 5 turns! Ribald: Rod of Resurrection (we never buy or use) can fully heal a wounded character, with infinite range! 5920 gp


Copper Coronet: Bernard: Army Scythe +1 (X-bow with +1 attacks per round!) Note: Ribald's Giant Hair X-bow is good but its high cost cannot be justified when compared to the Army Scythe, it only does 10% more damage per round, and the party will soon acquire the X-bow of Affliction +4 Gaelan Bayle's: Potion of Master Thievery (3 are needed) Mae'Var's: Potion of Master Thievery (if more are needed)



-> Aerie

6660 2220 0 4810

-> Jaheira AC-6 -> Minsc -> Aerie


-> Keldorn

252 276 85892

© bg2mez


Note: early in Chapter 4 a lot of good ammo can be looted: 200x Bullet +2; 180x Arrow +2, 40x Acid arrows, 120x Bullet +1 and Bolt +2; probably do not need to buy any at this time

Very optional (Chapter 4 has a lot of good ammo for free): good ammo is cheapest at:


Bullets +2:

Arledrian (bought 2x40; Aerie and Jaheira to use +2 bullets) Promenade, Elence (Umar Hills) Jayes, Trademeet (Merchant and Kich), Brynnlaw, and Black Market Thief near the temple in the Slums

378 402 414

Arrows +2:

Cutpurse (Bridge), Trademeet (Red Tent) Arledrian, Perter Brynnlaw, and Black Market Thief near the temple in the Slums

240 252 276

Bridge: Bel has a Full Plate for 4020 gp (not needed!) Temple of Helm: Sir Lothtyran has a Full Plate for 4140 gp Adventure Mart: Wait until Chapter 6: Vhailor's Helm 13230 gp, grants +1 AC bonus (do not use the Simulacrum ability in SoA, though)

Bring Imoen's items for Chapter 4: spell scrolls to scribe for xp's (for Imoen and Aerie), Robe, Boomerang Dagger +2, Buckler +1, Bracers of Archery, Gloves of PP, 3x Potion of Master Thievery (Jan may have these items, so check his inventory) The Boomerang Dagger +2 does about 30% more damage on average than Tuigan Bow +1 when used by Imoen with +2 arrows Potions of Master Thievery (3) used at: Sahuagin City, Carlig the Innkeeper and with Drizzt & Co. Also bring: Shield of Balduran, magical items and valuables to sell in Ch. 4, 1-2x potion of healing and 2x Oil of Speed



Fight Thugs in north warehouse 2400 xp, 4 gp, and near entranceway 2400 xp



Park Jan and take items for Imoen: Boomerang Dagger +2, rings or potions he might have

Copper Coronet: Get Yoshimo (to eventually get 200k xp in Chapter 6)


Maheer (south Promenade):

Very optional (we usually wait until Chapter 6): [as a bonus give a Diamond + 2k gp to Maheer, and then a Beljuril gem + 5k gp to upgrade the Silver Horn of Valhalla (summons a 5th level warrior) to the Iron Horn (summons a 9th level warrior)]


Talk to Aran Linvail, with Yoshimo, to set sail (spells are rememorized) and instigate Chapter 4!

D16:16 3500 gp

Enjoy the cutscene with Aran Linvail, Saemon Havarian and Sime

© bg2mez


Asking Linvail to set sail! (BG2 at 800 x 600 and 3D Acceleration enabled)

© bg2mez


Chapter 4 Plan for phase 4:



Get into Spellhold via Brynnlaw Imoen joins! Learn (scribe) spells for xp's Spellhold maze Spellhold asylum/sanity tests Finish Brynnlaw completely Sahuagin City Sell loot for a lot of gold! Buy spells to learn for xp's Instigate Chapter 5

Park Yoshimo immediately and buff with Chaotic Commands to fight three Vampires: kill Parisa first, 25500 xp Sime informs: "Go to the Tavern. Speak with a man named Sanik."

D24:0 (takes 7+ days to sail!)

Cleric10/Rgr.9 960k xp Minsc L10 777k xp Keldorn L10 750k xp Jaheira F.9/Dr.12 782k Aerie Cl.9/M.10 736k xp Party has 4.0 mil. xp


Loot the outside area [Can kill the 2 fighters near Tavern for 3k xp if attack duel coordinator first]

Fight Olben and Andar now or they leave, 320 xp Outside east:

Talk to Ginia: Q (Chremy and Calahan); loot the wand in nearby container in the wall up the stairs

Near Vulgar Monkey:

Talk to Chremy: fight (drops a Medallion) 1100 xp, 112 gp Finish quest later with Imoen

Vulgar Monkey:

Talk to Sanik: fight Assassin (sent by Lady Galvena) 900 xp ENCOUNTER Innkeeper: speaks of Galvena's Guildhouse

Lady Galvena's:

With CHA 18 and the Medallion in inventory: talk to the female Courtesan*: 1, 1, 2 ("I plan on standing up to her…") 2, 2, 3, 2 -> small room: talk 2 (gives potion/draught) -> Hallway: ENCOUNTER Guard: talk 4 Kitchen: ENCOUNTER Ellie: talk 3, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, 1k xp; follow the girl to the bedroom -> 4k xp, get Lady Galvena's key Save game before entering the dungeon at the north end of the hall

*Wand of Paralyzation

*Galvena's key

*Note: it is not advisable to leave Galvena's Guildhouse because the front door is now closed! However, if the party does accidently leave have a female party member, with the Medallion and CHA 18, speak to the male courtesan as per above

*Note: after the fight vs Galvena in the dungeon the party probably cannot return back into Galvena's Guildhouse to fight the three guards that have fallen asleep; this is because her operation gets shut-down after you defeat her and the courtesan's outside disappear. Fight the four guards now or just after defeating Galvena!

Dungeon: ENCOUNTER Galvena, Claire and Vadek: fight 12k xp Save game

*Flail +2 *Leather Armor +3

Last chance to fight the four guards (cannot do later) 14500 xp and loot worth 1100 gp; Mug of Ale is worth 0 gp Optional: return to the Courtesan in the small room to finalize, 0 xp Return to Ellie in the kitchen to finalize 2250 xp all!

*Halberd +1 (x2) *Plate mail (x3) Aerie Mage11 Cleric9 +1hp->57

Talk to Claire 10k xp -> Docks: ENCOUNTER Claire and Golin (do not ask for the reward, which is 22 gp!) 2k xp

© bg2mez



Store items in table/container (unless have a bag of holding) to sell later in Sahuagin City Buy some spells for Imoen, e.g.: 207 gp: Protection from Fire 690 gp: Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental, Lower Resistance 1380 gp: Spell Deflection, Disintegrate

Outside NE:

[Kill Sime 10k xp (must do now else she leaves)]


[Kill Door Guard now (or he leaves) 2k xp]


Get Yoshimo from the ship

Pirate Lord's:

Talk to Pirate Door Guard to enter

3800 gp

Loot the drawers in bedroom and barrel for 109 gp and two Potions of Extra Healing (the 2nd chest is trapped and has two more potions and a Light x-bow +1; the trapped east-corner picture has a Long Bow +2 but wait to de-trap and unlock with Imoen) Talk to Desharik with Minsc (1, 1, 4, 2, 1) or with Yoshimo 38500 xp all! [or get the Ward Stone from Perth and walk to Spellhold from the north corner of Brynnlaw]


Main floor:

ENCOUNTER Lonk the Sane: save game. Open the locked door to dining room, get five gems from Naljier Skal (can get two Rogue stones if lucky!) and several Memos from Wanev which can be sold later in Chapter 4 for 150 gp each) Can store items in the table/container to pick-up later South room: loot the small table and the talk to Dradeel, he gives a Recipe (can sell) Remove Yoshimo's inventory!

*Rogue stone

Fight Dradeel -> Jon Irenicus appears! Yoshimo is exposed as a traitor and leaves the party!

Dream at "Candlekeep":

ENCOUNTER Imoen: "…find me within. You cannot fight alone…you cannot. Find me within…" Save game immediately Walk west; hit Bhaal to "near death" and lure him to within sight of the Demon standing at the entrance to Candlekeep The Demon talks: choose 2 ("I give of my mind) to lose one point of intelligence (INT 19->18) Enter the door to Candlekeep with Bhaal following; find Imoen inside and lure Bhaal to within sight of her Note: the 1 point of INT can sometimes be taken after meeting Imoen in the dungeon!

Bhaal exclaims: "I am your instinct, yet you deny me!..." All Bhaal Powers lost! 48500/28500 xp all! ENCOUNTER Jon Irenicus and Bodhi: party is sent to the maze beneath Spellhold!

Spellhold Level 1:

ENCOUNTER Jon Irenicus and Bodhi Imoen joins! Equip Bracers of Archery, Boomerang Dagger +2, Buckler +1, Cloak of Protection +2, Robe of the Good Archmagi, Ring of Wizardry -> TH 17/11 (2) AC-3 Boomerang +2 is fine for now; could use Tuigan Bow +1 for TH 17/10 (3) but we will soon get a new weapon in the Underdark that

© bg2mez


Imoen Mage11/Thief7 67hp 440k xp Open Locks 100, Find Traps 95, Pick Pockets 35 Lore 40


is better; and eventually the Short Bow of Gesen +4 in early Ch. 6 Imoen's previously scribed spells are gone from her spellbook; she begins with 27 spells only! Time to scribe for xp's…

Park Minsc, Keldorn and Aerie temporarily and learn (scribe) Imoen's spells with Imoen & Jaheira (only) so that Imoen gets more xp's; then, Aerie join to learn her spells -> Imoen +142-154k xp -> Imoen now has 582-594k xp

Jaheira Fighter10 D12 +1hp->112 TH 11/5 (1½) w/ +2 bullets

Avoid the tediousness of managing scribed spells and install a mod that removes the spell cap (or drink an INT-raising potion) The number of spells that can be learned is capped by INT [Do not erase spells and re-learn for xp's!]

Ranger10 Cleric10 +1hp->133 or 138 hp with the Sensate Amulet TH 10/3/3 (3)

Imoen cast Stoneskin and Armor, and then set spells

Note: there is 3600 gp in gold to be looted in Spellhold, plus gems worth about 8k gp at Ribald Special Wares in Chapter 6

North-east Trapped barrel, loot an Opal Stone (keep), Rogue stone and a Bag stairs/east room: of Holding! Do not follow the hallway to the north-west (death trap!)

***Bag of Holding *Rogue stone *Arrow +2 (40)

North-west stairs/ Loot a Ruby Stone (keep), Star Sapphire, Spear +3 and 758 gp small room:

*Star Sapphire *Bullet +2 (40)

North-west room: Statue riddles/puzzle answers include: Two brothers we are…: place the Boots I have seen the mountains rise…: place the Sundial I have two heads but one body…: Sand Glass / Hour Glass 20k xp awarded, and a Sapphire Stone (keep) and Dusty Rose Ioun stone (AC +1 bonus)

*Dusty Rose Ioun stone -> Keldorn AC-3 (or -1 with his own excellent armor)

North room:

Full buff including vs Fire, consider to solo fight the Ruhk and Mephits; or use Slow and Holy Smite [or a Wand of Cloudkill] 14k xp Full buff, use the three Stones (Opal, Ruby, Sapphire) at "mirror," buff with Protection from Evil, Resist Fear -> two fights 24k xp, Doomplate (AC0, but sell for 3300 gp!) given. [Can fight genie immediately

*Doomplate (sell)

as he appears for 5k xp]

Statue of Riddles: Click on the statues for 12 riddles/questions: 5k xp all! Ring of Regeneration awarded North:

Use the Shield of Harmony or Chaotic Commands to fight Yuan-ti Mage and Yuan-ti 13k xp; back track to the starting area

"Downstairs" via East exit:

Take the eastern-most exit to the next area. Click on the Tome to fight five creatures: use the Shield of Balduran for the last two fights, after the Mind Flayer 29k xp; click again to get the reward of scrolls and a Ring of Free Action! Loot the immediate south room, fight a Mist

Kobold area:

Get the Wooden Stake and Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard

South area:

Fight Undead for approximately 18k xp Drops from Skeleton Warriors can be Improved Mantle, Incendiary Cloud, Protection from Energy, Project Image, Khelben's Warding Whip, Ruby Ray of Reversal or Laeral's tear Loot the many containers for 900 gp and an emerald

© bg2mez

*Ring of Regeneration

***Ring of Free Action *Simulacrum *Summon Fiend *Spirit Armor, and another Simulacrum *Bullet +2 (40)

*Resist Fear


Spellhold Level 2:


ENCOUNTER Dace Sontan: buff with Chaotic Commands, kill him here 8500 xp, and then walk back to "office" room and fight him twice more for 2x 8500 xp! (Might need to force fight/F2) Stake the coffin 9k xp -> The Hand of Dace

*Bullet +2 (40) *Arrow +2 (40) *Finger of Death

North hallway:

Two rooms with six Umber Hulks: use the Shield of Harmony or Chaotic Commands; cast Animate Dead or other summons to be used as fodder, 24k xp and Imoen can unlock the two gates when they automatically close for 800 xp

Minsc L11 +3hp->125 TH 9/3 (2) w/ STR 18/93


Return to the starting area (upstairs) and take the west stairs, fight Yuan-ti and Umber Hulks for approximately 28k xp Container near Statue Head has Project Image scroll! Use the Hand of Dace to open the Statue Head for 29500 xp all!

South/south-west Fight Trolls, Spirit Trolls and Minotaurs for approximately 29k xp, area: clearing just into the room with several "orbs" Use the 2nd orb to heal; 3rd orb for Haste Avoid Bodhi until later!

*Project Image

Aerie Cleric10 Mage11 +1hp->58 TH 14/8 (1) Keldorn L11 +3hp->123 TH 10/4 (2) w/ STR 19

Get the four "paintings," two Mithral Tokens and Minotaur Horn (#1 of 2) from the small circular room; loot the small container in the Minotaur room for two more tokens North-east:

Fight Yuan-ti 14500 xp Use the "paintings" to open the four walls with pictures on them; Noble Djinni can rarely drop a good spell, 29k xp Flame of the North +2 is dropped, Minsc can use!

Golems room:

Prepare to fight three Golems: full buff, use blunt weapons; unlock chest for Gesen Bow String, Star Sapphire, 15k xp Next room (south): loot five tokens, Maze scroll

***Gesen Bow String *Star Sapphire *Diamond (x2)


Use (click on) Machine: spend 15 tokens for the Boots of Speed! (5 = Boots of the North; 10 = Boots of Grounding; 20 = Armor of the Jester)

***Boots of Speed -> Imoen (do not use with front-line fighters)

Note: although it's fun, front-line fighters are not using the Boots of Speed on current play through to avoid making the game even easier Note: last chance to Rest before turning into the Slayer!

Bodhi room:

Consider to keep Protagonist far away for the next battle with Vampires, will be forced into becoming the Slayer ENCOUNTER Bodhi: she exclaims "What is this?!...Child of Bhaal, what have you become?!" Kill the two Vampires 19k xp; Daystar +2 is useful to cast Sunray! Room just to the north (with one or two Gauths and three Minotaurs): get four more tokens

*Chain Lightning *Bullet +2 (40)

South room:

Southernmost room: fight Minotaurs 12k xp; get two more tokens, a Limited Wish scroll (Imoen scribe and use as soon as can cast Level 7 spells) and the 2nd Minotaur Horn

***Limited Wish (#1) *Acid arrows (40)


Use Machine again: spend 5 tokens to get Boots of the North (no need to keep the remaining token)

*Boots of the North


Use the two Horns on the Minotaur Statue -> door opens 29500 xp all! Save game as there are multiple paths to take through the series of small areas (Sanity Trials)

© bg2mez


Small area 1:

Asylum Tests / Sanity Tests Kobold area: fight vs Kobolds and Goblins 200 xp ENCOUNTER Apparition: be cooperative and accept his proposal Note: if uncooperative only 41250 xp will be awarded to each character instead of 51250 xp at the end of the tests

Small area 2:

Spore Colony area: fight vs Myconids and Spore Colony 3800 xp ENCOUNTER Apparition: answer 6 (Splinter)

Note: answering incorrectly here brings the party to a new area (fight vs Umber Hulk and Earth Elemental) but you will miss the dining room with large table and thus not have a chance to get the Cloak of Reflection

Small area 3:

Small area 3: dining room with large table: loot table and drawer Talk to Apparition: both options result in 51250 xp to each character at the end:

*Cloak of Reflection

OPTION 1: for the Puzzle Room (Bracers of AC5): Question 1: correct (3 / Nothing) Question 2: correct (6 / River) Question 3: correct (7 / Fear) Question 4: incorrect to get the Bracers AC5 (correct reply is 3 / Memory) -> Small area 4 (Puzzle Room) OPTION 2: for the Sahuagin Area (chance of high level scroll(s) answer incorrectly on question 1 or 2: Question 1: correct (3 / Nothing) Question 2: incorrect -> Small area 4b (Sahuagin Area)

Small area 4a:

Puzzle Room order: Mithril (3), Ruby (1), Emerald (3), Sandalwood (3), Jade (1), Onyx (1) -> Bracers AC5 (worth 1080 gp vs 300 for the Bone Club +2, +3 vs Undead) 10k xp

Small area 4b:

Sahuagin Area: fight Sahuagin Baron and two Sahuagin Baronial Guard for a chance of a level 7 scroll drop, 1500 xp; loot the container. In this area we have seen Flesh to Stone, Invisible Stalker, Mass Invisibility and Protection from Magic Energy!

Platform with hidden stairs:

ENCOUNTER Apparition: Freedom! 51250 xp all! Important: save game now in case of Saemon Havarian not appearing bug

*Bracers AC5

(*Mass Invisibility dropped)

Cleric Level 11: the level 3 spell Animate Dead will now summon a much better Skeleton that will have 60 hp (vs 40 hp for Cleric level 710), Bastard Sword +1, 1½ attacks per round, THAC0 13. Their resistances are: magic (65), poison/cold/electricity (100), slashing/piercing (50), missile (60); and are immune to stun, hold, domination, confusion, charm, fear, level-drain, petrification, paralyze, sleep, poison and fatigue

Cleric11 Ranger10 +1hp-> 134, Level 6 spell!

Learn spells with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira only -> Imoen +27k xp (meaning Imoen gained 27k xp, but temporarily park Minsc and Keldorn so that Imoen and Jaheira get more xp's from spell learning!)

Imoen L12 +1hp->68 *Two-Handed Weapon Style, Level 6 spell (Protection from Magic Energy!)

Memorize Protection from Magic if you have a Mage at Level 12 (if not, we'll be fine if careful fighting Irenicus)

© bg2mez


Note: can Rest on the platform, but will change to Slayer so watchout! Will attack nearest companion, so give Boots of Speed to them if resting


Possible bug

Important note: save game now in case of Saemon Havarian not appearing bug ; however, resting and changing into the Slayer at least 1x before meeting Saemon in the Brynnlaw Tavern should avoid the bug

Main floor:

ENCOUNTER Saemon Havarian: be nice and listen to his suggestion Follow the lower hall eastward, loot container and small room

*Arrows of Dispelling (5)

Save game; mega buff for Irenicus fight including vs magic, save again, and then take the northeast stairs ENCOUNTER Lonk: fight quickly for 20k xp, otherwise he casts Remove Magic and Horrid Wilting

Big fight vs Irenicus: ENCOUNTER Dili, Tiax, Dradeel, Aphril, Naljier Skal and Wanev: ENCOUNTER Jon Irenicus: big fight, send your party except for Protagonist and Minsc (wearing Belt of Inertial Barrier) to the lower right corner unless they are protected from magic Cast some summoned creatures (Efreeti, Berserker Warrior) to help Irenicus will cast Remove Magic followed by Horrid Wilting after Wanev's Time Stop so hopefully his spell casting is disrupted by the FoA +3 or Minsc's weapon; consider to use Protagonist only for melee and have summoned creatures at all times [Can fight: Aphril 11k xp, Naljier 8k xp, Tiax 4k xp, Wanev 20k xp, Dradeel 12k xp]

Images are 650 xp each, can kill Irenicus' summons 3600 xp Irenicus surrenders! 68500 xp all!

Save quickly, cast True Sight and fight Murderers and Yoshimo (0 xp), 7x 1400 xp. Yoshimo pleas "…Ilmater take my heart, I have no choice!" Pick-up his heart

*Yoshimo's heart

Leave area through the north exit

Main floor, north Talk to Saemon Havarian once more (1, 1, 1, 3) and accept his hallway: suggestion to take his ship. He also mentions that Irenicus is destined for Suldanessellar! Party is teleported outside



Clear the area (can re-clear in the evening after 18:00 as well)


Re-enter Spellhold (fight Stone Golem 8k xp) to loot a couple of rooms (no traps) and get stored items from dining room table The Horn of Silence is worth 1000 gp

East House:

Talk to Perth the Adept: fight 20k xp, trapped chest Book of Infinite Spells and Wardstone are worth 0 gp

Mid dock, night:

19:00 or later (or 24 hours after you first arrive in Brynnlaw): near the stairs just south of the Tavern: ENCOUNTER Pirate Leader: fight seven Pirates 10300 xp, 350 gp

Mid dock:

Talk to Calahan, pay 200 gp, 2k xp -> Ginia finalize 9k xp


De-trap cabinet, loot

*Rogue stone

Pirate Lord's:

De-trap the east-corner picture, and the 2nd chest

*Long Bow +2

© bg2mez

*Rogue stone *Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2

D24:22 4000 gp



Get stored items in the table from earlier

Pirate Horn Quest Important note: in the Tavern, allow Saemon Havarian to walk away and leave the Tavern before your party leaves! Otherwise you might get the Saemon Havarian not appearing bug

Vulgar Monkey:

Talk to Saemon Q (Leaving the Island/Pirate horn) and agree to the plan. He walks away and leaves the Tavern; wait for him to leave before the party exits (to hopefully avoid a bug)


Rest until night if necessary (-> Slayer ability if have not rested already) Cayia's, night:

After 20:30 (8:30pm) ENCOUNTER Cayia and Algo: fight Pirates 2850 xp, get the Pirate Horn from the table



Can re-clear the outdoor area around Spellhold at night to fight Mists and Shadows for 18k xp



Last chance to buy spells from Brynnlaw: e.g. 207 gp: Find Familiar; 690 gp: Lower Resistance, Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental; 1380 gp: Disintegrate, Spell Deflection


[Kill Priestess 14k xp (no need to buy the Girdle of Bluntness)]

Mid dock:

[Can kill Calahan, 70 xp, magical items, 330 gp]

South-east dock: In the southeast-most area of dock (see next page): Buff first, including Chaotic Commands, and then talk to Saemon Havarian with the Pirate Horn

Possible Saemon Havarian bug in Brynnlaw, it's possible that Saemon Havarian is not appearing: If Saemon does not appear during night, it could be a bug. Can reload a save game from just after regaining freedom, or this: Add debug mode=1 to the baldur.ini file. Start the game, and then move your party to the south docks Hit Control+Space and type: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("ppsaem3") This will cause Saemon to appear; talk to him and he recognizes that you have the Horn

© bg2mez


Meeting Saemon Havarian in Brynnlaw to set sail for the mainland!


ENCOUNTER Desharik and Cayia: Protagonist must have at least one inventory slot open (for the Silver Blade); must force-fight (F2) Desharik otherwise you will set sail immediately after the fight Fight Desharik, 11k xp, and crew 3100 xp Buff, including Chaotic Commands, and then talk to Saemon again to set sail: "Cast of the mains! We are away! Set sights on the mainland!" He gives the Silver Blade (keep)

In transit (ship):

*Silver Blade (component #1)

Let the text during cut-scene play all the way through to be able to fight some Githyanki for 9-23k xp, but not the Githyanki Captain [Can fight Saemon's crew, 7k xp; don't kill Saemon]

Sahuagin City / City of Caverns:

ENCOUNTER Royal High Priestess Senityili and Captain Feerlattiys -> King Ixilthetocal -> all are healed and fight giant Ettin 5k xp -> King Q (Rebel's heart) North of King:

Talk to Royal High Priestess Senityili: accept two Quests (Sekolah's Tooth/Tooth key, Betray the King)

"Fish jaws"/midmap:

Buff vs Fire, fight Priestess and three Rebels -> Cloak of Mirroring!

Bonus xp's!

Buy ammo (300-600 bullets or bolts each) from the Priestess of Sekolah to fight a Rebel Cleric's continuous summons for a lot of bonus xp's! The north Cleric seems to work best:

***Cloak of Mirroring -> Protagonist

1a. Important: set Auto Pause to include "character injured" 1b. Important: set all scripts to "Custom (default)" 1c. Use BG2_Tweaks to disable the Cloak of Mirroring animation or the fighting in step 4 will slow down a lot. 2. Protagonist equip the Ring of Free Action; and the Cloak of Mirroring, dual wield flails, and Ring of Gaxx as usual

© bg2mez


3a. See set-up positions below. Minsc equip Mace of Disruption +2 and Belm +2. Minsc stand at Protagonists' side so he can reach the summons but make sure the summons attack the Protagonist first

Minsc L12 +3hp->128 Axe** TH 8/2/4 (3) w/ STR 18/93 Dual wield Axes! Lev. 3 spell, AC-4

3b. Keldorn use X-bow or use Daystar +2, his own armor (having Free Action) and a shield, and stand beside Minsc but not becoming the target of the summoned creatures

Keldorn L12 +3hp->126 Halberd* TH 9/2 (2) w/ STR 19, w/ Joril's Dagger +3, AC-3

4. Imoen use Boomerang Dagger +2; optionally, others use slings with full allotment of ammo (no need to use +2's, save them for the Underdark), and stand back!

Jaheira Fighter11 D13 +2hp->114 TH 10/4 (1½) w/ Sling of Seeking and +2 bullets [or TH 10/3 (2) with Blackblood +3]

Can accumulate 250k-275k xp per hour vs one Cleric caster in EE (slows down as more bodies accumulate, can Rest to clear the bodies) Fought for Imoen 854k -> 1.054m xp = +200k xp for Imoen! (i.e. +1.2 million xp for the entire party; totally unnecessary but why not!)

Aerie Cleric11 Mage11 +1hp->59, Level 6 Cleric spell!

Keldorn, Minsc and Protagonist: continuous (automatic) generation of xp's by fighting summoned creatures

Rebel Cleric: summoning creatures continuously

Drow area, south: Trap just after the first and third "columns"; fight 26k xp ENCOUNTER Imps: six traps on the platform with the chests Note: can unlock south chest but do not open! Answers to Imps riddle/questions: necklace @ 12:00, helm @ 2:00, sword@ 5:00, pipe @ 7:00, 18500 xp all! Talk to the Spectator (Beholder) with a character having wisdom 14 or higher to be able to get Sekolah's Tooth (Tooth key) from the chest, 15k xp [Can kill for 4k xp]


6000 gp

***Cloak of Protection +2 -> Imoen or Aerie *Boots of Etherealness -> Minsc or Keldorn

Sea Zombie Lord fight: use e.g. 2x Fireball, 12400 xp and a chance of high level spell scrolls (have seen Mordy's!)

Note: clear all rebels (can get Protection from Energy drop!) before siding with Prince Villynaty!

Prince area, south-east:

Use the Shark tooth key to enter Prince's area: ENCOUNTER Sahuagin Chieftain -> Prince Villynaty Side with Prince Villynaty and agree to his plan; he gives the Fake Rebel's Heart Imoen equip Gloves of Pickpocketing and drink 1x Potion of Master Thievery to pick pocket the Wave Blade from him (PP 2x)

*Wave Blade (component #1)

Note: this is the only chance to get the Wave Blade, which is a component for Halberd +4: Wave which can instantly slay Fire Elementals, Efreeti, and Salamanders; will be useful for ToB

© bg2mez


King area:

Return to the King's are to do a mega sell of items (finalize the quest later, after the next big buy) and PP the Treasury key Imoen can actually do so with PP skill of 55 only. The Rod of Lordly Might is worth 2500 gp! Can PP scrolls Death Fog and Chain Lightning

***Protection from the Elements (in treasury) *Rod of Lordly Might (sell)

Mega Sell #2 to Priestess of Sekolah: Priestess (merchant):

Sell to the Priestess of Sekolah for 2/3rds more than normal merchants! E.g. Arbanes short sword nets 5k gp, a Rogue stone 2500 gp! However, Ribald Special Wares in Chapter 6 pays 10% more than the Priestess, so try to save the most valuable items if possible, except for ammo which Ribald does not buy. Sell in this order: - Memo scrolls from Spellhold for 150 gp each! - all ammo (Ribald does not buy arrows or bolts) - all ordinary items - cheap gems, necklaces and rings - most magical weapons and armors up to 80k gp or so, unless wanting to recharge items (see below)

90000 gp

Optional: Recharge the Necklace of Missiles: can be sold and then bought for 2700 gp with 25 charges! [Recharge wands: we use spells not wands; however if desired: Wand of Fire costs 4590 gp to recharge with 50 charges; Wand of Cloudkill costs 4860 gp to recharge with 50 charges! (Bernard charges 6750 gp)] Should bring minimum 48k gp to Chapter 5 to buy the best items in the Underdark but aim to bring 76k gp to be able to also buy rare spells for the party and other NPC's as well, from the Drow merchants and Carlig. This takes into account getting approximately 19k in pure gold and about 18k gp from selling junk items, cheap gems, and Drow equipment while in the U/D. This does

© bg2mez


not include selling the many valuable gems that we will find in the Underdark: - 6x Kings tears, 12x Emerald, 7x Diamond, 50x Pearls, 53x Shandon, 24x Horn Coral and 3x Rogue Stones! Try to wait to sell these to Ribald Special Wares in Chapter 6 for the highest payout in SoA [Note: an evil party would need an additional 15500 gp if wanting to buy the Robe of the Evil Archmagi from a Drow merchant]

Big buy of spell scrolls (Level 1 spells cost 54 gp which is essentially the cheapest until Chapter 7; bought for 13k gp) Learn with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira (temporarily park Minsc and Keldorn) -> Imoen +55-57k xp

Sell more stuff if required to reach around 76k gp (min. 48k gp) This play through we still have valuable items to sell later to Ribald: 11k gp in magical items and 6x Rogue Stones!

Imoen L13 +1hp->69 TH 16/10 (2) with Boomerang Dagger +2 80000 gp

Select spells: have at all times 2x Lesser Restore, 1x Protection from Lightning, 1-2x Haste, 2x Protection from Magic, lots of Chaotic Commands and 1-2x Death Ward from now onwards. Holy Smite is good against evil opponents such as Drow Did not use Improved Haste this play through (too over-powered) For upcoming quests memorize and then Rest : 1x Heal (the Soul Prison); 1x Stone to Flesh and 2x Protection from Petrification, 2x Remove Paralysis (the Beholder Lair, just in case); 1x Harper's Call, 2x Dire Charm (optional for the Illithid Lair)

Give the Fake Rebel's Heart to the King, Magical Rope given -> fight 16k xp, Implaler +3 (spear) dropped

*Implaler +3

Prince Villynaty appears shortly, all are healed! 60500 xp all!

Cleric12 Ranger11 +2hp->136 TH 9/2/4 (3)

[Can attack everyone except the Senior Priestess, 14400 xp]


Use the Rope to go down the hole to instigate Chapter 5! 20k xp all!

© bg2mez

Aerie Mage12 Cleric11 +1hp->60, Level 6 Mage spell


Giving the fake rebel heart to the King (BG2EE v. 1.3)

© bg2mez


Chapter 5 Plan for phase 5:

Underdark caverns:


Three Mind Flayer's (how to defeat Mind Flayers) Three Portals West Caverns/Kuo-Toa area to get Girdle of Strength - Fight Kuo-Toa's and Gauth's (how to defeat) Soul Prison Svirfneblin Village Beholder Lair Illithid Lair / Eastern Caverns Fight Adamantite Golem's (how to defeat) from the Limited Wish spell Ust Natha - Buy nice items! - Do quests - Buy spell scrolls Adalon's Lair Leave the Underdark to instigate Chapter 6 !

Save game; walk slightly north to fight three Mind Flayers 27k xp


Fighting tips vs Mind Flayer's : how to fight Mind Flayers Fight melee buffed with Chaotic Commands + Ring of Free Action; all others party members use ranged and stay back! INT must not drop below 1, could drink a Potion of Genius or Mind Focusing to raise INT Good alternative: - Shield of Harmony (or a Potion of Clarity) + Ring of Free Action Other options: - Melf's Minute Meteors, especially if used by two mages at the same time (the spell has no saving throw!) - Chaotic Commands + Mustard Jelly form (from the Cloak of the Sewers) which grants 100% magic resistance (no INT loss!), but only lasts long enough to take down about three Flayers Other options for later: - Mordenkainen's Sword (Mordy's): 100% resistant to magical damage - Use a charge of the Greenstone Amulet (if have from the Illithid Lair, see below) - Drink a Brine Potion (from the Illithid Lair, see below)

South (Duegar Encampment):

Talk to Carlig, Uder Mordin and Finderlig: Irenicus and Bodhi have been seen near the Drow city Note: Carlig's inventory CHANGES when you become Drow (after speaking with Adalon, later) but REVERTS BACK after the Drow city quests are done Note: Therndle sells spells and ammo for the lowest cost in the Underdark, and pays the most for gems, necklaces and rings

© bg2mez


Buy spells later, prices when party is Drow are:

Carlig: buy 1x Freedom spell (560 gp) but use later Carlig also sells Project Image and Spell Sequencer (3360 gp); Improved Haste (2240 gp), etc. but no need to buy now


Before casting "Freedom": go to each "portal" (earth, fire and air) to fight 11 enemies from each for 209k xp! Full buff vs earth portal consider to use a summoned creature

Minsc L13 +4hp->132 TH 7/1/3 (3½!) w/ STR 18/93

Note: fight the 11 creatures at each portal now before casting "Freedom" otherwise they will not appear

North of portals:

Full buff for big fight vs seven Drow, Aerie use Holy Smite vs evil opponents such as Drow; 31k xp plus summons, 240 gp

Keldorn L13 +3hp->129 TH 8/1 (2½!) w/ STR 19 w/ Joril's Dagger

Note: the Drow drop their equipment including Drow Full Plate +5 (AC-4) which could improve a fighter's AC by 3 points; however, we do not use any Drow equipment (keep it to sell later)


Fight Spore Colony's and a lot of Myconids 185k xp!

Plan: should do the Kuo-Toa dungeon now (west edge of the map) to get some excellent items, otherwise do the Soul Prison and visit the northwest village area

Rest to prepare for a very tough fight in the Western Tunnels (can rest here in the Caverns, or proceed north to the inn in the village area)

Western Caverns / Kuo-Toa Dungeon Caverns, west: Kuo-Toa area Some creatures can give very nice random drops or random loot, (western tunnels): such as Kuo-Toa, Lizard Men, and Skeleton Warriors Kuo-Toa can drop a high level spell scroll including: Control Undead Bonus scrolls! Death Spell Flesh to Stone Globe of Invulnerability Mass Invisibility Minor Spell Turning Mordenkainen's Sword (Mordy's) Power Word Stun Project Image Protection from Energy Protection from Magic Ruby Ray of Reversal Simulacrum Summon Djinni Summon Efreeti Tensors Transformation

Note: can re-clear this dungeon daily for bonus xp's!

© bg2mez


Fighting tips vs Kuo-Toa's and Gauth's Kuo-Toa's : Chaotic Commands + wear the Ring of Free Action (or use the priest spell Free Action) Gauth's : wear the Ring of Free Action + Cloak of Mirroring/Shield of Balduran (you get the xp's from deaths by reflecting Gauth rays); or use the priest spell Free Action

Note: keep the Kuo-Toa bolts! Their damage and stun effect is excellent, and especially helpful against tough enemies such as Mind Flayers and Umber Hulks Note: Keldorn can equip the Bracers of Archery and use Kuo-Toa bolts (2d6 + chance of stun for 4 rounds) from now and for a long time -> give Girdle of Hill Giant Strength to Minsc (THAC0 reduced by 1, damage increased by 2)

***Kuo-Toa bolts -> Keldorn TH 8/4 (3½) at Level 13 -> Minsc TH 7/0/2 (3½) w/ STR 19 at Level 13

Clear the south-east area of the dungeon first Demogorgon statue room: Full buff with Resist Fear, Negative Plane Protection Sacrifice a Summons (e.g. use the Horn of Valhalla) on the altar -> big fight but can fight the Knights one at a time, 82k xp Drops include the Armor of the Hart +3 and the Girdle of Giant Frost Strength (component #1 for the Crom Faeyr war hammer)

***Armor of the Hart +3 -> Minsc AC-5 -> Jaheira AC-8 w/ FP

Note: Protagonist can reach AC-12 (or -15 with a shield, and -18 buffed) with Armor of the Hart, but instead give it to Minsc -> AC-6 (10/-12). This results in Protagonist at AC-9 (-12/-15) (and a further reduction of AC by 4 from Improved Invisibility)

Tadpole room: take 1 to place in north-east room with Prince Kill Prince 4k xp, 4540 gp, Bracers of Blinding Strike and gems; pickup the Kuo-Toan's Blood

***Girdle of Giant Frost Strength (STR 21) (Crom F. component #1) ->TH 9/1/1 (3) at Ranger Level 11 D28:12

*Bracers of Blinding Strike

Do not clear the northwest area of the dungeon at this time! Note: to finish the Tanner's quest part 2 you need to kill Adalon (can't PP) at the end of U/D to get Blood of a Silver Dragon. Therefore do not fight the Drow near the exit doors in the NW of this Kuo-Toa area - wait until teleported there (see below) Eventually killing Adalon for the Blood enables a bonus encounter in Umar Hills and can get the evil Flesh Armor +5 (worth only 1 gp)

Only in EE 1.3: you can both finalize Adalon's "eggs" quest, and then return to her lair to fight her for the Blood of a Silver Dragon; she does not appear in her lair after finalizing in BG2

Caverns, mid:

Soul prison:

From the right side of the soul prison: 1) Gont of Riatavin: let him go [or fight 7k xp, but no good drops]; talk 1, 1, 2 for some advice about ambushes to the east and north 2) Bedlen Daglefodd: son of Therndle: let him go and then return to Therndle for the reward 3) Alchra Diagott: Lich, use [Ring of Gaxx and] Mace of Disruption +2, 22k xp and three spell scrolls (Delayed Fireball Blast, Summon Nishruu, Spell Turning)

*Spell Turning

4) Riti: fight 8k xp, drops Improved Haste! and a cursed spear (Backbiter +3) (continued next page)

*Improved Haste

© bg2mez


Melee Buffing Spell Tips: Buffing tips when fighting melee THAC0 (APR) Cleric 12 / Ranger 11: Flail of Ages +3 and Defender of Easthaven 9/2/4 (3) or 9/1/3 (3) +3

AC / Hit Points (hp) / Strength (STR) -9 / 136 / 19 -9 / 136 / 21

[Iron Skins** (12 hours)] Note: we now use Righteous Magic, never Iron Skins Remove Fear (1 hour) Raises moral to maximum; prevents and removes fear Aerie/Jaheira/[Anomen] cast: Chaotic Commands (1 turn/level) Protection From Evil 10’ Radius (1 turn/level) +2 bonus for saves from attacks from evil-aligned creatures; their attacks suffer a -2 penalty

Or: Protection From Evil (Level 1 spell; 3 rounds/level) Imoen/Aerie cast: Spirit Armor (10 turns) +3 to save vs. magic; AC1 Free Action (10 rounds + 1 round/level) Immune to Web, Entangle, Hold Person, Paralyze, Slow, Haste and Grease

Jaheira cast: Barkskin (4 rounds + 1 round/level) +1 bonus to all saves except vs. magic; base AC is improved, e.g. the recipient gets base AC2 when cast by a level 16 priest! Armor of Faith (3 rounds + 1 round/level) 5% of all magical/non-magical damage is absorbed, plus another 5% for every 5 levels

Use Holy Power only if Cleric level is greater than Ranger level: Holy Power (1 round/level) STR to 18/00 but helps THAC0 & hit points

8/1/3 (3)

-9 / 148 / 18/00

Righteous Magic (1 round/level) Bonus to strength and hit points; all hits

8/0/2 (3)

-9 / 160 / 22

for maximum damage!

Aid (1 round + 1 round/level) +1 bonus to attack and all saves; +1d8 hp 7/-1/1 (3) Draw Upon Holy Might (1 turn) Raises STR, CON & DEX 7/-4/-2 (3) Imoen/Aerie cast: Improved Invisibility (3 rounds + 1 r./lev.) 7/-8/-6 (3) Chant (10 rounds) +1 bonus to attack, damage and all saves; enemies get a -1

-9 / 164 / 22 -10 / 173 / 25 -14 / 173 / 25

penalty to all of their rolls

Bless (6 rounds) + 1 bonus to attack, +1 bonus for saves vs. fear effects Defensive Harmony (6 rounds) +2 bonus to AC STEALTH (3 rounds; checked every 3rd round; does not stack with Improved Invisibility) +4 bonus to your first melee attack; temporarily invisible,

6/-9/-7 (3) 6/-9/-7 (3)

-16 / 169 / 25 -16 / 169 / 25

but must remove plate/chain mail armors first

Other useful spells at this stage: Death Ward (1 turn/level) Immune to Death Spell, Finger of Death, Disintegrate; Power Word, Kill

Protection from Fire (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Resist Fire and Cold (1 round/level) Imoen/Aerie cast: Luck (3 rounds) +1 bonus to attack rolls and saves; damage dice for spells cast at you is reduced by 1. Example: a 6d6 fireball will do 6d5 damage to you if you are under the effect of the Luck spell Also grants a 5% bonus to all thieving skills

Rarely used buffing spells this play through: Holy Power, Improved Invisibility, Haste (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Did not use: Improved Haste* from the Ring of Gaxx, or spells or other items (doubles attacks per round; way too over-powered for BG2) **Iron Skins (immune to melee attacks! However, the spells was not intended to be given to a Cleric/Ranger by the developers of BG2) Potions can help melee fighting further but we very rarely use: Potion of Heroism, Potion of Defense, Potion of Mind Focusing *Note: Improved Haste not used on this play through until Throne of Bhaal

© bg2mez


Imoen drink 2x Potion of Master Thievery to PP Raevilin for 2-3 spell scrolls (Earth Elemental and Summon Efreeti; PP fail OK):

Caverns, north: Svirfneblin village:

5) Raevilin Strathi: buff vs Fire (he casts Fireball and Imprison); immediately cast Heal on him as he teleports in, 15k xp and Albruin +1 bastard sword (sell for 5500 gp at Ribald special wares) which can detect invisibility 1x/day [or fight him]

*Albruin +1 (worth 5500 gp)

6) Madman Aganalo: fight 6k xp and a bastard sword Jhor the Bleeder +2 (sell)

*Jhor the Bleeder +2

Note: unlocking chests now are still worth only 400 xp; they become 950 xp a bit later, seemingly during the Illithid Lair dungeon, so wait before unlocking these two chests

*Bracers AC4

ENCOUNTER Odendal Breachgnome: talk 1, 1 Talk to Therndle Daglefodd, finalize quest about his son, 10k xp and bracers AC4 -> Imoen AC-4

Sell low value gems to Therndle for the best prices in U/D: Laeral's 2100 gp vs 1380-1800 at other U/D merchants, but 3300 gp at Ribald Special wares; therefore, keep the most valuable gems and magic's until Ribald Special wares in Chapter 6 Buy +2 bullets from Therndle for the low price of 402 gp per 40! Arrows +2 for 268 per 40!

83800 gp

Use containers to empty nearly all inventory and accumulate for a big sell later

Note: Therndle's inventory is MAINTAINED and does not change after party becomes Drow; he has the cheapest spells in U/D Note: do not sell the Silver Blade (to be able to fight Krum later)

Defeat the Balor / Light Gem Talk to Goldander Blackenrock Q (beast/Balor), he informs of a way to get into the Drow city; do not PP him! Slightly north-east: talk to door guard [can kill 2k xp] Full buff including Resist Fear, consider to fight solo with FoA+3; kill Balor 26k xp, cast Stoneshape scroll Finalize with Goldander 25k xp all! Skullcrusher +3 (1d6+4, +2 vs humanoid = 5-12 damage); Light Gem given which allows access to Adalon in her lair


*Skullcrusher +3 -> Aerie alternate weapon

Innkeeper: with Imoen at PP 95, pick pocket Book of Rituals for Vithal (or buy for 300 gp later, after talking to Vithal), then return to the south to cast Freedom

Note: in preparation for fighting Mind Flayers in the Illithid Lair consider to buy a few Potion of Genius from Therndle or Carlig

Caverns, south: Near central building:

A Mage's Proposal / Vithal Use a Freedom scroll in clearing slightly north and east of Carlig ENCOUNTER Vithal 10k xp Q (book). Give Book of Rituals, 10k xp, and follow to the first portal fight Portal 1: Let him get badly injured (to easily fight him for 20k xp after portal 3) while fighting Greater Earth Elemental, 10k xp

© bg2mez


After the first fight can carefully PP (pick pocket) Vithal 5x (Simulacrum*, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting*, Incendiary Cloud, Time Stop and Wail of the Banshee) *must PP Vithal for these two scrolls

***Time Stop (#1) ***Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (#1)

Can PP again after the 2nd and 3rd fights but it is not necessary Portal 2: fight: 10k xp Portal 3: fight: 11k xp; he returns, 20k xp all! Rod of Absorption awarded; talk 2, 2, 2 to fight him for 20k xp and the Skull of Death (can cast Death Spell 1x/day: enemies' summoned creatures are automatically slain)!

*Rod of Absorption *Skull of Death

Note: keep the Rod of Absorption throughout SoA (sell and buy it back fully charged at Bernard) Note: use the Skull of Death to fight and vanquish Magical Swords

South-east bridge:ENCOUNTER Kuo-Toa Leader: big fight 16k xp; can sell Drow Bolts later so keep

Southern Tunnels / Beholder Lair Caverns, SEWest:

Southern Tunnels (Beholder Lair):

Note: can re-clear this dungeon daily (northeast and southeast sections will re-spawn)

Fighting tips vs Beholder's May become de-buffed; use Cloak of Mirroring + Shield of Harmony/Shield of Balduran (you get the xp's from reflected rays unless the Beholder becomes Petrified) Save, full buff vs Beholder's, and then enter the Lair Immediate Elder Orb and Beholder battle! Breach the Elder Orb 2x, 14k xp, drops Amulet of Spell Ward (+2 saves vs spells; keep throughout SoA)

*Amulet of Spell Ward -> Minsc *Blade of the Equalizer (component #2 of 3)

Note: two containers on the east side can have high level spells (use Stealth to sneak over and check, else reload the autosave): 1) North-east: e.g. Protection from Magic, Protection from the Elements, True Sight, Simulacrum, Death Spell, Summon Hakeashar or Summon Djinni, as well as 5600 gp, 3x Kings Tear, 5x Emerald; can get good spells; 2nd container is random: can rarely get Spell Turning or True Sight 2) East: large container can have Stone to Flesh, Spell Trap, Improved Mantle, Symbol Fear, Mantle, Warding Whip or Protection from the Elements!

Fighting tips vs Mind Flayer's Fight melee buffed with Chaotic Commands + Ring of Free Action; all others party members use ranged and stay back! INT must not drop below 1, could drink a Potion of Genius or Mind Focusing to raise INT Good alternative: - Shield of Harmony (or a Potion of Clarity) + Ring of Free Action Other options: - Melf's Minute Meteors, especially if used by two mages at the same time (the spell has no saving throw!) - Mordenkainen's Sword (Mordy's): 100% resistant to magical damage

© bg2mez


Fighting tips vs Gauth's and Elder Orb's Gauth's : wear the Ring of Free Action + Cloak of Mirroring/Shield of Balduran (you get the xp's from deaths by reflecting Gauth rays); or use the priest spell Free Action Elder Orb (in the south-east corner of dungeon only): use the Ring of Free Action; Minsc use Shield of Balduran. Very tough! Attack firstly with a Summoned creature. Full buff including Death Ward, Haste, Resist Fear, Protection vs Fire Elder Orbs cast Imprisonment so must kill them quickly!

North-west: Fight Beholder and five Drow 34k xp Loot the Sling of Avoreen +4 in 2nd container of dungeon (gives +4 THAC0 and +4 bonus to damage!)

***Sling of Avoreen +4 -> Aerie TH 14/6 (1) with +2 bullets *Greenstone Amulet -> Keldorn

North-east: Container has Greenstone Amulet Fight 3x Gauth 27k xp South-west: Carefully fight 3x Mind Flayers and 3x Gauths 54k xp South-east: Very carefully clear the Beholders and Gauths first by drawing them out of the corner to leave the Elder Orb until last. Send a Summoned creature as fodder, or use Greenstone Amulet Pick-up the Eyestalk of an Elder Orb

Caverns, north: Svirfneblin village:

Caverns SEEast:


Preparation for the Illithid Lair Consider to buy a few Potion of Genius or Potion of Mind Focusing (Therndle) to raise INT to avoid being ability drained (killed) by Mind Flayers

Illithid Lair / Eastern Caverns / Captured by Mind Flayers Quest Eastern Tunnels Equip Shield of Harmony and buff with Chaotic Commands (Illithid Lair): Save game then enter (no chance to leave until dungeon is completely done) Note: there are no traps in this dungeon

ENCOUNTER Ogre (after ~30 seconds) -> fight 3x Umber Hulks 12k xp; party is returned to the cell ENCOUNTER Ogre: 5x Potion of Extra Healing given Open the north door: talk to Simyaz and four Githyanki; they leave the cell to fight They return after ~30 seconds; talk 1, 1 to make a deal with them

ENCOUNTER Ogre: fight several Kuo-Toa together with the Githyanki 7k xp Imoen unlock the door to the east, loot the container in the wall for 525 gp and then fight the Ogre (he has 240 hp!) 10k xp

Loot the table for Hilt of the Equalizer (no traps) Go through the east door, make 1x Liquid (Illithid Serum)

*Hilt of the Equalizer (component #3 of 3 for the Equalizer)

Go though the south door: fight 2x Mind Flayers 18k xp, input liquid into a machine (click on it) -> ENCOUNTER Slave Leader Camaris Highcastle Q (exiting the dungeon) Make Circlets of Control (4 is maximum) Methods to open the two "tough" locked doors: a) use a Circlet on a Mind Flayer and bring them to the door b) or cast Dire Charm on a Mind Flayer c) simply lure them as an enemy to the door!

© bg2mez


East room: Use an Illithid to unlock the "tough" door in the north, or lure one to the door (loot Methild's Harp, but is worth 0 gp) ENCOUNTER Simyaz, 25k xp all!

General strategy for the rest of the dungeon: Protagonist only (with Shield of Harmony or Chaotic Commands) fight melee, all others ranged and stay back; draw-out enemies only a few at a time if possible Note: INT must not drop below 1; drink a Potion of Genius or Mind Focusing to raise INT If need another melee fighter: e.g. Minsc and Keldorn use the Greenstone Amulet or drink a Brine Potion before fights (their duration is 10 rounds) Mages casting Melf's Minute Meteors is an alternative

West room: Save game and then carefully fight 3x Ulitharid's, 2x Umber Hulks and a Mind Flayer 74k xp North room: Carefully fight an Ulitharid and 2x Mind Flayers 37k xp; make 8x Brine Potions Next west room: Save game and then full buff for tough fight, carefully fight 3x Ulitharid's, 2x Umber Hulks and 3x Mind Flayer's 92k xp

South room: Three fights 7750 xp, drops include Ring of Fire Control (50% protection against fire)

North-west room: Save game once more Fight 2x Ulitharid's and 1x Umber Hulk (changed in EE 1.3 to 2x Mind Flayer's, only 1x Ulitharid): use Circlet of Control on a Mind Flayer, or lure as an enemy, to open the final "tough" door in the NW (cannot cast Dire Charm this time)] 60k xp

Imoen L14 (see below) *Brine Potion x8

Aerie Cleric12 Mage12 +1hp->61 Sword & Shield Style* Level 6 Cleric spell #2

*Ring of Fire Control

Jaheira F12 (see below) *Staff of Command

Note: unlocking doors and containers are now worth 950 xp each!

Bonus xp's!

East room: buff with Chaotic Commands and fight re-appearing Mind Flayers each 60 seconds, seemingly limited to 20-25 only in EE 1.3 (in EE 1.2 killed 60 of them for 540k xp!)

Minsc L14 (see below)

Note: the time between Mind Flayers will increase to 110 seconds if you have the Cloak of Mirroring animation on; Disable it via BG2_Tweaks

Keldorn L14 +3hp->132 TH 7/2 (2½) w/ Kuo-Toa bolts or 7/2 (2½) with Joril's Dagger w/ STR17

Cleric13 Ranger11 (see below)

Master Brain room: Full buff, cast Animate Dead for Skeletons (immune to mind effects), front line fighters drink Brine Potion for big fight

Bonus xp's!

After first hit to Master Brain: a Brain Golem is summoned each 48 seconds, use crushing (flail, mace, quarterstaff) damage, 10k xp each! [can fight continuously for xp's but they are dangerous] Fight Umber Hulk, Mind Flayer and an Ulitharid 32k xp; kill the Master Brain 10k xp, 40k xp all! 540 gp, Kings tears, 2x Emerald, 3x Diamond and 53x Shandon gems! Pick-up the Elder Brain Blood and proceed to the exit!

North-east: finalize with Slave Leader near exit 45k xp, REP+1

© bg2mez



Key level-ups reached in the Illithid Lair dungeon: Imoen at Level 14: can use Project Image to increase the number of spells Imoen can effectively cast between rests; the image is also an effective decoy to absorb damage Imoen equip the Ring of Wizardry!

Imoen L14 +1hp->70 Level 7 spell

Imoen eventually cast Limited Wish to ask for one-time wishes: a) to be rich: get 2k gp+1k gp in gems b) more experienced: fight enemies for 55k xp c) magical item: get a Full Plate +2 armor (AC-1, worth 55 gp) d) to see all as it really is: drink a Potion of Insight (to get Wisdom higher than 12) and then cast the spell to get Glasses of ID e) ask for "an adventure like none I've ever experienced before" to obtain a scroll and initiate a bonus quest (do in Ch. 6)


Minsc at Ranger 14: because he already has decent strength give his belt of strength to Jaheira. Also, once Minsc gets three pips in Two-Weapon Style give his Cloak of Unerring Strikes to her as well!

Minsc L14 +3hp->135 TH 6/0/2 (3½) with STR18/93

Jaheira at Fighter 12: after next Rest use on front line, at the side of Protagonist, with Iron Skins, no shield needed, wield Blackblood +3 and Gnasher +2, give belt of STR 19 -> TH 9/2/7 (3), wear Full Plate and Dusty Rose Ioun stone -> AC-5 Also, in EE give her Cloak of Unerring Strikes. Leveling-up and equipped thus raises her main hand damage from 11 to 18!

Jaheira Fighter12 D13 +1hp->115 Two-Weapon Style** TH 9/2/5 (3) with STR19 or: TH 9/3 (1½) with Sling of Seeking and +2 bullets

At Cleric 13 / Ranger 11: not in EE: first HLA (high level ability) is awarded and can select another upon each subsequent level-up. Plan to get nine or ten Greater Whirlwinds and three or four Hardiness - the other selections are not critical - but do not use HLA's until Throne of Bhaal Protagonist wear the Cloak of Mirroring (give the Cloak of the Sewers to Minsc or Jaheira) from now onwards

Cleric13 Ranger11 +1hp->137 TH 9/1/3 (3)

Tent (south-east): Talk to Simyaz and three Githyanki: big fight, can breach Simyaz, 14k xp, 400 gp Rest to be able to re-clear the Kuo-Toa dungeon area for bonus xp's and a chance of getting high level scrolls

Kuo-Toa area: Re-clear I:


After 24 hours have past: re-clear Kuo-Toa area for 16k xp and possible good spell scroll drops. Can re-clear again daily

Svirfneblin village: Imoen unlock two containers, 2x 950 xp Sell cheap gems and a load of Light X-bows, store loot in a container to make more room in inventory

D36:6 (days noted are from a previous play through)

Learn spells with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira (temporarily park Minsc and Keldorn) -> Imoen +24-32k xp

Caverns, NE:

Bridge to northeast:

ENCOUNTER five Drow: fight 20k xp; preference is to not wear or use any Drow equipment [Keldorn could use their Drow X-bow of Speed but did not]


ENCOUNTER Adalon Q (Eggs): transforms party into Drow! Protagonist becomes "Veldrin" from Ched Nasad, going to Ust Natha (cannot PP Adalon). Even though the party is Drow, we do not wear or use their equipment

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Note: Carlig's (south) inventory has now changed while you are "Drow" to include high level spells such as Khelben's Warding Whip, Limited Wish and Mordenkainen's Sword (Mordy's) Therndle's (north) inventory and prices are unchanged Preference is to wait to buy spell scrolls at the end of the Underdark

Rest (Imoen memorize Limited Wish and 2-4x Invisibility) in the caverns, e.g. central area, and get "rest interrupted" to fight Lizard Men or Umber Hulks: Bonus xp's!

Get "rest interrupted" again to fight: -2x Umber Hulks 8k xp in BG2; three in EE 1.3 for 12k xp

Bonus scrolls!

Get "rest interrupted" again to fight: -7x Lizard Men 1900 xp and approximately 150 gp in gold and gems/necklaces/rings, and can sometimes drop good spell scrolls: Control Undead Death Spell Fireshield (Red) Flesh to Stone Invisible Stalker Mass Invisibility Mordenkainen's Sword (Mordy's) Power Word Stun Project Image Protection from Energy Protection from Magic Spell Shield Sphere of Chaos Summon Djinni Tenser's Transformation

Imoen cast Limited Wish if not done: select a "one time wish" to get 2k gp + 1k gp in gems; full buff and cast again to carefully fight Golems 55k xp (bridge in the Caverns north-east is tactically useful)

Fighting tips vs Adamantite Golem's Melee : use +3 or higher weapons while protected from poison/magic; ranged weapons ok (Fire Tooth +3, Tansheron's Bow +3); Haste and Bless are good here Weapons that we have: War Hammer +1/+4 vs giant humanoids/giants; Flail of Ages +3; Blackblood +3; Frostreaver +3 Ensure that the Golem's target is a summoned creature or Mordy's Sword, or someone who is protected with Stoneskin or Iron Skins Magic : mages can use Magic Missiles or Melf's Minute Meteors; can cast 2x Lower Resistance and then area of effect spells thereafter

Ust Natha:

Gates to the Drow city:

North-east: in EE it is very difficult to kill "running" Drow with KuoToa bolts, 4k xp Talk 4 at the gates to Ust Natha (Protagonist claims to be Veldrin from Ched Nasad); we are allowed entry to Ust Natha and instructed to seek Solaufein at the Male Fighter's Society


Save game [can kill Duergar (only) 370 xp]

Note: avoid the Djinn and Drow Torturers to the east of the marketplace to be able to fight the torturers later

© bg2mez


Big Buy #4 :


Weapons merchant (mid): Sentinel Shield +4 (AC +5 bonus!) Firetooth +3 (2d4+3 +1d2 fire = 6-13 damage) [Robe of the Evil Archmagi is 16600 gp] Potions merchant (north): Kaligan's Amulet (+10% Magic Resistance!) Can buy Potion of Master Thievery for 252 gp if needed Not recommended: optional: could buy Rod of Smiting (+3), a Quarterstaff that can instantly kill Golems, 6237 gp: have tried to use but it's not better than FoA +3 due to the slow effect of FoA Magic's merchant (south): Later [or now]: buy rare and unknown spells including Summon Fiend (4050 gp) TOTAL:


Ust Natha:


1134 252 0

-> Aerie AC-6/-7, or Protagonist AC-13 -> Imoen TH 16/11 (2)

-> Protagonist


Outside Male fighters:



Near bridge:

ENCOUNTER Drow Leader: lie (talk 1) ENCOUNTER Solaufein: directs you to the marketplace platform to meet a Handmaiden (Imrae)

Imrae's Quest Talk to Solaufein (and Imrae): Q (fight in caverns)

80000 gp


Fight across first bridge: use Stealth, buff with Protection from Magic and use True Sight, 23k xp, Halberd Dragon's Breath +4 (1d10 + 5 elemental damage). In EE Keldorn eventually use it but is not necessary. Full Plate armor also dropped!

***Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (#2) ***Dragon's Breath +4 ***Full Plate! (#4)

At Ranger 12: 4 pips for weapon proficiencies remain until reaching the maximum level. This play through will try Quarterstaff** and TwoHanded Weapon Style*, and lastly Sword & Shield*; will perhaps try e.g. the Rod of Smiting Update: we tried to use the Rod of Smiting but it's not better than the FoA +3 due to the slow effect of FoA; select Sword & Shield*: helps AC vs Missile while using the Shield of Harmony (which penalizes AC vs Missile)

Ranger12 Cleric13 +1hp->138 Quarterstaff* or Sword & Shield* TH 8/0/2 (3) w/ STR21


Talk to Solaufein across SE bridge -> fight! Kill Mind Flayers first, 39k xp, Phaere speaks to finalize, 20k xp

Re-clear #1:

Re-clear the Southern Tunnels/Beholder Lair (two Beholders and three Gauths, 55k xp). Can re-clear here and Kuo-Toa area in 24 hours


Finalize with Solaufein (and Imrae), Q (go to Phaere in Tavern)


Aboleth / Qilues Brain ENCOUNTER Duergar; talk to Aboleth (in the tank) Q (brain) Qilues:

Full buff including Resist Fear, Protection from Fire, use Breach, 57k xp; rare scroll of Fire Elemental dropped!


Aboleth finalize 10k xp


Tavern Duels I: Szordin duels net 36k xp and 2500 gp from Umber Hulk, Nabassu, Sahuagin Prince (rarely can drop Level 6-8 spell), and a Beholder. Do not talk to him after finalizing the final battle (to fight him later!)

© bg2mez

*Bone Blade +4 *Summon Fire Elemental scroll


Tavern Duels II: Sondal duels net 67k xp: Protagonist fight 2x (fight 2: 2500-4800 xp from summons BG2 only): Lasaonar and Chalinthra

***Blade of Searing +3

Then Aerie talk to Sondal to fight 3x Drow Mages with all best equipment, buffed, summon Djinni and use Improved Invisibility for the last fight Collect loot from duel pit

Talk to Phaere Q (rest and then meet at marketplace platform); her quests are the main plot quests Must Rest one time to progress the plot (memorize 1-2x Protection from Magic) but can Rest cheaper at the Svirfneblin village or in Caverns for free



Rest; can get "rest interrupted" again by Lizard Men 1900 xp (can rarely get drop good spell scrolls) or Umber Hulks to fight 8k xp

Imoen cast Limited Wish again get 2k gp, a Full Plate Armor +2 (AC1, 55 gp); Imoen drink a Potion of Insight (high Wisdom) to get the Glasses of ID; eventually ask for "an adventure like never before" to get a side quest for Chapter 6

Ust Natha:

Marketplace: South-east platform:


Phaere's 1st Quest (Beholder) Talk to Phaere (and Solaufein): Q (Eye Tyrant) Talk to Phaere again, fight Beholder (only) 14k xp, 20k xp

Phaere's 2nd Quest (Svirfneblin Patrol) Talk to Phaere (and Solaufein): Q (Svirfneblin patrol/deep gnomes)


West side:

Talk to Solaufein but send him away (talk 3, 1) ENCOUNTER Svirfneblin Leader: peacefully acquire Patrol Leader's Helmet [or kill them for 9k xp] Consider to visit Therndle to sell cheap gems and junk; and to store some loot

Ust Natha:


Finalize Phaere 28k xp all!

Phaere's 3rd Quest (Solaufein) Female Fighters: Talk to Phaere Q (get Solaufein's cloak) Male Fighters:

With CHA 18: talk to Solaufein (don't kill)

Female Fighters: Save. With CHA 18: finalize Phaere 30k xp all! -> chance to be intimate with Phaere, talk 1, 2, 1 to avoid (must avoid if in relationship) Jaheira says "Hmmm…out so soon? Did the Drow woman not dig her claws into you successfully? That is good..." (= romance OK!) (Check romance variable: e.g. Jaheiraromanceactive = 1 or 2)


ENCOUNTER Phaere and Matron Mother Ardulace Q (Earn House Dispana's Favour; get the blood or eye of an Elder Orb, or blood of an Elder Brain or Prince of a Kuo-Toa) finalize later! [Can PP with skill at 115 but no need to, will get items later]

Intrigue with Jarlaxle Outside Temple: ENCOUNTER Visaj Q (Jarlaxle/rope): Imoen talk to buy rope for only 500 gp, or: Protagonist with CHA 18 can buy rope for 500 gp,

© bg2mez


otherwise pay 750 gp, or: threaten and he will give the rope for free Near Female Fighters:

ENCOUNTER Taso Kala Q (fight creatures in the south-east/cult of another god): do not finalize this quest (worth 0 xp) to be able to fight her later for 7k xp!

SE platform:

Big fight, 38k xp, use Fireball; do not finalize the quest (worth 0 xp)

Deirex's Tower:

Save then enter. ENCOUNTER Lich Deirex: [can kill with Flail of Ages only, 22k xp] -> ENCOUNTER Jarlaxle and Visaj: Q (Soul gems) -> teleported outside Re-enter; fight then pick-up Lich Deirex's drops (Lich Tooth, Jaellat Wardstone); west and north chests are trapped and locked

*Armor of the Viper +5 *Limited Wish (#2) *Melf's Minute Meteors

Buff, save game and then get Deirex's gems from the container -> talk 4, 1 to fight Visaj and Jarlaxle 26k xp; pick-up drops very quickly (Visaj: Quarterstaff +1, 20 gp; Jarlaxle: Dagger +2, Drow armor and weapon), worth 1k gp [or finalize peacefully for 10k xp]

Deirex's upper floor:

Loot upstairs: Rogue stone, 2x Kings tears, 1128 gp, Ruby Ray of Reversal, Cacofiend, Spear +3, Two-handed sword +2, Short sword +2 and the Crossbow of Affliction +4 (+4 THAC0 and +4 damage! Keep through SoA) -> Keldorn [or Minsc] There is also a cursed ring (Ring of Folly)

*X-bow of Affliction +4 -> Keldorn TH 7/0 (2½) at level 14 w/ Kuo-Toa bolts *Ruby Ray of Reversal

House Jaellat:

Buff and then save game for a tough fight; melee only needed 116k xp, 2500 gp, 45 pearls, 4 emeralds, Scimitar +3 and 4 diamonds!

*Scimitar +3

Note: both doors go to the same area

Imoen L15 +1hp->71

Talk to Drow Slave Trader (talk 2, 2, 1, 3, 1) to buy Slaves for 1500 gp -> Slave Leader free! 7500 xp, REP+1


NW platform:

[OK to kill as he is leaving, 5k xp and you get your money back!]



Note: do not do the Djinn quest near the marketplace (worth 5k xp) because this will forfeit fighting the Torturers for 41k xp later

Re-clear #2:

Re-clear Kuo-Toa area (16k xp and possible good drops) and reclear Southern Tunnels/Beholder Lair (two Beholders and three Gauths, 55k xp). Can re-clear again in 24 hours

© bg2mez



Big Sell of Drow items; Big Buy #5 of spell scrolls from Drow merchants in Ust Natha: Svirfneblin village: Party is nearing the end of Ust Natha quests. Time to get Drow items from storage near Therndle (a large number of unidentified armor and weapons), can ID with Shadowkeeper, to sell back to the Drow merchants Empty inventory of all other items to make a lot of room! Sell cheap gems and junk to Therndle. Only sell more to him if you 87000 gp need more gold to be able to buy spells and items from Drow Merchants before the city becomes locked down (we used 58k gp to buy their spell scrolls, and 30k gp to buy from Carlig while still Drow), otherwise wait for a mega sell at Ribald Special Wares

Could buy unknown spells from Therndle (cheapest in U/D) now, but wait until later to firstly buy from Carlig while party is still Drow

Ust Natha:


Big Sell: Drow lower merchant: sell 1 load of Drow Full Plate (13), Elven Chain (16), Flails (14) and Long Swords (16) Drow mid merchant: sell remaining Elven Chain (11) and Long Swords (8) Sold Drow items for 11k gp! Last chance to buy spells, Sentinel Shield, Rod of Smiting, etc., from Drow Merchants! Drow north merchant also sells some rare potions at good prices: Potion of Storm Giant Strength (945 gp), Potion of Clarity (441 gp) and Potion of Magic Protection (630 gp) Buy rare spells from south and mid Drow Merchants for other NPC's to learn for xp's later (spent 52-58k gp) e.g.: Maze 4050 gp x2, Prismatic Spray 2450 gp, Conjure Fire Elemental 1620 gp x2, Spell Thrust, Spell Turning, Cacofiend, Spell Sequencer, Prismatic Spray, Incendiary Cloud, Carrion Summons and Summon Fiend! And lower level spells such as: Find Familiar, Protection from Fire, Cold, Spell Thrust, Secret Word and Spell Turning

Learn spells with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira -> Imoen +47-53k xp

Minsc at Ranger 15: Option 1: Two-Weapon Style*** for reduced off-hand THAC0 and give Cloak of Unerring to Jaheira Option 2: X-bow* for Kuo-Toa bolts (stun hits frequently!) for TH 5/1 (2) but is a bit cheesy Option 3 (BG2) definitely consider for BG2: Long Sword* for using the Equalizer +3 in Chapter 6, with the Daystar +2. In BG2 the Equalizer gives off-hand bonuses to the main hand, when wielded in the off-hand! However, I have read this was changed in EE, and my tests confirm that the main-hand bonuses are indeed gone in EE

32000 gp

Minsc L15 +3hp->138 Two-Weapon Style*** TH 5/-1/1 (3½) (or Long Sword* for BG2) -> Minsc give Cloak of Unerring Strikes to Jaheira

Update: we now plan for Minsc using the Crom Faeyr +5 & Belm +2 in SoA. The Crom Faeyr is fun to max-out the protagonist's THAC0 and damage/hit but the protagonist can cast Righteous Magic and DUHM to easily attain 25 strength.

© bg2mez


Tests show that Minsc will do at least 90% more damage per round wielding Crom + Belm vs Frostreaver and Stonefire. We will have the Crom Faeyr components near Minsc reaching level 21; therefore give Minsc pips in War Hammer at level 18 and 21; give him a 3rd pip in Two-Weapon Style here at level 15. Plan for Minsc in Throne of Bhaal: Axe of the Unyielding & Crom Faeyr (or Belm) is a good combination


Optional: kill the two Githyanki at Marketplace 4k xp, 200 gp

Central platform: Optional: kill the two Mind Flayers 18k xp


Drow Summoning Ritual Save game and then enter the Temple Talk to Matron Mother Ardulace: she is very pleased and takes the blood samples 22k xp all! Phaere wants you to visit... Ust Natha is now locked-down and sealed!


Female Fighters: Talk to Phaere with entire party present (Jaheira at least, or the dialog will not complete properly): she gives her silver eggs (Fake Dragon Eggs, Phaere's) and Despana Treasury Key, Q given (steal the real dragon's eggs and replace them with fakes)

Near Temple:

ENCOUNTER Solaufein: gives his own fake eggs (Fake Dragon Eggs, Solaufein's) which we will be giving to Phaere


Save, equip a couple of Potions of Invisibility or use a ring Minsc and Protagonist use STEALTH, Invisibility from the Ring of Gaxx, Invisibility Potion or Imoen cast Invisibility, in order to sneak by the Egg Guards (do not fight), enter the egg room and close the doors quickly Place Phaere's eggs in the container and take the real Dragon Eggs -> use Stealth or Invisibility and fight later, after the ceremony (or fight the Golems now for 40k xp) Use Stealth to exit (do not fight the guards) or Potion of Invisibility. It's OK if the guards both turn hostile, but do not fight them!

Female Fighters: Talk to Phaere: give Solaufein's eggs, finalize 20k xp An Imp portals in to give advice (In BG2: OK if Phaere just remains there and does not walk away; can actually fight later for 12k xp!)

Keldorn L15 +3hp->135 Halberd** TH 6/0 (2½) w/ Dragon's Breath, or TH 6/1 (2½) w/ Kuo-Toa bolts (Bracers of Archery -> Imoen)


(Do not buff) ENCOUNTER Phaere -> ceremony with Matron Mother Ardulace and Phaere; they die! Demon Lord gives 25k xp all! Can leave the city now

Aerie Cleric13 Mage13 +2hp->63 TH 12/4 (1) w/ Sling of Avoreen and +2 bullets

Matron Ardulace drops 3500 gp, Ring of Spell Turning, gems including 3 Rogue stones, 6 Black Opals, and Gorgon Plate +4 (nice, but sell). Phaere drops a Drow Piwafwi Cloak

***Gorgon Plate +4 *Rogue stone (x3) *Drow Piwafwi Cloak

Can now fight all Drow in the city for xp's! All become hostile after approximately 2 minutes (real-time) or walk to the hostile Egg Guards Note: do not talk to Dola Fadoon (Djinn) at the Marketplace so that you can fight the 4 Drow Torturers for 41k xp

© bg2mez


Bonus xp's!

To optimize (sneaky): take the party back to the Marketplace and save game. Imoen talk to 1 (or 2) Merchants and attempt to "steal" but of course will be caught in the act! 5x Drow will teleport in which can be fought for 20k xp and loot sold for 1k gp Market area: fight Drow for 12k xp; use Invisibility or Protection from Magic near Djinn and Torturers to safely fight them 41k xp

Cleric14 Ranger12 +1hp->139 Level 7 spell (Do not use HLA's until ToB)

Attack (F2) the caged creatures: 13400 xp Tavern: 10k xp Tavern upstairs: 17k xp North-west area: 3k xp

Jaheira F13 D13 +1hp->116 TH 8/1/4 (3½!) w/ Cloak of Unerring Strikes

[Female Fighter's: in BG2/EE 1.2: a fightable copy of Phaere might be there. Give Drow Cross Bow of Speed and Kuo-Toa bolts to Minsc; Keldorn use Kuo-Toa bolts as well; full buff including Haste, can take her down for 12k xp] Upper area: 7900 xp North-east area: 1800 xp Temple: fight for 51k xp (In EE: Imrae is here) South-east platform: 4k xp Result = 185-230k xp and 400-600 gp!



Last chance to buy Carlig spells before REVERTING back after 33000 gp finalizing with Adalon, so sell enough stuff at Therndle, e.g. Drow Elven Chain, Flail, X-bows, some +2 weapons (2H, Dagger, X-bow), but keep most loot to sell to Ribald Buy rare spells from Carlig while still Drow to learn with other NPC's for xp's later (spent 30k gp): 1520 gp: Disintegrate x3, Flesh to Stone x2, Globe of Invulnerability x2, Tensors x2, Invisible Stalker x2 2280 gp: Limited Wish, Mordy's, Warding Whip, Finger of Death, Cacofiend 3800 gp: Improved Mantle

Adalon's Lair:

Save game; full buff then give Adalon the Dragon Eggs, 78500 xp all! and Necaradan's X-bow +3 awarded [Minsc can use as alternate weapon with Kuo-Toa bolts; speed factor of only 2] -> teleported to the exit doors in the north-west area of the Kuo-Toa dungeon Adalon will help you fight the Drow, 11-35k xp (Adalon will very likely kill one Drow, the Drow Wizard, worth 20k xp!) Adalon says "The way to the surface is clear. Good luck to you!"


*Necaradan's X-bow +3 [-> Minsc alternate weapon]

Note: can get "rest interrupted" to fight two Drow at this location, 8k xp and more Drow equipment to sell

After assisting you Adalon seems to return to her lair in EE 1.3, but in BG2 probably will not return to her Lair (I think the latest patch makes her not re-appear in her Lair) Fighting Adalon is the only chance to get the Blood of a Silver Dragon (cannot PP the Blood) which enables an evil armor to be made in Chapter 6; without the blood you can still get the quest's fight vs three mages, worth approximately 20k xp Checked for BG2 (only): Adalon is not present in her lair after finalizing her quest

© bg2mez


Exit to surface/ Elven Temple:

Ambushed by six Drow and three Spiders, 26k xp Elven allies! Fight the Drow with your allies in small rooms 36k xp War Elf: "You there! You are not of our enemy's dark design! Get to the surface and report to Elhan immediately." War Elf: "Flee this place, lest you fall as a casualty of circ*mstance! Get to the surface and report to Elhan, he will see to your safety." [Can fight the last party of Elves without consequence after they have spoken to you]

War Elf: "You are not of the Drow! Get to the surface before you fall between our forces. Elhan, he will see to your safety." Consider to rest here (in the Elven Temple) twice to be able to reclear the Kuo-Toa area and Beholder Lair for more xp's; can rarely get "rest interrupted" to fight three Drow, 12k xp and more Drow equipment to sell


Return to the Caverns to sell all remaining Drow equipment (otherwise sunlight will dissolve it) for approximately 18k gp; EE Keeper is useful to ID the large number of armors and weapons Therndle (North): Sell one load to Therndle for the best prices: Full Plate (245 gp), Elven Chain (175 gp), Adamantine armor (175 gp), Shield (84 gp), Flail (201 gp), Halberd (140 gp), Scimitar (159 gp), Long Sword (105 gp), Lance (105 gp), X-bow of Speed (105 gp), Drow Bolts Sold for 17k gp! Carlig (South):

Sell excess Drow equipment to Carlig: Full Plate (161 gp), Flail (132 gp), etc. Buy spell scrolls from Therndle and Carlig (spent 21k gp)

Buy good/rare spells from Carlig now or return to the Caverns later in Chapter 6; note that the prices are very high so consider to wait to buy these non-unique spell scrolls: 560 gp: Protection from Electricity, Spell Shield 1120 gp: Animate Dead, Cloudkill 2240 gp: Improved Haste, Stone to Flesh 3360 gp: Mass Invisibility, Prismatic Spray, Project Image, Spell Sequencer

Learn spells with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira -> Imoen +16k xp

Therndle (North): Get equipment and gems if they were stored in a container! You can return to these merchants later, as needed

2000 gp

Note: Deirex's gems, Patrol Leader's helm, Fake Dragon Eggs and Book of Rituals cannot be sold anywhere, so leave them in the U/D

Wait to do major sell at Ribald Special Wares for the highest payout in SoA for most items except ammo! Ribald has +2/+3 armors & weapons, Full Plate +1, and a few potions, BUT the best prices are given even though he has those in inventory! Eventually sell ammo to Reirra in Chapter 7 for highest payout for ammo in SoA


Re-clear #3:

Re-clear Kuo-Toa area (16k xp and possible good drops) and reclear Southern Tunnels/Beholder Lair (two Beholders and three Gauths, 55k xp). Can re-clear again in 24 hours


[Can kill Carlig 4k xp and 600 gp; can kill the 3 mid-north Svirfneblin 8k xp]

© bg2mez


Exit to surface:

Note: if inventory is totally full can store some items in one of the bodies near the exit to the surface to make room if necessary; will need 25 inventory spaces or so during upcoming quests before returning to Athkatla

This play through will attempt to bring the Drow Piwafwi Cloak (+75% hide in shadows, +75% move silent, +6 save vs breath -> stealth 196 for Imoen) by dropping it on the ground then "bucket brigade" it to the edge of the map (works in EE 1.3!) Inventory is checked for Drow items approximately two times per round in Underdark Exit and the following map with Drizzt Leave the Cloak in the Underdark for now; we will return later Leave the Underdark to instigate Chapter 6!

Leaving the Underdark to instigate Chapter 6 (BG2 at 800 x 600 and 3D Acceleration enabled)

© bg2mez


Chapter 6 Underdark exit:

ENCOUNTER Elven Warrior -> General Sovalidaas -> Elhan: Suldanessellar has been concealed! Q (Rhynn Lanthorn) Note: cannot park Jaheira even though the romance is done. If Terminsel re-appears (due to a "bug"): set Terminselspawn=5 using EE Keeper on a previous save and re-load

2000 gp Cler14/Rgr12 2.87m xp Jaheira F13/D13 2.67m Keldorn L15 2.33m Minsc L15 2.36m Imoen M15/Th7 2.24m Aerie Cl13/M13 2.43m Party has 15.1m xp

Note: the Silver Blade causes Kruin to appear in Athkatla but was fairly "buggy" in BG2. Kruin can also appear in Forest of Tethir (see three two below); we will meet him there

Save; leave the area for Small Teeth Pass or Rest and re-clear the Underdark for xp's if not done

Between areas:

ENCOUNTER Drizzt Do'Urden and friends: be peaceful, ask for help against Bodhi

Note: cannot fight Drizzt with Jaheira or Keldorn (they will leave) Note: Drizzt will not offer to help you with Bodhi if you PP'ed his Scimitar in Baldur's Gate 1 (BG1)

Bonus items!

Imoen can pick pocket Drizzt's party as they leave the map with 1-2 Potions of Master Thievery and Boots of Speed Drop the Drow Piwafwi Cloak onto the ground before it turns to dust!

ENCOUNTER Drizzt: talk 3, 1, 4, 2, 1, 1, 1 and he will assist you in Bodhi's Lair Imoen drink 2x Potion of Master Thievery and wear Gloves of Pick Pocketing to pick pocket Drizzt's party. Click on each of them using F2/talk so they don't disappear (might need to cast a spell asap, as well): Regis: Ruby Pendant (can cast Dire Charm 1x/day; worth 90 gp), Oil of Speed, Potion of Healing

*Ruby Pendant of Beguiling

Catti-Brie: Ring of Invisibility (worth 900 gp), 2x Potion of Healing, Long Sword +2

*Ring of Invisibility

Wulfgar: 2 Potion of Heal, Strength Potion, War Hammer Aegis Fang +3 (2d4+3 damage)

*War Hammer Aegis Fang +3

Bruenor: Potion of Strength, 3x Potion of Healing Drizzt (he likely disappears, though): 5x Potion of Healing, Oil of Speed, Potion of Strength, Scimitar +3 (AC +2 bonus, 1d8+3 damage) which is possibly useful for Minsc only with this party

***Scimitar +3 with AC +2

Note: it is OK to use their weapons from this encounter as they won't be taken from you by anyone teleporting in (neither in Athkatla nor after completing Bodhi's Lair later on), with EE 1.3

[Can kill Catti-Brie and others as they walk away (Jaheira romance OK!) for good xp's and items worth a lot of gp; they will still help you in Bodhi's Lair!]

© bg2mez


Plan for phase 6:

Clear the three new areas: 1) Small Teeth Pass:

Night: Day or night:

Clear three new areas Fight Kruin (in the Forest of Tethir) Continue to do Fighter Stronghold quests (parts 2-4) Return to Athkatla! Keldorn's personal quest (if not yet done) Do Anomen's quest part 1 Finish Nalia's quest De-trap and unlock containers Miscellaneous fights: Promenade, Docks, Temple, Bridge Get the Staff of the Magi +5 Mega sell of loot to Ribald special wares; do not sell the new EE items Buy and learn (scribe) spells for xp's with Jan, Nalia (and Neera if present) Enhanced Edition quests: - Finish Rasaad's quest - Do Neera's quest Do Anomen's quest part 2 Do Fighter Stronghold quest 5 Do the Skinner Murders quest to get Gesen Bow component (could do Bodhi's Lair first) Do Mae'Var's and Thieves Guild quests Learn spells with Edwin for xp's Optional: Fight Thieves to get Boots of Speed Do Bodhi's Lair (Rhynn Lanthorn quest) Resurrect girlfriend at Temple Ruins Rescue Mazzy and finish the Temple Ruins quest with her Initiate Ranger Stronghold quest Enhanced Edition quest: Hexxat's quest part 2

Save game! Protagonist equip the Amulet of Power and Minsc use Mace of Disruption +2 to fight a lot of Mists (Vampiric Mists, Crimson Death, and Mist Horrors) in the new areas


If night: fight four Wolfwere 5600 xp or Shadows/Wraiths 7k xp South of bridge: fight Mists 25500 xp South-west: fight Ankhegs 3k xp

2) North Forest: Day (after 5am): If daytime: buff immediately (no stepping) with Protection from Fire and Improved Invisibility (e.g. use ring), fight solo and kill Dao first, all others ranged, 13k xp Night:

If night, or re-visit at night: fight Vampires near sarcophagus, 29k xp! *Locked sarcophagus: can get up to four good spells else reload: Can get e.g. Abi-Dalzim's, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trigger, Project Image, Khelben's, Improved Mantle, Mantle, Power Word Stun, Ruby Ray, Caco Fiend, Spell Trap, Pierce Shield, Incendiary Cloud Sphere of Chaos, Stone to Flesh, Summon Nishruu, Carrion Summons, Symbol Fear, Simulacrum, Protection from the Elements or Summon Fiend! This play through got: Pierce Shield, Ruby Ray and Laeral's tear Previous play through got: Spell Trap, Khelben's and Laeral's tear

Day or night:

West: fight 43k xp, kill the mage first otherwise he will cast Time Stop South: fight Greater Wyvern 5500 xp and Trolls 3k xp or Mists 25500 xp NE: fight Yuan-ti 14500 xp

***Time Stop (#2) ***Full Plate (#5) *Wand of Paralyzation

Next: consider to do the next Fighter Stronghold quest at De'Arnise, or clear one more new area…

© bg2mez


3) Forest of Tethir:

Mid-map: fight Yuan-ti 14500 xp or Mists 25500 xp or Wolfwere 5600 xp Central fallen tree: fight Mists 10k xp West fallen tree: fight Mists 12k xp


Fight Cultists 16k xp


Fight two more Mists 12k xp

*Spear +2

ENCOUNTER Kruin (wants the Silver Blade): big fight vs Kruin and seven Githyanki (unless you've been to Athkatla already) 32k xp

*Silver Hilt (component #2 of 2)

Possible Kruin and Githyanki bug because the Githyanki are spawned about 1½ times the field of vision of Kruin. Spread out your party members to the north of Kruin's field of vision and then encounter Kruin

Minsc L16 +3hp->141 TH 4/-2/0 (3½)

South-east cave: Loot pond for Mana Bow +4 Small fights, trap on floor near rock archway Fight Kuo-Tao 10k xp

*Mana Bow +4

North-west house: ENCOUNTER Coran: Q (Safana/Wolfweres/Lanfear) Buff, cast True Sight and then enter: fight Mists 40k xp; de-trap and unlock three containers (Chain mail +2, 75 gp)

Imoen L16 +1hp->72 TH 15/8 (2) w/ Bracers of Archery, Level 8 spell


ENCOUNTER Lanfear and Safana: fight 16400 xp [Can kill Coran for 6k xp with no repercussions]

New areas re-visit #1: Bonus xp's!

Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for a bonus 175-200k xp each time!

Forest of Tethir:

Did not re-visit [mid-map: fight Wolfweres 7k xp, or Yuan-ti 14500 xp or Mists 25500 xp; minor fight in SW]

North Forest:

Fight Vampires near sarcophagus at night, 29k xp! NE: fight Yuan-ti 14500 SE: fight Trolls 3k xp or Mists 25500 xp

Small Teeth Pass:

Fight Gnolls (or Hobgoblins or Orcs) South: possible fight vs Mists 25500 xp or Wolfweres 7k xp

Underdark re-visit #1: Entrance to U/D (Underdark):

Note: do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Night time: fight Drow with Elves near entrance to U/D, 20-30k xp (BG2: plus summons 2k xp)



Fight Kuo-Toa 16k xp Fight three Mind Flayers at western edge in Caverns 27k xp Fight two Beholders and three Gauths in Beholder Lair 55k xp = 98k xp total Rest (might have a dream) Rest in Caverns again to get interrupted by Umber Hulks 8k xp, and Lizard Men who can drop good scrolls including: - Protection from Energy, True Sight, Death Spell, Tensors Transformation, Mordy's, Flesh to Stone, Power Word Stun, Summon Hakeashar, Control Undead, Invisible Stalker or Simulacrum

© bg2mez

*Elven Chain +1 (x3)


Next Visit can be in 24 hours

Keldorn L16 +3hp->138 TH 5/-1 (2½) or TH 5/-2 (2½) with Kuo-Toa bolts


De'Arnise Hold:

Continue the Fighter Stronghold quests from Chapter 3 (do quest 2 or 3 at this time): Next Visit in 7 days for FIGHTER III

Fighter Stronghold quest 2 Lastin: buy medicines for 500 gp -> 15500 xp reward Fighter Stronghold quest 3 Bolumir, Priest of Tempus: 15500 xp awarded for letting him stay


Next Visit in 7 days for FIGHTER IV

Optional: buy Boots of Grounding (50% electrical resistance) from Priest of Tempus upstairs 432 gp for Imoen or Aerie Upstairs: Imoen unlock one cabinet! (Note: cannot de-trap the one trapped container downstairs)

Return to Athkatla!

Note: wait to visit the Graveyard since this resets the clock to midnight and your girlfriend is taken from the party. Do a few simple quests first, and may as well do some of the new EE quests with the new NPC's Note: there are no new Vampire encounters in Athkatla at midnight to fight Note: if Jaheira romance dialog activates then set Terminselspawn=5 or 6 on previous save and re-load



Temple above the Copper Coronet: give Yoshimo's heart for 200k xp!


Copper Coronet: Sell the Rod of Absorption to Bernard for 75 gp and buy back fully charged for only 1125 gp! Protects against nine spell levels! Sell the Necklace of Missiles (originally has only 2 charges) for 250 gp and buy back fully charged for 2250 gp!



ENCOUNTER Shadow Thief: ask Linvail for help against Bodhi -> Aran Linvail will send his best assassins to help, "Arkanis & Yachiko and others"!


Radiant Heart:

ENCOUNTER Squire Cathras: ask Prelate Wessalen for help against Bodhi -> a group led by Sir William Reirrac will help!


Adventure Mart:

Drop-off inventory in Ribald's cabinets to sell soon, after getting some more loot and gems [could sell now gems, necklaces and unique magical items, but we will wait a bit; keep 1x Rogue Stone] Buy the Robe of Vecna if not done already *Anti-cheese: do not sell new enhanced edition items!

Note: during the night or day-time eventually do the following in Athkatla: Promenade:


NE: buy missing spells from Jayes (approximately 20:30 - 04:00)



SW: buy missing spells from Cutpurse (approximately 20:30 - 04:00)



Temple of Talos: sneak Necklace of Talos/Amulet from locked drawer, 20k xp, to eventually give to Mae'Var



Ore Merchant: pay Jerlia 500 gp to get the Illithium Alloy



South: talk to Faraji about Mrs. (Missus) Cragmoon, then talk to Cragmoon and report that she is a witch to Lieutenant Aegisfield East Mid dock: Qadeel: kill the two Ogres

© bg2mez


Keldorn's Quest: Government: Firecam Estate:

If not yet done, with Keldorn in party: ENCOUNTER Peony, his daughters and wife Lady Maria: talk 4 -> Promenade: Mithrest Inn: talk to Thorpe (talk 3) -> Firecam: Lady Maria finalize 15500 xp (talk 3, or for the same reward talk 2 and Keldorn should be in his estate again to join the party 24 hours later) Unlock and loot chest (Pearl necklace) Keldorn's personal quest done!


Copper Coronet: Park Minsc and get Anomen! Anomen's Quest:

Anomen's Quest part 1: Government: Delryn Estate:

Outside, Athkatla only: ENCOUNTER Terl (after 5½ days have passed since first meeting Anomen): Q (Anomen's sister Moira), tells Anomen to go to his Father's home

Anomen talk to Delryn Door Guard *Can get a high level spell in the two locked chests! Can be Mordy's, Spell Turning, Summon Efreeti, Summon Djinni, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trap or Protection from the Elements! Anomen talk to Cor Delryn (his father; Jan can PP 2x, for a small chance of getting a high level spell); proceed with Anomen to the urn At the urn: choose to decline vengeance, talk 2, 2, 1 (or 2)

Awesome Voice Acting

Council of Six:

Anomen speaks with his father (nice voice acting!): "Nay Father. It is time for this foolishness to end…" To which Cor Delryn retorts: "Shut your mouth! If you leave now you are forever banished from this place…" 10500 xp

Talk to Bylanna: choose peaceful here (talk 2), 7500 xp and Anomen will eventually be able to upgrade his Wisdom by 4 points in approximately 10 days and he will get 50k xp's; however, Saerk and company will not appear in Saerk's Estate (Fighting Saerk would yield a Full Plate armor)


Ranger13 Cleric14 +1hp->140 TH 7/-1/1 (3½!) WHIRLWIND (first HLA in Enhanced Edition) (Do not use until ToB)

Park Anomen (for 10 days) and get Minsc


Note: doing the following looting does not affect the Knighthood of Anomen (his personal quest part 2)

Estate of Saerk Farrahd: (related to Anomen's quest)

Walk up the stairs and then enter the Estate ENCOUNTER Guard: use Stealth or Improved Invisibility to sneak around, or fight all 7500 xp and loot (only the safe is trapped on this floor) Mid north-east room: safe is trapped, has 1250 gp, Star Sapphire, Ruby ring; table has Flail +1; Bastard Sword +1 dropped

*Potion of Master Thievery (x2) *Potion of Invisibility *Elixer of Health (x3) *Flail +1

Downstairs: fight all 3750 xp and loot *Ground floor kitchen cabinet (locked): can rarely get Level 7-8 spell such as Simulacrum *Ground floor last chest in NW room (locked): can rarely get spell such as Protection from Energy! South-west room: trapped desk, has emerald East room: Dispel Magic scroll

© bg2mez

*Dispel Magic


Nalia's Quest conclusion: Government: Roenall Estate:

Council of Six:

Save then enter *Locked chests can have a Level 7 spell (e.g. Mordy's, Pierce Shield, Mass Invisibility, Summon Fiend or Laeral's tear) Get the financial records Talk to Corgeig Axehand with the two pieces of evidence (Slavery Document, Financial Statement) -> trial with Corgeig, Isaea Roenall and Nalia is present, 7k xp all! Nalia remains there unless you join/dismiss and send her back to the Copper Coronet [Can kill Isaea as he leaves 6k xp]

Nalia's personal quest done!

De-trap and unlock containers for approximately 220k xp; loot (worth 6k gp + items) with full party Also, do some miscellaneous fights (if desired can save the fights until much later having the Crom Faeyr) Promenade:

Unlock one chest near the north tent Note that de-trap is worth 2750 xp and unlock 950 xp! (vs 950/ 400 xp in Chapter 1-4) 2k xp more per trapped/locked container

Miscellaneous fight Seven Vales Inn Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Mencar Pebblecrusher: big fight, attack the (fight): mage first, then Brennan (surround to avoid fleeing), then Smaeluv, 28k xp, 250 gp, drop includes Ring of Invisibility [If fighting early in game in Chapter 2 can use Jaheira's Entangle, Woodland Beings, and Free Action] De-trap one chest, unlock all chests 300 gp

***Full Plate *War Hammer +1 *Ring of Invisibility *Cloak of Non-detection *Cursed Berserker Sword +3

Ore Merchant:

*Illithium Alloy



Daytime, if not done: pay Jerlia 500 gp to get the Illithium Alloy (keep until much later) Unlock four chests (do not loot)

Temple of Talos: Night: sneak Necklace/Amulet from locked drawer, 20k xp (to eventually give to Mae'Var) Trapped and locked chest/cabinet in north and east (210 gp) rooms

*Potion of Storm Giant Strength (STR 24) *Wand of the Heavens

Temple of Helm: Unlock north chest Lathander:

Guarded Compound (fight):

De-trap chest in east (loot ok); unlock south safe and chest but do not loot

Miscellaneous fight ENCOUNTER Sion & Ketta: they teleport upstairs Buff with Protection from Fire then fight summoned creatures just past the grand piano 0 xp (22k xp in BG2) Full buff, consider to be invisible with Imoen detecting traps, and then go upstairs Upstairs: big fight, Imoen detect traps and Keldorn cast True Sight. Can cast Fireball (aim just above the column) 44500 xp, 400 gp; Koshi has Celestial Fury. A lot of loot is dropped but in EE the Strange Rogue Stone (worth 0 gp) is not present, which in BG2 gives access to the Mages in Bridge District (southern door). Must use a regular Rogue Stone in EE

North-west room: loot three trapped chests, loot Wand of Paralyzation

© bg2mez

***Celestial Fury (overpowered - sell) *Helm of Defence *Full Plate +1 (x2) *Mace +2 *Large Shield +2 *BG2 only: Strange Rogue Stone *Short Sword +2 *Leather armor +3 *Wand of Paralyzation


Sewers, north (fight):

Sewers, Old Tunnels:



South room: loot a Sling +2 Mid east room: trapped table with 800 gp

*Spear +3 (x2) *Sling +2

Downstairs: north-west: one trapped chest which contains a Morningstar +2 (2d4+2 damage); all other chests locked

*Morningstar +2

Miscellaneous fight ENCOUNTER Tarnor the Hatchetman and five henchmen: full buff, big fight 34200 xp; drops include Full Plate, Full Plate +1, Hangard's Axe +2 (ranged), 2x Small Shield +2, Wyvern's Tail +2 (flail), 300 gp, can also get a level 7-8 spell

*Full Plate *Full Plate +1 *Wyvern's Tail +2 *Hangard's Axe +2 *Plate +1

Down hallway from entrance: Otyugh re-spawn in BG2, not in EE 1.3, 5k xp De-trap floor and unlock chests in north room and Gaal's area Unlock: Vulvula Estate (no traps), Firecam Estate De-trap/unlock: Sarles (one trap)

East Mid dock:

Morning/day: ENCOUNTER Qadeel: kill the two Ogres 540 xp, do not hit Qadeel accidentally; finalize 6500 xp, 200 gp [Can kill Qadeel as he leaves 3500 xp]

Fish house:

De-trap and unlock: main floor: trapped bookshelf with Wand of Magic Missiles (10 charges); upstairs: trapped chest of drawers

House south of Bathis Estate:

Trapped crate (do not loot yet, save to fight some guards later)

Miscellaneous fight House NE of Five Big fight in warehouse 38k xp, 90 gp, Bracers AC7; two trapped Flagons (fight): containers contain 460 gp, Laeral's tear, Star Sapphire, Spirit Armor and Breach scrolls

Five Flagons:

Unlock three chests upstairs and one downstairs

By Delosar's:

ENCOUNTER Vittorio (Limited Wish adventure) -> talk to Captain Dennis for quest (gong quest) but will do much later Unlock these chests (do not loot, save to fight Dennis later); upstairs: unlock (loot ok)

Derelict house:

De-trap painting and unlock for 452 gp, 2x Silver necklace and an Angel Skin ring

South House (Tirdir quest):

Unlock chests: one on main floor, two upstairs

*Wand of Magic Missiles

*Laeral's tear *Star Sapphire

Upstairs: in EE: hold Lady Elgea for ransom, get Ransom Note from the cabinet; Welther is now present in the Slums Do much later as you are accused of crimes and attacked by Cowled Enforcer/Legionary/Centurions: after acquiring the pantaloons release Elgea for 8500 xp and fight the enforcers who teleport in In BG2: talk very quickly: 1) hold Lady Elgea for ransom and then 2) click quickly to release and free her for 8500 xp. Get Ransom Note from Cabinet; Welther is present in the Slums in the evening/night (after 19:00) (If you release Elgea immediately: 16750 xp but no Welther and no pantaloons) South House:

Door near entrance to South House: de-trap and unlock. A Rogue Stone is required to enter but we do this tough fight later…

© bg2mez




Unlock hidden door if not done; enter and fight Lich if not yet done


North Warehouse:De-trap and unlock; possible fight vs Thugs 2400 xp Shadow Thief Guildhall:

Unlock main floor chests and upstairs trapped/locked chests


Imoen can barely de-trap; can use Jan


Unlock including upstairs

Sea Bounty (fight):

Unlock hidden door (do not bring Jaheira inside tavern yet)

*Conjure Fire Elemental

Miscellaneous fight Downstairs without Jaheira: enter hidden door -> Pirates hideout: use Chaotic Commands, 24k xp, 1100 gp, Pearl necklace Outside:

Unlock chest by Harper's


De-trap and unlock painting; upstairs: unlock chests (one trapped), get Montaron's body 20k xp


Main floor: unlock one chest 2nd floor: de-trap and unlock one chest (Pearl necklace) and several doors 3rd floor: unlock three chests *Top floor west chest: can have Level 7 spell! (e.g. Summon Djinni, Spell Shield, Carrion Summons or Protection from Energy)


*Bastard Sword +1

Unlock one chest (do not loot) Later: return to Cromwell to craft the Equalizer Sword for 7500 gp (takes 16 hours to make in EE)

House/apartment Unlock two containers (do not loot) above Cromwell's: House by Temple: Unlock main floor and cabinet upstairs



Unlock two chests

Copper Coronet: Optional: Aerie talk to Salvanas (Elf) by bar for funny conversation Jansen's:

Unlock three chests upstairs and two downstairs

Gaelan Bayle's:

Unlock main floor; upstairs: de-trap and unlock three containers (chest of drawers contains 110 gp, Pearl necklace and a Wand of Magic Missiles)

Slaver's ship:

Unlock door into the dry-docked "ship"

*Wand of Magic Missiles

End of de-trap/unlock for approximately 220k xp total!

Note: suggested to keep waiting a bit longer before taking on the Graveyard/Bodhi, although you could go for it now if desired

Note: if desired can wait until much later (having the Crom Faeyr) before doing the following miscellaneous fight


Twisted Rune / Shangalar Quest South house with Use a Rogue Stone (in BG2 use the Strange Rogue Stone) (can buy Mages: a regular Rogue stone for 3700 gp from Gorch if needed) to be able to enter the back door of the southern house

© bg2mez


Mage area: do not step! Buff first especially vs Fire and use Shield of the Archons/Spell Trap Minsc equip: Shield of Balduran, Daystar (use Sunray ability) ENCOUNTER Shangalar: tough fight vs Vaxall, Revanek, Shyressa and Layene (casts Improved Mantle and Timestop) 84500 xp, 3890 gp, Staff of the Magi +5 (mages only may use) with 1d6+1 damage, AC +2 bonus, +2 saves, can cast Spell Trap, and dispels magic upon each hit! Also dropped: Heavy X-bow +2 (TH+2, damage +4)

***Staff of the Magi +5 *Full Plate *Heavy X-bow +2

Preference is to not use this overpowered weapon at all, although the mages can defeat a dragon solo by wielding it! Imoen could use the staff as her alternate weapon (can detect traps while invisible). Aerie could use the Staff as her main weapon but preference is to keep using the Sling of Avoreen until Throne of Bhaal


Mega learn spells from scrolls from those that were stored-up in Chapter 3 and looted/bought in Chapter 4-6! Temporarily park Minsc and Keldorn to scribe the spells firstly with Imoen, Jaheira and Aerie and then together with Jan and then Nalia (and Neera a bit later when starting her quests) -> Imoen +117k xp

Cleric Level 15: the level 3 spell Animate Dead will now summon a much better Skeleton that will have 80 hp (vs 60 hp for Cleric level 11-14), Two-Handed Sword +1, 2 attacks per round, THAC0 11 Their resistances are: magic (90), poison/cold/electricity (100), slashing/piercing (50), missile (60); and are immune to stun, hold, domination, confusion, charm, fear, level-drain, petrification, paralyze, sleep, poison and fatigue

Cleric15 Ranger13 +1hp->141 GREATER WHIRLWIND (GW #1) (do not use HLA's in SoA)

Jan join to learn spells -> ENCOUNTER Beeloo Jansen Q (Lissa) OK to park Jan and continue his quest much, much later Neera (if present, otherwise wait) join to learn spells -> she speaks of Protagonist's encounter with Phaere!


Adventure Mart:

Mega Sell #3 to Ribald Special Wares (pay 50 gp to access) for the best prices in SoA even if he has some of the items in inventory already! Then buy some high level spells from him once Imoen attains Level 9 Mage spell slots Plan is to sell the first load of valuable items (e.g. Full Plate armors 1-16) to Ribald, then 2nd load (17-32) to Reirra in Chapter 7 and then the 3rd load (of Full Plates) to Therndle; therefore store-up loot in containers in Adventure Mart until the end of Ch. 7 Do not sell spell scrolls until having scribed spells with Aerie, Jan, Nalia, Neera, Edwin and Haer'Dalis; then sell excess scrolls to Ribald in Chapter 7 in one lot for the highest pay-out Wait to sell potions to Ribald in Chapter 7 after accumulating if you wish to maximize Sell ammo to Reirra in Chapter 7 after accumulating to maximize the gold pay-out

Mega Sell at Ribald Special Wares! Pay 50 gp to access; accumulate ordinary items (armor, weapons, ammo, potions and scrolls) to sell in lots of 16 to maximize gold:

© bg2mez

150k gp


- Sell gems, necklaces and unique magical items only. [Can sell the Skull of Death for 2750 gp, and 2x Ring of Invisibility for 1650 gp each if in need of more gold] - Sell/buy back the Rod of Absorption and Necklace of Missiles if not done (cheapest to do so at Bernard or Joluv in the Copper Coronet) - Keep 1x diamond, 1x Beljuril and 7k gp if would like to upgrade the Horn of Valhalla (also keep another diamond and a silver necklace if haven't done Neera's Hidden Refuge quests yet) - Probably have 16 or more of the following ordinary items (sell for approximately 2k gp): - Chain, Mail - Long Sword, Bastard Sword - Heavy/light Crossbow - Longbow - Kept: Dragon's Breath (worth 3575 gp): Keldorn's weapon for now - Consider to not sell yet as you will find more of them: regular magical items such as Long Sword +2 (2125 gp), Elven Chain +1 (4125 gp), Leather +3, Spear +3 (1000 gp), Full Plate +1 (8500 gp)

- Also sold some surplus spell scrolls: Simulacrum, Death Spell, Protection from Energy, Summon Efreeti and Identify for an extra 39k gp (but you will likely accumulate more of these) - Now (and/or later): buy some of the highest level spells from Ribald Special Wares (spent 70k gp) for Imoen and Aerie to scribe/learn, but keep 7500-15k gp to soon craft the Equalizer and Gesen Bow at Cromwell's

Slums, Promenade, Docks, Gates, Bridge:

Buy missing spells for Imoen, Aerie, Jan, Nalia and Neera (spent all Level 3 gold except ~23k gp to buy items, see below). Spell costs in order of scroll cost: cheapness: 1) Bernard (Level 1 scrolls cost 45 gp) 2) Jayes (night time only, 20:30 - 04:00)

135 gp n/a

3a) Thieves' at Docks (Level 1 scrolls cost 60 gp)

180 gp

3b) Cutpurse (Bridge SW, night 20:30 - 04:00)

180 gp

3c) Trademeet: Red Tent (visit later)

180 gp

4) Gates Merchant (temporary; only can buy once!)

195 gp

5) U/D: Therndle (north)

201 gp

6a) Galoomp/Bookkeeper (Level 1 scrolls cost 72 gp) 6b) Lady Yuth (Adventure Mart)

216 gp

7a) Ribald (normal items; Special Wares: buy Freedom spell scrolls now, but buy the other Level 9 spells later) 7b) Trademeet: Smithy (visit later)

222 gp

Mega learn spells from scrolls that were bought! Temporarily park Minsc and Keldorn and then scribe scrolls with Imoen, Jaheira and Aerie together with Jan, then Nalia (and later with Neera after starting her quests) -> Imoen +121k xp

© bg2mez

222 gp

Jaheira F14 Druid14 +2hp->118 TH 7/0/3 (3½) w/ STR19 WHIRLWIND + GREATER WHIRLWIND Level 7 spell (Creeping Doom!) (do not use HLA's in SoA)


Level-up! --->

Aerie Cleric14 Mage13 +1hp->64 (69hp with Sensate Amulet) TH 12/4 (1) Cleric Level 7 spell

Level-up! --->

Imoen L17 +1hp->73 Level 8 spell (#2)

Big Buy #6 : Promenade:

Adventure Mart: Deidre: Vhailor's Helm (+1 AC bonus, casts Simulacrum but do not use in SoA) Deidre: Sensate Amulet (+5 hp) Consider to buy any nice-to-have items if not yet bought: Ribald: Ring of Air Control (Improved Invisibility for 10 rounds) for 2220 gp Ribald: Bracers AC3 for 4810 gp Ribald: Helm of Brilliance for 5838 gp

-> Keldorn AC-2


--> Aerie [or Anomen]

0 0 0

Maheer (Promenade):

Very optional: upgrade the Horn of Valhalla to the Iron Horn with 1x diamond, 1x Beljuril (total cost is 7k gp)


Bernard (Coronet):

If not bought already: as Keldorn's alternate weapon: Army Scythe +1 (X-bow with +1 attacks per round!) 2700 gp



Cost 13230

-> Imoen or Aerie


Optional buy: ammo is cheapest at:


Bullets +2:

Arledrian Gates Merchant Promenade, Elence (Umar Hills), Therndle (U/D) Jayes, Trademeet (Merchant and Kich)

378 390 402 414

Arrows +2:

Cutthroat (Bridge), Trademeet (Red Tent) Gates Merchant Arledrian, Perter Therndle (U/D)

240 260 252 268


Consider to make the Equalizer for 7500 gp at Cromwell's (takes 24 hours to make and spells are memorized), which is a good option for Minsc's off-hand if putting pips into Long Sword

**Equalizer +3

The Equalizer does 1d8 damage and +3 to hit, +6 damage vs most enemies (Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil, Lawful Good, Chaotic Good); +2 to hit, +4 damage vs Neutral Evil and Neutral Good Equalizer damage vs Lawful/Chaotic Evil: 1d8 +6 = 7-14 damage with TH+3 Immunity to Charm and Confusion granted as well

Possible bonus BG2 only (yes with BG2_Tweaks-v14; but not with the latest tweak mod The Tweaks Anthology v.4): damage! [The Equalizer also increases damage for main hand weapon! This results in Minsc potentially doing 10-32% more damage vs using the Frostreaver and Stonefire axes] The Daystar Long Sword is still a viable weapon for main hand for Keldorn and Minsc once he gets two pips in Long Sword It does 1d8 +2 damage, +4 THAC0 and damage vs. Evil creatures, does double damage against Undead for 14-28 damage with TH+4! Can cast Sunray even if only held in quick slot

© bg2mez


Between areas (night or day):

WAYLAID by bandits disguised as the party! 18k xp Will occur once; being Waylaid there after will be by the mage and muggers as per Chapter 2-3

New areas re-visit #2:

Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time Typically we re-clear these areas ten times in a play through:

Forest of Tethir:

Fight mid-map: Yuan-ti (14500 xp), Wolfweres or Mists (25500 xp)! Fight north-west fallen tree Fight mid-east fallen tree: Spiders and Ettercaps

North Forest:

Fight Yuan-ti in NE 14500 xp Fight Mists in SE 25500 xp, or Trolls 3k xp Fight Greater Wyvern in south 5500 xp

Small Teeth Pass:

Fight Gnolls, Hobgoblins or Orcs Fight south: Mists 25500 xp

Underdark re-visit #2:

Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later


Fight Kuo-Toa 16k xp Fight three Mind Flayers at western edge in Caverns 27k xp Fight two Beholders and three Gauths in Beholder Lair 55k xp


Fighting tips vs: Kuo-Toa's : wear the Ring of Free Action + Chaotic Commands Mind Flayer's : use the Shield of Harmony + Chaotic Commands; all others use ranged and stay back; INT must not drop below 1 Gauth's : wear the Ring of Free Action + Cloak of Mirroring/Shield of Balduran (you get the xp's from deaths by reflecting Gauth rays) Beholder's : may become de-buffed; use Cloak of Mirroring + Shield of Harmony/Shield of Balduran (you get the xp's from reflected rays unless the Beholder becomes Petrified)

If not yet done: Fighter Stronghold quest 3 Bolumir, Priest of Tempus: 15500 xp awarded for letting him stay

De'Arnise Hold:

Next Visit in 7 days for FIGHTER IV

Optional: buy Boots of Grounding (50% electrical resistance) from Priest of Tempus upstairs 432 gp for Imoen or Aerie


Buy missing spells and learn -> Imoen +12k xp When scribing spells consider to park Minsc, Keldorn [and Anomen] because their highest level-ups later in the game do not gain much benefit so there is no hurry for them to "max them out." Therefore, continue to park them temporarily when learning new spells for the benefit of maxing Imoen, Aerie and Jaheira sooner



Buy unknown spells from Therndle and Carlig -> Imoen +12k xp

0 gp

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #3: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later

© bg2mez


Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time

Rasaad's quest: Slums:

Heretic Temple:

Park Minsc, get Rasaad to do his quest, although you can continue his quest without him

Talk the caged bear (Wilson) and buy him from Jolstead Do rest of Rasaad's quest as per above walkthrough (page 11) Rasaad done for SoA. Dismiss Rasaad and get Wilson from NW corner of map! Bring him to Athkatla and park in Slums (for Neera's quest later)

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #4: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time

North Forest:

Fighter ENCOUNTER Keep Messenger: says that Lord Roenall is waiting to Stronghold quest see us

De'Arnise Hold:


Fighter Stronghold quest 4 Lord Farthington Roenall wants the Keep but do not give it! 0 xp The next Stronghold quest happens in 5 days

Anomen's Quest:

Next Visit in 5 days for FIGHTER V (Chanelle)

Anomen join -> ENCOUNTER Sir Ryan Trawl (must be in Athkatla): Anomen is requested back at the Order of the Radiant Heart [Can kill Sir Ryan as he departs for 2500 xp, 67 gp and a Plate mail, and he still appears in the Radiant Heart for Anomen's Knighting]

Anomen's Quest part 2: Temple: Radiant Heart:

ENCOUNTER Sir Ryan Trawl -> Judgement Ceremony with Prelate Wessalen: "May the spirit of Torm enter this chamber!...Welcome to this place, Anomen!...I dub thee Sir Anomen." Anomen is Knighted by the Prelate and becomes Sir Anomen! 10k xp; 50k xp to Anomen and his Wisdom is increased 4 points to 16! 2x Level 1 and 2x Level 2 spell slots are gained Anomen finalize with Sir Ryan Trawl

Anomen +4 WIS

Anomen's personal quest done!

Neera's quest: Wild Forest:

Bring the entire party to the Wild Forest to meet Neera (for the first time in the Wild Forest); join, park Minsc and Keldorn to learn spells > Imoen +84k xp Send Neera to the Wild Mage camp; do the Wild Forest map as per above walkthrough (page 8)

Hidden Refuge:

Do Neera's quest as per above walkthrough, including: Trademeet:

A) Get the cask of beer from Vyatri's Pub for Mironda.

© bg2mez



B) Get the Hairband from the crate in the north for Mereth.

Slums or Heretic C) Get Wilson from the NE, or pay for him to free him from his cage Temple: if not yet done, for Zaviak.

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #5: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time

Hidden Refuge:

Aerie Mage14 Cleric14 +1hp->65/70 Mage Level 7 spell EXTRA L6 SPELL SLOT

Finalize Zaviak's quest, park Wilson (he stay's there for good even though the Refuge later gets attacked) Give the cask to Mironda and hairband to Mereth. Do other side quests as per above walkthrough if not yet done



Continue Neera's quest (without her in party) Must give Talisman of the Hearthfire to Daxus if he is to survive the entire quest.


Get Neera and take to the Hidden Refuge

Hidden Refuge:

ENCOUNTER Telana: talk about the situation


With Neera in party talk to Bouncer, talk 4 to fight 3500 xp Park Neera, can do rest of quest without her Continue Neera's quest as per above walkthrough

Red Wizard Enclave:

Outside: Neera rejoin, she speaks of returning to the Refuge

Hidden Refuge:

Mechanical Bird awarded and 10k xp all! Reginald gives The Brick +2 (war hammer that returns to the user), Telana gives a robe. Neera done for SoA!


*The Brick +2

Park Neera and use her only to learn unknown spells for xp's

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #6: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time

De'Arnise Hold:

Fighter Stronghold quest 5 Chanelle the Maid: choose Jessup, 15500 xp awarded


Clear and loot the Estate of Saerk if not done East Mid dock:

Next Visit in 4 days for FIGHTER VI


If not done: Morning/day: Qadeel: kill the 2 ogres 2x 270 xp, do not hit Qadeel accidentally; finalize 6500 xp, 200 gp

© bg2mez


Near Bel:

Skinner Murders Quest Talk to Rose Bouquet (pay 20 gp) -> talk to Bel (he gives three items) -> talk to Rose Bouquet with the three items Note: can successfully complete this quest by simply talking once to the tanner Rejiek Hidesman and then force attack him to get him to admit guilt and flee downstairs. The award from Lieutenant Aegisfield is the same xp's but no reputation increase To get the reputation increase from Aegisfield you only need to talk to Rampah to get the "exotic hide" and then speak with Bel about the elephant hide (you do not actually have to speak with Rose Bouquet at all)

Tanner Shop:

Talk to Rejiek Hidesman (2, 1, 1 or 4, 1, 1, 1): he says "Then I will have armed guards waiting. Go."


South: talk to Faraji (give 2 gp) about Mrs. (Missus) Cragmoon ("Mean evil witch…")

Bonus encounter!

SW, day time : talk to Missus Cragmoon and learn that she's a witch! Report this to Lieutenant Aegisfield and he will inform the Cowled Wizards that she is a witch. This will cause Strachan Fireblade and four others to attack you in two days for 1800 xp

Outside north of Bel: talk to Rampah: gives a piece of elephant hide (Exotic Hide) Talk to Bel: ask about the piece of leather/elephant hide Tanner Shop:

Talk to Rejiek Hidesman, he admits guilt: "I see. You have gathered this…er, evidence?" 23250 xp, fight the three thugs 1100 xp Downstairs: traps: three floor, bed and cabinet (get scroll/note from cabinet); Rejiek escapes! De-trap before following him Click on the bed for an evil, upgradeable armor Note: the tub of water has something in it (spooky) Next floor down: ENCOUNTER Vellin Dahn: fight, 28300 xp, two trapped crates *Small crate can have Level 7-8 spell or Laeral's tear! Large crate: Gesen bow component!

Bonus miniquest!

***Short Bow of Gesen (component #2 of 2)

In the trapped/locked cabinet is a scroll with a riddle to determine someone's name based on name of Vellin Dahn (Buy History of the Zhentarim in Umar Hills from a new merchant that will appear; no need to bring the scroll): The 1st of my first is how his last begins The 2nd of my first equals the 2nd of his first though regressed 4 steps The 3rd of my fist is 4 more than the last of his first The entire last of my first equals the last of his first, except the first one of these is the 1st of my last The 1st of his last is mine plus one The 2nd of my last equals the last of his first plus one The last of my last are 3rd and 2nd, coming in 1st for him







__ __ __ __ __ __






__ __ __ __

Lieutenant Aegisfield finalize 45k xp, 500 gp, REP+1 (he leaves) This quest continues in Trademeet (Tiris and Jenia)

© bg2mez



Between areas (night or day):



Mae'Var's Guildhall:

WAYLAID by bandits disguised as the party! 18k xp

Make the Short Bow of Gesen +4 for 7500 gp! 24 hours pass! Imoen use the Gesen with +2 arrows for much more damage than without using arrows!

***Short Bow of Gesen +4 -> Imoen TH 15/7 (2) with +2 arrows, or 15/5 with Bracers of Archery

Thieves Guild Quest and Mae'Var's Quest Bring/get necklace for Mae'Var from the Temple of Talos Finalize Mae'Var (give necklace) 29500 xp Top floor: talk to Edwin Odesseiron Q (kill Rayic Gethras)

Rayic's home:

Rayic's (grey house): need +2 weapons for Stone Golems First floor: use Protection from Fire; bookcase is trapped/locked

*Protection from Magic Energy

2nd floor: fight Golems 16k xp (or use Stealth/Invisibility to skip); loot 114 gp 3rd floor: buff with Protection from Evil Resist Fear (or Dispel) and Chaotic Commands (or Minsc use Berserk, Keldorn cast Dispel); can use Breach, Silence 10' Radius, Fireball, 9k xp; loot two trapped containers containing 220 gp, Wand of Fire (worth 510 gp) Mae'Var's:

Edwin finalize 20k xp, Q (Marcus documents)

Sea's Bounty downstairs:

Do not bring Jaheira here yet (we will talk to Ployer later)!

*Wand of Fire (10 charges)

Imoen with CHA 18 talk to Marcus: get the documents for free (talk 2, 3) [or PP, or use Aerie/Viconia to talk, or pay 250 gp] Mae'Var's:

Edwin finalize, 10k xp Downstairs: talk to Mae'Var Q (Embarl)

Sea's Bounty upstairs:

Talk to Embarl, discuss the situation, allow him to flee and get his Dagger [or PP failure to fight for 750 xp (REP ok), Potion of Invisibility]


Mae'Var finalize: talk 1 "This Embarl, he had some interesting things to say about you" for 28750 xp, or talk 4 for 18750 xp Upstairs: Edwin joins! (Level 13 Conjurer, evil alignment, INT 18, Adventurer's Robe)

-> Strongbox Key

Plan for Edwin: use only to learn spells for xp's

Join/dismiss to get the key from Edwin's inventory, and then get the evidence letter from drawer on the 2nd floor, as well as Boots of Stealth; send Edwin to the Copper Coronet

*Evidence Letter *Boots of Stealth -> Minsc or Imoen

Last chance to buy items from Gorsch (maybe buy +2 bullets for 414 gp but that's it) Shadow Thief Guildhall (Thieves):

Renal Bloodscalp finalize (give evidence letter) 48250 xp, Q (kill Mae'Var); Mae'Var's Guild is now hostile!


Buff, clear Mae'Var's, includes 750 gp from drops, 9600 xp Downstairs: big fight 44k xp; 0 xp for freeing the prisoner Kamuzu

*Shadow Armor +3 (#1 of 2)


Renal finalize 45500 xp all! Offered to join the guild (if Unlimited Strongholds mod installed) but rejected it! Awarded 10500 gp! and the Short Sword of Backstab +3 (given only if rejected the Stronghold) offer) [Have tried the Thief Stronghold quests, definitely not worth it]

Cleric16 Ranger14 +2hp->143 TH 6/-2/0 (3½) w/ STR21, GW2 & HARDINESS

© bg2mez



Buy any missing spells from Black Market Thief before fighting them (for Boots of Speed)

Keldorn L17 +3hp->141 TH 4/-1 (2½) w/ STR15 w/ Kuo-Toa bolts (or 4/-2 2½ w/ Dragon's Breath +4)

Level-up! --->

Aerie Cleric15 Mage14 +1hp->66/71 TH 12/4 (1) EXTRA L7 SLOT

Level-up! --->

Minsc L17 +4hp->145 TH 3/-3/-1 (3½)

Note: will not attack the Thieves on current play through (2016) as we are not using the Boots of Speed for any front-line fighters [Consider to attack the Thieves Guild now!]

Imoen L18 +1hp->74 Single Weapon Style* Level 9 spell! EXTRA LEVEL 6 SLOT

[Fight all for 47k xp! OK to do before doing Bodhi's (they still help you in Bodhi's!) Renal drops Boots of Speed, a Cloak of Protection +1 and a Shadow Armor; Linvail drops an Elven Chain +1; Torturer (Booter) has a Flail +1]

***Boots of Speed (#2) *Shadow Armor +3 (#2 of 2) *Elven Chain +1

Buy and learn unknown spells with all together with Edwin -> Imoen +37k xp

Jaheira F15 D14 +1hp ->119 Two Weapon Style*** TH 6/-1/0 (3½) w/ STR19; GW2 (or TH 5/-3/-1 (4½) w/ STR21, Belm +2 & Pale Green Ioun Stone)

Plan: if it's nearly midnight go to the Graveyard now (prioritize the Rhynn Lanthorn quest and starting the Ranger Stronghold), otherwise do a few miscellaneous things to use the time


Adventure Mart:

Sell unique magical items, gems, necklaces and some ordinary items to Ribald Special Wares: Sell e.g. Shadow Armor (5775 gp x2), Elven Chain Mail +1 (4125 gp x4), other unique magical items (spears +3?, Joril's Dagger?) Sell 1st load of ordinary armor: Plate, splint mail, chain mail Sell 1st load of ordinary weapons: Composite longbow, Longbow, Heavy and Light X-bows, 2-Handed Swords


If not done (very optional): upgrade the Horn of Valhalla to Iron Horn 79000 gp with a diamond, Beljuril and 7k gp

Plan: optionally re-clear U/D and the three new areas, and buy unknown spell scrolls in U/D and Trademeet; otherwise rest in preparation for the Graveyard

Rest if before 16:00 as the clock will get pushed forward to around midnight/00:30of the next day; memorize Chaotic Commands and Protection from Evil in particular Find the Rhynn Lanthorn / Destroy Bodhi and Her Guild Graveyard:

Note: visiting the Graveyard resets the clock to midnight (do not buff prior)

-> D61:0

Bring Holy Water (no need to bring a wooden stake)


ENCOUNTER Bodhi: Bodhi takes girlfriend! [Therefore arrive firstly without Aerie or Viconia if girlfriend, then

© bg2mez



get her after fighting these Vampires] Fight the five Vampires 42500 xp (Keldorn cast Sunray from Daystar +2) Collect girlfriend's items on ground at Graveyard entrance!

Note: Stein is grave robbing (fight is worth 2k xp) during late evening but wait to talk to him when Jaheira is back

Bodhi's Lair:

Buff, e.g. in the central grave building, especially with Chaotic Commands and Protection vs Evil, and then enter Bodhi's; do not buff with Invisibility


Eric Vanstraaten: Can allow Eric Vanstraaten to try to fight the first Vampires, but he falls! He drops a Two-Handed Sword +3 Harbringer (5% Fireball chance), a Full Plate armor and a Two-Handed Sword +2 The Order of the Heart does not become hostile if Eric dies accidentally [or with intent; can kill a Paladin and Eric Vanstraaten 12k xp]

Bonus items!

Central room:

Shadow Thieves: Can let the four Shadow Thieves in the central room with the table fall to the Vampires! (Or: fight Arkanis, Kachiko, Yeanasha and Gofus, 28k xp) If the Thieves Guild are still around they do not become hostile if their members "accidentally" die!

North-east room: Sneak the Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise from the large blood pool (+1 THAC0 and +2 damage!), loot a Wooden Stake

*Full Plate *Two-Handed Sword +3 Harbinger

*Leather armor +3

***Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise -> TH 5/-3/-1 (3½) with STR21

North-west room: Drizzt and his party: Get Jan to eventually pick pocket your allies! Can park Jan in Bodhi's Lair if needed Bonus items!

Give Jan (has PP skill of 155!) Boots of Speed [and a Potion of Master Thievery], buff others to rush-in to Drizzt room and kill most or all of the four Vampires for xp's Jan can PP Tansheron's Bow (worth 2750 gp), Aegis Fang, Drizzt's Scimitar +3 (worth 6050 gp), Ruby Pendant, and perhaps CattieBrie's Long Sword +2. These items will be taken from you, and thus can't be used, but they can be sold (see below)

The doors to downstairs of Bodhi's Lair are opened once Salia, Meredath and the Guard (near the blood room) are destroyed! [Can fight Cattie-Brie 12k xp, Brugar 3500 xp, Drizzt 12k xp. When ready, give items to Minsc and send him to Copper Coronet]

Protagonist meet Drizzt near the stairs to lower level; talk to him and then go downstairs. Can use Holy Water on blood pools (0 xp)


Fight along side of Drizzt after Jan PP's his Scimitar +3 again! Two traps in hallway [Can buff with Invisibility so that Drizzt falls after killing just 2 Vampires, then sell his items! His Scimitar +3 is worth 6050 gp from Ribald, Mithril Chain +4 5197 gp]

ENCOUNTER Bodhi and girlfriend! Fight Vampires 46k xp; kill Bodhi 91k xp and "girlfriend" for 8500 xp If Drizzt survives he says "You've done well, friend. I bid you fair journey!" But if he falls you can take his items to sell

© bg2mez


Stake grave 48500 xp all! for getting the Rhynn Lanthorn

Minsc L18 (see below)

55k xp all! Imoen's soul is restored! "Thank-you for everything you have done. I am restored…"

Keldorn L18 +3hp->144 Two-Weapon Style* TH 3/-2 (2½) WHIRLWIND or TH 3/-4 (2½) w/ KuoToa bolts w/ STR15

Get Bodhi's Black Heart and Jaheira's body; loot also Cutthroat +4 (short sword, worth 6k gp) and Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll

***Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting *Cutthroat +4

De-trap container later with Jaheira (contains books with clues on how to revive girlfriend)

Minsc Level 18 BG2EE: his play through War Hammer was selected so that Minsc can use the Crom Faeyr +5 instead of giving it to the protagonist who can cast Draw Upon Holy Might and Righteous Magic to get strength to 25 as needed As an example, tests show that with Crom Faeyr + Belm Minsc does approximately 90% more damage per round that wielding the two +3 axes!

Minsc L18 +3hp->148 War Hammer* (or Long Sword**) TH 2/-4/-2 (3½) WHIRLWIND (or Two-Weapon Style*** if not yet selected)

Could also select Scimitar for using the Belm but no pips are required to get the extra attack per round Could also select X-bow to use the cheesy Kuo-Toa bolts! ;-)


Later with Jaheira: stake the three coffins for 3x 9k xp

Note: try to avoid doing anything that gains xp's until Jaheira is back so she gets more xp's!

Leaving Bodhi's Lair:

Note: the following will not be taken from your inventory by Malchor Harpell (EE 1.3): - Scimitar +3 (AC +2 bonus) #2, Mace +2, Long Sword +2, Chain +2, and the +1 armors and shield To leave Bodhi's Lair with Drizzt party items: - Give the items to Minsc and send him to the Copper Coronet - Have fun with Malchor Harpell if desired (see below) - Give the items to Aerie and send her to the circus - Get Aerie (Promenade, Circus tent) - Take the items, save game and then run her to the Adventure Mart (avoid getting caught by Malchor Harpell) - Sell to Ribald Special wares for a lot of gold - Buy high level scrolls while in his store

Bonus scrolls!

61000 gp 34000 gp

Before selling the items you can get "caught" by Malchor Harpell, e.g. in the Slums immediately upon leaving the Copper Coronet and by using Jan to quickly PP as he teleports in, then quickly return inside the Copper Coronet and drop the Drizzt party item Can PP Malchor for high level scrolls such as Improved Mantle, Cacofiend, Spell Trigger, Spell Turning, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trap, Ruby Ray, Pierce Shield, Project Image, Warding Whip, Symbol Death, Summon Fiend or Protection from the Elements! To avoid being caught retreat back into the Copper Coronet before his dialog sequence begins and drop the Drizzt party item(s) on the


Adventure Mart:

Sell some gems to Ribald special wares Empty nearly all loot into containers to sell later (need lots of space in inventory for upcoming journeys)

© bg2mez


We are now on our way to resurrect Jaheira; we will also begin the Ranger Stronghold quests since we will be in Umar Hills

Umar Hills:

Ranger Stronghold Quest note : Must talk to Lloyd now* or will very likely will get a bug with the Ranger Stronghold quest (Delon won't appear and you won't be able to talk to Lloyd about the stronghold quest). See two pages below for Ranger Stronghold quest initiation *or at least before destroying the altar in Temple Ruins

Lloyd's home:

Talk to Minister Lloyd to finalize (1, 1, 1): "I have spoken to the ogre, Madulf, and…" 27500 xp; he goes to see Madulf (if you skip this step you will likely get a Ranger Stronghold quest bug)


Note: do not talk to Dirbert if playing Ranger until much later or risk getting "Fallen" status, although this seems to have been fixed in EE 1.3 (also: must do Dirbert's quest within a short time upon receiving it, but wait until much later to be safe) A new merchant named Fael is here; talk to him once Jaheira is back

Cabin (southwest):

Temple Ruins:

Temple Ruins / Investigate the Deaths in Umar Hills Quest Get Merella's Journal in table 22500 xp and Mazzy's note on floor

Map: Temple Ruins

Note: minimize fighting and xp's until Jaheira is resurrected and then continue the dungeon and re-clear the outside map

Cave (north-west):ENCOUNTER Anath. Save, enter cave *Can get rarely level 7 spell in cave (tree)! E.g. Mordy's, Power Word Stun; in pond: can rarely get Pierce Magic Be nice to Anath [but, can kill as she leaves cave 2200 xp and she re-appears at Dungeon entrance!]

Bonus xp's!

Clear map: can fight re-spawning creatures at middle north, NE and SW areas of the map


*Save game and then enter the dungeon. Skeleton Warriors can drop Level 7-8 spell e.g. Protection from the Elements! Spell Sequencer, Spell Trigger, Caco Fiend, Sphere of Chaos, Improved Mantle, Pierce Shield, Warding Whip or Summon Fiend!

North-west: ENCOUNTER Shadow Jailor: can fight for his key now but use it a little later Get the Sun Gem from crystal column, use to open the barriers/transparent "doors of darkness"

*Sun Gem

Plan: Revive Jaheira , clear the dungeon; and then talk to Mazzy and destroy the Shadow Altar portal with her in the party

With Jaheira's items and Potions/Ring of Invisibility, walk down to room with lava/fire floor and sneak past the Lich beside the room with large capital letters on the floor; use Stealth or Invisibility rings/potions

To resurrect girlfriend : Walk across "A M A U N A T O R" letters only. Place Bodhi's Black Heart and Jaheira's body in the container/statue Jaheira revives! "You have saved me, and I am in your debt once more…I am…I am glad you risked so much to come for me." Talk 1

© bg2mez



Fight the Bone Golem 18k xp, save game! Loot the Sun Gem from the container/statue, and loot the small container in the adjacent room with the Shadow. Use Stealth or Ring of Invisibility or Potion of Invisibility to return back to the party in the north before resuming fighting

*Sun Gem *Arla's Dragonbane +3 *Protection from Magical Weapons

North/start of Talk to Statue/Pedestal: ritual: Dawn/Morning: 2, 3, 1; dungeon: Noon: 3, 1, 1; Dusk/Evening: 1, 3, 2 -> 45500 xp, gives Sun Ray Symbol (part 1 of 3) Still, do not rescue Mazzy yet In BG2 only: Statue eye is trapped (contains a diamond), access with Imoen standing near the jail cell In BG2EE: get the diamond after the altar is destroyed Get Amuana's Bones from the container Can clear (re-clear) the outside map now Tomb room: Give Bones to Badon's Ghost 17750 xp -> Dawns Light Symbol (part 2 of 3), and Wardstone

Room north of "lava floor" room: Lich: use Resist Fear, Mace of Disruption +2, 22k xp, drop can be Laeral's tear; trapped container in room, trapped picture

Imoen L19 +1hp->75 TH 14/4 (2) w/ +2 arrows and Bracers of Archery, EXTRA L7 SLOT *Pearly White Ioun Stone (heals 2hp/min, good for Mages)

South: Next Lich: fight using Resist Fear, Mace of Disruption +2, 22k xp (BG2 only: 8k xp for summoned Efreeti if you wait for it) Walk across "A M A U N A T O R" letters again Left room: if not yet done, loot the Sun Gem, Protection from Magical Weapons scroll and a nice Sling

*Protection from Magical Weapons *Arla's Dragonbane (Sling +3 )

Right room: ENCOUNTER Shadow: agree. Get Light Stone Symbol (part 3 of 3) from small container; the Symbol of Amaunator forms when you get the third piece, 21250 xp. This opens the door to the stairs leading down to the dragon's Lair

Cleric 17 / Ranger 14: remember to not select Summon Deva because Jaheira and Aerie will know that spell and Imoen can summon Planetar (better than Deva)

Cleric17 Ranger14 +1hp->144 Level 7 spell (#2) GR. WHIRLWIND 3

Rest in preparation for battle with Shadow Dragon. Imoen at level 18 or higher and the Staff of the Magi can take him down solo: make a Spell Trigger of Breach and 2x Lower Resistance, and a Spell Sequencer of 3x Magic Missile Also memorize Time Stop, 2x Horrid Wilting, and Shield of the Archons, or use the Rod of Absorption

Downstairs: ENCOUNTER Shadow Dragon Thaxll'ssyllia: full buff including Spell Trap, Shield of the Archons or Rod of Absorption, and send in a couple of summons; fight 45k xp, Crom Faeyr scroll, 3300 gp, Shadow Dragon Scales and 1k in gems Imoen can take down the dragon solo with Time Stop, a Spell Trigger, a Spell Sequencer (Magic Missiles x3), and 2x Horrid Wilting. Otherwise Imoen or Aerie cast Khelben's Warding Whip, Breach, and Magic Missiles, while the party fights melee

Bonus xp's!

*Rogue stone ***Crom Faeyr scroll (Crom Faeyr component #2)

Can still do laps in upper part of the dungeon to fight Shades and Shade Wolves for xp's

© bg2mez


Upstairs and ENCOUNTER Shade Lord: fight the Shade Lord and Shadows 25k xp outside: but do NOT destroy the altar until having Mazzy in party if you want to eventually get Mazzy's 2nd quest (see below)


*Dusk Blade +2 (halberd)

Note: last chance to re-clear the map (many times if desired) for xp's; back-track through the dungeon

MAZZY FENTAN To get Mazzy's 2nd personal quest in Trademeet ("Mazzy's quest part 2") temporarily swap Minsc or Keldorn for her: - Rescue her from her jail cell - Destroy the altar with her in the party (note this means one party member must be swapped out for Mazzy and will thus lose 45k xp; swap out a fighter type) - Finish all Trademeet quests (without Mazzy): the feuding families/Alibakkar; and the skin dancer/Jenia - Adventure with Mazzy in the party continuously for 15 days (game time; tested in BG2 only) - Return to Trademeet to be greeted by Danno; do the quest (worth about 47k xp in total) This walkthrough will do Mazzy quest 2 near the end of SoA


Use Shadow Prison Key to free Mazzy, send Minsc to the Copper Coronet or Keldorn to the Order, Mazzy joins! 12250 xp

Mazzy: Fighter 12, 1.2m xp

Note: you must destroy the altar and finalize this quest with Mazzy in order to get Mazzy's 2nd quest. (Otherwise you can only get Mazzy's 1st quest, in the Slums). That means Minsc will forfeit approximately 45k xp in return for Mazzy's 2nd quest worth 47k xp total; but it might be something new to try! Plan for Mazzy: finalize this quest with her including in Umar Hills, and then do her first quest in the Slums. Then dismiss her for a very long time; re-join near end of game to get her 2nd quest Her proficiencies: Short Bow*****! Short Sword***! DEX 18 Her special ability Invoke Courage improves all melee fighters THAC0 by one point!

Walk through the area where dragon was and go up the stairs to the altar area Destroy the Shadow Altar portal with Mazzy in the party -> Merella appears, 44250 xp all! Mazzy consecrates the altar, Protagonist inscribes the altar!

Aerie Cleric16 Mage14 +1hp->67/72 *Flail (or Club) TH 10/2 (1) EXTRA L8 SLOT

Talk to Merella; loot includes 4872 gp, Kings tears, Rogue stone and the Cloak of the Stars (worth 3575 gp at Ribald special wares)

*Rogue stone *King's Tears

Note: can now exit the Altar area via a new path through the trees towards the west

Re-clear outside map including several Bears, ~3k xp

Umar Hills:

Walk along the top edge of map to the east, down the east set of stairs; save game Lloyd's home:

With Mazzy in the party: talk 2 ("It would be an honor. I accept, and will do my best...") to Minister Lloyd to finalize the quest and begin the Ranger Stronghold quests! Reward is REP+1, 0 xp, Night's Gift +5 (AC3, Leather armor, Hide in Shadows +20%) and he gives the Cabin to Rangers!

© bg2mez

Next Visit in 2 days for RANGER I quest




Possible Ranger Stronghold quest bug: possible quest initiation bug in EE showing the wrong dialog options, but pick option 2 despite the incorrect text! A workaround, although not essential, is to reinstall the Unlimited Stronghold mod, giving the correct dialog option 2: "It would be an honor. I accept, and will do my best to be here for the village." With the bug, the incorrect dialog option 2 presented to me was: "I've told you that I don't care…" which initiated the stronghold quests nonetheless.

Ranger Stronghold quest overview: 1. Return to Umar Hills in 2 days to get the 1st Ranger Stronghold quest from Mairyn (she will appear anywhere you are on the map); finalize the quest with Mairyn just outside of your cabin in the southwest 2. Four days later the 2nd Ranger Stronghold quest is given by Delon if in Chapter 6 (not 7) but cannot get this quest while in Umar Hills due to a bug 3. Five days later (after quest 2) you will get the 3rd and final Ranger Stronghold quest from Delon if in Chapter 6 (not 7); can get this quest if in Umar Hills (but can also be buggy in BG2)

Plan: because we have Mazzy in the party, we will simply return to Athkatla now; and then return to Umar Hills during the Ranger Stronghold quests to complete the other tasks at Umar such as getting Valygar and fighting Fael

Outside, north:

Talk to Madulf to finalize; he gives a nice shield for BG2: Shield of the Lost +2 (AC +3 bonus, 5% MR)

Umar Inn:

De-trap, unlock; can PP Merchants: Beherant 4x, Elence 2x, Fael (can have a level 8 spell such as Protection from Energy!)

Ranger cabin (south-west):

Loot the Cabin (300 gp, Composite Longbow +1, Long Sword +1, Sling +2); loot is worth 2140 gp or 3660 gp at Ribald special wares

*Shield of the Lost +2

Now (or later) bring Mazzy to the Slums for her first quest (If dismissed, she will return to her home in Trademeet)

© bg2mez


Plan for phase 7:


Bonus encounter!

Mazzy's Quest part 1:


Finish quests related to the Crom Faeyr as a priority Do Fighter Stronghold quest 6 Do Mazzy's quest part 1 Finalize the Lanthorn quest (but do not initiate Chapter 7 yet) Do Ranger Stronghold quest 1 (Mairyn) Umar Hills quests: Mimic's Blood quest, fight Fael Finish Trademeet quests - Tiris and Jenia / Darsidian Moor; Temple Ruins; Dueling Families Windspear Hills: decline Garren Windspear's hospitality! Do Fighter Stronghold quest 7 Fight a squad of Paladins in Athkatla Do Ranger Stronghold quest 2 (Madulf/Orcs/Ogrons) Windspear Hills: rescue Garren Windspear's daughter (only) Return to Athkatla to begin the Paladin Stronghold quests Do Paladin Stronghold quest 1 and 2 Do Ranger Stronghold quest 3 (Umar the Witch) Get Valygar to be able to enter the Sphere Do Fighter Stronghold quest 8 Do Paladin Stronghold quest 3 and 4 ( Carsomyr +5 ) Windspear Hills: get the Sewer Key and Carsomyr (Paladin Stronghold quest) Do Ployer and Jaheira quest (before entering the Sphere) Do the Planar Sphere quest Get the final component for the Crom Faeyr Make the Crom Faeyr +5 !

ENCOUNTER Strachan Fireblade, Dunbar the Fifth and four Adventurers attack (because we reported Mrs. Cragmoon to Lt. Aegisfield)! Fight 1800 xp, 40 gp and 150 gp in mundane items

Note: this quest is not a prerequisite to get Mazzy's 2nd personal quest

Outside the Daytime (after 03:00, before 17:00), with Mazzy : Copper Coronet, ENCOUNTER Gorf the Squisher: "What this? Baby paladin? Girl south entrance: play dress-up like big warrior?..." Gorf will hit a peasant/bystander and Mazzy will challenge him to a duel! Shortly after Mazzy speaks "How dishonourable!..." Copper Coronet: Mazzy talk to Surly ENCOUNTER (by stairs/bar) Festule the Alchemist: pay 400 gp for Festule's Potion (cannot PP) With Mazzy nearby talk to Bunkin with CHA 18 (2, 1, 1, 1) 11500 xp ENCOUNTER Gorf: Mazzy fights Gorf! Equip the given sword and shield that appear in her inventory, use Haste and Strength special abilities, 2500 xp + 5k xp Pick-up Mazzy's items from the floor near Bunkin; quest done! (Mazzy talk to Salvanas for a funny dialog)


Five Flagons:

Talk to Bartender (Samuel Thunderburp) with Mazzy in the party for a pair of Boots of Stealth! Mazzy done until near the end of Chapter 6

*Boots of Stealth (#2)

Dismiss Mazzy (cannot park), she returns to her house in Trademeet; Keldorn (Radiant Heart) or Minsc to re-join!


Learn unknown spells with Imoen, Aerie & Jaheira together with Jan, Nalia, Neera and Edwin -> Imoen +33k xp

© bg2mez



Adventure Mart:

Sell some unique magical items at Ribald special wares

79k gp

Note: empty all loot to temporarily store in containers, especially if you only have one Bag of Holding, as lots of space in inventory is needed for upcoming journeys, and it may be a while before returning to Athkatla

De'Arnise Hold:

Fighter Stronghold quest 6 Couple (Moneylender): talk 4 (be gone), 3 (pay 1k gp), 15500 xp awarded

D64:12 Next Visit in 4-5 days for FIGHTER VII

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #7: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time



Entrance to U/D:

Forest of Tethir:

Buy unknown spells from Therndle and Carlig; sell junk

Finalize the Rhynn Lanthorn Quest Talk to Elhan: give Lanthorn -> Forest of Tethir

Elhan opens the passageway with the Lanthorn! 74500 xp all! (The award is given one time only unlike in an unpatched version of BG2)

Ranger15 Cleric17 +1hp->145 Quarterstaff** TH 4/-4/-2 (3½) with STR21, or TH 4/-4 (2½) w/ Rod of Smiting +3; GW 4

Note: Ranger Stronghold quest cannot be completed in Chapter 7. Ranger Stronghold quest bug for Delon first encounter if Chapter 7 is instigated prior, so wait

Aerie Mage15 Cleric16 +1hp->68/73 SUMMON DEVA

Note: cannot do Mazzy's 2nd quest in Chapter 7 (nor Nalia's), so wait (no urgency for Chapter 7 anyway) Therefore do everything possible in SoA in Chapter 6 before instigating Chapter 7, which is basically the end game

Ranger Stronghold Quest 1: Umar Hills:

Return to Umar Hills 48 hours after Lloyd gave the Cabin: ENCOUNTER Mairyn: she gives first Ranger Stronghold quest (Save the Forest from Lord Tombelthen / Temple Ruins); save game Note: if you wait a long time to initiate the stronghold quests (we tested after 16 days) speak to Minister Lloyd because Mairyn likely will not appear; this has no impact on the quest line

Temple Ruins: South-east:

Fight Skeleton Warrior and Skeletons, 6200 xp, drop can rarely be Laeral's tear or Level 8 spell (e.g. Symbol Fear or Khelben's!) Get the "Mithral Medallion" and Lord Tombelthen's Note from the south-east rocks Talk to Lord Igen Tombelthen: talk 3 to finalize, give the Medallion and letter 10k xp [Do not surround kill for 6k xp or will lose Ranger Protector status and become a Fallen Ranger!]

© bg2mez


Umar Hills:

NW "stairs":

At top of "stairs" near Valygar's cabin: ENCOUNTER Derrick: talk 2 to fight 11400 xp, Flail +1

Near Cabin:

Talk to Mairyn: she says "You have chosen your course wisely and have protected your charge…" 21500 xp No need to talk to Lloyd


Next Visit in 4 days for RANGER II

Ranger Stronghold Quest 1 finalization

Save game and test for Delon's 1st appearance (Delon I) where he tells of Orcs attacking (Ogrons, actually) in approximately 4 days and note the time he appears

Ranger Stronghold quest important note: do a major save and then test that Delon will appear in 4 days Test for Delon especially if you have started the Fighter or Cleric Stronghold quests Delon I appears at least in Athkatla Slums, Docks; De'Arnise, Entrance to U/D, Trademeet, Small Teeth Pass, Druid Grove, Temple Ruins, Forest of Tethir, Hidden Refuge and Abandoned Amphitheatre Delon causes a bug if you encounter him in Umar Hills, resulting in losing your Ranger status and Cabin! Possible Ranger Stronghold quest bug if Delon appears in Umar Hills (script reverts back to the very first encounter with him in Government district) so might need to re-load or time it so that Delon appears on a different map

Umar Hills:

North Cave:

2nd House:

Mimic's Blood Quest Save, then enter cave to get Mimic's Blood *Container can rarely have Level 6-8 spell! (e.g. Power Word Stun, Flesh to Stone, Sphere of Chaos) Kill the Mimic (chest) 3k xp (no traps) and Umber Hulks 8k xp Jermien finalize 19250 xp -> fight Stone Golem 8k xp ENCOUNTER Colette, Jermien and Daar: awarded 21250 xp and Short Sword +1 Ilbratha [then surround him and kill Jermien for 4k xp and 4k gp!


*Short Sword +1 Ilbratha -> Minsc (quick slot)

Evil but tempting]

Minsc equip Ilbratha +1, can use via Quick slot (casts Mirror Image once a day) Loot two locked chests

Note: continue to avoid Dirbert (to be safe), although this seems to be fixed in EE 1.3

De-trap and unlock the north cabinet in Tavern; loot Wand of Fear Elence Fielding: buy +2 Bullets for the low price of 402 gp per 40

© bg2mez


Tanner quest part 2: a new merchant is here, Fael, but we will not be getting the Blood of a Silver Dragon this walkthrough, otherwise: buy book History of the Zhentarim -> answer 5 (Darcin Cole)

[Next Visit: fight in 4 days]

[To complete this quest you need to keep the Human Flesh from the Tanner's in Athkatla and kill Adalon (in her Lair) to get the Blood of a Silver Dragon at the end of U/D. The reward will be an evil armor and a fight with Mages, 20k xp, in 4 days]

Bonus xp's!

You can buy the book now and speak to Fael: talk 2, or 1, 1; he will say "You'll be dealt with soon enough if you are crossing the rune." He will go inside the tavern; follow him inside the tavern, then provoke a fight with F2/force attack to fight three Mages 20,450 xp Worst case, you may need to simply force attack (F2) to begin the dialog, at which point the mages will teleport in Rare chance of a mage dropping a high level spell scroll (e.g. Improved Mantle) or a Laeral's tear necklace Fael drops a Leather armor +1 [Can't in BG2: perhaps to try something new, return to Adalon's Lair to fight her for the Blood of a Silver Dragon, and then return to Fael to order the evil armor]

Valygar can be found on this map but wait to finish the Paladin Stronghold quests before starting the Sphere/Mage Stronghold (gives a bug if these two Stronghold's are run at the same time) Could get Valygar now, of course, and park him somewhere convenient until it's time to enter the Sphere

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #8: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time



ENCOUNTER Jenia Q (Tiris) If not done: north of Tavern: talk to Neeber 17x for 1k xp all!

Red Tent and Smithy:

Buy missing spells (spent 12k gp) and +2 Arrows for the low price of 240 gp per 40 Unlock chests: Weaponsmith, Fentan's and Alibakkar's Estate

Helping Tiris and Jenia / Darsidian Moor Quest Tiris' home (north- Continue the Rejiek Hidesman quest from the Bridge District: west house): Talk to Jenia -> Tiris Q (Raissa missing; Skin Dancer quest)

South-west gate: Near the blue tent: talk to Darsidian Moor East Gate:

ENCOUNTER Darsidian Moor and "Raissa"/Rejiek Hidesman: talk to Rejiek Hidesman on the ground -> fight the two villains 1414 xp ENCOUNTER Raissa: cast Lesser Restoration on Raissa [or buy Restoration spell from Temple and cast], 30k xp!

Tiris house:

Finalize Jenia, REP+1


The Dueling Families Quest There is a small fight in Tavern 2x 210 xp (do now or miss it)

Alibakkar's Estate:

Talk to Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar Q (Circlet; Duelling Families quest), he gives key to the crypt, Trademeet Tomb Key


© bg2mez



Save game and then open the door -> ENCOUNTER Logan (can PP up to Lev 7 spell) *Can get good drops in the Crypt e.g. Mantle, Improved Mantle, Pierce Shield, Caco Fiend or Spell Sequencer Fight 2x Skeleton Warrior 8k xp


Finalize Logan 8k xp, 250 gp, REP+1


Trademeet quests done and ready to eventually get Mazzy's 2nd personal quest! Note: must finish all the above quests in Trademeet to be able to get Mazzy's 2nd quest. After travelling with her continuously for 15 days, her second quest will be given by Danno in Trademeet; will do this quest near the end of SoA

Windspear Hills:

Alibakkar's Estate:

Can "pick pocket fail" Alibakkar to fight -> fight guards and him 2500 xp, Elven Chain Mail [can kill all inside/outside guards, also at Lurraxol's]

*Elven Chain Mail


ENCOUNTER Keep Messenger: tells of a flood (Fighter Stronghold quest 7): "…My Lord! *pant*…There has been a terrible flood on your *pant* on your land!" OK to get this encounter at De'Arnise



Bonus xp's!

Bonus items!

Windspear Hills / Rescue Garren's Child from Firkraag Quest Immediate fight! 27k xp (cannot avoid this fight otherwise Garren will not appear and the dungeon in the north-east will be blocked; Keldorn cannot dispel the enemies) To try something new, decline Garren Windspear's offer of hospitality! You can then later speak with him in his cabin and he will assist you and you can complete the quest; however, by declining the first offer of hospitality, you can return to Athkatla for a tough fight vs. a group of Paladins for approximately 40k xp and 21k gp in loot (12k gp if in Chapter 3) including a Full Plate +1! ENCOUNTER Garren Windspear: decline his offer for now [or: accept -> outside his cabin]; he says that priests of Helm (paladins) will seek justice (i.e. you will be attacked!)

Clear the map, but do not enter the dungeon yet! North-west: Mid map: South-east:

Fight Gnolls then Fighters who become Werewolves 2520 xp, drops can rarely be a level 6 spell scroll Fight 2x Ankheg 1950 xp ENCOUNTER Vaelasa: give acorns 32500 xp, 9750 xp [kill all 3900 xp] North of Garren's cabin: loot a Star Sapphire in rock crevice

© bg2mez

*Star Sapphire


Plan for phase 7b:

De'Arnise Hold:

Before speaking with Garren Windspear again: - Do the next Fighter Stronghold quest (#7) - Go to Athkatla to fight the Paladin squad (you can still eventually get the Paladin Stronghold quests) - Re-clear the New Area's and the Underdark - Fight the Paladin squad once more in Athkatla - Do Ranger Stronghold quest #2 - Return to Windspear Hills to finish Garren's quest - Continue the plan for phase 7

Fighter Stronghold quest 7 Flooding: pay 5k gp, 15500 xp. Then: can also pay 2k gp more for 0 xp; your people like you much more now!

Bridge District:

Next Visit in 7 days for FIGHTER VIII

Note: the only way to get this bonus is to decline Garren Windspear's initial proposal of hospitality (see page above) Bonus xp's!

You will be attacked by a Paladin squad of five Paladins and a Mage (may need to rest first) in either the Bridge, Slums, Promenade or Docks; the Bridge District location is the "easiest" as it always occurs between the "fish house" and Balthis Estate

Near "fish house": Ambush (#1) by five Paladins and a Mage! Fight, but one must survive in order to get the exact same fight in 24 hours Fight, 45k xp! Sir Jolus (7600 xp) drops a Full Plate +1, Large Shield +2; total value of drops is 21k gp (in Chapter 6)! Bonus items!

Select Sir Beverus to survive (worth only 7100 xp), or anyone else (Sir Branet Al-Thon 7300 xp, Sir Paritin 7730 xp, Sir Laren 11700 xp), if you want to battle again in 24 hours (I did not); the surviving Paladin will announce at the end "…the Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart will return!"

Aerie Cleric17 Mage15 +1hp->69 Cleric Level 7 spell #2 IMPLOSION

*Full Plate +1 *Full Plate

Note: Fighting these Paladins has no consequences on subsequent quests or the Paladin Stronghold quests! Can still go to the Radiant Heart with no consequence, and speak with Sir Ryan Trawl to get the Anarg quest (we wait until much later), and Keldorn will still join if dismissed from the party

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #9: Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time Might need to do "baby steps" to trigger the re-spawning of the Mind Flayers, Gauths, Beholders and Kuo-Toa.

Note: when the time is right, before changing maps save game for Delon's 1st appearance

Ranger Stronghold Quest 2: Possible Ranger Stronghold quest bug with Delon appearing in Umar Hills (script reverts back to the very first encounter with him in Government district) so might need to re-load or time it so that Delon appears on a different map

© bg2mez


Forest of Tethir:

ENCOUNTER Delon (1st appearance): "…There's orcs…big ones!..." Notifies of Ranger Stronghold 2nd quest (Orcs/Madulf/Ogrons) which must be completed within 3 days or you will lose the Ranger stronghold

Bridge District: Bonus xp's!

Ambush (2nd time) by squad of five Paladins and a Mage (may need to rest first) in either Bridge, Slums, Promenade or Docks District; the Bridge District location is the "easiest" as it always occurs between the "fish house" and Balthis Estate Select Sir Beverus to survive (worth only 7100 xp), or anyone else, if you want to battle again in 24 hours (I did not); they will announce at the end "…the Knights of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart will return!"

Ranger Stronghold Quest 2: Umar Hills: Lloyd's home:

Cave: Lloyd's home:


Talk to Minister Lloyd (Q: Rescue Madulf): "It is a relief to see you my Lord Ranger…" Proceed north to near the cave to fight Orogs and Orcs, 1050 xp, 400 gp; Studded Leather armor +2, Bastard Sword +1 Enter Cave: talk to Madulf and Atta 21750 xp Finalize with Lloyd 25k xp


Next Visit in 5 days for RANGER III

Save game and test for Delon's 2nd appearance (Delon II) in 5 days and note the time he appears; appearing at Umar Hills is OK this time

Ranger Stronghold quest important note: do a major save and then test that Delon will appear in 5 days Appearing at Umar Hills is OK this time. Test for Delon especially if you have started the Fighter or Cleric Stronghold quests

Windspear Hills:

Rescue Garren's Child from Firkraag Quest (continued) Windspear Cabin: Set spells for the upcoming Forced Rest ENCOUNTER Garren Windspear (he goes to the Order of the Radiant Heart to plead your cause) and then Iltha Forced Rest, Quick Save when awaken! ENCOUNTER Jum and Iltha: Plath Rededge, Bandits and Orc's kidnap Iltha! Fight 6300 xp -> Garren returns, Q (rescue his child) Can get a Level 6-8 spell drop (reload if none) such as Control Undead, Death Spell, Flesh to Stone, Globe of Invulnerability, Invisible Stalker, Khelben's Warding Whip, Mass Invisibility, Pierce Shield, Spell Trigger, Summon Efreeti, Summon Hakeashar, or Tensors Transformation! ENCOUNTER Garren Windspear: he has spoken with the paladins on our behalf

North-east (dungeon):

ENCOUNTER Chieftain DigDag: fight Hobgoblins 600 xp [can (quickly) kill him 2k xp and Delver's Plate +2 with AC1] and then save game before (just in case) the Vampiric Mists have noticed us ENCOUNTER Ruhk Transmuter and Kobolds: fight 7600 xp, Ring of Fire Resistance (40% protection from fire) Pond: Fight Orcs and Mists 6k xp; in pond area Crimson Death's and Vampiric Mist's can re-spawn approximately 8-10x in EE (but probably not until after resting in BG2) for 50-70k xp! Loot the pond and the other small container

© bg2mez


*Ring of Fire Resistance

*Amulet of Protection +1


Main Dungeon: Enter door: ambushed by Orc Archers, fight for 8k xp Imoen detect traps to locate the hidden (locked) doors; the exit door from this room and the next are locked Passageway #1: fight Adamantite Golem (use +3 weapons or higher) and two Golems 41k xp; Minsc use Mirror Image from Ilbratha +1 or use a Two-handed sword with a summoned creature as the Golem's target; Protagonist use the War Hammer +1, +4 vs mages can cast Lower Resistance and e.g. Horrid Wilting; Jaheira use Iron Skins and become the Golem's target or summon a Mordy's Sword Tests show that the slow effect of the Flail of Ages +3 seems more powerful/beneficial than using the Rod of Smiting North room: ENCOUNTER Derg the Orc: talk, let them both go South room: ENCOUNTER Troll Cook: if you killed Chief DigDag can release the cook (talk 1, 4, 2) or fight the cook and more Orc's Fight Otyugh in next small room 5k xp Passageway #2: fight more Orcs and Orc Archers 400 xp

South: Fight Vampires, Mummy's and Ghasts 87k xp! De-trap chest Southernmost room: fight Fiends and Wraiths 14800 xp, get Chapel Key from container and +2 bullets (40)

North: Use Chapel Key -> ENCOUNTER Samia Q, gives Samia's Key, warns of seven guardians, but that area of the dungeon can be done later (see five pages below), after getting the Carsomyr +5 as part of the Paladin Stronghold quest #4; Imoen can PP Samia 2x

Keldorn L19 +3hp->147 TH 2/-4 (2½) or TH 2/-3 (2½) w/ Kuo-Toa bolts w/ STR17; GREATER WHIRLWIND

Minsc L19 +3hp->151 TH 1/-5/-3 (3½) GREATER WHIRLWIND

De-trap three doors but then go west, saving the east side until later

West: Passageway to west: fight Greater Wolfweres (fight quickly, can use Magic Missiles) and Dreadwolves 46k xp Fight Orogs 1600 xp; immediate trap on large bridge Click on the "well"/winch to get the Dragon Helm (and a fight) which sets resistance to cold/fire/electrical damage at 25% (although the fire resistance is sometimes added)

*Dragon Helm

ENCOUNTER Captain, Gerg and Troll: quickly use melee vs Captain, ranged vs Troll, 3235 xp

Slightly north and through hidden entrance in rock: fight Adamantite Golem and two Golems 41k xp; loot the rock container for the Heartseeker +4 Longbow (+4 THAC0, +2 damage) which adds STR bonus to damage so it does approximately 57% more damage

*Beljuril ***Heartseeker +4

on average than the Elven Court Bow Continue west: unlock the next door ENCOUNTER Grancor: fight Greater Wolfwere and Wolfweres 17k xp; loot next room (no traps) 2120 gp and a lot of ammo including bullets +2 (40) Horn of Blasting is worth 0 gp

*Chaos (spell scroll)

Backtrack to the "well"/bridge

Bridge to north: North across the smaller bridge north of the well: Fight Adamantite Golem and two Golems 41k xp; fight Orogs 1400 xp; unlock door to stairway "bridge", immediate trap

© bg2mez


ENCOUNTER Chieftain DigDag and Tazok: fight, drops Full Plate +1, Sewer Key (opens door in Sewers in Athkatla to get another component for the Crom Faeyr); loot two Rogue stones, Laeral's tear, Kings tears; two Star Sapphires from the table; 8100 xp and approximately 1400 gp total

***Sewer Key *Full Plate +1 *Star Sapphire (x2) *Rogue stone (x2) *Laeral's tear *Kings tears

Downstairs: Note: defeating Firkraag now forfeits 35k xp from Reirrac for the final Paladin Stronghold quest, and a few other xp's; therefore only talk with Firkraag now, and then return upstairs (to where Tazok was) to fight the Conster, who drops a key to Iltha's cell. Freeing her is the prerequisite for he Paladin Stronghold Quests. Then, finalize the quest with Garren, and then go to the Radiant Heart in the Temple district to begin the Paladin Stronghold Quests

ENCOUNTER Firkraag (Red Dragon) and Conster: talk 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, or talk 7x 1; Conster teleports to upstairs Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Conster: fight 6k xp, drops Firkraag Prison Key Use the key to open the cell door to free Iltha, stand close to her to finalize 23750 xp (can take a few seconds)

Bonus xp's!

Bonus scrolls!

Note: must Rest in the dungeon itself to get re-spawns by the pond in the cavern/rock area if have not yet rested Some creatures can give very nice random drops or random loot, such as Kuo-Toa, Lizard Men, and Skeleton Warriors Rest #1 in the dungeon: can get "rest interrupted" by 2x Skeleton Warriors 8k xp (can drop a Laeral's Tear necklace, Sphere of Chaos, Cacofiend, Improved Mantle, Project Image, Spell Trap, Pierce Shield or Protection from the Elements!) Rest #2 in the dungeon: rest interrupted by Shadow Fiends 8k xp Ready to leave the dungeon for now; can Rest in cavern/rock area to get "rest interrupted" by a Mist 1k xp

Bonus xp's!

In BG2 only: fight re-spawns (Crimson Death's and Vampiric Mists) by the pond, 55-74k xp In EE: after 24 hours have passed can fight 5x Mists for only 5k xp; can clear some areas of the Dungeon (may need to pass 48 hours or so) for an additional 18-20k xp

Windspear cabin: Talk to Garren, finalize 44500 xp all!

76k gp

If Multiple Strongholds mod is installed he advises you to speak with the Prelate at the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart

Underdark and New Areas re-visit #10 (final visit): Do not allow the Drow Piwafwi cloak to turn to dust if you have it! Drop it on the ground and pick-up later Can re-clear the new areas, as well as some Underdark areas daily if desired, for 150k-200k xp each time! Some of the fights may be dependent on night or day time


Fighter Stronghold Quest:

ENCOUNTER Keep Messenger: gives stronghold quest 8, the final quest and says "My Lord! The…the worst has happened!…Roenall forces mobilizing!..." OK to wait a few days before returning to the Keep (at least, but not tested beyond three)


Note: it is OK to meet the Keep Messenger at the De'Arnise map

© bg2mez


Adventure Mart:


Ribald: sell some gems, necklaces and rings as well as unique enchanted items; buy remaining unknown spells for other NPC's

Jaheira F16 D14 +1hp ->120 TH 5/-2/1 (3½) w/ STR19; GW3

Learn unknown spells with Imoen & Jaheira together with Aerie, Jan, Nalia and Edwin -> Imoen +49k xp

Imoen L20 +1hp->76 Level 9 spell (#2) EXTRA L8

This is a good time to lower REP by 2 points and do Hexxat's 2nd quest Talk to Welther to lower REP by 2 to 18 so that Hexxat will join, otherwise use Viconia in the party Note: park Keldorn before speaking to Hexxat; Keldorn may not be in the party at the same time as Hexxat!

Paladin Stronghold Quest : Note: will get Mage Stronghold quest bug if doing together with the Paladin Stronghold quest Note: memorize 1x Detect Evil for the third paladin quest or use Keldorn's special ability


Radiant Heart:

Talk to Prelate Wessalen, join the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart! Next, talk to Sir William Reirrac for the first Paladin Stronghold quest (Knights in Umar) Must do this quest immediately ("Your first task is urgent; you must set out within the hour...") or lose 2 REP; save game

Umar Hills:

ENCOUNTER Sir Alynar -> fight Ettins. Orcs and Ogre Mages, 11500 xp, 200 gp; drops can be Cacofiend, Carrion Summons, Improved Mantle, Mantle, Protection from the Elements, Spell Trap, Spell Trigger, Spell Turning, Sphere of Chaos, Stone to Flesh, Summon Fiend, or Symbol Fear! If the two Knights and Squire Elotte survive more xp's are awarded when finalizing this quest back at the Order. After the fight talk to Squire Elotte or one of the Knights and then leave for Athkatla

Note: save game for Delon's 2nd appearance (Umar Hills OK)


Ranger Stronghold Quest:

ENCOUNTER Delon (II): gives the 3rd and final Ranger Stronghold quest (Umar the witch): "I…I've found you again. My Lord!…It's Umar! The witch!...She's come back..." This is Delon's final appearance

Radiant Heart:

Finalize Reirrac 10k xp (only 1k xp if a Knight died during battle), he gives the 2nd Paladin Stronghold quest (Baron Metrich and Squatters)

Paladin Stronghold Quest 2 : Umar Hills: Outside:


Cleric18 Ranger15 +1hp->142 GW5 (H1)

ENCOUNTER Crolus: talk to Moreno, Brunson and Pardo


ENCOUNTER Lanka and Baron Metrich: stand-up for the squatters (for the most xp for this quest) fight the Barron and lackeys 17750 xp


Talk to Brunson, 0 xp

© bg2mez


Ranger Stronghold Quest 3: Lloyd's home:

Temple Ruins: North-east: Dungeon:

Outside, north-east:

Since the Ranger Stronghold quest is also ongoing… Talk to Lloyd Q (Umar the witch returns)


Dungeon entrance: ENCOUNTER Mairyn Clear the dungeon 39k xp; can get a good spell drop from the Skeleton Warrior ENCOUNTER Umar: fight her and Imp 5400 xp, she drops Bracers AC6 and a Robe of Fire Resistance Finalize with Mairyn 26750 xp, REP+1, and she awards an idol of the Moon Dog: summons a Cerebus for 1 hour, and has several useful abilities: - Moon Dog Sight: similar to True Sight but can also detect traps; can cast 3x/day - Moon Dog Howl: dispels fear and protects party from evil - Healing Lick: 3x/day heals 20 hp and cures disease, poison, removes blindness and deafness! - Can self-buff with Improved Invisibility, and Mirror Image 3x/day

*Bracers AC6 *Robe of Fire Resistance REP+1 ***Moon Dog Figurine

Ranger Stronghold quests done!

Umar Hills:

No need to finalize with Lloyd North of 2nd house:

ENCOUNTER Dirbert: Q (ale and swords); buy the Ale from Min and three Bastard swords from Elence; finalize 2k xp Note: you will not lose your Ranger status by doing this quest after completing the stronghold quests. In two days time after giving swords to Dirbert, find the boys in the north cave fighting a "dragon!"


Can talk to Fael, call him a fiend; he will walk to the tavern Enter the tavern and force fight (F2) him or PP fail; three mages teleport in to fight 20,450 xp

Note: now is a good time to get Valygar. You can ask him to join the party, e.g. in place of Keldorn, or refuse his offer at this time and he will travel on his own to his house in the Docks District

Save game and then enter Valygar's cabin Valygar's cabin:

OPTION 1: Join now [ENCOUNTER Valygar, Valygar joins! 9500 xp. Cabin chests not locked, Valygar's blade is worth only 6 gp; loot Spear +1, Katana] He is a Stalker, level 12, 1.2 million xp Plan for Valygar: bring him to the Slums and park until ready to do the Sphere quest; use him only to get into Sphere [and perhaps to finalize the Sphere quest] OPTION 2: Join in the Docks District Valygar will travel on his own to his house in the Docks District if you decline his offer to join at this time; talk, e.g., 1, 1, 1, 7 or 4x1, 7. The 7th option is usually something like "I refuse, but neither shall I turn you in…" or "I refuse. But I shall leave you to proceed as you will... Good luck to you....You will find me through my servant (Hervo) at my home in Athkatla…" Plan for Valygar: when ready to do the Sphere quest, meet Valygar in his house (2nd floor) and the party is rewarded with 9500 xp; use him only to get into Sphere Option 2 was selected this play through.

© bg2mez


Fighter Stronghold quest 8 Fighter Stronghold finale : talk to Major Domo -> ENCOUNTER Captain Cernick Outside: full buff, including True Sight, walk across the courtyard and across the Keep's drawbridge

De'Arnise Hold:

ENCOUNTER Lord Roenall: fight, but take down Roenall last, 12k xp + 21k xp -> ceremony 50k xp party experience awarded! Drops include Full plate +1 (from Roenall), Chain mail +1 (x2)

*Full plate +1

Fighter Stronghold quests done! [Can still raise taxes, but don't!]


Optionally get Valygar now, but preference is to finish the Paladin Stronghold quests


Optional: confront Tolgerias with Valygar; he departs for the Sphere


Planar Sphere:

Now or later: with Valygar open the Sphere, park him inside the first room of the Sphere Re-join with party member that was dropped temporarily

Paladin Stronghold Quest 3 : Temple: Radiant Heart:


House by Temple:

Sir William Reirrac finalize 25500 xp; he gives the 3rd Paladin quest (the Morningales; deliver Tyrianna to Hurgis Baltezan)

ENCOUNTER Franco and Tyrianna: talk to Franco and Tyrianna and then fight the Assassins 14k xp; Quicksave! In BG2: might need to go upstairs to talk to Tyrianna to continue: "Eww, there's blood on the carpet…"! ENCOUNTER Hurgis Baltezan: cast Detect Evil (e.g. Keldorn special ability). Re-load if he is not evil, i.e. does not glow, to get the reward from Reirrac (25k xp) otherwise the reward is 0 xp; fight (force fight/F2) Hurgis 3500 xp Upstairs: talk to Tyrianna 5k xp! She stays there; we are done!


Radiant Heart:

Sir William Reirrac finalize 25k xp (only if Hurgis was detected to be evil and you dispatched him), Pride of the Legion Armor (Full Plate +2 = Full Plate plus Ring of Protection +2) and a Large Shield +2 rewarded but drop them (do not sell, either)

Paladin Stronghold Quest 4 : If you haven't killed Firkraag yet, Reirrac gives the fourth and final Paladin quest (Retrieve the Holy Avenger from Firkraag); the reward will be 35k xp, no items but keep the sword!

Windspear Hills:


Return to Windspear; re-clear the map

Dungeon: Bonus xp's!

Re-clear certain areas of the cavern area and dungeon such as the south-west, north-east and west (Orogs) for 18-24k xp

© bg2mez


Paladin Stronghold quest finale: Downstairs: use the Shield of Harmony, full buff especially with Shield of the Archons/Spell Trap, Protection from Magic Energy, Improved Invisibility; then talk to Firkraag (Red Dragon): Fight using Warding Whip, Breach, Lower Resistance, Horrid Wilting and Magic Missiles; 64k xp, 1500 gp, Red Dragon Scales and a Cloak of the Shield (lowers AC vs missile by 5 and AC vs piercing, slashing and crushing by 1, for one turn; can activate then remove the cloak; has 40 charges)

*Cloak of the Shield

Carsomyr +5 (1d12+5 = 6-17 damage or 11-22 vs chaotic evil; 50% magic resistance, dispels on each hit!) Give the Belt of Inertial Barrier to Minsc

***Carsomyr +5 -> Keldorn TH 2/-5 (2½) with STR17 at Level 19

With the Carsomyr +5 Keldorn is set through SoA and ToB! Backtrack to Samia.

East side: East of Samia: passageway has a trapped door

Keldorn L20 +3hp->150 TH 1/-6 (2½) GW2

Small room north of book pile: one trap; ENCOUNTER Guardian (#1 of 6) Note: there are no more traps on this side of the dungeon Long hallway, north-to-south: middle door is trapped; two are locked First door : buff with Protection from Fire, fight Director 10k xp One trapped door in this room Next several doors and small rooms : fight six Guardians, 48k xp, to collect the six parts of the Mask of King Strohm III

North-east: Mask forms 24550 xp! BG2 only: Protagonist must wear the mask to be able to see and fight the final Guardian, or cast True Sight, 10k xp -> can access the final tomb Loot the Tomb -> ENCOUNTER Samia: use True Sight, fight, attack Ferric Ironblade first and then the mage Kaol, 45k xp, 105 gp. The Dragon Scale Shield +2 adds 25% resistance to cold/fire/electrical damage (the description might be wrong) The Dragonslayer +2 grants immunity to Fear (sell it)

*Dragonslayer +2 *Dragon Scale Shield +2 *Large Shield +2 *Frost Giant Strength Minsc L20 +4hp->155 TH 0/-6/-4 (3½) with STR18/93; GW2

Note: the Red Dragon Scale +2 (AC-1) armor costs 5k gp to craft; unfortunately it reduces saves and reduces bonuses vs missile/piercing/slashing compared with Full Plate + Ring of Protection +2, and it results in 1 AC worse compared to wearing Armor of the Hart +3. However, it does look cool on Keldorn and could replace his own armor; therefore consider to make it either now or later for bringing into ToB for its protection vs fire

No need to talk to Garren Windspear


Radiant Heart:

Sir William Reirrac finalize 35k xp and keep the Carsomyr!


Paladin Stronghold quests done!

© bg2mez


Baron Ployer's Curse Quest Note: can do this quest after the Planar Sphere (or way back in Chapter 3, or not at all) Docks:

Sea's Bounty, downstairs:

With Jaheira talk to Baron Ployer -> Terrece, Gracien and Malacazar teleport in and Jaheira gets cursed! "By the horns of Silvanus, I'll plant him beneath the stones of Aisath if I…if I…" Talk 1, 1, 1 and then 2 (or 1 or 3)


Council of Six:

Talk 3 to Corneil; equip the Ring of Human Influence and then leave


ENCOUNTER Terrece: with CHA 18 talk 3 (ask for help), 2, 3 (turn on Ployer), 2 (pay 2k gp), 19750 xp [can kill for 5k xp, 2020 gp, Bracers AC6, and he will also appear later!]


Copper Coronet: Optional: talk to Bernard with Jaheira Derelict home:

Save game (in case of a bug) and then enter ENCOUNTER Baron Ployer (talk 4) -> Terrece and two mages arrive and Ployer is killed! "It has been a pleasure helping you…" As they depart can kill Terrece (again) and the two mages as they teleport in and as they leave for 5k xp, 2x 3500 xp, Cloak of Protection +1 (on Gracien) Drops can include a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Carrion Summons, Flesh to Stone, Globe of Invulnerability, Incendiary Cloud, Spell Shield, Sphere of Chaos, Summon Fiend

*Bracers AC6 *Cloak of Protection +1

Pick-up hair -> Jaheira is cured (partly): "I feel…weak, but better…and I should get a full day of rest…" 21250 xp Note: to remove Jaheira's curse rest once in an Inn/Tavern and then adventure for 16 hours (or rest twice more for 8 hours)


Adventure Mart:


Planar Sphere:

In preparation for the Sphere bring 1x Potion of Master Thievery, can buy from Ribald or Roger the Fence

Planar Sphere Quest Note: will need 9k gp for Ribald and 10k gp for Cromwell to make the Crom Faeyr after the Sphere is done Note: he party will net 37k gp if in Chapter 6 (or 27k gp if in Ch. 2 or 3) from gold found and by selling loot from this quest, plus the Ring of Acuity and Ring of Danger Sense (worth 3850 gp at Ribald Special Wares), plus spell scrolls! If not yet done: open the Sphere with Valygar (get him from his house in the Docks; 9500 xp awarded if you did not let him join the party in his cabin in Windspear Hills) and then park him inside the Sphere Entrance area: West room: fight Clay Golem 8k xp; open containers (two locked, no traps) and get the Planar Key, Golem Arm and Coal East room: fight Steam Mephit; enjoy the bird's eye view of the Copper Coronet North door: use the Planar Key 17500 xp

*Breach scroll *Haste scroll *Emerald *Bullets +2 (40) *Arrows +2 (40)

Save game; open the next north door (creatures generate now) to the main dungeon area ENCOUNTER Reyna of the Knights of Solamnia; loot the table

© bg2mez

***Khelben's Warding Whip


North room: fight Sahuagin 3200 xp; can get a good drop such as Mass Invisibility or Protection from Energy!

Main dungeon: First fight to the west: three Halflings 3k xp 2nd fight: full buff, can use Invisibility to fight Togan first, 4k xp Third fight: immediate Breach on mage Kayardi and attack him first; Entu has Gauntlets of Ogre Power (component for Crom Faeyr!) 35k xp, Coal (#2)

*Cloak of Protection +1

*Ripper +2 (Long Bow) *Gauntlets of Ogre Power STR18/00 (Crom Faeyr component #3)

West round room: fight Sword Spiders and Ettercaps 5300 xp; table contains Coal (#3), emerald North-west: kill Necre Mage first, 21k xp; one floor trap in the room and one on the walkway to the east

*Stiletto of Demarchess +2 (Dagger)

Furnace room: click on the furnaces to use Coal to activate them; fight for 3x 6k xp; the furnaces are now functioning Next room to the east, with gears: fight Golems and an Adamantite Golem 41k xp; get Golem Head Make golem 23500 xp, de-trap the first walkway to the east; follow the golem Fight Elder Orb 14k xp, loot the corpse for 2x Diamonds and 2x Moonbar gems

Navigator's/ Imoen use Hide in Shadows and drink 1x Potion of Master Thievery Lavok's room: to PP him while "neutral" (cyan), then PP again as "friendly" to get 2 Rings of Acuity! (gives extra Mage spell slots: 2x level 2, 1x level 3, 1x level 4) Fight Lavok, use Breach or Keldorn Dispel, 28750 xp ENCOUNTER Lavok: accept his request; he advises you must go outside the Sphere to get the heart of a powerful demon In the locked container: 3k gp, 2x Diamonds, 3x Moonbar gems, 40 Bolts of Biting (worth 900 gp)

*Diamond (x2)

*Ring of Acuity (#1) *Ring of Acuity (#2)

*Diamond (x2)

West room: fight many Myconids that re-spawn 10k xp, 150 gp, Sling +2 and 10x Potion of Extra Healing (worth 1350 gp!) North room/Control room: Lizard Men, 350 gp, Battle Axe +2, Protector of the Second +2 (Leather armor +2)

Central room: In the middle of the main dungeon, click on the runes on the floor in order: North ("tee"), South, East ("3") and then West ("4") -> door to downstairs opens 24500 xp Downstairs/ to ENCOUNTER Tolgerias (Breach him, cast Insect Plague), no good Power Core: drops because we pick pocketed the Ring of the Ram already, 26k xp (can fight summons 2100-3500 xp in BG2) Return back upstairs Exit: the magic pool now shows a view of a demonic valley

"Outside": "Leave" the Sphere through the entrance Buff with Protection from Fire, summon a Fire Elemental; fight Quasit's, Imp's, Salamander's and Maurezhi 54k xp Get hearts from Tanar'ri 2x 10k xp and Lea'liyl 16k xp (only 1 heart is actually needed)

Bonus xp's!

Can get "rest interrupted" by Imps 7k xp or Maurezhi 6k xp in this demonic area

© bg2mez


"Return" to the Sphere and to the central room and proceed downstairs to power-up the Power Core Downstairs/ Buff vs fire and cold, use elemental arrows to carefully clear 38k xp, Fire and Cold two small (round drains) floor traps per room rooms: The Staff of Fire +2 can summon a Fire Elemental (20 charges!) that has 8 HD (hit dice)

*Shield of the Falling Stars +1 *Staff of Fire +2 *Spirit Armor *Helm of Defence (#2)

Engine room: Carefully fight two Adamantite Golems, four Stone Golems and a Clay Golem 90k xp

*Ring of Danger Sense

North-east trapped container has 6666 gp, Ring of Danger Sense (keep for ToB) and gems worth 1500 gp including a Kings tears [also in EE 1.3: Bala's Axe]

Aerie Cler18 Mage16 +2hp->76 w/ Sensate Amulet TH 10/2 (1) Mage Level 8 spell ELEMENTAL SUMMON, STORM OF VENGEANCE

Click the Engine with a Demon Heart in your inventory 45500 xp Return to the Navigator's Room

Jaheira F17 D14 +1hp ->121 TH 4/-3/0 (3½) with STR19; GW4

Navigator's/ Talk to Lavok -> outside in the Slums 45500 xp all! Planar Sphere Lavok's room: is given to Mages! Accept it using the Extra Strongholds mod. Return to the Sphere in 24 hours for the first Mage Stronghold quest

Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Ranger16 Cleric18 +1hp->143 TH 3/-5/-3 (3½) GW6 (H1)

ENCOUNTER Reyna (talk 1, 1) and then ENCOUNTER Teos Q (Solamnic Knights) talk 1 (or 3), 3 (or 1/2/4), 2, 1, 1 (accept his deal), 3 ("Prove your intent. Help me return the Solamnic Knights…"); Teos suggests speaking with Ribald

Imoen L21 +1hp->77 SUMMON PLANETAR

Return to talk to Teos for the first Mage Stronghold quest also in 24 hours! Return to the Sphere to finalize with Reyna 24 hours after paying Ribald!


Adventure Mart:

Ribald: talk 5, 1, 2, 2 (pay 9k gp), 1; return to the Sphere to finalize with Reyna in 24 hours Sell some gems or unique magical items if you do not have 10k gp to soon create the Crom Faeyr


Sewers, north locked door:

Use the Sewer Key from Thaxll'ssyllia in Sewers, full buff including Chaotic Commands


Next Visit in 24 hours to Sphere

Room 1: big fight 40k xp Room 2: fight Ulitharid's and Mind Flayers 69k xp Third and final room: full buff, big fight 83k xp; get the Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 (final component for the Crom Faeyr!) Container also has the Wand of Wonder (worth 5500 gp!)


*Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 (component #4 for Crom Faeyr)

Clear the Sewers South-west: possible fight vs two Gauths and a Beholder 32k xp; can also get Mustard Jelly 2k xp Later can get Otyugh in south-west area 5k xp Roger the Fence: talk 2, 1, 1 (ask for coin) Q -> kill Sea Troll 1400 xp and then finalize 9500 xp, 500 gp Talk again (3, 1); he informs that the Gong is with Grae in the Druid Grove (we will finish the Gong Quest much later)



Make the Crom Faeyr +5! 10k gp (2d4+3, +5 electrical damage = 10-16 damage) has chance to instantly kill Trolls, Ettins and Stone, Clay, Bone or Sand Golems

© bg2mez

***Crom Faeyr +5 -> Minsc TH 1/-11/-4 (4½) at Level 20


Making the Crom Faeyr (BG2EE v1.3)

NEW NOTE (2017): give the Crom Faeyr +5 to Minsc, who will soon have 2 pips in War Hammer at level 21; wield the Belm +2 in offhand for an extra attack per round with the Crom Faeyr! (No pips in Scimitar required to get the extra attack per round!) Alternatively: Protagonist use the FoA +3 in main hand and the Crom Faeyr +5 in off-hand although that gives about 1% less damage per round but more chances of Slow, resulting in TH 3/-8/-8 (3½) at Ranger level 16; however STR25 can be easily reached by casting Righteous Magic or Draw Upon Holy Might, therefore preference is for Minsc to use the Crom Faeyr

© bg2mez


Strength Plan and THAC0's:

Note: THAC0 bonuses are the same at: STR 19 & 20 (+3); or 21 & 22 (+4) At Cleric18/Ranger16: using Righteous Magic or Draw Upon Holy Might gives STR 25 so total party damage is much higher by giving the Crom Faeyr +5 to Minsc rather than the Protagonist STR 19 25 25

THAC0 / AC 3/-4/-2 (3½) AC-9 3/-8/-6 (3½) AC-11 3/-8/-8 (3½) AC-8

Minsc Level 20 STR 18/93 with Crom Faeyr +5, Belm +2 off-hand, with War Hammer*, no pips in Scimitar, Two-Weapon Style*** Minsc Level 20 with Frostreaver +3, Crom Faeyr +5 off-hand, War Hammer*, Axes**, Two-Weapon Style***


1/-11/-4 (4) AC-5


1/-10/-9 (3½) AC-5

Minsc Level 21 with Crom Faeyr +5, Belm +2, War Hammer**, no pips in Scimitar, Two-Weapon Style*** Minsc Level 21 dual wielding Frostreaver +3 and Stonefire +3 Minsc Level 21 with Frostreaver +3, Crom Faeyr +5 off-hand


0/-13/-5 (4½) AC-5

18/93 25

0/-6/-4 (3½) AC-5 0/-11/-11 (3½) AC-5

Keldorn Level 20 with Carsomyr +5 (will get a girdle of strength in Chapter 7)


TH 1/-6 (2½) AC-2

Jaheira Fighter 16/Druid 14 with STR 19, Blackblood +3 and Club +2, Gnasher; and the Pale Green Ioun Stone


TH 4/-3/0 (3½) AC-5

Cleric 18/Ranger 16 with FoA +3, Defender of Easthaven +3 …buffed with Draw Upon Holy Might (or Righteous Magic) Cleric 18/Ranger 16 with FoA+3 and Crom Faeyr +5:

Imoen Mage 21 with Gesen Bow +4 and +2 arrows

TH 14/4 (2) AC-2

Aerie Cleric 18/Mage 16 with Sling of Avoreen +4 and +2 bullets

TH 10/2 (1) AC-6

[If playing with Anomen: Anomen Fighter7 Cleric25 STR 19: TH 6/0 (2) AC-6 with Sling of Seeking, or TH 6/-2/1 (3) AC-1 with Maces, or TH 6/-7 (2) with the Crom Faeyr!]

© bg2mez


Minsc at Level 21: War Hammer** Two-Weapon Style***

Minsc (and Boo) Ranger, of Rasheman; wielding the Crom Faeyr +5 and Belm +2 with THAC0 0/-13/-7 (4½ attacks/round) at Level 21

THAC0 0/-13/-7 (4½ attacks per round) at Ranger Level 21 (will be there soon!)

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Cleric/Ranger at Ranger Level 16: Flail** Two-Weapon Style***

Protagonist, wielding the Flail of Ages +3 and Defender of Easthaven +3, with THAC0 3/-4/-2 (3½ attacks/round) at Ranger Level 16

THAC0 3/-4/-2 (3½ attacks/round) at Cleric Level 19 / Ranger Level 16

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Plan for phase 8:


Ore Merchant:

Finish all quests that grant a large amount of experience Rest to remove Jaheira's curse Continue doing the Mage Stronghold quests Continue doing the Fighter Stronghold quests if not done Do the Cult of the Unseeing Eye quest Begin the Cleric Stronghold quests Rescue Haer'Dalis / Astral Prison quest (Planar Prison) Continue doing the Cleric Stronghold quests Do the Graveyard quests Get the Pantaloons (lose 2 REP) Do the Slaver Stockade quest (gain 2 REP) Do the Fallen Paladins quest

Daytime, if not done: pay Jerlia 500 gp to get the Illithium Alloy (keep until much later)

*Illithium Alloy

Rest 1x in an Inn/Tavern to remove Jaheira's curse, memorize 2x Protection from Electricity for upcoming Astral Prison quest and store loot in the Adventure Mart


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 1 Save game and then enter. ENCOUNTER Teos -> apprentices; talk with Morul, Larz and Nara Ask Morul to make the Dagger (pay 250 gp) and he must reply "…I think a few days will do it. Yes, that will suffice…" for success (if he says "...4 days…" = failure on this occasion) Finalize in four days with Morul


Next Visit in 4 days for MAGE II

Note: do not make the Ring of Protection, Larz will die and you will not have the option to make the Ring of Wizardry in Part 3, and you will get 0 xp instead of 50k xp at the final ceremony

Bonus xp's!


Old Tunnels:

Talk to Khollynnus Paac: finalize 45k xp, Reyna gives Golden Girdle! Can also quickly finalize with Reyna (talk 2x) for sending the Solamnic Knights to the Radiant Heart, even if you didn't talk to the Prelate, 45k xp! [Can kill Reyna, 2k xp, no good drops]

Cult of the Unseeing Eye Quest Fight re-spawning Otyugh 5k xp Sarcophagus area: one trap only after Sarcophagus room; fight Shadows 6840 xp

Downstairs/ De-trap the container on the Statue/north wall for scrolls and gems Lower Reaches: Click on the "mouth" to fight a Wandering Horror and Sword Spiders 9k xp, can click 5 times for 45k xp in fights! Bonus xp's!

Bonus scrolls!

Bonus items!

***Golden Girdle

*Tensors Transformation *Enchanted Weapon

De-trap the stairs to the broken structure Guardian questions: answer 7, 9, 4 -> 42250 xp, or for bonus scrolls: Can answer incorrectly (e.g. talk 7, 7) to fight re-spawning Skeleton Warriors, 0 xp, but they can drop a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Mantle Project Image Protection from the Elements Ruby Ray of Reversal Spell Sequencer Spell Trap Spell Trigger (level 8 spell, very rare) Summon Fiend Summon Nishruu The Skeleton Warriors also drop a 2H+1 sword which can be sold!

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Keldorn at Level 21: lowest base THAC0 attained!

Save game, no buff Big fight vs three Beholders, two Gauths and eight Shadows: use the Ring of Free Action, Stealth, Mace of Disruption +2 and Crom Faeyr +5 Container has the War Hammer +2 Ashideena from BG1 unless you have already imported it from BGEE 1.3 in which case it will be a War Hammer +2

Keldorn L21 +3hp->153 Two-Weapon Style** TH 0/-7 (2½) with STR 17; GW3

*War Hammer +2 (Ashideena)

Imoen detect one trap by the water/bridge Talk to Diseased One, enter the Temple Ancient temple: ENCOUNTER Empathic Manifestation: get Cure Serious Wounds from altar and cast, or cast a healing spell or two onto the Empathic Manifestation, 25750 xp in EE 1.3 (0 xp in BG2) Awesome Voice Avatar appears! Gives Q (kill the Unseeing Eye and return with the assembled Rod); enjoy the awesome voice acting! "…This simple Acting act of bringing together the two parts of the rod will instill a small amount of faith, for an instant…" The Avatar gives Rift Device Part Leave the temple. ENCOUNTER Diseased One: talk 1, 1 Return back upstairs

Old Tunnels:

Bonus xp's!

Talk to Sassar: he says to not speak to Gaal, speak only to Tad Note: speaking to Gaal gives an alternate good solution to this quest for a few extra xp's and he does not actually take the Rod Talk to Tad, say "the eye is blind"; this allows access down a new set of "stairs" (just beside Tad) to the Pit of the Faithless. (Can "finalize" with Gaal and still be able to complete the quest as per usual if talked to Tad first)

Minsc at Level 21: lowest base THAC0 attained! For BG2: select Long Sword** and use Equalizer in off-hand and Frostreaver in main hand to maximize damage For BG2EE: War Hammer** and use the Crom Faeyr +5 to maximize party damage per round; give the Pale Green Ioun Stone to Jaheira; Minsc will use the Girdle of Fortitude

Minsc L21 +3hp->158 War Hammer** (or Long Sword** or Two-Weapon Style***) TH 0/-13/-7 (4½) with Crom, or -1/-7/-5 (3½) with Axes; GW3 Pale Green Ioun to Jaheira

Save game and then go down the pit Passage to the Fight Ghast x6 and Mummy x9 for 31k xp; the Ghast's can drop a Pit of the high level spell scroll including: Flesh to Stone, Mass Invisibility, Faithless: Power Word Stun, Sphere of Chaos; Summon Djinni, Efreeti, Hakeashar; Tensors Transformation Ghoul Town/ Full buff including Resist Fear and then enter the cave Cave: ENCOUNTER Theshal: small fight vs Undead and the Ghoul Lord 9k xp; try not to let the enemies in the north notice you yet Full buff for large fight against Undead and a Lich slightly north/west, 56k xp; cast 2x Sunray, use the Mace of Disruption +2 Loot the Gauntlets of Dexterity (sets DEX to 18) in pile/container, which can reduce Minsc's AC by 2 or Keldorn's by 4!

Beholder Lair: *Can get a high level spell in the north-east 3rd container (e.g. Khelben's Warding Whip, Project Image or Symbol Fear) Loot Dragons Bane +3 (halberd) from the 2nd container

© bg2mez

*Skin of the Ghoul +4

***Gauntlets of Dexterity -> Minsc or Keldorn

Cleric19 Ranger16 +1hp->148 GW7 (H1)


Central area: big fight including vs Summons, use Protection from Magic, 28k xp

*Full Plate

South-west area: big fight 83k xp, 326 gp

*Secret Word

South-east area: easy fight; get Rift Device component #2 from the south-east container -> Device forms! 26250 xp (0 xp if you've fought the Unseeing Eye already); equip in a quick slot Kill the Unseeing Eye with the Device, 30k xp, drops Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance (keep through rest of SoA) Return upstairs

*Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance

Note: creatures do not re-spawn in this dungeon if visiting later

Can rarely get "rest interrupted" by a Gauth, fight for 9k xp!

Old Tunnels:

ENCOUNTER Gaal: fight 14k xp and quickly kill any escaping Elite Guards (with "blue cyan circles") 2200 xp x4 and Cultists (500 xp + 95 gp x4) Use Girdle of Fortitude with Minsc (or Jaheira) for +18 hp: use once/day, then switch back to another belt or girdle A Guard drops the X-bow +5 with THAC0 +5 and +2 damage!

***Girdle of Fortitude -> to Minsc for +18 hp *Heavy X-bow of Accuracy +5 -> Keldorn

[Can kill Garuk and Zaelas near Sassar, 1k xp]

Downstairs/ Go to the northwest stairs to return to the Lower Reaches Lower Reaches: Give the Rod to the Diseased One at the Temple -> Ceremony with Avatar, 47250 xp, Saving Grace +3 shield awarded More excellent voice acting: "This is the end of things. Rest your mind in my heart. Rest."

*Saving Grace +3 (AC +4)

Return back to the Temple District! Can finalize with Sassar (0 xp)


Can kill four Prophets for 680 xp each if quick

Temple of Lathander: (Stronghold)

High Mornmaster Arval, finalize 45750 xp all!, 8k gp, REP+1


Asked to join the Temple! Instigate Cleric Stronghold quest 1 in the north-east area with Lara

Note: it might be possible to loot the south containers only now without being caught (but perhaps not the Safe or Chest, which contains a Wand of Monster Summoning; 3 charges) Can Rest in the Temple if need be

Cleric Stronghold Quests Talk to Acolyte Lara -> Cleric Stronghold quest 1: Glinden (talk 4 forgive her); finalize with Lara in approximately 24 hours


Next Visit in 24 hours to finalize quest


Next Visit in 24 hours for CLERIC II

Note: can do the Cleric Stronghold quests even in Chapter 7

Note: to kill some time you could get Cromwell to make something (takes 24 hours in EE 1.3) or travel somewhere and then return to the Temple District


Lathander (Stronghold):

Cleric Stronghold Quest Part 1 Twenty-four hours later, Glinden thanks you! Finalize this quest with Lara by talking to her in the back area in 24 hours Note: to kill some time you could get Cromwell to make something (takes 24 hours in EE 1.3) or travel somewhere

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Lathander (Stronghold):

Cleric Stronghold Quest Part 2 Talk to Acolyte Lara in the back area: finalize Cleric Stronghold quest I, 20k xp -> Cleric Stronghold quest II: Ti'Vael: talk 3 (provide restitution); finalize with Lara in 48 hours


Next Visit in 48 hours for CLERIC II

Raelis Shai / Free Haer'Dalis from Mekrath Quest Note: this is a juicy quest with a lot of xp's (1.2 million xp's in total, including 325k xp for scribing scrolls with Haer'Dalis), gold (26k gp in gold, gems, items and ammo by selling to a normal merchant) and some nice items as well; therefore could consider to do this quest as a higher priority upon returning to Athkatla in Ch. 6

Sewers, Secret Entrance:

*First chest only to east is random and is trapped; can rarely get Level 7-8 spell! (e.g. Summon Hakeashar) Fight Mephits 2100 xp; carefully scout the east small rooms East rooms: fight Yuan-ti 27500 xp; de-trap three chests 489 gp

Loot bookcases for spell scrolls

*Necklace of Form Stability *Carrion Summons *Spell Deflection *Contingency

South room: de-trap cabinet (murky potion) Talk to Mekrath: talk 1, 2, 2, 1 (or 1, 1, 2, 1) to accept his quest (get his mirror) Can go up the spiral staircase for a view of the Bridge District! Can get "rest interrupted" by Mephits, fight for 2100 xp!

Sewers, southeast:

ENCOUNTER Imp and Lesser Earth Elemental: fight 2400 xp, get Mekrath's Mirror

Secret Entrance: Mekrath finalize 18750 xp, in EE 1.3 can fight him now as well, 14k xp, and the container behind him unlocks, which contains a Rod of Resurrection (10 charges) and Wand of Cloudkill (6 charges) Bonus xp's!

In BG2: can kill Mekrath if very quick (he has 75 hp): use a Wand of Frost (fire from just outside of the doorway), Ring of the Ram, Magic Missiles, Wand of Magic Missiles, Wand of the Heavens; then talk just as the frost hits him and he must not save!

***Rod of Resurrection *Wand of Cloudkill

*Robe of Fire Resistance

Note: the Rod of Resurrection can fully heal a wounded character, with infinite range! Just use it on the injured characters portrait

Major save game point! By having Haer'Dalis join now, there is a possible bug (EE 1.3) ahead in the Astral Prison: Haer'Dalis would not finalize the quest, can't leave the prison! Had to set the global variable "CDHaerdalisjoined=0" from 1 Therefore, join with him to learn (a lot of) spells after the Astral Prison is done

Before leaving Mekrath's small room save game; we will send Haer'Dalis to Raelis Shai in the Five Flagons Inn; the quest will continue once you finalize with her, and Haer'Dalis will offer to join the party after the Astral Prison quest is completed Walk back to stairs and Haer'Dalis offers to join! However, in EE 1.3 this may cause a bug (can't leave the Astral Prison) so consider to join and learn spells after the Prison is complete Haer'Dalis is a Blade (Bard) level 15, chaotic neutral

© bg2mez


Plan for Haer'Dalis: will use him only to learn spells for xp's later; [can take his blades to sell for 225 gp each]

The Altar to the east is now unlocked; de-trap now (or later) and get the Portal Gem


*Laeral's tear *Portal Gem

Note: EE 1.3: wait until completing the Astral Prison first before Haer'Dalis joins the party to buy and learn a lot of spells


Sewers, Secret Entrance:


Five Flagons:

[If not yet done: in the Altar room: de-trap floor and Altar, get the Portal Gem, and Laeral's Tear necklace]

Rescue Raelis Shai and Haer'Dalis from the Astral Prison Note: bring the Portal Gem! Will need about 60 spaces in inventory for loot in this quest Downstairs: ENCOUNTER Raelis Shai and Haer'Dalis: finalize 21250 xp [5k xp in EE only] and 1k gp [or talk 2, 2, 1 for 1500 gp], and an explanation of inter-planar conduits is provided. (Sometimes this quest is known as the Planar Prison quest.) -> Conduit/portal: fight summons 8k xp -> ENCOUNTER Bounty Hunter: Haer'Dalis is taken!

Bonus xp's!

Can kill the Bounty Hunter for 2900 xp but no good drops (just a basic necklace and a standard Quarterstaff): 2x Magic Missiles, Jaheira with Sling of Seeking, one hit of melee by a fighter, and 1x Finger of Death

Astral Prison:

Full buff including Stoneskin on Mages, cast True Sight and then enter the portal Enter Portal: ENCOUNTER Aawill, Tagget and Bounty Hunter: kill Bounty Hunters first (Breach or Dispel), 33400 xp, drop can be Lev 78 spell! Cloak of the Shield has 50 charges!

***Boots of Speed (#2 or 3; do not use with fighters) *Cloak of the Shield (#2)

Drops include Boots of Speed; as well as: Dagger +3 (Pixie Prick), Melodic Chain +3 (worth 3k gp at regular merchants or 5500 at Ribald Special Wares in Ch. 6)

*Pixie Prick +3 *Melodic Chain *Wand of the Heavens

Talk to Tagget Q (Master of Thralls; destroy the control device used by the Tanar'ri) Save game as there is a lot happening in this dungeon in close proximity!

South, to the ENCOUNTER Thrall, Female Thrall: small fight 2850 xp east: South-east: Tough fight, consider to use Stealth; full buff including Chaotic Commands, do very carefully, kill Yuan-ti first, 33k xp. Female Thrall drops Gauntlets of Weapon Skill (+1 THAC0) and Kundane Short Sword +2 (+1 attack per round) Consider to give the Kundane to Minsc for his off-hand and the Belm to Jaheira for her off-hand! This results in an extra attack per round from both the Crom Faeyr and the Blackblood club! Save game North-east: ENCOUNTER Wyvern: fight solo with Protection from Electricity; move north carefully to fight Wyvern 4k xp; fight Master of Thralls 16k xp and two Air Elementals 14k xp; pick-up the Mastery Orb and Staff of Air +2 which are dropped by the Master

***Gauntlets of Weapon Skill -> Jaheira TH 2/-5/-1 (3½) at Fighter 17, STR19 **Kundane Short Sword +2 (gives +1 APR) *Ring of Protection +1

*Staff of Air +2 *Potion of Stone Giant Strength

ENCOUNTER Dwarf Thrall: "You…you have killed the master!"

© bg2mez


Prisons: Clear all five small prisons via the "portals" on the floor; consider to do solo or with one or two fighters at most; full buff including Protection from Magic: - North jail 1: fight Greater Wolfweres 21k xp - North jail 2: use Protection from Fire to fight Efreet 27k xp

Aerie Cleric19 Mage16 +1hp->77 TH 8/0 (1) MASS RAISE DEAD

- South jail: use True Seeing to fight Githyanki 6k xp; loot the container in the room

Send everyone who isn't fighting to the north-east! Save game - West jail 1: fight Minotaur and Prison Captains 24k xp Save game once again; upon exiting fight at most two Yuan-ti or Thralls if they see you, but do not get lured into battle! - West jail 2: full buff including Protection from Lightning, kill Golems first 27k xp + 1k xp summons

*Wand of Fire *Ring of Protection +1

Save game again before exiting from the last prison Run eastward to get buffed in NE area, especially vs magic because Horrid Wilting will be cast by the Warden

Note: must clear the small prisons now or they disappear!

South: Just before going in for the final battle send someone to the south area to get ready to place the Mastery Orb Get ready to place the Orb (24750 xp) when there still is one Thrall or Warden Thrall remaining so that Tagget's quest can be finalized (for 5k xp), although he may still be located in the south-west area

North-west: Big fight vs Warden: use Creeping Doom, Wand of Flamestrike, Moon Dog Figurine cast True Sight; 57k xp total; 2577 gp, 3x Star Sapphire, 2x Emerald, Wave Shaft, and the Planar Prison Key

*Wave Shaft *Adjatha the Drinker +2 *Prison key *Ring of Protection +1 (x2)

Tagget appears (usually just south of the Warden's area or he may still be in the south-west) 5k xp Container check: make sure the containers have been looted: north of brazier, north of the Master of Thralls, and just south of the Warden area. Save game

Far north-west: With the key in inventory finalize with Raelis Shai 44k xp all! Haer'Dalis: "Miss Raelis…I…I cannot come with you. Not this time…" and he receives 44k xp

Note: if Haer'Dalis will not begin his dialog sequence, it is probably a bug with EE 1.3 where the party can't leave the Astral Prison and is stuck in the Astral Prison: set the global variable "CDHaerdalisjoined=0" from 1

The Playhouse (stronghold) is offered by Raelis Shai but we declined (although the stronghold quest for Bards is extensive)!

Five Flagons:

Dismiss Minsc to Copper Coronet, Haer'Dalis re-joins! Upstairs: Haer'Dalis talk to bartender to get gem (Diamond)

© bg2mez




Learn spells that have been collected with Imoen, Jaheira, Aerie and Haer'Dalis Buy missing spells from Galoomp, Yuth and Ribald (spent 10k gp) and learn with Imoen, Jaheira, Aerie and Haer'Dalis -> Imoen +92k xp (total)


Imoen L22 +1hp->78 TH 13/5 (2) or 13/3 (2) with Bracers of Archery DRAGON'S BREATH Level 9 spell (#3)

Send Haer'Dalis to the Five Flagons or park him in the Slums Learn spells with Imoen, Jaheira and Aerie and Jan, Nalia, Neera and Edwin -> Imoen +35k xp Partial sell to Ribald special wares: unique magical items and gems, necklaces




Minsc/Keldorn re-join Copper Coronet: Get the bear (Littleman The Stuffed Bear) from Llynis in backrooms, fight him for 650 xp


Make now or later for 7500 gp: Halberd +4: Wave (1d10+4 = 5-14 damage; 15% chance of an extra 15 damage; slays Fire Elementals, Efreeti and Salamanders) which is useful in ToB

*Halberd +4: Wave

Keldorn L22 +3hp->156 GW4

Note: all the small Graveyard quests can be done even in Chapter 7

Night Daytime

After 19:00: give the bear to Wellyn 15500 xp Mourner: finalize Wellyn quest, 5k xp (daytime)


Between 06:30 - 09:00; and 15:00 also OK: Talk to Arenthis -> north-west by the Crypt King's grave: talk to Kamir 12250 xp -> finalize with Arenthis 3k xp


West: ENCOUNTER Nevin: kill Lester -> fight 6500 xp, 1k xp


After 17:00: talk to Stein who is grave robbing; fight 2k xp (Stein is worth 0 xp even in EE 1.3)

Minsc L22 +3hp->147/161 GW4

Tomb looting Generally: save game and then enter the small areas to check for good drops/scrolls! South building/ Fight two Skeleton Warriors (favorite tomb to loot!) 8k xp; drops can tomb: include a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, or even a piece of equipment, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Bonus scrolls! Carrion Summons Improved Mantle Incendiary Cloud Khelben's Warding Whip Mantle Project Image Protection from Magic Energy Protection from the Elements Ruby Ray of Reversal Spell Sequencer Spell Trigger (level 8 spell, very rare) Stone to Flesh Summon Nishruu Best combinations of two drops: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting + Protection from the Elements Incendiary Cloud + Project Image Ruby Ray of Reversal + Protection from Magic Energy

© bg2mez


Equipment that has been dropped: Leather Armor +2, Composite Long Bow +1, Dagger +2 From the tomb (locked): can rarely get Invisible Stalker, Mordy's, Power Word Stun; Summon Djinni, Nishruu

Middle building/ Locked tomb can rarely have: Ruby Ray and Mordy's together, Spell Stein's tomb: Trap, Spell Shield, Spell Sequencer, Mordy's, Improved Mantle, Summon Nishruu, Pierce Shield or Khelben's Warding Whip (got Protection from the Elements on two play through's!) North-east tomb: No fights; unlock the tomb, can rarely get True Sight North building: Fight Skeleton Warrior: can get a good drop e.g. Pierce Shield, Project Image, Ruby Ray, Caco Fiend, Improved Mantle or a Laeral's tear Center building: No fights; de-trap and unlock tomb for a Battle Axe +2

*Battle Axe +2

Next to Bodhi's ENCOUNTER Crypt King: easy fight, use Resist Fear, 15k xp; have Lair/ Crypt King: rarely gotten as a drop: Tensors Transformation, Protection from Energy! Locked chest (and a locked tomb) can have Incendiary Cloud, Djinni, Sphere of Chaos, Nishruu, Ruby Ray, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting or Summon Fiend!

*Namarra +2

Note: having the Namarra +2 in a quick slot is enough to be able to cast Silence 15' Radius, 3x/day

Bodhi's Lair:

De-trap chest; stake the three Vampire tombs 3x 9k xp (there are stakes to be found in the chests south of the Lair) Hallway to blood room (if not already done): fight Guard 8500 xp, 5x Mists 5k xp Re-entering the Lair (e.g. walking through the blue doors and then returning to the main table room) spawns more Vampires in hallway to blood room or in the blood room, 77k xp Downstairs: de-trap and unlock chest

South of Bodhi's Lair: South-west: ENCOUNTER Skeleton Warrior: fight 6600 xp De-trap two floor traps and two chests (can get high level spells)

*Symbol Stun

North-east: de-trap one floor trap

Jaheira at Level 18: select Scimitar** (will wield in ToB); Minsc give her the Pale Green Ioun Stone if he has the Crom Faeyr; Jaheira use the Gauntlets of Expertise and Cloak of Unerring Strikes to help her THAC0 even out with the others

Jaheira F18 D14 +1hp ->122 Scimitar** TH 1/-6/-5 (3½) [or 1/-6/-5 (4½) w/ Belm] w/ STR19; ELEMENTAL SUMMONING (GW4)

Consider to also clear the southern dungeon in Bodhi's Lair area (see below)


Near Coronet:

Save game; get the Pantaloons now [or later]: [To do good method: PP Silver Pantaloons from Welther (no loss of REP), then release Elgea in southern house at Bridge, 8500 xp] Not so good method (but more xp's): Talk to Welther with Ransom Note -> Silver Pantaloons, REP-2

© bg2mez

*Silver Pantaloons

-2 REP -> 18



South house:


Coronet downstairs:

Upstairs: talk very quickly (i.e. use Haste) to release Elgea and free her 8500 xp; then fight up to 2 Cowled Enforcers, 4 Legionaries and 1 Centurion for 28k xp! Drops can be Stone to Flesh, Hakeashar, Djinni, Mordy's, Spell Trigger, Protection from Magic Energy, Improved Mantle, Spell Turning or Summon Fiend!

Cleric20 Ranger17 +2hp->150 TH 2/-5/-3 (3½) [or TH 2/-9/-9 (3½) w/ Crom Faeyr] GW8, HARDI 2

Lilarcor / Free the Slaves / Slaver's Quest Hallway: fight Hobgoblins and an Otyugh 7500 xp Eastern area: Mustard Jelly 2k xp Upstairs: Myconids area 5k xp Stream/door bridge, mid map: trapped door laying across the water South: trap by sewer grating in the south ENCOUNTER Kobold Shaman: use Stealth or Chaotic Commands; get Shaman Staff Fight Carrion Crawler 975 xp Talk to Quallo; kill his Carrion friend for Blood Pipes puzzle: 1) Hand: click pipe #3 from the left; 2) Ring: click pipe #1; 3) Blood: click pipe #2; 4) Staff: click pipe #4, 18k xp all! (Quallo finalize, 0 xp)

Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Captain Haegan: big fight, full buff 5200 xp, 120 gp Traps: by stairs; and then just before doorway to the next room

*Lilarcor +3 (Immune to Charm and Confusion, but sell)

*Composite Longbow +1 (x2)

Note: Haegan's key is not actually used!

Unlock the next three doors: Fight Trolls 2800 xp; free Girl, pay 100 gp, 3500 xp, REP+1 Release the two kids (Slave Boy and Girl) 2x 2500 xp

REP+1 -> 19

Note: the loot in the following couple of unlocked containers and the final battle can be sold for 5k gp (normal merchant)! Can access this battle via the door to the Slums. The trapped or locked containers don't contain anything of much value Next small room: fight Yuan-ti 3k xp; 325 gp in table, trapped chest East room: ENCOUNTER Slaver Wizard: fight 3k xp, 100 gp and a lot of dropped loot; trapped chest Traps: on stairs after big fight; bookcase near exit

*Cloak of Protection +1 *Composite Longbow +1 (x2)

Loot the barrel near the exit door, 100 gp, scroll of Lightning



Guard: can talk/provoke to fight for 20 xp!


Hendak finalize 38k xp all!, 3900 gp, REP+1, Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs Shapeshifters

High Hall of the Radiant Heart:

REP+1 -> 20

Fallen Paladins Quest Talk to Sir Ryan Trawl Q (Anarg and the Fallen Paladins)

Note: can pick pocket Reynald de Chatillon 3x for potions of healing; and, using Stealth: PP Rindus 4x for Potion of Invisibility (x3), Potion of Healing and an Oil of Speed Bridge:

North, behind house:

ENCOUNTER Reynald de Chatillon and Rindus: can use Stealth to pick pocket (PP) a Potion of Fire Giant Strength and Potions of Invisibility. Fight Rindus and six Smugglers, 3800 xp ->

© bg2mez


ENCOUNTER Reynald de Chatillon: talk 2, 2, 1, 2, he gives a Quest (get the cup)


Radiant Heart:

Talk to Sir Ryan Trawl, he gives the cup (Anarg's Cup)


North, behind house:

To maximize xp's and be able to fight place Keldorn temporarily (but still in the party) in a nearby building and then talk to Reynald de Chatillon 10250 xp Anarg arrives; without Keldorn in sight talk 2 "Yes, I shall join you." 7250 xp, then fight all 22k xp, 100 gp [Or talk 1, 0 xp, and fight 17k xp]

*Potion of Invulnerability *Halberd +1

Sir Ryan Trawl finalize, with the cup in inventory, 17500 xp all! Awards the Gloves of Healing and REP+1



Radiant Heart:

© bg2mez


Plan for phase 9:

Finish NPC personal quests and Stronghold quests Continue doing the Cleric Stronghold quests Continue doing the Mage Stronghold quests Do Jan's personal quest Do Korgan's personal quest Do Edwin's personal quest Finish the Fighter Stronghold quests Do the Gong quest (Limited Wish quest) Clear the Druid Grove Start the Druid Stronghold quests Get Cernd; do Cernd's personal quest Cast spells outside to fight Cowled Enforcers Finish the Illithium quest to get a Ring of Holiness Do the Talassans/Dawn Ring quest Finish the Mage Stronghold quest

Between areas:

Waylaid, 5100xp, 171 gp


Bodhi's Lair/ Spider area: South dungeon:

Bonus xp's!

De-trap Bodhi's Lair downstairs chest if not done Fight Undead 10k xp; four traps in first large room; three traps in the following north-south hallway East hallway: fight Undead 13k xp; one trap in the at the Mummy case Click twice on the Mummy case to fight Skeleton Warrior 4k xp; drop includes the Halcyon (spear +1, +1 electrical damage); can also get a high level spell scroll Will return to this area later with Edwin and Korgan

Anywhere outside:

Cast a mage spell outside (e.g. Imoen cast Resist Fear or Improved Invisibility) to be warned by Cowled Enforcers (do not fight) Wait a couple hours (e.g. do quests or travel somewhere) and cast again to encounter them for a fight…

Bonus xp's!

Two hours later cast a mage spell outside again to fight four Cowled Enforcers 14-15k xp; at most they dropped 4 spell scrolls!

Bonus scrolls!

Drops can include a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting Caco Fiend Improved Mantle Incendiary Cloud Khelben's Warding Whip Mantle Pierce Shield Project Image Protection from the Elements Spell Sequencer Spell Trigger (level 8 spell, very rare) Spell Turning Stone to Flesh Summon Nishruu, Hakeashar Symbol Fear

Cast a mage spell outside to fight Cowled Enforcers every 2 hours, five times in total; then do a full buff for the 6th and final encounter (see four pages below)

© bg2mez



Lathander (Stronghold):

Jan's Quest: Slums:

Cleric Stronghold Quest Part 2 Ti'Vael (part 2) finalize; finalize the quest with Lara in approximately 24 hours


Next Visit in 24 hours for CLERIC III

Park Keldorn or Minsc to do Jan's personal quest Jan re-join! Go to the Jansen home The Jansen Home:

ENCOUNTER Tot, Tat and Ma Jansen Upstairs: ENCOUNTER Lissa: Q (Jaella is ill), Jan waits in the house until later Downstairs: ask to Uncle Gerhardt where we can find "such a person" and he will say go to the Jysstev Estate for information about "the Hidden" 3300 xp Keldorn or Minsc re-join


Jysstev Estate:

Talk to Lady Jysstev about the Hidden 8900 xp


Copper Coronet: Take the stairs down into the sewer area; talk to Hidden near middle area in the south-west


Sea's Bounty:

Talk 2 to the bartender, The Thumb: "I am a Seeker"


Five Flagons:

Upstairs: ENCOUNTER two Githyanki: fight 4k xp, 200 gp Use the Skull of Death to cast Death Spell to eliminate summoned Magical Swords (can only be damaged by magic)



Finalize with Hidden 17500 xp; he is a Mind Flayer [can kill 9k xp]


Jansen's upstairs: ENCOUNTER Jan and Lissa! Jaella is cured! Follow Jan and return to the main floor ENCOUNTER Vaelag and Lissa [can kill Vaelag and goons as they leave 1902 xp, 224 gp] 15500 xp! Jan's personal quest done!

Korgan's Quest: Slums:

Park Keldorn or Minsc to do Korgan's personal quest. In EE must get Viconia to drop REP to 18 otherwise Korgan will leave the game for good part-way through his quest

Copper Coronet: Pay Korgan 500 gp to re-join Q (tomb/Book of Kaza)


Bodhi's Lair/ Southern dungeon:

In southern area: Korgan must see the tomb, which is looted, and the Mummy must speak "Ssssstinking meat…" 11250 xp, fight Mummy and two Skeleton Warriors 11k xp Korgan will declare "This tomb looks to be looted!" Drops can rarely be Protection from the Elements!, or Spell Trigger, Carrion Summons, Horrid Wilting, Spell Shield, etc.


Pimlico Estate:

Enter the back room with Korgan; he will speak at the doorway to the room "By the looks of it…" 8750 xp; de-trap and unlock later without Korgan


Copper Coronet: Coronet roof: ENCOUNTER Shagbag and four goons 5k xp, fight 6500 xp, 700 gp. Sell the Book of Kaza for 1350 gp now or for

© bg2mez


2250 gp in Chapter 7 to Reirra Korgan's personal quest done!

Edwin's Quest: Graveyard: Bodhi's Lair/ Southern dungeon:


Edwin re-join! Go to sarcophagus in southern dungeon by Bodhi's Lair. Fight Undead in hallway 10300 xp ENCOUNTER Nevaziah: fight 8k xp and Edwin takes the Nether scroll, 11750 xp, and will have it translated in about five days

Imoen L23 +1hp->79 IMPROVED ALACRITY

Park Edwin and Viconia, Keldorn and Minsc re-join!

Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 2 Talk to Morul, Dagger made! Order the scroll of Horrid Wilting for 1000 gp. For success here Morul must say "4 or 5 days from now and we'll be laughing…" ("…few days..." = failure here)


Next Visit in 4 days for MAGE III

Note: do not make the scroll of Meteor Swarm, Nara will die and you will not have the option to make the Ring of Wizardry in Part 3, and you will get 0 xp instead of 50k xp at the final ceremony Note: can do the Mage Stronghold quests even in Chapter 7

New areas re-visit: To pass some time, can re-clear new areas again: Small Teeth Pass, North Forest and Forest of Tethir

Gong / Limited Wish Quest Bring a Wand of Frost

Druid Grove:


Clear the map of Trolls, Spiders, Myconids, Spectral Trolls, Spirit Trolls and the group of four Druids for 65k xp! South-west:

ENCOUNTER Grae: talk 3, fight but do not kill so he tells where the gong is located: talk 1, Grae replies "The gong…I sold it to Drush…in the tower to the north-west", talk 1

Ogre Tower:

Save game and then enter the tower ENCOUNTER Drush: talk 1, 2, 1, 1 give Wand of Frost 12250 xp; he gives the Gong! Can PP fail to fight for 650 xp and can drop a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Horrid Wilting, Improved Mantle, Khelben's Warding Whip, Pierce Shield, Spell Trap, Spell Turning, Summon Fiend or Symbol Fear (have gotten up to three scrolls!)


Druid Grove (Stronghold):

Fight the re-spawning Myconid's 10k xp

Druid Stronghold Quest To start the Druid Stronghold quests (and to perhaps try something new): Rest inside the Druid Grove -> ENCOUNTER Spirit of the Grove Q (Nilthiri the Shamaness); gives the Root of the Problem +1, +3 vs unnatural creatures (a club); drop it (we shouldn't be getting this item!) [Do not do: talk to Master Verthan to challenge for the leadership of the Grove; award is 20k xp, 10k gp, Ring of Protection +2 and a Cleric's Staff +3]

© bg2mez

*Root of the Problem +1, +3 vs unnatural creatures



ENCOUNTER Nilthiri: fight four Trolls 14200 xp -> ENCOUNTER Spirit of the Grove, 18500 xp all! She says to "go for a time...return to the Grove….and sleep within the Grove itself…"; do so in approximately 10 days


While in the Grove send Keldorn or Minsc back to Athkatla and get Cernd

Cernd's Quest (start): Slums:


Lathander (Stronghold):



Delosar's Inn:


Next Visit in 10 days for DRUID II

Aerie Mage17 Cleric19 +1hp->78 w/ Sensate ENERGY BLADES Level 8 spell #2

ENCOUNTER Igarol Q (Cernd's child) with Cernd in the party; depending on timing with the Cleric quests park Cernd and get Keldorn to finish the Gong quest

Cleric Stronghold Quest Part 3 Talk to Lara, finalize 20k xp -> Cleric Stronghold quest III: Rania, talk 3 (give her time), finalize with Lara in 48 hours


Next Visit in 48 hours for CLERIC IV

Cast mage spells anywhere outside (e.g. Imoen cast Resist Fear) for Cowled Enforcers fight #5; drops can be high level spells

Gong Quest Continued To optimize the Gong quest: The set-up: 1) Cast several Summons to surround one or two Mercenaries to prevent them from fleeing 2) Aerie stand near Vittorio but do not talk yet The fight: 3) Open and loot the top/north unlocked chest by Mercenary of Riatavin to get caught stealing -> Dennis turns hostile! 4a) Dennis and company will attack you, and since you've been caught stealing, two Cowled Enforcers, one Amnish Centurion, and four Legionaries teleport in to fight for a bonus 28k xp 4b) Someone (Aerie) talk to Vittorio before he runs away, which finalizes the Gong quest with Dennis, 16500 xp all! 1500 gp, even though Dennis is hostile! 5) Continue to fight Dennis (drops a Full Plate armor, 7300 xp, 280 gp) and his goons for approximately 20k xp; drops can include high level spells (e.g. Carrion Summons, Mass Invisibility, Control Undead or Horrid Wilting)

Cernd's Quest: Promenade: Cernd's former home:

*Full Plate (x6)

Get Cernd, park Minsc or Keldorn ENCOUNTER Catis: says to speak with Fennecia



ENCOUNTER Fennecia/Nanny: speak to Nanny, then speak again protagonist only (all others outside)


Deril Estate:

ENCOUNTER Glut: he talks to Cernd ENCOUNTER Deril and Lagole Gon: talk 4 to fight! Can park Cernd at this time, then fight, pick-up Baby, and get Cernd to rejoin after the battle! Fight Lich first otherwise he teleports, 52k xp Quest finalized 20k xp, Cernd gets 50k xp and returns to Druid Grove with his child Cernd's personal quest done!

© bg2mez


Anywhere outside:

Full buff (including Spell Trap, Shield of the Archons and Mass Invisibility) inside a building; step outside and then cast a mage spell to fight the Cowled Enforcers for the 6th and final encounter ENCOUNTER: Zallanora and three Cowled Enforcers: "Your transgressions against the Cowled Wizards has come to an end. Prepare to face the wrath of the highest members of our order." Fight e.g. with Horrid Wilting, Creeping Doom, Breach; 32k xp + 3k xp summons, 574 gp; they can drop a high level spell scroll, or a Laeral's Tear necklace, including: Carrion Summons, Horrid Wilting, Improved Mantle, Incendiary Cloud, Mantle, Project Image, Protection from the Elements, Ruby Ray, Spell Sequencer, Spell Trap, Spell Trigger (have gotten as many as 4 scrolls!) Best scroll combination drop: Spell Sequencer, Improved Mantle, Mantle and a Laeral's Tear necklace End of Cowled Enforcers when casting outside!

Learn spells with Imoen, Jaheira and Aerie -> Imoen +20k xp

Minsc L23 +4hp->150/165 HARDINESS (GW4)

Edwin has now translated the Nether scroll and gains 50k xp and 20 points of Lore skill!


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 3 Get the scroll of Horrid Wilting from Morul!


OPTION 1: Talk 4 (order nothing) if you want to graduate (worth 50k xp for the Protagonist). If "nothing" is ordered return in 24 hours for the graduation ceremony.

*Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting scroll [Next Visit in 24 hours for graduation and MAGE IV]

Next Visit in 4 days for MAGE IV

OPTION 2: Order the Ring of Wizardry for 3k gp (however this kills two Apprentices and thus you do not graduate, forfeiting 50k xp, and Morul will not make potions for you). Morul must say "It will take a few days" for success here; return in 4 days] Option 2 was selected to get a Ring of Wizardry for Aerie

Rest or travel to kill some time for next Cleric quest


Lathander (Stronghold):

Cleric Stronghold Quest Part 4 and 5 Talk to Lara, finalize 20k xp -> Cleric Stronghold quest IV: Cotirso talk 1, 2, 2 Talk to Lara again, 20k xp, Q (kill Weathermistress Ada) (there is one more enemy at day than night when doing this quest)

Temple of Talos: Fight the four Storm Knights 18700 xp; finalize with Lara, 35k xp, 1k gp


Aerie Cleric20 Mage17 +1hp->79 *Club GLOBE OF BLADES

Keldorn L23 +3hp->159 HARDINESS (GW4)

Cleric Stronghold quests done! Now that the Cleric quests are done, finish the Sarles/Illithium quest!


Sarles Estate:

Illithium quest Talk to Sarles (alone or with the entire party), give the Illithium alloy; with Keldorn in the party you cannot lie here He leaves in a fit but it is ok!

© bg2mez




Note: BG2 only: if the Cleric Stronghold quests not yet done, you forfeit the Ring of Holiness, so finalize the Illithium quest after the Cleric quests are done

Finalize Dawnbringer Sain 10k xp, 0 gp, and since Cleric quests are done and am a "blessed follower" can choose from: - Ring of Holiness (extra Lev 1-4 Cleric spells; worth 900 gp) - Armor of Faith (worth 1050 gp) - Staff Spear (worth 1200 gp)

*Ring of Holiness -> Jaheira [or Anomen]

Talk to Dawnbringer Sain to get another Q (Talassans/Dawn Ring; do at night)

Docks, Slums:

Can fight Muggers in the docks and on the roof of Copper Coronet


Night time Borinall's:

North, night 21:00 or later: talk to Travin (don't pay) [can kill 100 xp] ENCOUNTER Borinall: easy fight 3100 xp, pick-up Dawn Ring



Finalize Dawnbringer Sain 16250 xp, 1000 gp

Rest or travel or visit Cromwell to kill some time for next Mage quest, e.g. make the Red Dragon Scale armor at Cromwell's, or the Halberd +4: Wave


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 3 Finalization OPTION 2: Get the Ring of Wizardry from Morul! However, Larz and Nara did not survive the process!

OPTION 1: ENCOUNTER Teos -> Graduation ceremony with Morul, Larz and Nara! 50k xp party experience awarded since all apprentices survived . Continued in 48 hrs


***Ring of Wizardry (#2) Next Visit in 24 hours for graduation and MAGE IV

[D93:14] [Next Visit in 2 days for MAGE V]

Rest or travel to kill some time for next Mage quest


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 4 OPTION 2: ENCOUNTER Teos -> Graduation ceremony with Morul and William Williamson! 0k xp party experience awarded since not all apprentices survived. Continued in 48 hrs


Next Visit in 2 days for MAGE V

Rest or travel to kill some time for next Mage quest

Mage Stronghold Quest Part 5 Note: will not get the Mage Stronghold finale if the Paladin Stronghold quests are also running/active Gates, etc.:

ENCOUNTER Sergeant Natula [can kill 8k xp; even in EE 1.3 he still appears


in the Sphere!]


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Full buff then enter the Sphere ENCOUNTER Teos: Natula and six opponents appear, big fight 36k xp + summons 2k xp, cast True Seeing Teos gives Q: use Rune of Imprisonment on Lord Ketlaar Argrim

© bg2mez

*Full Plate




Upstairs: fight, must imprison Lord Ketlaar Argrim with Rune -> 1974/1975 xp + 8k xp


Planar Sphere (Stronghold):

Teos finalize 7500 xp [can kill 8k xp] Morul gate-in if all apprentices survived the Mage quest; he offers to make potions! Return weekly Mage Stronghold quests done!

© bg2mez


Plan for phase 10:

Finish Shadows of Amn Get caught stealing to fight Cowled Enforcers and Legionaries Drop Minsc or Keldorn and get Mazzy Finish the Druid Stronghold quests Do Mazzy's quest part 2 Ensure that Athkatla and Amn is completely done Instigate Chapter 7 ! Temple of Rillifane Extra Cloaks of Displacement! Buy REP if needed Final sell of loot Palace and the Tree of Life Nine Hells / end of Chapter 7

Steal for xp's! Now or later in Chapter 7: for fun get caught looting for no loss of Reputation, use full buff and fight carefully Reload if many Militia Soldiers spawn (don't fight them!) and chase you through town Cowled Enforcer = 4k xp, Legionary = 3200 xp, Centurion = 7300 xp, Militia Cleric = 380 xp, Sanctioned Wizard = 200 xp Drops can include Ruby Ray of Reversal, Spell Shield, Pierce Shield, Project Image, Mordy's, Mantle, Improved Mantle, Khelben's Warding Whip, Mass Invisibility, Protection from Energy, Caco Fiend, Nishruu, Djinni, Protection from Magic, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting, Symbol Fear, Spell Trap, Protection from the Elements! (got once) or Summon Fiend!


Balthis Estate:

Might be able to get caught looting the north container (contains 102 gp). Otherwise, fight Amnish Bodyguards 2800 xp but do not fight any Militia Soldiers!

House north of Five Flagons:

Daytime (BG2: could be two people in the house): Steal (#1) from the east sack, mid-west barrel and west bookcase Maximize the number of spawned opponents by placing one party member at each of the containers that count as "stealing" and then open them fairly rapidly Fight Cowled Enforcer/Legionary/Centurion = 4/8/2 -> 56k xp

Bonus xp's!


By Harpers:

Night time: in BG2 can provoke Foven to fight, 3500 xp


Steal (#2) from the 3 east chests and the SW table but do not use Improved Haste before looting Position one person per container -> 2x "someone noticed…" and then fight Cowled Enforcer/Legionary/Centurion = 3/3/3 -> 43500 xp [Can fight Cromwell for 8500 xp]

House by Cromwell:


Steal (#3) from the three small tables and the chest to fight Cowled Enforcer/Legionary/Centurion = 3/3/3 or 3/10/1 -> 43-51k xp

If you want to buy/sell with Perter (e.g. sell a load of Plate Armor and Splint) and Arnolinus (e.g. long bow and heavy x-bow) do so now and then steal from them Armorer's:

Mazzy's Quest part 2: Slums:


*War Hammer +2 *Chain Mail +3


Steal (#4) from the table and weapon stand (only) to fight Cowled Enforcer/Legionary/Centurion = 3/3/3 and 2/4/1 -> 72k xp

Park Minsc or Keldorn, go to Trademeet to get Mazzy

Mazzy joins! Travel with Mazzy in your party for 15 days continuously to get Mazzy's 2nd quest

© bg2mez


Next Quest in 15 days for Mazzy II


Druid Grove:



Outside south:

Druid Stronghold Quest Part 2 Rest in the Grove (north-west building) until 10 days have passed since completing the first part of the Stronghold quest ENCOUNTER Spirit of the Grove: final quest (find Loren in Trademeet)

Talk to Loren, must be daytime ENCOUNTER Chaos: fight 12k xp and Golden Lion Figurine is awarded by the Spirit of the Grove (but drop it) Druid Stronghold quests done!

Travel (or rest) to kill a lot of time for Mazzy's 2nd quest

Mazzy's Quest part 2 (continued): Note: can do this quest before having done Mazzy's quest I in the Slums Note: talk to the Bartender in the Five Flagons with Mazzy for Boots of Stealth if not already done Danno will start the quest by appearing when you are in an outdoor area such as Umar Hills or Trademeet Travel with Mazzy in your party for 15 days continuously (real-time does not matter). Must have finished all of the Trademeet quests and finalized the Shade Lord quest (the dungeon where you found Mazzy) with Mazzy in the party Trademeet:



ENCOUNTER Danno Fairfoot


ENCOUNTER Vara Fentan (Mazzy's mother)

Market area:

Mazzy talk to Wallace, 6750 xp


Talk to Overgold Renwellyn -> fight Barl and two Poison Mists, 5k xp + 7k xp, and 25k xp!


Mazzy's personal quest done! Mazzy can re-join in 24 hours and can unlock one "new" chest in her house

Cleric21 Ranger17 +1hp->147 HARDINESS 3 (GW8)

Learn spells with Imoen, Jaheira and Aerie -> Imoen +29k xp You could do a major selling round now, but can return to Athkatla later in Chapter 7, so we waited It's probably a good idea to sell a load of Full Plate armor and Plate armor to Therndle in Underdark now (leaving two more loads for Ribald and Reirra), but we waited

Forest of Tethir:

Ready to instigate Chapter 7 ! Enter the doorway…

[BG2 was: D90:20]

Note: the rest of this walkthrough is from BG2 (not EE) but should be good to go anyway; see

© bg2mez


Chapter 7 Synopsis: Cleric 20/Ranger 17 with Flail of Ages +3 and Defender of Easthaven +3; Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise: TH 2/-5/-3 (3½) AC-9 Buffed with Draw Upon Holy Might (or Righteous Magic): TH 2/-9/-7 (3½) AC-11 (Could wield the Crom Faeyr off-hand, but we give it to Minsc) [Depending on equipment could get to AC-15 with a shield and ultimately AC-24 fully buffed and with Improved Invisibility!]

mil. xp's Level 5.82 Cleric 20 Ranger 17

Jaheira with Blackblood +3 and Belm +2; Girdle of Hill Giant Strength, Pale Green Ioun Stone and Gauntlets of Weapon Skill: TH 1/-6/-3 (4½) AC-5


Fighter 18 Druid 14

Minsc with Crom Faeyr +5 and Kundane +2; Armor of the Hart, Ring of Earth Control and Cloak of the Sewers: TH 0/-13/-5 (4½) AC-5 (with no proficiency points in short sword) [or 0/-6/-4 (3½) with Frostreaver +3 and Stonefire +3]


Ranger 23

Keldorn with Carsomyr +5; Full Plate and Ring of Protection +2; Gauntlets of Dexterity: TH 0/-7 (2½); AC-5 or -6


Paladin 23

Imoen with Gesen Bow +4, Robe of the Good Archmagi and Bracers of Archery: TH 13/3 (2) AC-1


Mage 23

Aerie with Sling of Avoreen +4, Robe of Vecna and Fortress Shield +3: TH 8/0 (1) AC-6


Cleric 19 Mage 17

Party has 31.2 million xp's


ENCOUNTER Elhan: you must seek out Ellesime or Demin

The Palace



C G Temple of Rillifane E Rakshasa


B Girdle STR20 / Demin


Skeleton Warriors




© bg2mez


This map has many Golems so use summons and especially Mordenkainen's Sword (get the Golems to target the Magical Sword as it is immune to physical damage), the War Hammer +1/+4 vs. giant humanoids, and the Crom Faeyr of course! Fighting tips vs Adamantite Golem's Melee : use +3 or higher weapons while protected from poison/magic; ranged weapons ok (Fire Tooth +3, Tansheron's Bow +3); Haste and Bless are good Magic : mages can use Magic Missiles or Melf's Minute Meteors; can cast 2x Lower Resistance and then area of effect spells thereafter [Can kill Elves here and other locations on map for 2k xp each, no loss of REP]

South of Demin's You could use Stealth to sneak solo to the south-west to check for House (southgood drops from the three Skeleton Warriors, otherwise re-load! west): South-east:

A) Summon creatures and magical swords to assist fighting the Golems; full buff, Jaheira cast Iron Skins Fight Stone Golems, Adamantite Golems, Iron Golems and Trolls 97,800 xp

House of the Horn:

B) Fight two Stone Golems and one Clay Golem 24k xp, get the Stone Horn and the Cloak of Elvenkind (+50% hide in shadows) Outside: fight an Iron Golem 13k xp

*Cloak of Elvenkind -> Imoen

Outside Temple of Rillifane:

B) Buff first for big fight outside which is easiest done solo Fight Rajah and Maharajah 59k xp

Jaheira F19 D14 +1hp ->135 TH 0/-7/-4 (4½) GR. WHIRLWIND 5

Outside Palace:

C) Take the back path to the north to the palace (locked) to fight Balor 26k xp; do now or the Balor will disappear

Priest's House:

D) Get the Elven Priest Stone and a Time Stop scroll!

House of the Talisman:

Select 4, 1, 3, 2 -> Talisman of Rillifane and a Meteor Swarm scroll!

House of the Moon:

E) Outside: big fight vs Rakshasa: use summoned creatures, buff with Protection from Magic, True Sight, and mages cast Horrid Wilting 12k xp Inside: loot the Moonblade and the Boots of Elvenkind (+30% hide in shadows)

Outside of Demin's House:

F) Fight Raamilat and Demon solo, use Protection from Fire, 32k xp, plus 8k xp for summoned Efreeti (takes nearly one minute to be summoned)

Demin's House:

Fight 25k xp, get Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (STR20!) Note: no THAC0 bonus from STR19->20

*Time Stop (#3)

***Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (STR20) -> Keldorn TH 0/-9 (2½)

Recommended to talk to Demin with full party for better dialog With entire party present talk to Priestess Demin Q (three Artifacts: Talisman, Golden Cup and Moonblade; bring to Temple of Rillifane) Priestess Demin informs that the Exiles are performing a dark ritual against the Tree of Life

© bg2mez


Harpist's House: G) Outside: fight Stone Golems, Iron Golems and Sand Golems 48k xp; inside get the Stone Harp

Forest Clearing:

Temple of Rillifane:

H) Exit the map to the north-west ENCOUNTER Black Dragon Nizidramanii'yt: cast Warding Whip, Breach; can cast Lower Resistance and 2x Horrid Wilting and Magic Missiles -> 52k xp, the Cup, Laeral's tear, Star sapphire, diamond, 345 gp The Bladeslinger Chain +4 (AC1) is very impressive, and is upgradable, but definitely sell if the party has only one Mage (Robe of Vecna all the way!) or perhaps give to Imoen

*Bladeslinger chain +4 [-> Imoen AC-3] Imoen L24 +1hp->80 *Katana ENERGY BLADES

I) Save game and then enter the Temple (the fight is optional): ENCOUNTER Suneer: fight 32k xp, or: Save game then place the Cup, Moonblade and Talisman (can place quickly upon entry into the temple and Suneer will fight for the party! 0 xp) ENCOUNTER Avatar of Rillifane 65k xp all! -> Palace gates are unsealed! Staff of the Woodlands +4 (can summon a Shambling Mound and has 20 charges but sell for 12833 gp to Ribald)

*Staff of the Woodlands +4

Cutscene with two spirits/"Children of the Tree"

Outside of the Temple of Rillifane:

ENCOUNTER Reirra: quickly buy missing spells to scribe with the NPC's (for the last time). We bought: Invisibility 10' Radius (x3), Ice Storm, (not Greater Malison), Protection from Electricity, Feeblemind (x3) and Reflected Image (x3) Then, as an option, buff with Haste and quickly move south-west…

Bonus items!

Evil, but these cloaks are cool; there are two methods: Get 2x Cloak of Displacement by quickly killing the Elven Spirits (one near a Lesser Air Element to the south-west of Reirra, and another near a Sand Golem outside the House of the Moon to the north-west); however, Reputation is drastically reduced by doing this REP is lowered to 10 then 6 so need to buy REP at a Temple!

*Cloak of Displacement (x2!) -> Keldorn, Minsc

[REP 6!]

NEW NOTE (2017): cast Protection from Evil 10' Radius and then Summon Fiend or Cacofiend to do the dirty work for you with no loss of Reputation!

Can finalize with Elhan 0 xp before returning to Athkatla


Temple of Ilmater:

BUY REP for 3900 gp in total: firstly buy 6->9 for 400 + 200 + 300 gp; then with Viconia buy 9->16 for 200 + 300 + 400 + 500 + 700 + 900 + 1200 gp. This will enable REP 20 to be reached early in Throne of Bhaal

[REP 16]

Keldorn L24 +3hp->162 Two-Weapon Style*** GW5 (H1)

Learn unknown spells with NPC's for the last time in SoA -> +13k xp all

Between areas:


Adventure Mart:

Waylaid, 5100xp, 171 gp; twice!

[Consider to keep a load of the best valuables until Chapter 8 to sell to the Merchant in the North Forest if you really want to maximize gold; he pays 10% more than Ribald Special Wares]

© bg2mez



Normal prices: Plate armor 180, Full Plate 1800

Major and Final sell in Amn! Sell practically everything that you don't want to bring to Throne of Bhaal and the party's equipped/useful gear (not all of it listed here); we kept (did not sell): Defender of Easthaven +3 (Protagonist still using in off-hand) Halberd+4: Wave (Minsc/Keldorn can use later vs Salamanders) Belm +2 (Jaheira still using in off-hand) Kundane +2 (Minsc using in off-hand) Ilbratha +1 (Minsc; for the ability) Daystar +2 (Keldorn or Minsc; for the ability) Frostreaver +3 (no need if Minsc is using the Crom Faeyr) Firetooth +3 (convenience) Boomerang +2 (convenience) Sling of Seeking +2 (kept; probably no need) Shield of Harmony Shield of Balduran Sentinel Shield (kept; probably no need) Fortress Shield (Aerie using) Helm of Defence (x2) Cloak of the Sewers Cloak of the Shield (x)1 Boots of Stealth, of Grounding (x2), of the North Gloves of Pickpocketing (not really needed; use potions) Sensate Amulet (Aerie using) Shield Amulet (kept; probably no need) Necklace of Missiles (kept; probably no need) Ring of Wizardry (x2) Ring of Acuity Ring of Free Action Ring of Human Influence Ring of Improved Invisibility Ring of Invisibility (not really needed) Ring of Danger Sense, of the Ram (not really needed) Rod of Absorption (just in case) Skull of Death (convenience) Horn of Silence (kept; probably no need) Wand of the Heavens Wand of Monster Summoning (in case of emergency)

© bg2mez


Wand of Fire (kept; probably no need) Elven Holy Water (x1) Pantaloons (both pair) Three Potions of Speed and Healing only Did not keep or buy this play through; if have sell: Helm of Brilliance Nymph Cloak Dragon's Breath +4 The Equalizer Bracers of Blinding Strike

Sell all potions to Ribald, except those he has (Invulnerability, Regeneration, and Fire Giant Strength) Keep 3-4x Oil of Speed and Potions of Healing Later sell to Reirra: - all ammo (a lot of good ammo can be found in Chapter 8, so no need to bring much ammo) and - remaining potions (Potions of Healing are plentiful a bit later in Chapter 7) - second load of excess equipment Sell also to Therndle: third load of excess equipment

Ribald Special Wares final sell : mundane weapons and armor: 18k gp full plate armor: 55k gp magical armor: 80k gp shields, helms, girdles, boots: 26k gp gems, necklaces and rings: 36-84k gp (have been selling these already) magical rings and amulets: 12k gp magical melee weapons: 126-152k gp magical ranged weapons: 14-18k gp wands and rods: 21k gp robes, bracers, cloaks: 34k gp potions of healing: 18k gp potions, other types: 11k gp scrolls: 154k gp!

Promenade, Slums, Docks:

851k gp

Sell more mundane items to Storekeep (Maheer): armors; Enge (ranged weapons); Joluv (armors and weapons); Foven (plate)

[Rampage! Do not do! Just for information!] Slums:

Kill Tirhold and Waylane for 600 xp by Sphere (REP ok); Arledrian 800 xp Copper Coronet: kill Hendak, Tiana, Surly and Salvanas for 1400 xp; Unger Hilldark 3500 xp


Kill Corgeig, Jeremiah, Corneil, and Brega for 8k xp; kill Priest in Temple


Kill Jerry, Samuel, Belle, Samuel 2, Hrothgar (not Thalia) and Ercias for 4500 xp Kill Priest in Temple


Kill all in Helm for 27k xp, Lathander including members outside for 26k xp (Talos cleared already); but Keldorn gets hostile if you kill anyone in the Order of the Heart, whether in the party or not (else clearing the Order is worth 67k xp) Kill Sassar, Garuk and Zaelas, 1k xp


Night: Kill Jayes 1k xp Adventure mart: Kill Ribald for 8k xp and 11k gp, Brelm, Gereth and Lucy for 2k xp

© bg2mez



Sell ammo; kill all dwarfs 5k xp


Fight folks in Temple for -1 REP and 19k xp

-1 REP -> 19

End of rampage!



Suldanessellar: Outside of the temple:

Sell a load of Full Plate (2100 gp vs 1800 gp normally) and Plate armor (210 gp vs 180 normally) if not already done (for 33600 gp)

Reirra: major final sell: Book of Kaza (2250 gp), ammo (34k gp), Full Plate, ordinary items, remaining potions, etc. Final mega sell done!

The Palace:

950k gp

J) Get the Tree of Life Nuts from the tree inside of the Palace Place the Stone Harp and Horn on the statues, 2x 3k xp

Rest in preparation for final confrontation memorize: 5x Protection from Magic, Spell Trap/Shield of the Archons (or use Staff of the Magi/Rod of Absorption), 3x Death Ward, 0-3x Spirit Armor, 0-3x Protection from the Elements/Energy, 2x Warding Whip, Breach, Sunray, Creeping Doom and of course Horrid Wilting! Memorize these spells in preparation for Throne of Bhaal: 2x Friends, 1x Horror, 1-2x Harper's Call or Resurrection, 2-3x Lesser Restoration

Go down the stairs!

Tree of Life:

ENCOUNTER Ellesime, Queen of Suldanessellar, and Jon Irenicus! Note: remember to save the game and do a full buff before dispatching the 3rd and final parasite: Click on the three parasites 3 times each to fight and dispatch for 38k xp Full buff before finishing the 3rd parasite. All should have at least Chaotic Commands, Protection from Magic, Protection from Fire, and Spell Trap/Shield of the Archons/Rod of Absorption; Spirit Armor is nice to have to save against spells Keldorn cast True Sight and then dispatch the final parasite ENCOUNTER Irenicus and Ellesime: Fight! Irenicus casts these spells among others: Absolute Immunity: Whip or Breach Protection from Magic Weapons: Whip or Breach Maze: use Shield of the Archons, Spell Shield or Spell Trap The Crom Faeyr and Carsomyr are all you need to win the battle. The Mace of Disruption +2 is also good and Jaheira does excellent damage with the Blackblood as well Keldorn: cast True Sight if not done; recast again later or use the Mood Dog Figurine Imoen: cast Warding Whip, Breach and Horrid Wilting Jaheira: cast Creeping Doom Irenicus crumbles! You are connected to your stolen soul, but it is no longer among the living! Party is auto-healed and spells are auto-memorized after the fight!

© bg2mez


Nine Hells:

Trials (Five Tests):Clockwise from the right: 1. Pride: decline to fight; talk to Dragon to get Tear of Bhaal [or fight, full buff, 22k xp, 350 gp, Tear of Bhaal]. Loot container Can click on the large center door (or eyes) after obtaining each tear for bonuses! (see below)

Minsc at Level 24: select *Long Sword (already has War Hammer** and Two-Weapon Style***); Minsc will get three more proficiency points (one at each of level 27, 30 and 33; we have tried X-bow and Bastard Sword in previous play through's but preference is to go for offense rather than defense! Later in ToB Minsc will use Axe of the Unyielding (main hand) and Crom Faeyr (off-hand) [or Belm or Kundane in off-hand, or, much later, Angurvadal]

2. Fear: Minsc and Protagonist fight Elder Orbs with full buff and Stealth, 72k xp. Can use Kuo-Toa bolts, Fireball, Horrid Wilting and Chain Lightning Re-cast Resist Fear, then get Tear of Bhaal and de-trap and unlock the chest

3. Selfishness: run through the left (north-west) door; lose 2 hp! Lose 1 DEX (can avoid, see below)! Lose 75k xp's! Tear of Bhaal awarded Protagonist still has AC-9 with the Defender of Easthaven in offhand, and a lot of hp's so we are just fine! Loot the container for 3x Potion of Extra Healing and 914 gp

*Potion of Invulnerability (x2) *Potion of Extra Healing (x2)

Minsc L24 +4hp->153 [168] *Long Sword [or *Scimitar] GW5 (H1) (later: will use Axe of the Unyielding +5)

*Potion of Invulnerability (x6) *Potion of Fire Giant Strength (x5) *Potion of Extra Healing (x4) -> 147->145 hp, DEX 19->18

*Potion of Extra Healing (x3)

Note: DEX 19->18 gives no AC loss!

[Tried to avoid losing the point in DEX, but could not: Aerie (5th position in party) was taken! She had set a Contingency for "helpless" condition -> cast Dispel. It triggered, but took effect after the trial was over!] [Keldorn's Dispel works to a certain extent but Imoen still somehow becomes unselectable in the south] Update, 2017: cannot avoid the loss of a point of Dexterity, even if you manage to get across the third wall/door by some means! Once on the other side you can open all the doors but the game will forcibly, with delayed reaction, remove the DEX, hp and xp as intended! A good course of action is to play through the mod "Back to Brynnlaw" and accept a reward of +1 DEX during the mod's final scene (we did!)

Update, 2018: can avoid the loss of a point of Dexterity! (At least in BG2) 1. The Selfishness demon takes a party member 2. Cast Maze on the protagonist 3. Open the "good path" doors with another party member 4. Wait for Maze to expire and the protagonist returns; speak to Selfishness!

4. Greed: Talk to Enslaved Genie: give sword 20k xp, Tear of Bhaal given

5. Wrath: Wraith Sarevok! (Anger) Don't get mad but he will fight you anyway and force you to fight him, 20k xp; Tear of Bhaal given

© bg2mez


Large Door:

Before the final battle and after buffing: select Level 9 spells (HLA's) for Throne of Bhaal. Click on the large center door (or eyes) if not yet done: *+20% to fire/cold/electrical resistance! (from Test 1 Pride , click on upper right-side eye) *Immune to +1 weapons and lower! (from Test 2 Fear , click on lower left-side eye) * 10% magic resistance ! (from Test 3 Selfishness , click on the upper left-side eye) * +2 to all saves ! (from Test 4 Greed , click on the upper middle eye) *+1 WIS -> 22 WIS! +1 CHA! (from Test 5 Anger , click on lower right-side eye)

Awesome Voice Irenicus final battle: fight minions 140k xp, use Creeping Doom (cast on a demon), Insect Plague, Sunray and Holy Smite Acting Keldorn and Protagonist alone can take the Slayer down! Minsc with the Crom Faeyr does a lot of damage as well The Slayer casts these spells among others: Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Turning: Khelben's Warding Whip, Pierce Magic, Ruby Ray of Reversal or Pierce Shield Improved Mantle: use +5 weapons, or Whip or Breach Imoen/Aerie could use Lower Resistance x2 and then Magic Missiles and Horrid Wilting; or Pierce Magic, Whip, Breach, Lower Resistance and then Horrid Wilting

Party is auto-healed but spells are not re-memorized

© bg2mez


Suldanessellar: Temple:

Ceremony! Ellesime gives the Amulet of Seldarine! Fin! The End of SoA!!!

© bg2mez

***Amulet of Seldarine -> Protagonist


Walkthrough for Throne of Bhaal (ToB)

Gold / Day:Hour


Chapter 8: Throne of Bhaal Clearing with Heads:

Note: if have Drow equipment (we have the Drow Piwafwi cloak, but did not really use it) must pause the game immediately and place it on the ground or it will disintegrate; or, re-load the ToB auto-save and try again

D124:7 952k gp REP 20 [16]

Synopsis: Cleric 20/Ranger 17 with FoA +3, Defender of Easthaven +3 2/-5/-3 (3½) AC-9; buffed with Draw Upon Holy Might (or Righteous Magic): 2/-9/-7 (3½) AC-11 Saving throws -6/-3/-4/-4/-5, Cloak of Mirroring (or -8/-5/-4/-6/-5, Cloak of Displacement) 30% MR (magic resistance) [depending on equipment could get to AC-15 with a shield and ultimately AC-24 fully buffed and with Improved Invisibility!]

mil. xp's Level 5.95 Cleric 20 Ranger 17

Jaheira with Blackblood +3 and Belm +2; Pale Green Ioun Stone TH 0/-7/-4 (4½) AC-5


Fighter 19 Druid 14

Minsc with Crom Faeyr +5, Kundane +2 TH 0/-13/-5 (4½) AC-5 (with no proficiency points in short sword) [or 0/-6/-4 (3½) with Frostreaver +3 and Stonefire +3]


Ranger 24

Keldorn TH 0/-7 (2½); AC-5 or -6 w/ Full Plate and Ring of Prot. +2


Paladin 24

Imoen TH 13/3 (2) AC-1


Mage 24

Aerie TH 8/0 (1) AC-6 with Fortress Shield


Cleric 20 Mage 17

Party has 32.4 million xp's

Plan for HLA's:

High Level Ability thoughts and plan Protagonist: Get 10x Greater Whirlwinds and 4x Hardiness to ensure success for fighting the main bosses in ToB Globe of Blades is quite good: level 7 spell; reduces AC by 4; damage is 2d10 for 10 rounds; can become hasted, cast Sanctuary and then walk around, but do not attack with a weapon No need for the Protagonist to select Summon Deva as we have two mages that can cast Summon Planetar No need for the Protagonist to select Storm of Vengeance (although it could be selected as the Protagonist is not using Creeping Doom this play through) as we have Aerie and Jaheira that can cast Jaheira: Get 10x Greater Whirlwinds and only 2x Hardiness as she has Iron Skins Globe of Blades: try it this play through Greater Elemental Summoning is not needed with this party, All we need is a Planetar and a Deva! Minsc and Keldorn: Get 10x Greater Whirlwinds and 4x Hardiness to ensure success for fighting the main bosses in ToB No need for Keldorn to select Planetar with this party

© bg2mez


Outside area with Heads:

Buff for a big battle, click on a Head -> ENCOUNTER Illasera, fight 33k xp, kill Illasera last

Pocket Plane:

ENCOUNTER Solar! ENCOUNTER Sarevok: agree to help him; join, take his equipment then drop him (evil alignment, but can change him to good eventually)

***Boots of Speed (#4) *Ring of Protection +1 *Sylvan Chain +2

*Full Plate +1 *Two-handed sword +3

Click on the statues/rocks to summon forth all SoA companions for 2k xp each! Take their good items (Mace +3, War Hammer +3, Ring of Protection +1 x5, Bullets +2 x160, Arrows +2 x120). Note their spell books have been cleared and reset They begin with 2.5 million xp each; do not scribe spells for xp's with them as ToB has plenty of experience points ENCOUNTER Cespenar: he will assemble item components

NW room: ENCOUNTER Gavid: fight onslaught of enemies for 135k xp, including Bodhi (15k xp, can level drain) and Irenicus (12k xp), 30k/25k xp all!

Ranger18 Cleric21 +1hp->146 *Quarterstaff TH 1/-6/-4 (3½) GW9 (H3)

Jaheira romance: Jaheira says "Ah…it seems we are never allowed a moment of rest…" Talk 2, 1 (the romance is intact!) Buff, leave Pocket Plane through door (bring 1x Holy Water)


ENCOUNTER Il-Khan Soldier, Melissan and Peasants: fight Il-Khan Soldiers 72500 xp, Q (Dealing with Gromnir Il-Khan) Talk to Harlot by Countess' House (to be able to finalize later)

North wall:

Bonus xp's!

Outside, east:

Position your 5 companions on the north (not the south) wall to fight Fire Giants (the xp's accumulate fast) while Protagonist loots the town and completes minor quests Fight from north wall to avoid being blasted by fireballs -> +50k xp all ! No need to over-do-it as there are plenty of xp's in ToB

Talk to Boy (Tazit) with Jaheira: cast Harper's Call/Resurrection (or use Rod of Resurrection) REP+1, 1k xp all!

REP+1 -> 17

West of Temple: Talk to Dwarf: talk 4, be peaceful 1k xp all! [or fight 8400 xp] NE of Tankard Tree Tavern:

Talk to Gromnir Soldier: talk 1, 1, tell him to "back off or feel the wrath" -> talk 1 to Elven Man ->

Temple of Waukeen:

Save game *Cabinets can have Level 8-9 spell and Laeral's Tear! (e.g. Pierce Shield, Ruby Ray, Incendiary Cloud, Spell Sequencer or Protection from the Elements!) Talk to Sister Farielle 4, 1, 1 she gives Key to the prison 1k xp all! (Can also get the key from the Barracks)


*Key to the prison

Talk again (4) to ask for shelter for Elves Outside:

Finalize Elven Man, talk 3, REP+1, 3k xp all!

REP+1 -> 18

Arcana Archives: Talk to Lazarus Librarus (4x1): Q (spellbook) Tankard:

Talk to Hectan


Talk to Squip, pay 5 gp

Tankard Tavern: Talk to Hectan

© bg2mez


Arcana Archives: Talk to Lazarus (gives scroll) -> Hectan -> Lazarus, 5k xp all!

Outside Gromnir Imoen unlock both doors (1550 xp each) Barracks: Tankard Tree Tavern:

With entire party present talk to Il-Khan Soldier about Waitress -> fight 2800 xp Talk Pjelte in daytime: Q (Vampires in old prison) return to the Tankard Tavern at night after 21:00 to continue the quest

*War Hammer +3 *Full Plate +1

Note: this minor quest enable entry to the Prison without needing any keys, and so is a third method to get into the Prison

Unlock two containers at north, one at west by Volo (trapped) Viekang: talk 2x, cast Horror (might need to wait 5 seconds), 2k xp all! [surround and kill 6300 xp, 400 gp, but Merchant becomes hostile]

North house: Bonus xp's!

Save. De-trap and unlock two chests to get caught stealing and fight six Militia for 27k xp, REP-1

REP-1 ->17

Militia HQ:

Betrayal at the Gates ENCOUNTER Captain Samand, Mirnielle Santele, Mateo and Kiser: Q (traitor Mateo; son Ardic)

*Potion of Superior Healing (x2)

Downstairs: talk to Jailor, talk to Mateo

*Potion of Superior Healing (x5)

Optional: Imoen can drink 2x Potion of Master Thievery and wear Gloves of Pick Pocketing to pick pocket (PP) with skill at 135: Jailor 3-4x (Long Sword +1), three of the Guards outside 3-4x each (Composite Longbow +1), Errard, Priestess (risky), Bartender and Viekang 3x


Talk to Mirnielle Santele, loot


Save game and then enter De-trap three traps upstairs: one in east room, two in north room *Containers can have Level 8-9 spell, can get Spell Trap, Khelben's Warding Whip, Protection from Energy, Ruby Ray, Summon Fiend, Pierce Shield or Protection from the Elements! PP Kiser 3x for Shakti Figurine (sets AC to -5 for 4 rounds; Haste and attack with 2 attacks/round having 2 pips in Short sword) We will get a 2nd figurine from his body after the fight downstairs Talk to Kiser Jhaeri

*Shakti Figurine Lowers AC; can attain AC24, TH 1/-11/-10 (4) with Crom Faeyr in offhand

Outside, east:

Latest patch version means that we now must talk to Errard, 0 xp


Downstairs: de-trap one floor trap (latest patch only has one vs three originally); Imoen may need to wear the Ring of Danger Sense; loot Kiser will appear upon de-trapping 3rd trap

*Kings tears *Potion of Master Thievery *Potion of Perception

Bonus item!

Fight! Keldorn cast True Sight, 47500xp Talk to Ardic Santele 7k xp all!

*Shakti Figurine (#2) *Starfall Ore


Countess finalize 5k xp all! 2k gp

Gromnir Barracks:

ENCOUNTER Orog: big fight, use Improved Haste, Horrid Wilting, 21k xp; get Key to sewers from locked middle chest

© bg2mez

*Key to sewers


To access the Prison: 1) use the key from Sister Farielle or 2) do the Tankard Tree Tavern quest with Pjelte in daytime and then talk to Courtesan at night to be teleported to the Prison Prison (Jail):

Bring 1x Holy Water ENCOUNTER Prison Spirit (I), get Skull from barrel Fight Fledgling Vampires and a Vampire 42500 xp

*Bronze Ioun stone -> Imoen

ENCOUNTER Prison Spirit (II), get Rusted Amulet from container Place skull and amulet/necklace in defiled grave (having holy water in inventory) -> ENCOUNTER Prison Spirit (III) 10k xp all! South-west exit: kill two Vampires 17k xp and Phlydian 19500 xp

Tunnel/ Basem*nt:

Enter the tunnel. Asmay Jahag is here, 3k xp all! Carefully clear the basem*nt; cannot de-trap the small floor traps but Imoen can detect traps while invisible from Staff of the Magi

Aerie Cler21 Mage17 +1hp->75/80 w/ Sensate AURA OF FLAMING DEATH

Fight all 64k xp; unlock two north doors (open later)

*Potion of Invulnerability (x2) *Potion of Strom Giant Strength

Release the three Prisoners for 3x REP+1, 0 xp

REP+1 x3 -> 20!

When have REP 20 return to the Tankard Tree Tavern

Big buy:

Tankard Tree Tavern:

Buy from Bartender: Cost 1541 3350 2700

Boots of Speed (#5) Bullets +4 (5x 40) Arrows +3 (5x 40) Arcana Archives: Buy: Boots of Speed (#6) Bag of Holding Potion Case Ring of Fire Resistance (to upgrade a Club later) High level spells only for Imoen and perhaps Aerie

-> Aerie TH 8/-2 (1) -> Imoen TH 13/2 (2)

1656 360 144 1080 85000

Note: there is no need to buy the Robe of the Good Archmagi as we can get one in Watcher's Keep on Level 3 TOTAL


Learn spells with entire party -> Imoen +27k xp

Pocket Plane:


D125:7 861k gp

Rest in the Tavern or use Special Ability "pocket plane" to go to your Pocket Plane and rest to get to night time, and then do a minor quest at the Tankard Tree Tavern

Tankard Tree Tavern:

At night : talk to Courtesan, pay 20 gp -> Prison: fight four Vampires 34k xp

Prison (Jail):

Go to the Prison (if not already there) and return to the Basem*nt/Tunnel

© bg2mez


Castle Basem*nt: Small room (north of the prison cells): fight two Elite Orcs and an Orog 2150 xp; de-trap one chest; open locked chest for the Fflar's Scabbard Next room (to the north-east): fight two Elite Orcs and two Orog's 3k xp; de-trap one chest

*Fflar's Scabbard

Imoen L25 +1hp->81 COMET

Second small room (to the north-east) with a staircase: fight two Elite Orcs and three Orog's 3850 xp; de-trap one chest Do not go up the staircase to Gromnir's castle quite yet North-west small room: open hidden door to the Sewers


Unlock another hidden door and prepare for a big fight Use Stealth, Protection from Magic and HLA's; the enemy YagaShura Mages in this area cast Horrid Wilting Fight Shadow Fiends, Devil Shades and an Umber Hulk 42k xp Clear the Sewers for 180k xp in total Middle area: full buff for a big fight, Minsc and Protagonist use Stealth ENCOUNTER Elite Orog and Duegar Sapper: fight them and YagaShura Mage 26k xp

Keldorn L25 +3hp->165 HARDINESS 2 (GW5) Minsc L25 +3hp->171 HARDINESS 2 (GW5)

Castle Basem*nt: Return to the basem*nt to clear the north-eastern rooms if not yet done (one trapped chest) Full buff and then go up the staircase into the castle!

Gromnir's Castle: Level 1: Immediate fight! 70k xp, use Greater Whirlwind and True Sight Buff for next battle including Minsc use Ilbratha +1 ability Level 2: ENCOUNTER Melissan and Gromnir Il-Khan Remember to use HLA's! Attack left mage first (breach him). Kill Gromnir, 30k xp all!, 103k xp; drops include 1200 gp, Ice Star +4 (Flail, 2d4+4, +1-4 cold damage = 7-16 damage per hit; 20% Fire Resistance), Rogue stone, Lavender Ioun stone, Full Plate +2, Morning Star +3 and Ronarch's Horn (Blunt damage resistance 50%)

Cleric22 Ranger18 +1hp->147 GW10 (H3)

***Ice Star +4 -> Protagonist off-hand [Anomen main hand] *Lavender Ioun stone -> Minsc AC-6

Note: if playing with Anomen: using the Ice Star +4 and Defender of Easthaven +3 gives TH 6/-3/0 (3) however he actually does the same amount of damage per hit using the Sling of Seeking +2 with +4 bullets! Anomen would be at Level 30 or 31 at this stage

Jaheira at Druid Level 15 is awarded with many spell slots giving a total of 6 Level 7's and 6 Level 6's and 6 Level 5's! Her main-hand THAC0 is now better than the Protagonist's!

Jaheira F20 Druid15 +2hp->125/137 TH -1/-8/-5 (4½) with STR19, Pale Green Ioun Stone and Belm +2; HARDINESS, GR. ELEMENTAL SUMMON (GW5)

ENCOUNTER Melissan: gives Quest (Yaga-Shura; says that he is invulnerable) Exit up the stairs to the outside Outside:

Harlot finalize 1k xp all! Use the Special Ability "pocket plane" to go to your Pocket Plane on our way to Watcher's Keep!

© bg2mez


Pocket Plane:

North Forest:

Arrive in Pocket Plane, drop some loot and then leave through the doorway to the forest outside of Saradush


Clear map; remember to use HLA's such as Hardiness; fight for 98k xp and loot for up to four Star Sapphires (five are needed to upgrade the Dagger of the Star later)


ENCOUNTER Merchant Karthis al-Hezzar: ask for reward, 4240 gp (or: do not ask for a reward, REP+1) Best prices for all potions and ammo is at the Tavern so sell later after Watcher's Keep

*Star Sapphires (x4) *Potion of Invulnerability (x3)

Aerie at Mage Level 18: level 9 spell slot! Set level 9 spell to Dragon's Breath (or Planetar). Aerie has 6 million xp at this time

Aerie Mage18 Cleric21 +1hp->76/81 w/ Sensate Level 9 spell slot! ENERGY BLADES

You can eventually attain over 2 million gold by picking up all loot and selling to Merchant Karthis after Watcher's Keep, and then selling once more in Chapter 9; we attained 2.4 million gold in a previous play through Gold found and selling nearly all the loot from Watcher's Keep is worth at least 1.2 million gp! This play through we will save time and pick-up only very little loot after Watcher's Keep, so the party's gold is not in focus Wait until after Watcher's Keep and then do a mega sell to Karthis: He buys e.g. Full Plate 3600 gp, Plate 360 gp. Tankard Tree Tavern merchant gives 1800 gp for Full Plate, therefore eventually sell 2nd loads of armor and weapons at the Tavern

Optional buy: a lot of ammo can be found while adventuring, especially in Watcher's Keep, but could buy from merchant Karthis: Bullets+4 (5x 40) Arrows+3 (5x 40) He sells spell scrolls including: Maze, Spellstrike and Black Blade of Disaster

3200 2600

Travel to Watcher's Keep !

© bg2mez


Aerie buffing tips if fighting melee: Aerie at Cleric 21 / Mage 18 (Cleric level 22 gives THAC0 2 points lower) Equipped with: Staff of the Magi +5, Cloak of Protection +2, Dusty Ioun Stone, Gauntlets of Weapon Skill, Ring of Gaxx, Robe of Vecna, Sensate Amulet and Circlet of Netheril


AC / hit points / STR

7/2 (1)

-5 / 81 / 10

Stoneskins (12 hours) Jaheira or Aerie cast: Chaotic Commands (1 turn/level) Protagonist or Aerie cast: Protection From Evil 10’ Radius (1 turn/level) Imoen or Aerie cast: Resist Fear (1 hour) Spirit Armor (10 turns) +3 bonus to saves vs. magic Blur (4 rounds + 2 rounds/level) Jaheira cast: Barkskin (4 rounds + 1 r/lev) +1 bonus to saves except vs. magic Mirror Image (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Armor of Faith (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Holy Power (1 round/level) 0/-8 (1) Righteous Magic (1 round/level) STR, hp up; all hits for max. damage! 0/-11 (1) Imoen (or Aerie) cast: Improved Haste (3 rounds + 1 r/level) 0/-11 (2) Tensors Transformation (1 round/level; only helps hp, worsens THAC0 here, and disables spell casting! Drink a Potion of Fortitude instead!) Protagonist (or Aerie) cast: Aid (1 round + 1 round/level) -1/-12 (2) Imoen cast: Improved Invisibility (3 rounds + 1 round/level) Protagonist (or Aerie) cast: Chant (10 rounds) Draw Upon Holy Might (1 turn) -1/-13 (2) Aura of Flaming Death (1 turn) Jaheira/Protagonist cast: Bless (6 rounds) -2/-14 (2) Jaheira/Protagonist cast: Defensive Harmony (6 rounds) -2/-14 (2) Protection from Magical Weapons (only lasts for 4 rounds but casting

-9 / 81 / 10 -12 / 81 / 10

-12 / 101 / 18/00 -12 / 121 / 24

-12 / 127 / 24 -16 / 127 / 24 -18 / 136 / 25 -22 / 136 / 25 -24 / 136 / 25

time is "instant")

Optional: Black Blade of Disaster (18 rounds) acts as a +6 weapon and does 2-24 damage/hit; but Staff of the Magi +5 can dispel magic, provides invisibility and lowers AC by 2 Potions: Potion of Mind Focusing (12 hours): helps AC by 1 Potion of Fortitude (15 turns): adds ~10 hp That should do it, Aerie!

More decent options for Aerie: Globe of Blades (1 turn) HLA/level 7 spell; must save v. spells at a 2 penalty or take 10d10 damage; harms party members who don't save Blade Barrier (1 turn) level 6 spell; must save v. spells or take 8d8 damage; harms party members who don't save. Can cast Sanctuary, Blade barrier; become hasted and then walk around - do not attack with a weapon! Shakti Figurine (only lasts for 4 rounds; sets base AC to -5; Haste; attack with 2 attacks/round with 2 pips in Short sword) Tensors Transformation (1 round/level) but cannot cast spells afterwards

© bg2mez


Watcher's Keep Walkthrough Watcher's Keep outside:

Talk to Odren of the Knights of the Vigil: gives the main Quest -> top of tower Talk to Pol: gives holy symbol (Wardstone), Vigil Stone and a Ritual Scroll (keep these!)

Top of the tower: Sister Garlena (merchant): consider to buy Firetooth +4 for 6492 gp as Keldorn's or Minsc's alternate weapon. It gives +6 THAC0 and does 1d8+4, +2 fire damage, without ammo! The Firetooth x-bow can also fire Kuo-Toa bolts!

D126:5 867k gp

*Firetooth +4 -> e.g. TH -9 (2½) for Keldorn [or Minsc]

Notes: Possible bug : do not summon Planetar on Levels 1-4 otherwise it seems as though you can't on Level 5 which is when you really need one. Aerie did summon Deva's throughout the Keep and we were able to Summon a Planetar on Level 5 Set spells : include 3x Mass Invisibility (very important) 1x Remove Curse (for the end of Level 3), 2x Lesser Restore; 6x Protection from Magic; Summons. Creeping Doom, Horrid Wilting and Dragons Breath are also very useful! Experience : Watcher's Keep is worth 1.5 - 1.625 million xp for each character with a party of 6! For a total of over 9.5 million xp! Gold : gold found and selling nearly all the loot (except the good items that the party will keep as noted) from Watcher's Keep is worth approximately 1.27 million gp!

Level 1: N

West room 1: de-trap the cabinet and chest West room 2: no traps, 2k gp West room 3: de-trap chest and bookshelf; get the Bell

*Paladins Bracers ***Golem Manual *Case of Plenty

Main hall (central room): fight Mists East side, mid door: trap on floor, container and wall Loot small desk as well; get the Slippers and Tinderbox

*Ammo belt *Quiver of Plenty

East room 2: carefully draw-out the Shadow Fiends and then de-trap the one floor trap; get Wardstone (enables entry to Level 2) All traps are now cleared on this level Small east room 3: Wardstone (with a picture of a Golem) Small east room 4: get the Key

*Kings tears

North-east room: Give the Slippers to the Lich 20k xp all! Touch sarcophagus (again) 8k xp all! North-west room: Fireplace room: use the Tinderbox to light fire 4k xp all! Loot: Candle

Main hall/central room: full buff, summon some creatures to help, and then place the Candle and Bell in the Altar -> fight vs four statues, use HLA's, Creeping Doom, 80k xp. Drops include the Foebane +3 (excellent Bastard sword, upgradeable to a +5)

*Arrows +3 (40) *Bullets +3 (20)

***Foebane +3

Note: could upgrade the Foebane +3 to a +5 version by giving Fflar's Scabbard and 5k gp to Cespenar in the Pocket Plane; Minsc could use it in his off-hand but we did not use this weapon

© bg2mez


Ceremony: buff and then select 3, 3, 2, 1, 3 -> 25k xp all! Immediate fight vs the other six statues: use HLA's, Creeping Doom; drops include Unsuno's Blade +4 (1d8+4, +10% chance of 2d10 electrical damage; Scimitar) Unfortunately this weapon does not fit the party this play through

*Unsuno's Blade +4 *Dagger +3 *Long Sword +2

Can fight both Guardian Golems in the north-east room (drop the green Wardstone to fight them) 26k xp

Level 2:

Note: directions for Level 2, 3 and 4: North is at 10:30, East is 1:30, South is 4:30, West is 7:30

N Note: during Level 2 Imoen gained powers (Cure wounds and Larloch's Drain) 2k xp

ENCOUNTER Chromatic Demon: agree to help East room: Two traps on floor, fight Iron, Clay and Stone Golems 66k xp North room: Two traps on floor, 1 trap beside lower door, 2 trapped containers, fight Fire Giants 32k xp; loot for good ammo including elemental arrows ENCOUNTER Imp Open the north-east door, buff vs Electricity, click on the wheel/handle once 20k xp all! Click once more to fight Air Elementals 40k xp and get the Air Scepter

*Arrows +3 (40) ***Bullets +4 (20) *Kings tears (x2) Anomen L32 +2hp->155 War Hammer***

Click a third time to turn the fan to the HIGH setting East room: Open the door to the East room and proceed south to open the next door: fight 2x Poison Mists, etc. in Slime room 32k xp, Slime Scepter. Get the Poison Head from the pool Use Special Ability to go to your Pocket Plane!

Pocket Plane:


Make the Flail of Ages +4 for 5k gp! (damage: 1d6+5, +1 fire, +1 cold, +1 acid, +1 poison = 10-15 damage per hit) Can get THAC0 1/-11/-9 (3½) by buffing to Strength 25 (THAC0 would be at 1/-12/-9 if using the Crom Faeyr +5, therefore Minsc uses Crom)

Watcher's Keep Level outside: 2 (cont'd): Four traps on floor, fight 54k xp; get the Key from the bookshelf; South-east room: open both doors; since the fan is on the HIGH setting the Slime room's gas is blown into the Ice room 20k xp all! Fight Ice room monsters 49k xp and get Ice Scepter

Set fan to SLOW speed West room: 2 traps on floor, 1 trapped bookcase, use HLA's to fight 2x Vampiric Wraiths (need Negative Plane Protection), Wandering Horror and Poison Mist, 27k xp

*Bullets +3 (20) ***Poison Head

***Flail of Ages +4 -> TH 1/-7/-5 (3½) with Ice Star +4 in off-hand (at Ranger Level 18)

Keldorn L26 +3hp->168 GW6 (H2) Minsc L26 +3hp->159/ 174; GW6 (H2)

Ranger19 Cler22 +1hp ->148 TH 0/-8/-6 (3½) GW11 (H3) *Star sapphire (#1)

Open NW door, lure Fire Elementals into Ice room, 4x 22k xp Fire room: use HLA's to fight Fire Giant 8k xp Loot for Helm of the Rock

Imoen L26 +1hp->82

Central room: click on cage to insert 4 sceptres 20k xp all! To fight Chromatic Demon: Ice form: use fire to damage him; Air form: use acid and poison; Green form: use lightning; 55k xp!

Jaheira Druid16 F20 +1hp->126 H2 (GW5)

© bg2mez

*Helm of the Rock

***Circlet of Netheril


Pocket Plane:


Watcher's Keep Level outside: 3:

Make the Circlet of Netheril for 5k gp and Bronze Ioun Stone -> Aerie (or Imoen) for +10 hp, +1 level 7 and level 8 spell slot! Imoen wear Dusty Rose Ioun Stone and Keldorn equip Vhailor's Helm

AR3003 (press SHIFT-L to get area and coordinates): ENCOUNTER Yakman with CHA 16+: follow him south (to AR3011)

N *Diamond

AR3011: Cast Heal on him, 5k xp all! Trapped tent, get the Scepter of Radiance

Level 3 maze Read the Madman's Journal to learn about how to get through the maze by the most direct method: 1. Firstly exit from Yakman/AR3011 to the north to the "compass room/start area"; then 2. Exit east to the "pillar of stone/Cornugons area" 3. Exit east to a major fight in the "demons/Tahazzar area" 4. Exit south to the "obelisk with runes/demons area" 5. Exit south to the "Succubus/Alu-Fiends area" 6. Exit south to the "demons/Ka'rashur area" 7. Exit south to the "summoning Glabrezu area" 8. Exit west to the "Teiflings area" 9. Exit north to the "tree/Cambion" 10. Exit north to another major fight in the "Demon Wraith area" 11. Exit north to freedom and Aesgareth

Area 3008 3012 3004 3006 3013 3010 3005 3007 3014 3015

1. After healing Yakman, exit to the north -> back to the start area (AR3003); no buff and then -> 2. Exit east to the pillar of stone area (AR3008): no casting magic; fight Cornugons and a Baalor 56k xp Lawful Good alignment can click on the pillar to get the Purifier (Bastard Sword +4 for Paladins only)

Aerie Cleric22 Mage18 +1hp->77/92 w/ Sensate Amulet & Circlet of Netheril, TH 6/-4 (1) SUMMON PLANETAR

Save game, Rest (memorize 2-3x Mass Invisibility, 2x Lesser Restore and 1x Remove Curse); no buff but equip the Shield of Harmony and Mace of Disruption +2, and then ->

3. Exit east: ENCOUNTER Tahazzar and eight foes! No traps here; big fight, consider to cast Mass Invisibility to buy time If problems, can kill one or more enemies then use POCKET PLANE ability to buff and return! Imoen: Mass Invisibility, Resist Fear Jaheira: Creeping Doom, Iron Skins, GW Keldorn: True Sight, Hardiness, GW Minsc: Armor of Faith, Hardiness, GW Aerie: Horrid Wilting Protagonist: Draw Upon Holy Might, Armor of Faith, Hardiness, Shield of the Archons Can fight several Glabrezu and Maurezhi summons 24k xp each; fight totalled 120-300k xp. Gem #1 dropped; de-trap the container, 1920 gp; no buff and then ->

4. Exit south to another demons area (AR3004) One immediate trap (traps near each set of stairs), no casting magic but can use items; fight Cornugons, Velithuu and a Pit Fiend, summon creatures by using items, 104k xp; no buff and then ->

© bg2mez


5. Exit south to the Succubus/Alu-Fiends area (AR3006): buff all immediately with Chaotic Commands, use Shield of Harmony, cast Mass Invisibility wearing Robe of Vecna, can use Fireball and Creeping Doom. Use HLA's! 54k xp

Bonus xp's!

Can get "rest interrupted" here to fight Cornugons (2x 10k xp), Bone Fiends (4x 12k xp), Maurezhi (4x 6k xp) and Glabrezu (4x 20k xp) for a lot of xp (350-450k xp!)

Cleric23 Ranger 19 +1hp->149 H4 (GW11) Jaheira Fighter21 D16 +1hp->127 Quarterstaff** TH -1/-8/-5 (4½) GW6 (H2)

At some point Imoen will gain abilities! She says "I've been having some nightmares…And I've started to develop powers." 2k xp, +10 hp -> 92 hp (Mage Level 22), Minor Heal, Larloch's Drain

Buff and then exit south (or north but is not recommended) ->

OPTIONAL (not recommended): exit north to a wild magic zone with Quasits (AR3009): watch-out for falling Cows! They might also change the sex of a character or cause you to lose all gold! Therefore, visiting this area for only 48k xp is not worth it Exit south, then buff including Resist Fear, and go south again back to AR3006 and then ->

6. Exiting south from AR3006 -> Ka'rashur and seven foes (AR3013): huge fight, many summons, can use Horrid Wilting, 210250k xp, drops Gem #2 De-trap the container 450 gp, Star sapphire; buff and then ->

Keldorn L27 +3hp->171 Two-Weapon Style*** H3 (GW6) *Star sapphire (#2)

Bonus xp's!

7. Exit south to the Glabrezu area (AR3010): allow them to summon five times each or so to fight for 115k xp

Bonus xp's!

Can get "rest interrupted" here to fight Alu-Fiends (5x 9k xp and they drop a Scimitar +3), Erinyes (5x 7k xp) or Maurezhi (5x 6k xp) for a lot of xp if desired (180k xp)

Minsc L27 +4hp->178 Xbow** or Scimitar** H3 (GW6)

Full buff and then -> 8. Exit west to the Teiflings area (AR3005): magic chaos; watch for backstabs! Fight for 77k xp, 400 gp, drops include 4x Battle axe +2, Cleric's Staff +3 Bonus xp's!

Can get "rest interrupted" here to fight Marilith's (3x 23k xp) but must wait a few rounds for their Protection from Magic to wear off

No buff, equip the Mace of Disruption +2, and then -> 9. Exit north to the tree/Cambion area (AR3007): immediate buff with Resist Fear and then fight Cambion (can Level Drain) and 4x Demon Knights, use HLA's, 64k xp; buff ->

10. Exit north to the Demon Wraith area (AR3014): big fight! Immediate trap; de-trap a pathway up the middle, Imoen detect traps all around middle of the room by keeping Invisible with the Staff of the Magi Fight the Demon Wraith, de-buff his Spell Turning with Secret Word, Pierce Magic and then remove more buffs with Warding Whip or Breach, 25k xp Do not kill the spirits (Slave Wraiths) -> 5x 5k xp

© bg2mez

Jaheira Druid17 F21 +1hp->128 GW7 (H2)

*Rogue stone *White Dragon Scales


Rest if needed (learn 1x Remove Curse) and then -> 11. Exit north to freedom (AR3015)! ENCOUNTER Aesgareth: 10k xp all! Talk 2, 3, 2 "...think about it..." [Can PP all several times @ PP 240] Save game and then talk to Aesgareth for a contest/gambling: a) Talk 2, 2, 2: Strife allows win vs Triumph, 25k xp all! b) Talk 2, 2, 2: Strength allows win vs Empress and Defiance, 25k xp all!

Imoen L27 +1hp->93 Lev 9 spell (#4)

***Spectral Brand +4 -> Jaheira TH -1/-9/-5 (4½) or -1/-9/-6 (3½) *Wish scroll

Jaheira: use the Spectral Brand +4 (damage: 1d8+4, +1d4 cold = 616 damage per hit), and then eventually upgrade it to a +5 version (1d8+5, +1d6 cold and Negative Plane Protection = 7-19 damage per hit)

Imoen cast Remove Curse or summon a Deva to cast the spell or use a scroll c) Buff, talk 1, 20k xp all!; get High Priestess or Emperor, lose, talk 2 ("Forget it!...") to fight all Attack mage first (has Robe of the Good Archmagi), use Creeping Doom, 105k xp Pick-up Deck of Many Things and Gem #3 Drops also include 2x Chain mail +3, Long Sword +3, Cleric's Staff +3 -> The Sceptre forms 25k xp all!

***Robe of the Good Archmagi ***Deck of Many Things Aerie Cleric23 Mage19 +2hp->79/94 w/ Circlet of Netheril, TH 6/-4 (1) ENERGY BLADES, IMPROVED ALACRITY

The Deck of Many Things 1) Buff with Aid and Chant to get save vs death down; get something bad here (DONJON or RUIN - lose some gold) to be able to get something good in the 2nd card draw 2) Get "KEY" -> Ring of Protection +3!

3) Get "MOON" -> +10 hp (or Throne for 1 million xp, or Comet for +5% fire resistance) -> 159 hp

***Ring of Protection +3 -> AC-9 (-13* buffed) *can get AC much lower with Improved Invisibility, Flaming Aura and a Shakti Figurine

Buff with Chaotic Commands, equip the Shield of Harmony, prepare spells (e.g. Horrid Wilting, Dragon's Breath); exit

Watcher's Keep Level outside: 4:

ENCOUNTER Carston the Magnificent: talk 1, 3, 1, 1, 2, 2, fight summoned Mind Flayers, send all but Protagonist away! 36k xp

N Explore the Machine level: A. West: no traps; fight Mists, Mimics and Shadows 51k xp Oil is needed to light the colored torches North: fight Devil Shades and Shadow Fiends 38k xp

B. East, through the gate: One trapped chest beside gate Next area: fight Spiders and Shadows 42k xp; one more trapped chest at the north Next area: use normal weapons vs Magic Golems; get Blue Oil; one trapped chest at north

*Bullets +4 (30)

C. North, upstairs: Illithid Encampment Fight four Mind Flayers and Umber Hulks 40k xp West: fight three Umber Hulks 12k xp; get Illithid key (no traps)

© bg2mez


Central room: trapped table at north-west; fight four Umber Hulks and an Ulitharid 35k xp Talk to Apprentice 1k xp all!

*Arrows +3 (40)

South hallway: trap on floor; fight two Mind Flayers, Umber Hulks and an Ulitharid 45k xp; loot trapped container, get 2nd half of key from an Ulitharid which forms the Illithid Rod

*Bullets +4 (10)

West hallway: trap on floor, use Illithid Rod (key), get Red Oil and fight two Vampiric Illithids 28k xp (or run!) Save game!

D. South, upstairs: Githyanki Encampment Big fight vs 24 Githyanki 200k xp! Get Flint and Tinder in first room One trapped container in first room only

*Arrows +3 (40) *Bullets +3 (40)

ENCOUNTER Captain: fight 7500 xp, get Purple Oil

***Angurvadal +4 ***Montolio's Clasp ***Staff of the Ram +4 *Rogue stone

South door: Dragon Saladrex: melee only is fine, use HLA's, 64k xp, Rogue stone, 1500 gp West door: Demi Lich: Protagonist and Jaheira with Shield of the Archons and must use HLA's; or Minsc only with full buff and Berserker Rage before entering the room, use Mace of Disruption +2, 55k xp, 20k gp!

E. West, through gate: Fight 4x Mimics 20k xp

***Dagger of the Star +4

Keldorn L28 +3hp->174 GW7 (H3)

Light the torches from the north-east: blue, purple, red; and then from the north-west: red, red, purple 10k xp all!

Minsc L28 +3hp->181 GW7 (H3)

ENCOUNTER Rock and Garock: fight them and Salamanders 37k xp; drop includes Axe of the Unyielding (for Minsc later); one trapped container with the Crystal Mallet, 1k gp

***Axe of the Unyielding +3 *Clay Golem page

Machine: hit the glass with the Crystal Mallet 6x -> 7500 xp all! Let Carston live, 10k xp

Machine of Lum the Mad 3,4,8 = open portal 25k xp all!

Ranger20 Cleric24 +2hp ->161 TH -1/-9/-7 (3½) PWR ATT + CRITICAL STRIKE (GW10 H4) [or TH -1/-13/-12 (3½) with Crom Faeyr +5]

5,6,9 = +5% MR 4,6,7 = +1 CHA: 6->7 1,2,3 = +1 WIS: 22->23 1,4,9 = +1 CON: Jaheira 17->18, +9 hp 128->137/149 hp 1,5,9 = +1 INT: Imoen 17->18 (+3 Lore points) 2,5,7 = +1 DEX: Minsc 16->17 (lowers his AC by 1 to -8) 2,7,8 = +1 STR: Minsc ->19 (reduces his THAC0 by 1) 3,6,8 = Storm Star +3 (upgradable mace)

***Storm Star +3

Note: DEX bonuses given at 15->16->17->18 and 20->21 CON bonuses are given to fighter-types only, at 16->17->18->19 and 20->21

© bg2mez


Pocket Plane:

Bonus xp's!

[Do not do: after receiving all the bonuses, optionally input any sequence into the machine for a 10% chance that the character receives 100k xp!]


Make the Storm Star +5 with the Starfall Ore and 5k gp (1d6+6, +1d6 electrical = 8-18 damage/hit plus 5% chance of Chain Lightning and +20% resistance to electrical damage) -> Protagonist off-hand

***Storm Star +5

Make the Clay Golem book, 5k gp [Use 5 Star Sapphires to make the Dagger of the Star +5, 5k gp]

Watcher's Keep Level outside: 5:

West: Globe Dispensing Machine Fight Spiders 38k xp Imoen turn the dial, others stand where the enemies appear: Red: 4x fights 90k xp, 4k xp all! Red fight #4: 4x Greater Wolfwere

Jaheira Druid18 F21 +1hp->138 VENGEANCE (has GW7, H2)

Blue: 4x fights vs Mages 51k xp, 4k xp all! Green: 3x fights 78k xp, 4k xp all! Green fight #4: Elder Orb, Hive Mother and Death Tyrant! Full buff e.g. Improved Haste, Spell Trap, Globe of Blades; use HLA's and Breach, 78k xp Purple: 3x fights 118k xp, 4k xp all! Purple fight #4: two Liches, use Mace of Disruption+2, Improved Haste, 44k xp Place the 4th globe of each color in the matching coloured container 10k xp all! Mind Key awarded

Central area: insert Mind Key at 2 o'clock 20k xp all! Click once more to fight six Rilmani, kill the mage at the north first, 67k xp; drop includes Club of Detonation +3 -> Jaheira

Jaheira Fighter22 D18 +1hp->139 GW8 (H2) ***Club of Detonation +3

Pocket Plane:


Make the Club of Detonation +5 with Ring of Fire Resistance and 5k gp (1d6+5, +5 fire damage, +30% chance of 15 fire damage, +5% chance of Fireball = 11-31 damage at least) -> Jaheira TH -1/-10/-6 (3½)

***Club of Detonation +5

Level 5 (cont'd):

South: ENCOUNTER Helmite Ghost: talk 2x (Q) West door: major battle, use Protection from Fire, 21k xp all!

*Arrow +3 (40) *Bullet +3 (40) *Ixil's Nail +4

Mid door: Green Dragon: melee only + breach, 1500 gp, 62k xp, 21k xp all! East door: ENCOUNTER Imp: answer 4, i.e. seven children 10k xp all! Coin contest: choose 2; he will choose 1; choose 3; then choose 1 -> 10 k xp all! and 21k xp all! 1 trapped chest

*Hindo's Doom

Ghost: finalize 10k xp all! Heart Key awarded (insert this key at the 10:00 position later)

Imoen L28 +1hp->94

Anomen L36 +2hp->163 Mace**** (-1 speed) [if in the party]

Keldorn L29 +3hp->177 GW 8 (H3) East: Altar Fight 2x Fire Giants 32k xp Place the Skull, Protagonist is healed!

© bg2mez

*Kings tears (x2)



Direct the Spirit Warrior: N, N (press 1, 1, 3, 4): attack ghost; open chest -> Helm 4k xp all! S, S, E (press 1, 2, 2, 2): attack the goblin E (press 2, 3, 3, 1): examine the chest, attack the Skeleton; open chest -> Wand of Missiles 4k xp all!

Minsc L29 +3hp->184 GW 8 (H3)

N (press 1, 3, 3): attack the War Dog; search room -> Iron key, Potion of Heal 4k xp all! W (press 2, 4): search room -> Scroll 4k xp all! N, E (press 1, 3, 3): open the desk (chance to be poisoned) -> Bracers 4k xp all! N (press 1, 3): use the Scroll on gibberling 3k xp all! W (press 2, 4): examine the chest, use Iron key -> potion of healing 3k xp all! Enter the Crypt/Ominous archway (press 2, 1, 2): use Wand and fight mummy Awarded with 21k xp all! and the Spirit Key

Pocket Plane:


Watcher's Keep Level outside: 5 (cont'd):

Central area: insert the Spirit Key at 6 o'clock 20k xp all! Click again to fight the Lich Azamantes (can use Ruby Ray, Khelben's) and three Flaming Skulls (use Protection from Fire), 25k xp + 33k xp Drop includes the Erinne Sling +4 (upgradable)

Jaheira Druid19 F22 +1hp->140 GW9 (H2)

Upgrade Erinne Sling for 5k gp -> Erinne Sling +5 (THAC0 +5, damage +5!) -> Aerie/[Anomen] TH 6/-5 (2)

***Erinne Sling +5

Prepare for a HUGE FIGHT! Rest and memorize spells including Death Ward, Spell Trap/Shield of the Archons, Creeping Doom, Khelben's Warding Whip, Project Image and Time Stop

Aerie Cleric24 Mage19 +1hp->80/95 w/ Circlet of Netheril, Single Weapon Style* COMET (last HLA)

***Erinne Sling +4 *Serpent shaft

Full buff including with Protection from Magic, Spell Trap/Shield of the Archons, and the HLA Hardiness as well Optional but not needed: use Vhailor's Helm on Protagonist equipped with the Crom Faeyr and the Shield of Balduran Note: Vhailor's Helm does not duplicate buff's! Position all on west side. Jaheira summon a Greater Elemental Summon to center area; summon other creatures too (Fire Elemental, Clay Golem, Moon Dog, Skeleton Warrior and Planetar)

Central area: after full buff, insert the Heart Key at 10 o'clock 20k xp all! HUGE FIGHT: 1a) Hive Mother (she casts Imprison and Improved Mantle): Protagonist attack with the Shield of Balduran equipped and Globe of Blades [cast Creeping Doom first but we are not using it this play through!] 50k xp 1b) Aerie/Anomen cast Storm of Vengeance which might interrupt Ameralis (she casts Insect Plague)

© bg2mez


2a) Y'tossi (she casts Protection from Magical Weapons): Imoen cast Time Stop: Warding Whip, Breach and Horrid Wilting 2b) Jaheira cast Creeping Doom at Nalmissra then attack Y'tossi together with Keldorn, 23k xp

3a) Nalmissra (she casts Protection from Magical Weapons, and causes Level Drain): Minsc only attack with Mace of Disruption+2 using HLA's, 25k xp, Wish scroll 3b) Aerie cast Warding Whip, Breach and Dragon's Breath or Horrid Wilting, or even Holy Smite!]

***Gauntlets of Extraordinary Weapon Expertise +½ attack/round, THAC0 +1, damage +2 -> TH -1/-9/-8 (4!) with FoA +4, Storm Star +5 at Ranger level 20 -> Minsc TH -1/-14/-8 (4½) with Crom Faeyr +5 and Belm +2 and 1 pip in Scimitar* at Ranger level (or TH -1/-14/-6 (4½) with no pips in Scimitar!)

3c) Imoen cast Horrid Wilting or Dragon's Breath or other damage spells if fighters are still fighting their first targets; otherwise cast Breach at the other opponents 3d) Jaheira cast another Creeping Doom at Ameralis after the first enemy falls, or re-buff with Bless, equip the Shield of Harmony and then fight melee (use HLA's)

Use Dragon's Breath or Horrid Wilting against the other three enemies; breach them as well: 4) Xei Win Toh: Breach, fight, 28k xp

*Star sapphire (#3) *Rogue stone *Kings tears

5) Ameralis (she casts Insect Plague): Breach, fight, 20k xp, 1230 gp

6) The Huntress: Breach, fight, 20k xp

Save game; turn the wheel at 12 o'clock -> Portal opens 20k xp all!

Watcher's Keep Lower outside: Crypt:

ENCOUNTER Imprisoned One: talk (4x1, 2) and then read the Ritual Scroll 80k xp all! Talk again (1), accept his proposal and then exit outside. Go up the stairs to the top of the tower

Cleric25 Ranger 20 +1hp ->162 GW11 (H4) HOLY SYMBOL!

ENCOUNTER Odren: talk 1, 2 (lie) -> ENCOUNTER Ghostly Apparition: talk 1, 1, 1; accept the scroll (Helm's Scroll) 25k xp all! Equip the scroll for later use Return down the stairs and re-enter the keep from the side door; save game Buff especially with Death Ward, Spell Trap, Improved Haste; summon Planetar, use HLA's frequently Consider to (finally) use potions for this battle including Storm Giant Strength, or Fire Giant, to get THAC0 down; Minsc drink a Potion of Mind Focusing to lower AC; Heroism and Invulnerability didn't seem to help

Battle the Demogorgon: ENCOUNTER Imprisoned One: Demogorgon is free! 1) Marilith (casts Protection from Magical Weapons): Breach, then melee or use Horrid Wilting, 2x 23k xp Bonus xp's!

2) Optional: carefully fight several or many waves of summoned Glabrezu's, can use Horrid Wilting, 12k xp each. We fought many of them for 1.2 million xp (200k xp all!)

Imoen L29 +1hp->85/95

Keldorn L30 +3hp->180 GW9 (H3) War Hammer** Minsc L30 +3hp->187 Scimitar* GW9 (H3)

© bg2mez


Level-up! --->

Ranger21 Cleric25 +1hp ->163 Quarterstaff** TH -2/-10/-9 (4) GW12 (H4) MAX'ED in terms of levels

Level-up! --->

Jaheira Fighter23 Druid20 +2hp->133 GW9 H3 Imoen L30 +1hp->96 Scimitar*

3) Demogorgon (casts Globe of Invulnerability and Implosion!): can defeat easily using Carsomyr +5, Flail of Ages +3 and HLA's! Consider to cast Ruby Ray or Piece Shield, then Khelben's Warding Whip, and then Breach

Aerie Mage20 Cleric24 +1hp->96 w/ Circlet of Netheril, TH 6/-5 (1) Mage level 9 spell slot #2

Demogorgon down!! 100k xp all! Talk to Odren 20k xp

Keldorn L31 +3hp->183 H4 (GW9) Minsc L31 +3 hp->191 H4 (GW9)

Bonus xp's!

Exit and cast scroll (from Ghost) quickly for 80k xp all!

Jaheira Druid21 F23 +1hp->143 GW10 (H3)

Watcher's Keep done !

Anomen L39 +2hp->169 MAX'ED in terms of levels [if in the party]

Summary of THAC0 and AC after Watcher's Keep: Protagonist: TH -2/-15/-12 (4) AC-9(-13/-18) Jaheira TH -1/-10/-5 (4½) AC-6 Minsc TH -2/-11/-7 (3½) AC-6 Keldorn TH 0/-9 (2½) AC-7 [Anomen TH 6/-5 (2) AC-7] Aerie TH 6/-5 (1) AC-6 Imoen TH 13/1 (2) AC-1

North Forest:

Clear the map if not done Note: did not sell items to accumulate gold this play through: [Mega SELL at Merchant; sell only 2nd loads of equipment, potions and Elminster's Ecologies at Saradush tavern Sold gems (40k gp), scrolls (38k), armor (154k), rings (22k), potions (106k), miscellaneous magical items (28k), ammo (33k) and weapons (277k). Sell also Bracers of Blinding Strike (4200)]

1.5+ million gp

At this stage Imoen has 400 +3 arrows and Anomen has 130 +4 bullets. [Anomen did not have enough so try to buy 120 more]

Forest of Mir:

ENCOUNTER Gorion, 5k xp all! Fight (he casts Protection from Magical Weapons), use HLA's and Protection from Negative Plane, 30500 xp Jaheira romance: Jaheira speaks; talk 1, 1, 1

Central area: ENCOUNTER Skeleton Cleric, fight 43200 xp ENCOUNTER Nyalee Q (get Yaga Shura's heart and her heart) (Can PP Nyalee for Cleric's Staff +3, Ring of Animal Friendship and Laeral's tear, or wait until her next encounter)

© bg2mez

*Nymph Tear (in a container)


Marching Mountains:

Clear outside: NW: Fire Giants for 16k xp each; they can re-spawn several times! Note: Kuo-Toa bolts work great against Fire Giants! NE: fight Merlinious, Chin Chilla, Toop and Tibbit 45k xp

NE Temple:

Buff then enter, use HLA's. Can cast Mass Invisibility to sneak past the Fire Giants and proceed to NW room to get Girdle of Fire Giant Strength! Can buff vs Fire and wear Ring of Fire Resistance to heal! Traps on stairs: 1 on lower right side, 1 on upper left side NW room: 3 floor traps Southern most room: 1 floor trap

***Girdle of Fire Giant Strength STR22 -> Jaheira TH -1/-11/-6 (4½)

Use Ward Stones in south rooms 2x 5k xp all!

Jaheira Fighter24 Druid23 +1hp->144 *Sword & Shield GW11 (H3) MAX'ED

Click on Machine with wardstones: 20k xp all!

2nd area : one trap on hallway after stairs. Enter large room from the SE, send in Imoen first to detect six floor traps which can be tricky to de-trap Fight Elite Fire Giants and Berenn 40500 xp, drops Balor's Claw

***Balor's Claw Keldorn L32 +3hp->186 GW10 (H4)

Wear Ring of Fire Resistance and the get Heart in central brazier 20k xp all!

Minsc L32 +3hp-> 194 (214) hp, GW10 (H4)

3rd area : enter through eastern door, free the Slave Woman 15k xp all! [Can kill, 6k xp] 2 trapped containers, 3047 gp 4 floor traps by Imix, fight 50k xp

***Amulet of the Master Harper -> Imoen AC-4 *Stone Golem page *Ravager +4

Note: 413k xp (all!) in quest points (for each character) remaining in the game from this point

Forest of Mir:

Give the two hearts to Nyalee, 20k xp all! Fight: can cast 2x Horrid on Shambling Mounds, 51500 xp

Pocket Plane:

Make the Axe of the Unyielding +5 with Balor's Claw and 5k gp Does 1d8+5 damage, +10% chance of instant death (save vs. death at -4 penalty negates); gives CON+1, AC-1 and regenerates 3 hp/round

***Axe of the Unyielding +5 ->Minsc TH -2/-11/-9 (3½) AC-7, 204 hp

Make the Stone Golem Tome for 10k gp Optional: make the Ravager +6 with Serpent Shaft and 5k gp (3-18 bonus damage per hit unless target saves vs. Poison, 10% chance each hit of decapitating opponent (no save) -> try with Keldorn THAC0 0/-10 (2½)

Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "I …I wanted to say…Can you listen to me a moment?" Talk 1, 1, 1

North Forest:

Leave for Siege Camp; can visit Merchant if needed

Note: last chance to visit Saradush, it will be destroyed when arriving in the Siege Camp

© bg2mez


Siege Camp:

Bonus xp's!

Pocket Plane:

Can do a lot of fighting on and around the bridge for 35k xp each character! Can always buff in Pocket Plane when needed

Imoen L31 +1hp->97 MAX'ED

Fight Yaga-Shura 30k xp, 40k xp all! Shurappak's Plate +3 AC-2, DEX+1 -> Minsc Runehammer +4 (grants Negative Plane Protection), 4d4+8 vs Undead -> protagonist's alternate weapon Shield of the Order grants +5 AC bonus and saves bonus of +1 Give the Armor of the Hart +3 to Keldorn (or Jaheira)

***Shurappak's Plate -> Minsc AC-8 ***Runehammer +4 ***Shield of the Order

ENCOUNTER Solar: Alianna and Gorion: talk 4, 2, 1, then answer 4, 5, 10k xp all! (No need to do fight in section 2 yet)

Siege Camp:

ENCOUNTER Melissan: gives Q (Balthazar) 15k xp all!

The Oasis:

ENCOUNTER Jamis Tombelthen: immediate big fight: use Planetar to dispel two invisible mages, 160k xp, 2k gp

© bg2mez

World map: Oasis


Chapter 9 Amkethran:


South area: talk to Captain Erelon 1, 2, 1 -> fight, 40k xp

*Darkfire Bow +4

South-east: ENCOUNTER Priest of Waukeen: fight Monk, give 1k gp to the Priest for Oaken Ring (can upgrade), REP+1 and 3k xp all!

REP+1 *Oaken Ring


Buys e.g. Laeral's Tear for 3300 gp, Full Plate 3300 gp, and ammo, but can get better prices in Smuggler's Cave

Pocket Plane:

Upgrade Oaken Ring with Nymph Tear and 5k gp to make Heartwood Ring for Druids (extra Level 6 and 7 spell)

Mid south-east: ENCOUNTER Mercenary and Saemon Havarian: fight 5k xp, Saemon disappears (will meet again!) North-east: ENCOUNTER Asana Haraad: fight 2500 xp; talk to Omar Haraad to finalize and get reward which includes Montolio's Cloak, 5k xp all! REP+1

Pocket Plane:

Make Montolio's Cloak with clasp and 5k gp -> Minsc TH -2/-11/11 (3½) AC-9 [or Protagonist TH -2/-15/-12 (4) AC-10]

ENCOUNTER with Monk and Balthazar: map is updated with Abazigal's Lair and Sendai's Enclave!

Smuggler's Cave:

Sendai's Enclave:

World map: Abazigal's Lair, Sendai's Enclave

Do LATER [or now]: ENCOUNTER Monk and Carras: be peaceful towards Monks; then talk to Carras to finalize and get access to his wares Carras: buys Rogue stone for 4k gp vs 3k in North Forest! Elven Chain +1 6k gp vs 4500 gp! Laeral's Tear for 4800 gp Carras is wearing Gargoyle Boots (casts 2 Stoneskins, 2x/day) - can get 2 pairs: BUY for 5500 gp, sell your loot, then quickly fight him. He drops a second pair of Gargoyle Boots, Enkidu's Plate+3 and K'logarath+4 (throwing hammer) However, this means you can sell only once (now - he leaves when you exit the cave) so this doesn't maximize gold; therefore enter the Smuggler's cave later…

Sendai's Enclave:

***Montolio's Cloak REP+1

*Gargoyle Boots x2 ***Enkidu's Plate +3 -> Keldorn *K'logarath +4

Tavern: Smithy: Other:

Optional: get Marlowe quest Can buy scrolls from Lazarus (do not loot containers) Optional: Marlowe quest (results in gives REP+1 and 10k xp all)



Rune of Clangeddin in locked chest

***Rune of Clangeddin

Pocket Plane:

Make the Runehammer +5 ! 5k gp -> Protagonists alternate weapon, 4d4+10 vs Undead else 2d4+5, Negative Plane Protection, STR22 1x/day (use with Keldorn)

***Runehammer +5 -> Keldorn TH 0/-10 (2½)

Talk to Woodcutter -> south-west: big fight vs Hive Mother, etc., 96k xp; save immediately after Trap on ground by tunnel entrance Talk to Woodcutter -> north-east: fight near graves vs 2x Gauth and 5x Drow 42500 xp Talk to Woodcutter, fight Drow 36k xp, 10k xp all!

© bg2mez

Keldorn L33 +3hp->189 War Hammer** GW11 (H4)


North: fight near tunnel entrance 19500 xp South-west: fight more Drow 24k xp Tunnel:

Can use Mass Invisibility to avoid fights, or fight using Horrid Wilting, 70k xp

Minsc L33 +3hp->202 Long Sword** (?) GW11 (H4)

Fight more Umber Hulks by bridge 45k xp

Drow Barracks:

Full buff, enter: big fight vs Drow and Thelynn'ss 65k xp Get key; upon exit watch cut scene, 5k xp all!

South Tunnels:

Enter South Tunnels (center door), use Mass Invisibility to avoid fights or fight Spiders and Lashar'ra for 186k xp! De-trap at least six traps on the spider webs (the eastern ones are tough to detect)

*Amulet of Cheetah Speed -> Keldorn

Next area: around the intersection platform: two fights 80k xp Around Lich's Lair: three fights against many Drow (can use Horrid Wilting) 140k xp North Tunnels:

Optional: do later, or skip, unless desperate for xp's: huge fight in North Tunnels, seemingly endless opponents

Lich's Lair:

Fight Odamaron 22k xp, two traps on stairs! One trapped container. Upon exit watch cut scene 5k xp all!

***Skull of the Lich ***Eye of Tyr

Pocket Plane:

Make the Spectral Brand +5 for 5k gp (1d8+5, +1d6 cold = 7-19 damage, Negative Plane Protection)

***Spectral Brand +5 -> Jaheira TH -1/-11/-9 (3½)

Make the Carsomyr +6 for 5k gp (1d12+6, 6 damage vs Undead = 7-18 damage or 13-24 vs Undead)

Sendai's Lair:

***Carsomyr +6

North-east door -> ENCOUNTER Diaytha: she unlocks the south door South room: floor trap! Fight two Greater Earth Elementals and Ogremoch 66k xp North room: ENCOUNTER Diaytha: fight her, Hive Mother and others 101k xp; Darksteel shield +4 is dropped

***Darksteel shield +4

Buff, go north-east: ENCOUNTER Captain Egeisagg: fight in arena 20k xp; cut scene, 5k xp all!

***Bowstring of Gond

Buff, go north-east: fight Ulitharid, Umber Hulk, and two Vampiric Illithids 51k xp. Get Liquid Mercury from container

***Liquid Mercury

Go north-east: fight more Vampiric Illithids and Mithykyl 61k xp

Note: might be a bug here - sometimes can't return to this area after visiting Pocket Plane! Back-track one area (to arena) before going to Pocket Plane. (Might have to clear the area before visiting Pocket Plane to avoid this bug)

Pocket Plane:

Make the Long Sword Angurvadal +5 for 10k gp (1d8+5 +1d4+1 fire = 8-18 damage, 22 STR, Immune to Level Drain) -> Minsc off-hand

Sendai's Lair:

Before entering: full buff including vs Fire, use Shield of the Archons Big Sendai fight: bring all to the center of the room, Imoen breach Sendai and summon a Planetar; use HLA's, 40k xp all!

© bg2mez

***Angurvadal +5 -> Minsc TH -2/-12/-12 (3½)

*Wong Fei's Ioun Stone -> Jaheira 159hp *Bowstring of Gond


Pocket Plane:

Solar: good answers are 5, 5, 2, 4; 2x 10k xp all!

Keldorn L34 +3hp->192 DEVA (GW11, H4) MAX'ED

Sendai's Lair:

Collect loot, leave Sendai's through portal or backtrack to the North Tunnels to fight Darro Berserkers for 250k xp!

Minsc L34 +4hp->206 GW12 (H4) MAX'ED

Abazigal's Lair:

Learn 6x Protection from Cold and Protection from the Elements; learn 4x Protection from Acid Rest here to fight Greater Earth Elementals 10k xp each Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "Sleep did not come easy last night..." Talk 1, 1

Full buff including Protection vs Cold (Imoen cast Project Image to buff all) and Shield of the Archons ENCOUNTER Draconis: retreat if buffs are dispelled! Fight (2x Breach), then as a Dragon (e.g. Warding Whip, 2x Lower Resistance, Horrid, Breach, Planetar), use HLA's, 61k xp Main Cavern:

Will likely set-off first trap, 2nd trap is near north gate Fight 27k xp; pick-up Flask (drop from Greater Werewyvern) Buff with Protection from the Elements or Cold West pool: use Halberd +4: Wave vs Salamanders! 45k xp West room: fight Bone Fiends 44k xp Fill flask by clicking on pool; trapped bookcase Return to the main cavern

Main Cavern:

East pool: fight many Kuo-Toa and Greater Water Elementals 100k xp West room: fight 2x Greater Water Elementals and Olhydra 47k xp

East room: unlock door to Monk; talk to him to get Long Rope and Hindo's Hand Return to the main cavern Main Cavern:

South pool: no buff -> Fll'Yissetat's cavern

Fll'Yissetat Cavern:

West: ENCOUNTER Fll'Yissetat Q (Scroll of Reversal) Buff vs fire then take mid-south pool

Iycanth Cavern:

Fight many Sentinels and Eagle Eyes 126k xp ENCOUNTER Iycanth the Mad Q (Eye Stalk) Use 1x Stone to Flesh scroll on the Adventurers Bondari, Tim Goldenhand, and Nanoc the Barbarian. Five days later they give Eye Stalk and Bronze Pantalettes!

***Bronze Pantalettes

Enter pool -> Iycanth gives Scroll, 30k xp all! Get Juggernaut page from desk [can kill mage 20k xp]

*Juggernaut page

Optional: click on the Eggs near the mage to fight for 126k xp! Optional: enter central pool for one more fight, 42k xp


Pocket Plane:

Make Juggernaut Golem Manual for 15k gp


Optional: talk to Kerrick the Smith to make Big Metal Unit! Can attain AC-21! (Didn't use)

Smuggler's Cave:

Last chance for FINAL SELL at Carras and for obtaining 2x Gargoyle Boots: last play through attained 2.247 million gp!

© bg2mez

***Big Metal Unit

2.2+ million gp


Be peaceful to Monks; BUY Gargoyle Boots, then quickly kill Carras for the second pair! Last chance to do Marlowe quest (didn't do)

Abazigal's Lair: Main Cavern: Fll'Yissetat Cavern:

South pool Talk to Fll'Yissetat, use Scroll of Reversal to release Geas, 10k xp all! Can fight! 60k xp

Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "You know, we should return to the Elven city one day..." Talk 1, 1, 1 Abazigal Cavern: Use especially Protection from Acid, Protection from Cold. Use Halberd +4: Wave vs Salamanders! ENCOUNTER Abazigal: use HLA's Abazigal1: use Flail of Ages, Keldorn and Planetar Abazigal2: Warding Whip, Breach; use Flail of Ages, Keldorn + Planetar was enough, 40k xp all!

Pocket Plane:

Solar: talk 4, 1, 1, 4, 10k xp all!

Abazigal Cavern: Pick-up loot including Electric Flail Head!

***Electric Flail Head

Iycanth Cavern:

Can re-clear NE area of Iycanth Cavern


Leave. Elminster appears, can pick pocket twice for a Ring of Protection +2 and an Amulet +1!

*Ring of Protection +2

Pocket Plane:

(Optional!) Make the Flail of Ages +5 ! (1d6+6, +10 elemental damage = 17-26 damage, 5% MR, Free Action) To avoid the slowing effect of Free Action from the FoA +5 in BG2: 1) remove Boots of Speed, FoA +5, Ring of Free Action, and have one ring slot open (e.g. remove Ring of Gaxx) 2) Equip Boots of Speed 3) Equip Ring of Free Action 4) Equip FoA +5 5) Un-equip Ring of Free Action (e.g. wear Ring of Gaxx again)

***Flail of Ages +5 -> TH -2/-15/-13 (4)

Note: as an experiment this play through used the Runehammer +5 in off-hand instead of the Flail of Ages +5 and gave the Amulet of Power to Imoen; we did just fine


Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "There are great changes to come, aren't there?..." Talk 1, 1, 1, 1

Smuggler's Cave:

Sneak directly to the cave to talk to Saemon Havarian and hear him out once again. You could take him up on his offer or ask him about another method through the graveyard cavern (do). Ask him who has the key (Faheed) Save game! Option 1: carefully do big fight outside towards west, use Planetar and Horrid Wilting; Guard Captain drops key to gate to Balthazar's

Option 2: in northern house talk to Faheed to get key to Cave of the Dead (cannot PP) [can kill Faheed and Majira 24k xp] Cave of the Dead:

ENCOUNTER Vongoethe: fight 78k xp Optional: turn each of the four tables for more fights, 112k xp

© bg2mez


Imoen detect the 6 trapped doors. Enter the 5th coffin to access Balthazar's Cut scene, 4k xp all! Temple:

Last chance to sell in the Temple


Jaheira and Protagonist cast Creeping Doom or Insect Plague at Monks to the east and west, 40k xp. Imoen cast Warding Whip and Breach at Balthazar 40k xp, 40k xp all!

Pocket Plane:

Solar: talk 1, 4, 4, 2, 1, 10k xp all! Pocket Plane Challenges: 2nd area: Full buff vs melee, use HLA's, 30k xp and 30k/25k xp all!

3rd area: easy fight vs Slayer, 25k xp and 30k/25k xp all! 4th area: fight 3x Favored Cyric's, use True Sight, 75k xp Fight Cyric, 25k xp and 30k/25k xp all! 5th area: The Ravager, 50k xp: very tough fight Imoen move to near stairs, use Project Image and cast Horrid Wilting or Dragon's Breath on Bone Blades! Imoen also cast occasional Breach on Ravager [Anomen cast Storm of Vengeance] Minsc and Keldorn protect Imoen Jaheira and Protagonist use GW vs Ravager -> 30k/25k xp all! Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "Well, it would appear that this…this is close to the end of our journey. I trust you. Remember that." Talk 2, 2

Final Rest Note: cannot rest in Chapter 10, so Imoen/Aerie should use Project Image; can save game between the battles

Protagonist learn Shield of the Archons, Globe of Blades, 6x Defensive Harmony, several Chaotic Commands, 3x Heal, Armor of Faith, Draw upon Holy Might Mages each learn Mass Invisibility, 3x Stoneskin, 4-5x Breach, 2-3x Project Image, 2-3x Summon Planetar, Spell Trap not necessary, 46x Protection from the Elements Jaheira learn 6-8x Summons in total, 2x Creeping Doom, 4x Insect Plague, 3x Iron Skins, several Chaotic Commands, Defensive Harmony, Fire Elemental Full buff then leave Pocket Plane to instigate Chapter 10!

© bg2mez


Chapter 10 Melissan:

Focus on Melissan! Taking her down destroys her summons! She is immune to elemental damage from weapons In general use Breach two times; Planetar is also very good; use other summons as fodder

Was: D109:0

Optional: can also lower Melissan's magic resistance (Pierce Shield, Lower Resistance) and cast Horrid Wilting, Dragon's Breath or Storm of Vengeance but it is not necessary

Melissan 1: summon creatures, use Hardiness and Greater Whirlwind after breaching but have a Planetar ready to cast Heal if necessary; can cast Mass Invisibility but invisible companions cannot be buffed or Healed by the mages/Jaheira Death Tyrant: Protagonist with Shield of the Archons/Rod of Absorption kill asap (use Greater Whirlwind); can also use the Shield of Balduran e.g. with Minsc Pool of Essence 1: fight Yan-C-Bin 56k xp; click on the pool when ready for the next round!

Melissan 2: straight-forward melee (Hardiness, then GW) after breaching but use Negative Plane Protection or go invisible vs the Shadow Slayer's Pool of Essence 2: fight Cryonax the Prince of Ice Elementals 56k xp

Melissan 3: straight-forward melee (Hardiness, then GW) after breaching but either use Negative Plane Protection or go invisible vs the Shadow Slayers Death Tyrant: Protagonist with Shield of the Archons/Rod of Absorption kill asap (use Greater Whirlwind) Pool of Essence 3: fight Fallen Solar 32k xp (no need to fight the other creatures)

Melissan 4: straight-forward melee after breaching

© bg2mez



ENCOUNTER Solar and Melissan: "Enough Amelyssan. The gods have decreed this contest is over. You are no god, priestess of Bhaal." To Solar talk 1,1 Your companions speak! Keldorn: "…I would not leave behind my beloved Maria and both my children.." Minsc: "…Forever shall we hang our heads in sadness in remembrance of our great butt-kicking friend…" Imoen: "…After all we've been through, right from Candlekeep and Baldur's Gate…" Aerie: "…you've never taken the easy path, have you…"

Jaheira romance: Jaheira: "So. It seems we have finally come to the end of your quest. What comes next…could change you forever, and dictate your…our…future." Talk 2, 1, 1

To Solar talk 2 (I do not want the essence of Bhaal) Jaheira says: "Wh…what?" Talk 1, 2

Enjoy the ending! Brilliant! Formidable! It's ok to shed a tear for your companions, this game is full of heart and soul! What a great game! A fine time to start a new game….

© bg2mez


Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced Edition Walkthrough for SoA & ToB Cleric/Ranger - PDFCOFFEE.COM (2024)
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