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Rothrock has shown their support of the extravaganza since day one with their Diamond Sponsorship.  They are putting together some really unique vehicle packages designed for sportsmen.  Rothrock Motors truly is a sportsmen's friend.
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Receive special recognition as a copper sponsor on our website.You have the right to use our show name and logo to cross promote.Receive 8 free passes to the show and the ability to purchase more at a discounted rate.Receive 2 of our official t-shirts.



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Brass Sponsors  receive many benefits and special recognition for supporting the extravaganza.  Brass Sponsors receive 6 free passes to the show and an official show t-shirt.

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Sportsmen Sponsors receive 4 show passes to the Lehigh Valley Hunting & Fishing Extravaganza.
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A great way to show your support for the show.  These dedicated outdoorsmen receive 2 show passes as well as knowing they are making a difference in their sport