You are invited to participate in the 12th Annual
"Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza." 

Click Here to Download the Vendor Application:

    This new event will be held at the Kempton Fairgrounds to support and promote hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.  The show will hold numerous activities, competitions, seminars, and products that are sure to bring fun and appreciation to outdoor enthusiasts, their family, and friends.  This show is unique to other shows in that the entire show will be geared to promote the outdoors and outdoor activities with events and activities that everyone will enjoy.

    These events are sure to be fun for everyone! Our goal is to get high attendance and entertain all participants all weekend.  Our goal will be achieved with a high number of activities, a large advertising campaign, a low admittance fee, and low food/beverage prices.  This is a great chance to be part of the "Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza," and share your products and knowledge of the outdoors with your hunting and fishing community.

    Email us for an exhibitor application form.  Space is available on a first come, first serve basis.  Exhibitors of this year's show will get first spaces for next year's show.  Participation with demonstrations are highly encouraged and will be taken into account during the application process, as space is limited.  New ideas are also encouraged and appreciated, so please include them with your application request. (contact us)