David Rothrock and Proud Father, Bruce Rothrock Sr.

 A little more than a year ago, the Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza and the Lehigh Valley outdoors community lost a great friend and wonderful benefactor when Bruce Rothrock, Sr. passed away. 

Right from the start, he understood that the show was about much more than just hunting and fishing, and fell in love with the idea of the Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza. 

He greatly cherished his time hunting in the deer stand and being afield with friends and family. 

I had many relaxing conversations with Bruce. He enjoyed reflecting on our many hunting stories, and it always made for some jolly laughs as well. 

He started his life growing up as a farmer and mechanic, and then built on those talents and work ethic to become one of the largest iconic businessmen in the Lehigh Valley, but he never lost touch with his roots. 

I myself fell in love with him as a friend. He was always humble, caring and down-to-Earth in every aspect of his life. 

Having worked himself into such a busy lifestyle, Bruce seemed to approach his time in the tree stand with reverence, as a time to get closer to nature and God. It was his time to reflect on his busy life, family, and business, and what was really important to him. 

I am sure many of the important decisions of his life were formed in his deer stand. He was never upset if he didn’t get a deer. He knew that’s why God made another day or another season. It was the time afield that meant so much to him. Venison was just the bonus. 

Bruce’s heritage is carried on in his children. Bruce Jr., David, & Dean and predeceased daughter Deborah. They all share Bruce’s character and many of his traits. They are great people, great friends, and as Bruce would tell you, great to do business with! 

I will always miss my buddy Bruce, but I am sure he will always find his way into my cherished time in the tree stand for all the remaining seasons I am blessed with. 

Bob V. Danenhower, Sr.